Sunday, April 10, 2011


It’s been awhile since my last post, and guess what, I’m doing this from office. Yes. I’m in the office on a fucking Sunday. Workmates in this team will come into office during the weekend once a while due to heavy workloads at times. Like I said, “at times”. Not all the time. Suddenly I feel the “motivation” to put this one up, so as to summarize what has happened between now and then. Let’s av itttt!!!!

Continuing from my previous entry, ‘twas about the movie King’s Speech. The leading actor fucking deserves the award. The show was awesome, jawdropped, at least for me that is. It’s way better than the stupid swan movie though. In case you haven’t watch the show yet, please, go watch it!

The very week after my last post, the team had a meeting with who else but Motivator. The meeting was solely discussing on the quality of our department’s call.

Like I’ve ranted previously, how do you expect a department that is chasing up debtors to pay us back the money owing to us with quality in mind? But hell no, this joker persisted with it and insisted to have this meeting/discussion or whatever the fuck you intend to name it, I don’t give a flying fuck on it anymore. During the meeting, ‘twas just like any other meeting that we had previously. But the content of the meeting was really what ticked everyone’s mind off. The team can’t do shit but to play along with it. I ain’t gonna rant about this thing anymore ‘cos I’ve done so in my previous posts. We’ve reiterated ourselves on this topic time and again ‘cos it’s just not practical for the team but he kept on with it. I don’t see a point on holding the meeting as well, ‘cos in the end he said that he has posted the same questions to the management about the team’s job function and that “rule” will not be suitable for the team. He further added that he’s awaiting the response from the management on that piece. Therefore, the meeting serves like a preparation for us just in case his “claims” rebuffed by the management.

Now, after all that we’ve been through since the day Motivator stamped his filthy, lil’ foot in our working area, I ain’t trusting a single word from his smutty mouth anymore. Maybe it’s just words to pacify us or perhaps it’s the truth but I’m having none of it.

So, couple of days later, the newbie (will be known as SadFace henceforth) that always portrait a sad face as if his house got burnt down the day before, has really put the team onto the tip of the boiling point. Errors after errors, questions after questions of the same topic. How long will it take before he can really absorb all that were being taught previously? What the fuck were you doing during the training? This newbie in the team was the one that got his job application resurrected from the dead. In case you don’t know what am I babbling about, please re-visit my previous posts then. the team has decided in unison to talk to Motivator about this matter. To the team’s surprise, Motivator agreed to our reasoning. After half an hour, Motivator pulled me over to another side, talking privately about this matter. He mentioned to me that he has seen & heard what SadFace has done as SadFace is sitting right next to Motivator and Motivator will be able to hear & see everything the SadFace did, just as long as Motivator has the time to sit on his place. Apart from that, according to Motivator, there has been numerous times that Motivator tried to back SadFace for the errors that he has made but the frequency of those errors are piling up til Motivator can’t afford the time to deal with it anymore. Hence he asked what can be done about this SadFace. I told Motivator that a possible swap with another guy from another team will be the viable option for now, but we need to ask his thoughts before everything is said & done. Hence, Motivator had a meeting with that guy. Couple of days later, the decision is made. The swap is going to happen but not with immediate effect. The guy who agrees to the swap is only going to join my team end-of-month due to transitioning matter. SadFace is to move over to the other team, which is the same team as DimWit immediately, so as to avoid anymore errors done to the team, which will affect the team’s overall performance.

Identical Look of SadFace in my Team.

Now, think this: DimWit is hired by Motivator.

SadFace is hired by Motivator.

Breakfast-budget Bitch [henceforth known as BB]is promoted by Motivator.

All 3 are facing problems performing in their current role. This is a fact that is well-known within the team but not made known to outsiders. It’s clearly visible. But, somehow, someway, ‘twas made in such that DimWit has receive couple of awards for his performance on his job. But the figures are different from what we’ve gathered. Something went wrong somewhere?? You be the judge on this one.

The very week after the swap was agreed upon, there were few VVIPs in town. For the first time in current employer’s history, there’re VVIPs from overseas stepping into our premises. I ain’t talking about directors, or vice president here. I’m talking about the person who is 2 levels below the CEO of the company is coming to town!!! Yeah. That’s how high up this person is. Knowing this, every single person in the company is fully prepared to embrace the arrival of this VVIP. There has been a couple of sessions being arranged for us to get upclose and personal with this VVIP in particular to voice out just about anything that we wanna ask, of course, those questions have gotta be relevant to those person of his stature and calibre.

Now, I aint’ no genius in this field but whenever one is up against a person of that stature, the kinda of question that you intend to post to him must be of some sense, or at least questions matching his “credentials”, if you know what I mean. Like for instance, you don’t ask a VP of a company, comin’ all the way from the headquarter for a market visit, a stupid question like:

Our building’s air-condition/ventilation system is not working. OR

There’s not enough car-parking space in the premise.

The above are just samples of what my fellow readers should be expecting. What I am about to post in the very next line and forth are stupidity of the highest quality that no one can compare.

1) We have problem getting in touch with that department.

2) There are flaws in the process map of our daily job function.

3) The air condition in this building is not working properly.

4) The other department is not treating our requests with utmost urgency as our client is chasing for it day-in day-out.

5) There are flaws in the process map of our daily job function. [again, the 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10 are of the same with this one currently at No.5.]

Owh. Come-the-fuck-on!

Have you no brain, you fucking twats?!

If you’ve got nothing better to say, just shut the fuck up. He, for fuck sake is 3rd in command in this Multi-fucking-National-Company, and all you twats gotta say are these?! If you have nothing better to say, just shut the fuck up and let those people with the art of talking do their stuff.

Now, the session was scheduled to be an hour. The above 10 questions were repeated all over the hour. My team’s representative didn’t even get the chance to open her mouth at all during that hour. She was infuriated the moment she got off the room. Swearing all over (well, literally) the team when we were discussing what happened in that room. There were 2 representatives from our team, each attending different session, both sessions ended up with the exact same thing: People askin’ retarded questions to the leaders, for the full one hour and our team’s representatives didn’t even get the chance to open their mouth.

Knowing this, I talked to Motivator about this and he was about to go for his session with the leader. Hence, we vented our “frustration” to him and relay the questions that we wanna to him, which later on I found out from him that he DID convey the message to that VVIP.

Phew! Talk about working with idiotic people under one roof, on a daily basis!

Well, on a sidenote, our director did come down accompanying the VVIP. The same kinda session was arranged, and the history repeated itself as well. The same senseless questions were being asked during the session, and the session ended just like that, full with nothing for the director to take away.

One of my mates, who was in the session couldn’t take it. He waited outside the room after the session for the director. He went up to the director that he as few questions to be posted to the director but due to time constraint he wasn’t able to. Without a doubt, the director permitted an additional session with my mate and couple more for them to voice out their obstacles in work.

Now, this “additional” session permitted by the director herself really brought fruit. Apparently both representatives from my team told the director lotsa things that she has no knowledge about and she was absolutely gobsmacked by those questions hurled at her that she needed time to investigate further before coming back with answers to the representatives from our team.

There. Asking relevant questions and the right time wasn’t that hard, eh??

Meh. Enough of this post, I gotta go now. I stil got a job to do tomorrow, for tomorrow is Monday, and I’m fucking famished now.

Til then.