Friday, January 29, 2010

Changes, changes, changes.....

Ahh, it’s been awhile since I appear in my ‘precious’ blog in here. What to do? So much things to take care of, and yet so few allocated ‘luxury’ time for me to post in here. It even crossed my mind that I might just goddamn delete this ranting blog of mine in search of some personal interest in career.. Yeah rite....

Ever since the SkyTrex adventure as per my previous post. So much has changed in this very department that I’m currently in. My immediate supervisor has gone promoted to a higher position. The very same dependable supervisor that has vast knowledge of our day-to-day job function. A mistake by our manager done is that, [well, he admitted it himself] he didn’t find a successor to grab as much knowledge as one can before such situation arises. On a sidenote, one of the ever-present senior has sent in transfer request to another department who works on odd hours due to personal reason. Seriously, it’s personal, not to be disclosed everywhere. That leaves us 2 headcounts short of the original team. Later on, just got this one hot off the oven is that another colleague decided to move to another department to pursue his own interest in career. More than a year in the same department is consider more than enough [or so he claims it to be]. And then leaves us with another one headcount down, which makes us down by 3 headcounts, literally. Due to the fact that my department is very much inter-related to another department in the same level, therefore we’ve been arranged to get cross-trained to each team so that we can help each other and makes the team stronger in that sense. I think you should know the drill. If you don’t, buzz me personally. I’ll explain to you in great length. The cross-training is still in progress. 2 weeks from now, it’ll be my turn [or my department, which consist of 4 people] to cross-train.

In my opinion, it’s a good thing. I can’t even remember when was the last time I had this kinda cross-train occur to me. It’ll even enrich my own job knowledge, in the process strengthen my personal portfolio to climb up the corporate ladder. [I can’t believe I’m saying all this corporate stuff, and I’m not under alcohol influences].

Gosh, what am I babbling now?? I’m talking rubbish. Ahh well, throughout the tenure of my return to this company, I’ve been through a couple of days of shit, worst shit that I’ve ever encounter throughout my career.

Ok. Time’s up. Posting this one up from office. Yes, I’m still in office eventhough I’m officially off about 3 hours ago. Off to a beer drinking session. Trying to lay off the tension abit for the past few weeks. More post to come once I’m sober, or perhaps free.