Monday, April 12, 2010

Back!! With Rants!! Loads of 'em!!!

Hey you all! How's it going so far?? I know I know. It's been awhile since I last posted in here. Thought I might remove/delete this blog for good/worse/forever? Nah! This blog is my only ranting place. You might think:" Owh, don't you have a intimate girl/boy friend that can all your complaints?" You're right. I don't. I'm the type of person that likes to keep everything to myself, or so I think I am like that. For those who knows me well enough would think that I'm the kind of person without secrets. Well, I proved you wrong.

Anyways, here's what it is. Let's get things started, shall we?

From last post, I said that I went off to a drinking session right after that very post. Guess what. Here's what it is. I know it's abit too late to post this one up. [Yeah, back in Janary2010. Been busy, fucking busy I tell 'ya.]


Shots of tequilas

Yeap. This place of where we drink? It's just about 15minutes walk from the office, one of the famous shopping centers downtown. Talk about convenience. That night, god knows how many we drank. But we stayed in the same pub [was it even a pub?] till late that night.

That said. 'twas a Friday. That was how we'll "normally" release our tension in work at the end of our working week ie Friday.

Let's see.......what else am I suppose to be "sharing" with you lots?? Yeah. Remember in my very last post, I've mentioned about people leaving?? Let's do some maths eh?? 1,2,3,4...... rite.... there are altogether 10 people around when I first joined. Last I posted, 3 of 'em left us....In addition, 1 just left us to another department to pursue his own interest as well. Best of all, the head of department is leaving to oversea for a better job opportunity. Then, my friend that "handled" my whole "return to ex-company" matters is about to leave in less than 3 months time.

Great! Why am I having this weird feeling that everyone is leaving because of "job opportunity" doesn't seem bode too well for me. Last I checked, eversince I left current company in year 2005, all the companies/departments that I joined are either closed, shut down, ceased operation or the whole company is declared bankruptcy. Sometimes I do feel that way. Lucky me for leaving those places? *shrug* Maybe. I ain't having phobia 'cos of past experiences. I am having all the confidence in this world that this current company that I'm in will not.. and I mean WILL NOT go down that way like all the previous companies that I've worked with in between year 2005 til the date I return to current company, which is August 2009.

But all these sudden departures are just making things worse for us. Imagine this: You're new, into a new department. Few months down the road, seniors started leaving. Your leaders started leaving. What will you think? Strive harder to take up their tasks, or perhaps succeed them?? Face this. It's impossible for one to learn/absorb everything in a mere 6-8 months in one department. Lotsa stuff/processes [eventhough it's kinda routine] involved in our daily operations.

Scare of changes? Scare of taking responsibilities? For fuck sake I'm just what, 8 months into current job environment. You expect me to act like an expert? Gosh! Just because I'm an ex-employee previously, doesn't mean that I know e-ve-ry sin-gle fu-ck-ing thing that happen in the department, let alone in the company! Please bare in mind that I've left this place previously for almost 5 years and back again. How much changes have occurred? God knows. Not to mention that the department that I'm in rite now is an entirely new department which we took over from oversea. Therefore, lotsa stuff needs to start from scratch. Piece of cake? Sounds easy. Why don't me & you switch place then?

Anyways, that's all for the changes part. Fuck it. I don't give a damn about it anymore. I'll just do my job well. Grasp as much job knowledge as I can and we'll see how it go from there.

Here comes the part in my day-to-day dealings with external customers. Seriously, why are their citizens can be so carefree, simple-minded, retarded?

Here's one example, a fucking classic one that one of my colleagues told me couple of months. I was really laughing my ass out after I hear it from him. Thanks for this one, G.

OK, a client walk into a store, looking for some garments to purchase for a dinner function. As usual, the sales assistant settled everything with the client. When it comes to payment, the client told the sales assistant that she's a very close friend with the store owner and the store owner even allow her to take the garments and walk off the store without paying as they'll be able to settle the payment by other means.

Of course, the "client" would've done everything enough to convince the sales assistant such that the client finally took the garment off. Hearing this, the sales assistant let the "client" goes off just like a snap of a finger, without paying a bloody-single-cent!!

See the level of stupidity of those people in that country? They are always the buncha of citizens that redefine the word "dumb". Seriously, words can't describe it. Neither can't I.

My job in this scenario, is to "educate" them on the steps to take when it comes to this kinda situation. Follow all the protocol, and nothing go wrong. It's hard, really hard to educate this kinda people when they always said this:"We've done this all these years, why can't we do it now?" This is where it really gets on my fucking nerves. Here I am, waiting in my big fat ass, helping you, for your own good, telling you what to do and what not to do, and there you are, telling my bullshit such as those aforementioned. Sometimes I really wanna say this: " Fuckit, it's your bloody fucking business/store, don't come crying to us when things go wrong or you didn't receive any payment from our company." When will they ever listen??

Has it ever occur to you that when you request someone to repeat something to you due to noise around you or for whatever the fucking reason that causes you to do so, you'll normally ask politely :

"Pardon me?"..
"Say that again?"..
"Sorry" etc etc etc.

All these are fine. But there was this comment utter by a bitch to me just because I asked her to repeat the sentence twice. You know what she said?? See below:


Woah, talk about racism here, bitch!!!! This is a racist comment on another possible highest level!!! I really gotta give it to this bitch here. Salute! On a more serious note, I was emotionally hurt for a week after this incident. Bloody bitch!

This just came in fresh early this morning. There's this arrangement that all of our external customers' agreements are going through a slight change. A "slight" change which will only benefits no one but our company. This "slight" change was still in planning mode, nothing is being finalized as of last Friday.

This morning, [forgotten about the exact timing as I was too busy to notice it] got a call from one of the affected customers asking on this. As an call center agent, of course I have the obligation to gauge further before saying anything retarded which will result in escalation, which will not look good onto me. To my surprise, this customer is shouting on the said agreement, which doesn't benefits him at all. Not knowing this, I asked my superior if there's any communication done thus far. He dumbfounded said no and took it over. As my superior is talking with the agitated customer over the phone, I did a small "check" on this matter. Only to find out that there is a plan in motion, but nothing is certain yet.

Right after the call, I informed my supervisor about this. He then shoot out couple of emails to few persons that are involved initially, stating that our department ain't going to touch this project as this is too big for us to handle and it's not our jurisdiction to handle it. In short and simple english: Fuck this shit, we ain't doing it. There you go. Another problem solved. Scare the shit outta us.

It's late now. I think I've ranted all that I've kept inside my heart-made-of-glass till now. It's now finally that I am able to release it once for all. I'm lucky to be an owner of my blog. It's close to 10pm now. I am knocking off now. It's gonna be another interesting day tomorrow.

This time around, I promise you lots it will not be another 2 months before I post again.