Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Chapter, New Life (Teaser)

Ahoy, matey.

Just when you think this space is away inactive for almost a year, you would've thought that it's been removed/deleted. Well, you're wrong! I'm back. Right back at cha!

As usual, gonna leave this as a teaser for you lots. There's been lotsa saucy stories throughout this whole year (well, almost)

Til then, trust me. Loads are comin' right up, very soon.

Stay tuned. Peace out!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Morning

Something happened this morning that really irked me off. Just wanna get this off my chest once and for all.

Those who know me, my work starts goddamn early these days. As time goes by, I’ve got used to the timing, so as to my body clock. So as usual, I’ve gotten my lazy ass up my comfy, stinky yet full with “flavor” bed, prepare to go work.

Every morning, I’ll take the same route from my house to work regardless of weather, traffic condition.

But when I got to the very corner to a small road just right outside of my house, there were couple of local authorities setting up road blocks for some god-fucking-know reasons, as early as 5 in the bloody morning.

Yeah. You saw what I typed. 5 in the fucking morning!!! Haven’t they got anything better to do in this wee hour rather than setting up road blocks???

I was in a rush. I was thinking to myself, I ain’t done no wrong, I’ve got all the paperwork with me. The car is in perfect shape, there shouldn’t be any problem of me getting through these pile of dung in front of me.

As expected, got stopped, checked, but was advised to pull over, quite rudely by that i-think-he’s-junior local authorities. Reason?? I didn’t get my seat belt on.

Incensed by his attitude, I pulled over. I have this thought in my mind that I ain’t giving anything to him but my paperwork. If you wanna gimme a piece of that shitty summon, please get on with it. I haven’t got the luxury time to talk about it at this wee hour. I’ve got a job to do downtown and I don’t wanna be late for it.

Then came a different local authorities, which I think he’s more senior than the previous cock-sucker-junior. Checked through my vehicle, both internally and externally, came over me and the below conversation illustrated:

M: Yours truly
S: Senior

S: Good morning, Sir.
M: *stil abit pissed* morn’.
S: Where are you heading this early hour, Mister?
M: *you think you’re the only one working at this wee hour?? Me too, you fuck-tard!* Work, gonna be starting in next 25minutes, and will be late if you haul me off here, wasting more time.
S: Rite. Where’s your office?
M: Downtown. *given him full address, sarcastically*
S: Do you know that you didn’t have your seat belt on, that’s why we have you pulled over?
M: *seriously, you’re not even traffic police, by the book, you have no rights to ask me to do that*. Yea. Sorry ‘bout that, ain’t got the time to do so since I’m rushing and it’s so early in the morn’.
S: Rite, please remember to have your seat belt in future, yea? Here I return your paperwork.
M: OK. Got it. Thanks.

That went well.

Believe in karma, you give people shit, you get the shit back in your face.

Do not do what you don’t want onto others, for that will come back to haunt you one fine day.. and karma’s a bitch.

Fuck!? What the hell am I babbling about now??!?! Scrap that, ignore it. That wasn’t meant to be in here. Geez.

Sped off after the road block in early hour. Reached office just in time, 3 minutes before my actual work hour start. Godamnit. Was rushing like a mad dog after that road block.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old Me

Another 2 weeks have passed since my last entry. If you remember what I typed in the very last paragraph of it, I said I’ma take a step back and “review” the sole purpose of this cyberspace of mine.

Well. I came to a conclusion. I chose to return to the sole purpose of this place. Rant, but in a different way. For things that I’ve spouted for the past year on Motivator and his buncha cronies, let it be gone with the wind. Yea. He doesn’t worth the space, the time, the energy of mine in here.

Got a big one here that I’d like to share with ya’ll though.

I’m sure all my readers are a card member yourself. Regardless of the card type, you are an owner of a plastic issued by financial institution. There will be times that you really need to speak to someone, a human voice, non-machine operated voice system to clear things up, there will be time that you just can’t figure out why on earth is this entry bloody appearing in your monthly statement. Hence, the job of customer service are available all across the globe.

The below is an excerpt of a conversation that one of my dear friends has encountered recently that will really ticks you off. Trust me, it will. Enough with bullshit, let’s get this thing rollin’.

A: Agent
C: Caller

*The call opening & verification bullshit are a must in this industry, so I’ll just skip it*

C: I want to have the imposed fees being written off immediately.
A: Of course......*was abruptly ended by caller*
C: How dare you impose such fees onto my account?! You do not know who you’re dealing with here. You DO NOT know at all. Do you know am i? Do YOU know who am i?!
A:*checking client’s profile in the system*Yes Mr C, you’re the vice-president of the company.
C: Owh, don’t even mentioned it. It’s just a mere title. I don’t care about that at all.*then why on the flying-fuck did you asked at the first place?!*
A: ...........
C: Tell me, do you drive?
A: No.*in actual fact, this agent does drive.*
C: No wonder. Keep sitting your big bloody fat ass on that seat you’re having now. You’re just an ordinary, worthless scum agent working in a multi-national company, earning peanuts monthly. You have no rights to do this to me. In the end, you’ll be a failure in your life, a disgrace to your family. I feel shame on your family’s behalf.
A: Mr C, we are both educated people. I will help you if we were to discuss over the issue at hand rationally……… * was abruptly ended by caller….again…fucking hell?!*
C: So?? I’m your customer. You did wrong, I’m entitled to vent my disappointment and frustration over the shitty service that you’ve provided me, and don’t Mr Mr me…I’m not done yet. How come I never receive any statement so far??
A:*checking records while this bugger kept on with his antics over the phone* Mr C, your card account has been enrolled into paperless statement.
C: WHAT!!!!!???? Since when?? I never asked for this!!! I never opted for this!!!! I did not enroll into this AT AAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!
A:*if only there’s a sharp object around, this caller is dead on spot* Erm, your account has been enrolled into paperless since the day you apply for the card.
C: No! No! No! No! No! You’re wrong. I didn’t do it. I don’t know who did it but I didn’t authorize anyone from your company to do it. Seriously, your company is making my life a living hell. I’m still wondering why did I apply for your card at the first place.
A: ..........
C: I don’t know what you do. I don’t care what you do. I’m interested in how you do it. You better fix this for me immediately. I WANT PAPER STATEMENT TO BE MAILED TO MY DOORSTEP EVERY MONTH!!!!!! YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!? I WANT PAPER STATEMENT!!! *this motherfucker got a real brain problem. Can't even fix your own financial stuff, and putting the blame onto the agent. So much so for a Vice President. Pffft*
A:OK. It’s done and effective after tonite. You will be receiving PAPER STATEMENT in your next month’s statement.
C: Jesus Christ. The hell have I gotten myself into. Piece o’ shit.
A:*normal call closing bullshit*
C: Not anymore. The damage is done. There’s nothing much you can do for me anyway. Only thing you can do is improve yourself as a human being in your life and stop being a burden to your family and to this society. Bye.

Now, tell me this: How many of you can take this in? How long would you be able to withstand these constant verbal assaults, which somehow got your family and yourself dragged in??

This guy would’ve been drop dead on sight the moment he hang up the line on me. I gotta admit, I’m quite temperamental if things go against me without a valid reason. I’ll go berserk if things go haywire and I’ve no idea why is that so. Since this is my kingdom, I’ll give this motherfucker a piece of my very own warning. If that warning is not being heeded, I’ll hang up the line on this piece of worthless garbage.

Here’s an alternative to the conversation above if I were to get to that stage when the above agent somehow “warned” the caller:

M: Yours truly
C: Caller

M: Mr C, we’re civilized and educated people. Please allow me to settle your problem once and for all here. I can’t do much with you [insert your own choice of words here] me.
C: *kept on and on and on and on*
M: Mr C, again. I strongly urge you to mind your language here as we’re all civilized people.
C:*kept on and on and on and on*
M: Mr C, I’m repeating myself here. Please, do mind your language as we’re all educated and I’d like to have your issue resolved once and for all.
C:*kept on and on and on and on*
M: Apologies Mr C. I’m afraid I have to hang up your line. Perhaps you can call us back when you have calm down, then we can talk and resolve your issues at and rationally. *hang up line*

Easy? Hopefully for ya’ll. But I’ve done this before, and I clearly remember ‘twas 15minutes after I dragged my sorry ass into the office, into my own cubical, my own “kingdom”, and this type of call has gotta my first call of the day. And I thought to myself: what a great way to start my day.

There’s a fine line in between customer service and personal abuse. Be clear on this. I’m not advocating you gotta do this e-ve-ry single time you come to this state, but at least get your immediate supervisor’s acknowledgement prior doing so. Let them know of the situation. There may be ramification/aftermath if such is done without ‘em knowing it.

Then again, I always uphold this motto throughout my entire life *sounds so old, damn* in this industry:

Whoever put the phone down first, is the loser.

It’s just some kinda psychology effect I have to myself, to sooth myself so that I won’t be a mad man cursing aloud in the office right after one nasty call. Although I stil do it every now and then.

There. A post that has been sorely missed since god-fucking-knows when. This is supposed to be the real content of my blog, the real purpose of me started this blog. It’s back! I’m back! I’ll be posting another interesting story tomorrow, a story that happened earlier today.

I promise.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It' Been A While....for the Umpteenth Time.

My-oh-my, it’s been awhile, ladies N’ gentlemen. Yeap. Since my last entry during the visits of the VVIPs til todate. Nothing much to rant about. Reasons?? Well, it’s just same ol’ dipping shit, but on a different day.

Much has happened since my last post. People leaving, people dying, earthquakes everywhere, snowing on a bloody desert, tsunami. Well, sidetracked abit. Can’t stand this kinda nature in this world. *Why am I feeling like this all of sudden??* I’m trying to restrain myself from posting Motivator and the gang anymore ‘cos any post about any of ‘em are just seems never ending. It’s kinda frustrating to work this group of people who thinks they know everything but they know jack-shit-all in actual fact.

Was having few decisions-making dilemma between now and then. Ever since the “over-qualified” incident, I tend to look for way outta this shit hole as much as I can, provided opportunities arise. Been to couple of those interviews to gain experience. Not that I don’t know how to get through these interviews but each attempt ends in failure as there were much better candidates than me that were applying the same post. Meh. Fuck that.

The toughest came around when there was an agent post that I kinda fond of. It’s works similarly like Sherlock Holmes of the modern days. Or to those who are into US dramas, think of CSI series, and you’ll think of this team. Not that I’m exaggerating but, that’s how that team works. Eventhough it’s a normal agent post but I kinda wanted a change for good. Some of you maybe asking:

“Why would you wanna jump from an agent level job/team to another agent level job/team?? Are you fucking retarded?”

To be frank, it’s ‘cos of Motivator. I’m stil doubting his abilities *oh wait, has he ever got one to start with?*

Before I submit my application, I scoured, surveyed around to the team that I was interested to get into. I have a very healthy relationship with all of ‘em during the course of my day-to-day job function. They seems to pretty receptive over my intention. The leader of the team happens to be my teammate back then and she has since developed. Hence I had a casual chat with her on my proposition. She mentioned it generally that, well…in a hindsight, she kinda hinting that I don’t apply for it simply for the sake of getting the fuck outta my current team, or more specifically, Motivator. Yes. She’s a loyal reader of my humble blog too. In case you’re reading this, yea. I changed my mind after our casual chat in front of the fast food chain at the lobby. Thanks again. I think my anger & frustration towards that words-can’t-describe son-of-bitch clouded my decision-making capabilities back then.

Things move on from there. As much as I bloody hate Motivator to the bones, I acted as if I will succumb to all his requests/demands/questions. Even more-so that I gotta do this on daily basis. It’s kinda tiring at times. I’ve been checking on our internal recruitment page every single-fucking-day to see if there are any “opportunities” that I can get the hell outta this god forsaken place. Yeah. Read my lips.


Beginning of last month, a new manager arrives in town. From a country to the west of my place of origin. I ain’t sure why the influxes of those bloody black people from west side recently. It has been like that since few years already. This is only applicable to those higher management positions. The classic case was when one of the local supervisor was place as temporary manager during the interview process. The whole floor thought that she maybe the perfect to get the job. However to everyone surprise, the management dropped a bombshell by announcing the position was given to this new bitch from the west side.

Seriously, I just don’t get it why on earth is our centre herein this country is being “invaded” by those bloody “legal immigrants”. Yea. I’m kinda racist in this situation. So?? Sue me then. Bloody goddamnit! is our centre here short of capable candidates to take up the role? Is our centre here not upto the level of expectation? Then what is those management’s expectation to that position(s)??

Again, I’ve sidetracked. Apologies. Once I’ve started typing, there’s no stopping it. I ain’t sure when will this ends. Anyways, eversince this west side fat bitch arrives, she gives me an impression of wanting to talk in all possible ways that she can think of and she wanna do everything her way eventhough the existing workflow has been there for ages. I know a change will do us good but to change the never-changed-before stuff will be a very big ask for us.

Went to a couple of conference calls with West Side bitch. All she ever did during the whole session was talk, talk, talk and talk but no action. Much like our local government: excelled in talking, but lacking in actual implementation. Which makes me to conclude this:

B-tards & bitches from the West Sides are all talkers, they ain’t do-ers. Good in spouting lotsa bullshits, but never do their work. They’ll be able to talk/discuss/negotiate things to the level of unthinkable. They can bring you up to heaven using their mouth, and they can bring you back to earth, and then down to hell within a blink of an eye, by using their mouth too! With that being said, I shall just leave this here and let your imagination runs wild, my fellow readers.

Never like those west side people since.

The above rants were supposed to be up about 2 weeks ago, but due to “foreseen” circumstances, it’s delayed until now.

Recently Motivator has behind the team’s back more often than before, trying to find our “deficiencies” as to how we’re finding Breakfast Budget Bitch’s. the emails that he sent out more often contain of “vicious” attack to the team than telling the team to do our stuff. I ain’t siding on anyone here but instead of “taking care” of the Breakfast Budget Bitch’ stuff, he chose to nosing around for our shortcomings. This happens not once, not twice but quite often during my absence from this blog space of mine.

Another ticking point really flared me up this noon. Here I was, sittin at my own “kingdom”, playing around with my “precious toy” for about 7-10minutes. Well, my tasks were done for the day. Not much to do, I can’t be running around the workplace like a mad dog, I can’t walk over to other departments to “flirt” around with other workmates, so what-the-flying-fuck am I suppose to do? I chose to STFO and play with myself. *Suddenly, this sounds so wrong, ain’t it? STFU ~ Shut The Fuck Up*

No making a single sound, I can even hear the sound of a pin drop if there ever is. This no-good-son-of-a-black-bitch said:

Stop playing with your phone.

Seething from these words, I glared at him, nodded my head, and continue playing with my “precious”.

Yeah. The whole team knows that I’m the most difficult for him to handle ‘cos I’m too much for him. I was planning to have a talk with a manager earlier today. But without me knowing, the director is in town. So, I abandon the idea. Just before u say anything, just read on from here, a’ite??

I’ve no plan to raise this issue upto the higher level, ‘cos it’s not necessary, yet.

I stil think the “messages” that I’m gonna send across to a “friend” will be heard and hopefully it will save the current “state” that this Motivator and the team is in, and I'm in no way trying to be a hero to the team.

Think this is the end of it? You are owh-so-fucking-wrong-wrong-wrong!!!!

It’s been the tradition of the team that all breakfast/lunch/short break are self-managed, just as long as there are enough headcounts covering the floor, not forgetting there’s another team sharing the exact same line with us. So there shouldn’t be any issue on this one.

Ain’t too sure which black bitch hits Motivator’s organ, he was adamant that there must be at least 2 headcounts on the floor at any point of time.

Now, this maybe just my own speculation. There was an ad-hoc meeting with the new manager aka West Side Bitch back then. This break issue was in the “agenda” as well. ‘twas this bitch’s ingenious idea that there must be 2 headcounts at any point of time. But some odd reasons this “ingenious” plan was called off. From what I heard, it seems like one of the leaders had a heated argument with West Side Bitch on this issue. Like I said, speculation. Don’t quote me on this.

Eversince this broke out, this dick-Motivator has adopted this idea. i’ve no idea why on earth did he do what he did or has he any brain at all to decide what to do and what not to do? Is he trying to start a revolution now by changing everything, bit-by-bit??

The atmosphere of the team is at an all-time-low now. He’s picking the mistakes outta everyone of the team and refused to admit the mistakes done by his latest recruit, the Breakfast Budget Bitch.

I’ll just suck it up for this week since the director is in town. I WILL go ahead with the talk plan I stated earlier next week.

Enough for now. I’ve dramas to catch. I’m getting on with my life. I’ll putting up couple more posts very soon. Much has happen since my last post back in April.

EDIT: Just read through, found out that the original purpose of this ranting place of mine has deviated. So much so has happen since the beginning of this blog til now. I think I should take a step back and "review" the whole thing soon, very soon.