Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of Year 2010

There there. Today marks 2 months since my last entry. It’s been busy 2 months for me. Reason behind?? Read on and you shall know. It’s about fucking time that I provides you all with the latest “developments” of the happenings in my workplace, as well as my personal life. Not that you all are interested to know, but heck, that’s the title of this fucking blog, ladies N’ gentlemen.

Went through few changes since my last entry. Let’s see.

A senior in my current team has moved on to another department pursuing career advancement. Instead of us missing her, it’s more like she missing us more. ‘cos of the fact that there’s absolutely no time for her to talk rubbish & unnecessary stuff in her new workplace. From what I heard, her new workplace is kinda falling behind on some portfolios and they’re working their butt off even on weekend to clear those work. Then again, it’s just words that I gathered. Do not fucking quote me on this.

The black short dimwit that I swapped with has finally gotten himself confirmed in early December. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why. The only one that can have a say in all these is Motivator himself. I’ve no fucking idea what has the black short dimwit done during his 2 months’ time over in the opposite team to earn himself a permanent status in current employment, but seriously, I’m still dumbfounded but the fact of that. None of us could really believe it when the news broke out. Here’s the thing, a person that speaks local language, with local slang all over his mouth, serving oversea clients, ain’t doing good in terms of relationships with clients, nor his call quality, can get his ass confirmed is really beyond anyone’s imagination. The only thing that I can figured out why, is that the black short dimwit has a hand in buttsecking Motivator off work during weekend.

I stil vaguely remember, the day after the dimwit gotten himself confirmed, he asked the team to go out for a drink, with him covering the bill. From all my previous entries, y’all should know that I never liked this dimwit in any circumstances. All you see is the dark side of me, * fuck, sounds like Star War now* when I’m pretending to be nice to him. Fuck that. I categorized both Motivator and the dimwit as same: Pests. Yes. Pests that are supposed to be exterminated, and not meant to be remain in office areas. So it remains to be seen how long will they last here. I’m just waiting for the day. D-day.

On Motivator. Ain’t too sure what transpired since then, but “reliable sources” informed me that apparently Motivator appealed to have his contract to be extended 3 more months. Todate, it’s his 2nd month of the said extension. End of next month will be his judgement day. Leave? Stay? The team has already numbed by his antics. We no longer care what he does, or what he does not do. If he stays, it means more shits to come our way. If he leaves, the cycle will rerun itself again with another supervisor to replace Motivator. Meh. Had enough of this crap!

That’s that about those 2 pests in the division. Went to renew my passport few days before my birth day early last month. Was informed by few mates to go renew my passport at north of the town, which the immigration office is well known for its speed in getting the renewal done within the day. You might be wondering why-on-earth would this joker has the intention to go renew my passport?! Well, I’ll tell you the truth later on. So, ‘twas a weekday, on a 7:30am. The moment Motivator comes in, I asked for permission to leave on half day for passport renewal, and after much consideration, he allowed it. Hence without further adue, I rushed myself over to the immigration office, and reached there at 8am-ish, only to find out there’s a fucking long queue outside the immigration office. On a weekday?!?! 8am-ish?!!? Why is there long queue in immigration office?!?! Don’t they need to work/go to school?!?! Why are there kids, babies with parents queuing up?!?! Then I realised that school holiday just started few days back. Goddamnit!

Seriously, I can’t understand why do kids nowadays need to get their fucking passport done at such early age ie primary/secondary school?! They can’t go on leave anytime of the year ‘cept for during the long year-end holiday. What a fucking waste of money! Another thing that really puzzled me is that, why the fuck would they bring the whole fucking family over to immigration office?!?! What are they trying to pull?? Kids shouting, babies crying in immigration office, not to mention those retarded kids running and around and screaming. Such a nuisance I tell you. One fucking row of 6 chairs for patrons like us to sit, ended up “occupied” by bags, 3 kids and parents. There. The mentality of the locals. What a fucking disgrace! The waiting part is really a pain-in-the-fucking-ass. I got my number at 300+. Which there were 300 over fuckers still queuing in front me, waiting for their turn to renew their bloody passports. Seeing that, I wandered around the vicinity, see if there’s any interesting stuff that might attract my attention, and at the same time deviate my attention from the loooooooong queue. The time I got the queue number was around 9am-ish. Waited, wandered, strolling around the area for 3.5hours. Returned to the immigration office, just few more to go before it’s my number being called at. Waited few more minutes, final-fucking-ly!!!! Almost 4 hours!!!! These buncha clowns! Once I got my documents passed on to the immigration officer, all I ever needed is just another 30minutes is all it takes to have my passport renewal done. I got the renewed passport at 10mins before 2pm. Yeah. I stil remember. How I can not remember!?!? The fucking crowd that were in the office. There was a time I just fucking wish that a psycho will go into the office and began his slashing and chopping just to get rid of the crowd. God!! Painful experience it was. If only ‘twas not school holiday, everything would’ve been done within a blink of an eye. That’s my mate’s feedback on this office. In short, I was in this shit at the wrong time. Motivator was texting, calling me from time-to-time to check on me, ‘twas meant to be half day off but it ended up full day. Goddamnit! I reasoned with him, fortunately he understands it. Owh well. What can he do? I’m already outside. However, I did go back to office just to show my face and proved to him that I really did renew my passport and not loitering around.

There there. Reason for passport renewal you might ask.


Yes! You see it here first. I’m going to fucking UK!!!!!!!!!

Right after that painful passport renewal experience, I went back to office and do the airline booking online. Yes. The 3 of us, 3 good buddies are embarking to a fun, crazy, ruthless trip to UK. The very Friday after that, 3 of us went out for a discussion on this trip. For all I’ve done, I ain’t going to leave this to bed without having the fucking crazy trip. At the end of the discussion, we’ve decided to go:

England – For my favourite football club. Gonna fucking roll on the pavement in front of the stadium.

Amsterdam – For the “exotic” stuff available there.

Paris – The City of Lights. The city renown for its fashions. What else?!

Yes. 3 destinations, 12 days trip. Why not. This is gonna be one helluva trip. I'm still jizzing all over thinking about this.

Earlier this month, my mom fell of while she’s on her way to market. Not knowingly, she missed her steps and fell flat on the floor. Thank god nothing serious happened. Only thing was her right face swollen. Sent her off to a local doc, gave her some medicines, the docs confidently said that the swollen will vanished by the 10th day. Miraculously, it did vanish on the 10th day. For once, I’m impressed by this doc. On the same day my mom fell off, that is after I sent her off to the doc, I got my vehicle’s windscreen changed. What I did? Pass the car key to the agent. And I waited at home. 4.5 hours later. Got back my car key from the agent. Brand new windscreen, not a single penny paid. All insurance covered.

On a sidenote, I’m a vivid fans of a game called Football Manager. Thanks to a certain mate that “poisoned” me since year 2003. Been addicted to the game on a yearly basis till todate.

Spent most of my time for the past 2 months on the same game. Hence the lack of entries in here. Then again, it’s my blog. I’ll do whatever I want with this blog of mine. One thing for sure, this blog will be here for I’ll never remove it. It sorta gimme the sweet and bitter memories since the commencement of this blog of mine.

For the past 2 months, I’ve attended 4 weddings and funeral, which kinda reminds me of the same titled movie by Hugh Grant back in year 1994. The weddings, nothing short of happiness. The only funeral, my secondary school-mate’s mom has left ‘em to a peaceful place due to cancer. Amen to that. Thinking back, this mate of mine lost 2 family members in the same year: his elder brother earlier of the year, and her mom earlier this month. How short one’s life can be. Live life to the full. When you think of a thing to do, just go ahead and do it, with no regrets.

There. Today is New Year eve. There’s a clash of events here. On one side, it’s a New Year party that’s gonna be held downtown. On another side, close mate’s brand new house warming, which leaves me in dilemma. Finally, decided to go both. Counting down with workmates downtown, and then after midnite, I’ll be rushing off the close mate’s house warming. Since he has informed in his webbie that his house warming party is gonna be from 8pm til 6am next morning. So, I SHALL BE THERE!

Here wishing y’all Happy New Year, from the humble me, posting from office.

*southpark’s eric cartmen’s voice* Screw you guys, I’m going home!