Friday, February 18, 2011

The Story of A Bowl

Gotten really pissed off this time around even though this thing didn’t happen to myself. Here goes nothing.

So, my department loves to eat, and also collecting stuff to eat. As the working environment is rather relaxing and we don’t need to hang on the phone all day long, hence we’ll have the “freedom” to do what we once our work is done for the day.

There’s this bowl is my department that is used to put all the ingredients, the seasonings, the salts and sugars we got from purchasing fastfood over the years. The bowl was almost full when someone from another team decided to borrow that bowl for just one nite on a event held by the club. She promised that she’ll return it to us the very next week after that.

The very same bowl that I'm ranting about in this entry

Fair enough. What harm will it do? Team work, or so we claimed it to be. The team decided to lend this girl a hand by lending the bowl over to her. Well, just a couple days top. No harm done. Hence, all the “ingredients” are being taken outta the bowl and off the bowl go.

The rest? History. Fast forward.

A month later, the bowl is still missing. So, our team didn’t bother to chase on it. It could be that she’s too busy to return to us or perhaps she has forgotten it due to whatever reasons it may be.

Come turn of the year. Stil no sign whatsoever from the girl that borrowed the bowl from us. Not a single word from her. I’ve decided to confront her and ask her for the bowl to be returned to us. It’s fucking ours! Guess what she said:

Owh, I’m so sorry. I really want to return the bowl to you but my dad *or father-in-law, I don’t give a shit* got admitted into hospital due to some illness and I haven’t been home for quite sometime. I stayed at my boyfriend’s house for couple of weeks already. I’ll definitely return the bowl to you once my dad * or whoever the fuck is* is recovered.

There. 1st excuse. She even used her father, or whoever the fuck she intended to use. It’s kinda low if you ask me. But, at that point of time, I wouldn’t know if is for real or if she’s hoaxing it. Fair enough. I’ll let it slide for this time around.

Another half month’s gone, hope all is well with her dad. Decided to chase her up again on this. She said to me:

Owh, it’s in my boyfriend’s car. Will you be in later in the evening? I can return it to you tonite.

For fuck sake, you’ve been working with me and you are fully aware of my working hours. And yet you throw this kinda stupid question to me. Have you got no brain?! Knowing me, there’s no reason for me to stay in the office til sunset. I would’ve been lying on bed by the time you go home, bitch. And so I said to her,

Don’t bother. You should know my working hour very well by now. Ask your boyfriend put the bowl at the back of my workplace, which is well covered by monitor and desktop. Alternatively, you know where I sit, just tuck it into my pedestal will do.

She said ok. There. SHE SAID FUCKING OK!!!!! It means that her boyfriend has the bowl, and she’s gonna return to me tonite when her boyfriend comes over, and it’s gonna be either inside my pedestal or behind my pc, well covered. So I should be expecting a bowl the very next morning then?


It didn’t happen. So I confront her again. Where’s the fucking bowl that you promised?!?!?

Owh, you were not there. So I decided to take it home first.

Another fucking excuse! What the flying fuck is in your fucking puny brain, bitch?!?!

Didn’t I tell you to put it inside my pedestal where I sit daily?! Or perhaps leave it behind?!?!?!

Yet she couldn’t understand a single word that I said. Getting pissed off, I waited for couple of days as I was busy with work myself.

Another week passes by, confronted here again. This time she told me this:

Ok. I’ve got the bowl with me now, but it’s locked in the departmental cabinet at the back of me but I don’t have the key. I’ll get it for you later.

Rite. She got the bowl with her and she’ll get it for me later in the same day.

Fine. At least the bowl is within the building. Give her a benefit of a doubt.

Another few days passes by, stil no sign of it. Gotten pissed off again, I hurled few negative comments via my twitter account, which I got it linked to be posted to a social website. I know for a fact that she has an account in that social website, so she would’ve seen the message I put through. She explained to me the very next on this:

I went to the club last nite. They said that the bowl at that club we hold the event was locked inside a DJ’s locker and the DJ only work on Wednesday and Thursday. Furthermore, I’ll get it passed to you this Friday *which happen to be TO-FUCKING-DAY! *

So last nite, again I hurled few vulgar comments on the social website again. Couple of minutes later, she tried to ring my mobile but I went asleep soundly right after I logoff. she then sent me a short message saying:

It’s me. I just call the club. They want me to go to the club & collect it in the evening as they are having some event and tonite is kinda busy.i’ll go tomorrow after work. If you don’t believe me, you may come along with me to the club to collect it. I’m not giving you excuses.

Erm. Rite. You’ve already lost your credibility, your trust. I personally don’t trust you anymore. I spoke to the owner of the bowl yesterday. Yeah, the bowl belongs to another workmate. I’m collecting it on her behalf. I can bet my life on this that if I never bother to chase the bowl up with this bitch, this would’ve gone unnoticed.

Anyways, side tracked abit. As discussed, we’ve decided that if she failed to return the bowl on Friday, which happened to be today, the bitch can keep the bowl for good, we just want the money back, and that’s the end of it. Period.

Ain’t too sure what will transpire later today. Keep you lots posted on this one.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Another Peaceful Day

I’m back again. This entry was supposed to be up last week but…..ahh…skip the reasoning. Here goes nothing.

A workmate just threw the "ultimate letter" last week. Yeah. Reason behind? ‘twas a stupid reason to start with. Ain’t going in depth on this one, since this workmate of mine has made the decision, just let it be. We’re all adults now, one should be responsible for whatever decisions that he/she make in life. All I can say is good luck in your future undertaking, in case you’re reading this.

Ain’t no time for complaining/ranting now. Since this workmate has decided to “move on”, the position Is now vacant. Just had a word with both my manager & Motivator yesterday, apparently they’re opening up the position for those who are interested in applying for the vacancy. Whoever it is, good luck.

Tonite is gonna be some tale of the pictures, just to share with you lots.

This bowl of instant noodle was prepared for me by one of my workmates after much pestering and disturbance and “abusive words" being hurled to her. At the end, she succumbed to my “request” and made this for me. 'twas delicious. Well, when one is hungry, every food that is available will be delicious. This picture was taken at exactly 12 noon. Don't you worry, I know. I love you too!

This mug above is a gift, well, not exactly a gift. It’s more of a complimentary mug after we purchased the meal on promotion on that day. Reason why I post this one up is because of the uniqueness of the mug design. C’mon, I’m no artist or the likes of it but this one really caught my eyes. Hence it’s up here.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. The whole office was brimming with the air of love. Outta nowhere we were supposed to participate in this Valentine’s Day gift exchange event. Seriously, why would one wanna do that?! I'm already pissed with the whole idea of this Valen-fucking-tine Day being created/invented at the first place. I'm further incensed by the fact that I hafta buy gift(s) and giving out V-Day gift to someone you have no intimate feelings with, aside from professionally being “engaged” with ‘em all. Not that I’m being a party blooper or anti-social kinda bastard but this kinda stuff is meant to be done individually, showing your feeling by exchanging gifts on a V-Day really, really got me scratching my head. Here’s how it goes:

You gotta pick a name outta the bowl which contains lotsa names being cut into small pieces. Right, you got yourself a “valentine” to express your feelings with a gift. Sounds stupid on a V-Day? Yeah. It does. Whoever that came up with this gift exchange idea on a V-Day is really a no brainer. If it’s on a Christmas season, yes, I can understand that but to do that on a Vale-fucking-tine’s Day?! Seriously, better just scrap the idea. It’s just retarded. No one in the whole wide world will be doing a gift exchange on a Valen-fucking-tine’s Day.

Then again, everyone seems so keen onto this gift exchange thing. I had no choice but to ask one of my workmate to go down and get the cheapest gift available that strikes his eyes. There. Found it. A stupid cup, designed just for this occasion, got the gift, unwrapped, and I handed it over to the event organizer. There, my “job” is done. And in return, I got my V-Day’s gift. See below

It’s a set of Chinese chess In case you’re wondering what the fuck is this weird looking square box is. Took me sometime to open up the box. Thanks very much to the sender, whoever you are. But I gotta tell you this: where did you dig up this old box? It looked as if it’s being used time and again, or it’s been deserted at some corner or underneath your bed/closet for ages. It’s dusty, that’s why.

Irregardless, I opened it and had a go with another workmate of mine at work. Don't believe me?? See picture below again.

Today is public holiday for my country. I was supposed to be working, but I requested from Motivator that I needed a time-off as I’ve been working since the turn of the year without any break on weekdays. Request granted after much negotiations. Had a nice, and comfy day off without worrying anything, whilst doing absolutely nothing at home. Finish up some long overdue dramas and movies along the way. There. That’s what have been happening recently with me. No ranting, just some happy stuff. At least for me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


G’day everyone. This entry was supposed to be up during the weekend but somehow, someway it got delayed til today.

Was rather busy for the past 2 days after return from our public holiday celebration over the weekend. But something broke out during that period. I’ve done something that I’ve not done before during this big public holiday celebration time.

Throughout the years, these type of public holidays are meant to be sitting duck at home, doing nothing but waitin’ for relatives to visit our house, and got asked by them on:

When are you getting married? **when the time comes, I’ll tell you.**

Have you got a dating partner yet? **again, please refer to above**

You want me to be a matchmaker? **thanks, but no thanks**

Not going anywhere since it’s holiday? **you won’t see me here, if I’m already out**

It’s the bloody same question year-in year-out with this buncha old fags. Don’t they get bored? If they’ve run outta things to say/ask, just shut the fuck up and enjoy the once-a-year reunion then. seriously, sometimes I’m abit annoyed by all these “traditional” stuff. Yea. Don’t like it, so sue me!

Anyways, back to my origin story of this entry. I’ll really wanted to get outta house for awhile, have a few drinks with best mates and forget fuck all about this holiday celebration. Call me whatever you like, the mood surrounding this public holiday celebration is incomparable to those days, back about 10 years ago. Back then, there are always time to celebrate, reasons to go back to my mom’s hometown to celebrate with the uncles and the aunties and the relatives who stay there since god-knows-when. This village is so full of natural resources, the hills, the sands, the bugs, the animals, the wells and everything else that you can think of a village. Simple, imagine Lord of the Ring’s hobbits living place. Yea. That should ring a bell. The celebration and the mood is owh-so-different without the feel of the hectic life in the capital town where I’m living in. everything is just slow, smooth, relaxing as times goes by. We can run up and down the hills, got splashed by the sand near the beach, which is about 30minutes drive from town et al. you get the drill.

Anyways, so 3 of us went off to a pub downtown for a drink. ‘twas initially for a few drinks. So, we went into a pub and ordered few drinks. Few minutes later, the security guard came and asked 3 of us for identity check, just to make sure we’re of legal age to consume alcohol. Got to know from my mates that this pub that we’re in currently just got raided 1 month ago ‘cos of some underage kids snuck in and my mates stayed overnight at the cop station on that nite, the very same nite that he celebrated his birthday. Talk about bad luck.

Of ‘cos, all 3 of us went through the identity check smoothly. But the fear of getting raided again on that nite really put us on our toes. Feeling insecure, we went on to another club few stores away to continue the nite. A club that never got raided eversince they starts open for business. The rest is history. We enjoyed the nite til 4 in the morning. 3 of us, consumed a bottle of hard liquor. Yea. 3 persons, 1 bottle. Talk about records, at least for me it is. ‘twas an unforgettable nite for me as I did it for the first time during this major public holiday celebration.

Little that I know that I was supposed to visit one of my workmate’s new house the very next day and the time to meet up was at 2 in the afternoon. I was only able to get my ass off the bed, slightly sober 15minutes before the time of meet-up. Goddamn!

There. A nite to remember, on a nite that I was supposed to stay at home and “entertain” those old fags that come visiting my house for the celebration.

3rd day after a wild nite last Friday and weekend. Hardly can adjust my body clock back to normal to work. Had a quick nap this morning for about an hour due to tiredness. Almost done with work at about 2 hours ago. Things are quite lively today ‘cos there’s not much work to do compared to past 2 days. ‘twas a full, busy past 2 days ‘cos of the enormous workflow in the team. 2 headcounts were stil on holiday leave and we were down to 4 headcounts, out of the full force of 6 usually. I was very surprised that I was deep into working and thinking when it’s about 15minutes to off work. That’s the 1st time ever since I joined this new team back in October last year that I’m so busy at work.

That’s all from me for now. Be back for more. Got a funny story to tell you lots in the next entry about a new gal in another team, within the same floor with me. Trust me on this. It IS gonna be funneh!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Second day of Public Holiday

1st off. Happy holidays to all who celebrate it. This entry was meant to be up yesterday but due to “unforeseen circumstances”, I’m unable to. Now that I’m quite free in the office, here goes.

Rite. It’s public holidays herein my country I’m living in. public holidays without traffic. Therefore basement parking down in my office area cost us exactly 1 buck, which is the cheapest in town for an office area. Yeah, but basement parking only operates at 7am. For the poor me that start work at 2hours before, I’ll need to park my car elsewhere near office vicinity. When the clock hits 7am, I’ll need to get down to retrieve my vehicle and drive it into the basement parking.

You might wondering what the fuck am I mumbling about this kinda stuff on a public holiday. Heck, it’s my blog. Just read on, it’ll relates to the sole purpose of this entry. Trust me on this. I’ll never lie, EVER!

As I mentioned earlier, it’s public holiday for 2 consecutive days. The normal spot that my colleagues get their breakfast is not open. Hence, we’ll be starving to death without food. Being a kind person that I am, and always be, I offered to get ‘em breakfast whilst getting my car at a nearby restaurant which operates 24/7. Got the orders from workmates ready, off I go with another mate to buy those breakfast.

Head back to office with food, food, and nothing but food. Started to segregate the breakfast according to their requests.

Then, came a voice saying:

"Ei, why my breakfast is not cut? I thought I told you to cut it?"

Hearing this, I was stunned. I in turn said:

"Huh? I don’t know. I’m just responsible in getting it for y’all. Whether cut or not, I really don’t have any idea."

She, yes. It’s a bloody “she” persisted she ordered the breakfast to be cut upon ordering.

"Jesus, I specifically asked you guys to have it cut but it’s not. It’s troublesome."

And then she went on and on and on about her breakfast not being cut for the next 5 minutes while I busy chomping down my own portion of breakfast, totally ignoring her.

For crying out loud, it’s just a bloody breakfast, why the fuck would you be so particular about it? Just fucking stuff it into your fucking black, stinky mouth and shut the fuck up, would ‘ya?

But no, she’s kept it on and on. No one seems to bother and even fucking care to what she’s been mumbling and complaining about.

Seriously. Cut or not cut, what’s the difference?

Just in case you wanna know the difference of the breakfast that she’s been so particular about. Here’re some “illustrations” to it.

This is un-cut version of it. In full, complete piece.

This is the cut version of it, with sauce ready in it.

There. The only difference, if you know what I mean.

To top it all off, the bitch who has been making all these complaints is the exact same bitch that was complaining about her breakfast budget which I posted up few entries prior to this one. You may go ahead and read the previous one over HERE.

1st, breakfast budget.

Now, this. Seriously, doesn’t she have anything better to do than complaining stuff that doesn’t go her way? And this is only just breakfast. What about things that happen in her life that doesn’t go her way? I‘m seriously feeling pity to her hubby already. Whining and complaining every single fucking thing that doesn’t go in accordance to her liking.

Meh. Fuck off!

On a sidenote, it’s been 3months now since the latest newbie in my new department has settled down. He’s slowly crawled into my “Wall of Shame” and “Ignore List” already, apart from Motivator & Dimwit. Perhaps I’ll do it the next time then. If I were to do it now in this very same entry, it will be time consuming for me to type, and for you to read on.