Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Been hurled by jeers for the past week 'cos of no entry in this humble blog of mine. So, here we go.

Wonder what's the above number on the title is all about?? Take a wild guess. Lemme know by leaving your comments at chat box next to this post, eh??

Nothing much to write about. It’s been another peaceful week, well, at least for me. I’ve got some ideas in my mind for now on the topic to be written, but then again, once I start babbling, it’ll be hard for me to stop though. Can this not wait til weekend?

Just imagine this, and think hard:

You’re in new a company, whole new working environment, whole new group of people to start your journey/adventure with in this new workplace. What would you be expecting from your fellow new workmates? What should you do, as a newbie in this workplace, to mix-around, and make sure you’re able to cope up with everything that is being thrown to you?

By the way, just got 2 awards today given by the management. I was a lil’ bit puzzled when I got that, one for never take any medical off days for the past 6 months, and one for some extra stuff that I did. For one, I remembered I took a couple of days off due to medical reasons. Ain’t too sure what happen there, but then again, if they’re giving it to me, I ain’t complaining. Furthermore, it’s free. For those that knows me well enough, if it’s free, just fucking take it. Any questions, ask later. In short,


Ahh well, wasn’t expecting those stuff to come my way to be frank as I was working my ass off towards the end of my working hours earlier today before my manager asked me to “get the fuck over here!”

Yea, that’s the way how my department “communicate” to each other. It’s all in a day’s work. therefore, no grudges there. Long as things are done, reports are submitted, shits are offloaded, datelines are met, we’re good.

It’s a rather short entry today. I’ll be back, for sure. Hopefully I am able to write a long one come this weekend, or perhaps this Friday nite.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Thursday

As promised, here I am, posting in front of my comfy home desktop, with Ipod plugged into my ears, free from all disturbance. Of course to give you an update on something that I promised in my last post.

As mentioned last night, I was summoned into the room for a conference call with the people high up there. I know it’ll be beneficial for me in introducing/establishing myself to the aforementioned group of people, but then again, talk is cheap. I don’t wanna be a person that goes into a conference like a used tool just to explain stuff to the management, and my immediate leader will take all the credits. Preferably, I’d like to talk face-to-face to the management, let ‘em recognize my face, what I’ve said et al. That’ll be some impact I’d say. Call me whatever you want but I ain’t doing this for his sake.

Maybe god hear my pleas last whole nite, I was engaged in an ad-hoc task this morning when I sat my ass down on my cubicle:

“I need this lists of report urgently, I’m meeting the client 3 hours later, send it to me ASAP.”

That’s the word from the manager who asked me to compile the report this morning.

I start work at 630 (Right. I gotta admit, nobody’s perfect. I was late.) The conference call is at 8, the above big boss wanted the report ASAP. She’s meeting the client in 3 hour’s time. Which one should I be prioritizing? Motivator? Big boss? Read on.....

Motivator came in, usual greeting bullshit, which I’m getting sick N’ tired of when you do it on a daily basis. He came to me, asking me to join the conference, sounds like a gentle reminder. I in turn asked him:

“You should be familiar with all the cases’ narratives in the report by now, are you not?”

He gave me a firm yes. Then, I explained to him that I’ve gotta rush the report to the big boss and I’m afraid I might need to miss out on this one again. “Again?!”, you might be wondering. Please bear in mind that I missed the last one out ‘cos I had a throat viral-infection. Yeah. Sounds about right.

I was taken aback with his reaction after what I’ve said. He said that it’s alright, and he can manage it himself.

Now, here’s the thing. He asked me into the conference, I just told him that I might need to sit this one out, again. But now he said that he’s able to manage it by his own? Something is not right here. A tad-bit fishy, ain’t it?? I’ll let you imagination runs wild there.

Ahh, fuck that. I rushed off the report to the Big Boss and that’s all I was doing til the report was done. ‘twas such a big relief right after the report was done & dusted. Had quite a long lunch break today. Yea. Got a short-message on my mobile from my workmate that says:

“Our new manager wants to talk to us at 1 later.”

Didn’t see this one comin’ today. But sooner or later, new manager is gonna do it anyway. In short, the session was similar like the autonomous party held last week. The difference is the person who’s sitting in front of us when we bitchin’ N’ rantin’.

Let’s be frank, no one dare to bitch/rant anything in front of your new manager. If ones dare, I’ma kneel in front of that person and pray. The session chaired by our new manager was a peaceful, non-explosive, and was quite a fruitful session. For me, it makes no difference. It’s just the way how we play around with the words, depending on who will be the target audience. You should know the drill.

Meh. End of. That’s all. After the session, immediate result is visible from Motivator. He came to me saying that he’s coming to me tomorrow and spend couple of hours in an effort to speed up his learning curve. Yea. Been there, done that. Hope this time is for real.

There. Nothing much to rant today. And I didn’t use the eff word excessively in this post today. I never ceased to amaze myself at times. I know. I’m the best! (Laugh like mad cow)

Hope for a peaceful tomorrow.

Peace yo!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It’s been awhile since I post in here…I know I know..been awfully busy for the past week. Busy on what you might ask? Work, home, work, home… watch some tv dramas, playing couple of facebook games. That’s all.

Highlight of last week was of course my 1-on-1 session with who else but Motivator. Yea. It’s about him again. I wonder what my life could be if he were to ever leave us.

It was time for me to go into the room, with him, 1-on-1, solitary in a quiet room. He’s been bugging me for this session for quite some time already. One thing is because of his never-ending call quality “feedback N’ coaching” session with me, the other thing is to perhaps dig out some “information” from me on what’s going on in the department as he has heard few rumors flying here and there regarding him in particular.

Walked into the room, it’s the normal bullshit opening of:

“Good Morning, How are you?”

“How’s work?”

“Everything OK?”

And my answer to those hypocritical questions are:



“It’s a’ight”

He went into the room 5 minutes earlier than me, ain’t too sure what the fuck is he doing in there, with his laptop [as usual] all up and running waiting for me. Just right before we started to hear the recorded calls and discuss about that, he turned around and ask me this again:

“Ok, before we start, is there anything you wanna talk to me about, anything. Work or non-work related.”

Right, this sonofagun is trying to ferret out who’s talking bad about him behind his back, who’s complaining, doing all the dramas on him. And he’s expecting to get that outta me? ME?! Fat hopes, with all due little respect that’s left in me for him, I told him:

“Erm, can we do that after the calls?”

And he duly obliged after I uttered those words, he concur with it and we proceed to the call listening. It was quite a pleasant conversation through the evaluation/discussion/whatever fuck you wanna put that session as ‘cos deep inside me, I don’t give a flying-fuck about this call quality at all. I never had, I never am, and I never will. So, criticize me for all you want as I’m from call centre background and all that but, as long as the customers’ concern are properly addressed upon, they will be happy, then I’m happy. Why do I need to do something extra to the extent of licking customer’s butt just to make ‘em happy? What if they’re wrong? Are you still gonna say that they’re right? C’mon, don’t be ridiculous. Customer is NOT always right. That’s what I’ve learnt ever since I’ve joined this current department. Customers could be the biggest fat-fuck liar in the whole world once you learn your trait in my department here. Trust me.

Right. Rants over, there were 4 calls to be listened and discussed. Time flies real fast without one noticing it. Couple of hours passes as I was having a “healthy” argument with him over some scoring part. When he said that he’s gonna send an email over to the evaluator on our argument, with his hand on the bloody keyboard, he asked me this:

“OK. Tell me what to write, tell me why do you think that you should be scoring higher than what you’re having now.”

For fucking bitches’ sake, we just had that “healthy” argument, didn’t you bloody listen to it? Where were you when I was talking, right in front your fuck face? I in turn told him:

“I don’t know, you’re sending the email off to the evaluator. I’ve just explained to you. I have forgotten what I said earlier. Perhaps you might wanna bring in a recorder next time. I don’t have a rewind button in me.”

There you go. 2 hours plus passes by, by just listening and arguing on that 4 fucking calls. Over and done with. Had a little break, he asked me for opinion on a case that involves a hefty sum of amount and it has to be finalized within next few days. The decision back then was to have our company absorb the loss. After much thorough checking from me, finally found out that the client is actually an industrial scammer-no-good-bastard, which is quite famous doing his dirty work throughout the market that we’re servicing. I told him that we shouldn’t be absorbing this but instead asked the owner of the shop to actually take this one up to the local authority. Our part is done since the day we took the money outta the shop owner. There. I saved his bloody ass from further bombarding. Thanking me, he said:

“Thanks again on that. ‘twas really fruitful. What would I do without you in this department?”

This sentence sounds very familiar. Because these exact same words were said to the trainer on few separate occasions! Does he think it will work on me? Fat chance!

The rest of the hour was basically discussion on my half-yearly evaluation form. He abruptly changed this and that, and have it his own way. Unwilling to argue any further, I just let him do whatever the fuck that he wants to it, because I’ve got a copy of the original form in my house, and in my office desktop.

There. Total time elapsed:


Towards the end of the session, again he asked me:

“Is there anything else you wanna talk to me about, anything. Work or non-work related.”

I told him, coldly (In fact, ‘twas freezing cold in the room, I was having my jacket on but I was still shivering.):

“No. Nothing.”

He persisted:

“Owh, c’mon. You sure have heard something. Your relationship among the workmates are so excellent. You can talk and joke with everyone in this floor. Sure you’ve something to say to me.”

I was famished and freezing cold by now. I said:

“Hey, if there’s nothing to talk about, what the hell am I supposed to tell you about? I would’ve told you upfront if there’s something I know.”

Hearing this, he then switched the topic and asked about his own development in this company:

“What do you think of my progress so far?”

I said:

“I’m seeing improvement, slowly, but gradually. But you might need to speed that one up abit.”

I wanted to add “because time is not on your side anymore.” But if I were to say that, I’ll be hinting him that I know something that I shouldn’t be knowing, which will in turn put me into deep shit. I chose to zip my bloody big mouth instead.

He nodded, and that was it. History has been made, monument has been erected, record has been broken. My first 3-hours 1-on-1 session with my immediate supervisor. Try and beat that!

Off I go with my workmate for a fast-food-feast of KFC right after that. That KFC meal actually lasted me till next day’s breakfast time at 8am.

If memory serves me right, the above session was on Thursday. I spilled it all out to an autonomous party within the department on the very next day.

This autonomous party is in charge of conducting feedback sessions whenever there’s unrest among the department/company. Records will be noted down, compiled and be sent off to the chairman of the party, who will then send off the report to all the leaders so that this matter can be addressed to. According to them, traditionally, not a single name will be mentioned. Well, to be frank, the engagement of this autonomous party into our department is really the last resort after all failed us.

Friday beckons. I was the last of the lots to go into the bitchin’ session. Time was 2 in the noon, the session closed at 330, which is just the right time for me to get the fuck outta office and grab a weekend drink a usual.

In the session, all hell broke loose. From Motivator, to his new “recruit” who has been acting like nothing but a retard for as long as he’s here. I’m still at a complete loss why the fuck that Motivator added a comment of: “He’s a fast learner” onto this new recruit. It would’ve been best if Motivator just shut the fuck up and say nothing, absolutely nothing at all on this new recruit, which he claimed that he doesn’t know him personally at all. Ironic isn’t it? In case, you’re absolutely clueless on what the fuck am I talking about here, please read back my previous posts. It’s all there.

Ok. I’ve gone a slight bit off topic here. Let’s see what “transpired” in that bitchin’ session shall we?? Allow me some time to reminisce that feeling….Ahh, got it…

Motivator sucks.

New recruit is a slow learner.

Motivator is clueless on the reason he’s into this company.

New recruit is retarded.

Former manager’s vision of spotting “perfect candidate” to take over the team, which has few suitable internal candidates is absolutely trash. He has no vision whatsoever at all. Let go few suitable internal candidates, just to hire someone that he knows from previous employment, which turns out to be a total failure. In short, former manager sucks.

Motivator sucks all.

New recruit is a dead man walking.

Motivator is a dead man walking.

Former manager left a big shit hole in the department, the new manager has come in to cover that big pile of shit hole left by former manager.

There. Quite a few points there, enough for me to talk it through that 1.5 hours. Ain’t too sure what’ll happen with those comments of mine. But at least I voiced it all out, take it or leave it. Your call.

New manager is in the house on Monday, which was 2 days ago. 1st day arrival, wasn’t that free to chat around, meetings, briefings et al. Yesterday, he pulled me out for a cigarette break towards the end of my day and asked me what’s up with work/department so far. I told him boldly that the both work and department are alright. The problem lies with the Motivator himself. I ain’t going into details here now ‘cos I think fellow readers would’ve read enough of Motivator’s antics thus far. It’s just round-up story that I told my new manager about. Hearing that 5 minutes of my short “speech”, (yea, I wrapped it all up in 5 minutes. Talk about summary at it’s best eh?), the new manager said:

“Don’t you worry about him. Let me handle him. You don’t let those stuff de-motivate you, continue doing what you’re doing.”

Now, that was some assuring speech from him.

I’m entering a conference call tomorrow with Motivator along with another management staff. I ain’t too sure why am I being dragged into it. Could it be that Motivator wants me to cover things up for him, and let me be the “bad guy” in the call by doing all the complaints?? I shall update you lots tomorrow nite. You can count on that!

Phew! That was long! Sorry for not putting coloring and formatting on this post. It’s close to dozing time for me now. Adios!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday...The Day After...

Today marks the first day of life after my mate left this company and moved on to another field, to a greener pasture. Yea, "a greener pasture" as he always quoted. Ahh well, at least he can find his happiness over at this new company that he has opted for, after almost 10 years in current employer. Perhaps it's time to move on to a higher role, with higher pay etc etc...Well, you know the drill.

Got a few things to share with you fellow readers tonite. Let's make this one quick, I've got dramas to catch later on.This one happened on last Thursday. Yea. I stil remember it clearly. I was about to go out for my lunch break, so happened that I gotta go down a level to visit a friend and join her for lunch break. She is working in a similar job description as mine, but slightly different role than me. Yea. in terms of the market we serve. Came across her workmates' cubicles, overheard a conversation. Had a chat with the people there, seems like the call has been ongoing for quite some time already, for at least 20 minutes. Wanna know the what's up with this? I know your are. Here goes.

C: Caller bitch
M: My workmate's unlucky colleague

C: Can I speak to [name of director here] please?
M: [Knowing the director is on leave because of the World Cup 2010] I'm sorry but he's not available today.
C: There's this letter that I've received today but I'm not too sure what it is about, I want to talk to him about it.
M: I'm sorry m'am, but perhaps I can assist you with that enquiries. Would you mind tell m..... *got cut off*
C: Look, don't you understand a single word that's coming outta my mouth? I said I WANNA TALK TO [name of director here] NOW!!
M: I'm sorry m'am, but he's not in today. Perhaps I can....*got cut off again*
C: Do you have his mobile?? Can you call his mobile now and tell him that I need to speak to him regarding this letter now.
M: I'm afraid no but I can put you through to my immediate supervi......*got cut off again*
C: Look, I do not want to speak with any supervisor, or manager or whatever. I just wanna speak to the signer of this letter that I have in my hand now!
M: .......
C: *Silent for almost 5 minutes, stuff-scrambling sound at background*
M: Hello, m' there??
C: *Silent for another few minutes, stuff-scrambling sound at background*
M: Hello, are you still there??
C: ...........

The call was at this state throughout the 10 minutes that I was waiting for my workmate to go lunch. Ain't too sure what happen to that bitch that insisted talking to our director though, considering she's just a small time bitch working for someone in that company. Talk about bitchiness!!!

That's just one. Went for my mate's farewell dinner on last Friday. Again, it's just those mixed feelings that surge through my heart/head/veins at times when a close friend just leave me one-by-one. Meh, been telling this feeling in my previous post. Please refer to my previous post then. Hah!

Friday was rather busy, with 2 outta 5 of my workmates took their day off. Motivator never cease to "amaze" me with his "ridicule" antics. Like I told you all, 2 outta 5 is on day off, it means 3 of us are working. When working in a call centre-ish kinda environment, of course there will be times when the calls are swarming and waiting on the queue. It's expected. Now, I would like to ask one thing here:

Who has the authority to approve the day off then? Motivator himself. Knowing 1 has been approved couple of weeks back, he went ahead and approve another one. What was in his mind? Did he not check??

Hence came messages-after-messages of "reminder", telling us there are calls waiting for us. C'mon, you know we're down by 2 headcounts, and here you are, sitting at your place, with your big fat ass, sending out meaningless messages like these?? It really gets on my nerve sometimes when he does this.

Weekend loomed, did nothing but lying a home. Right. 'twas fucking weekend. I planned to go back office and do some stuff but the evil side of me just sorta "prevented" me from going.

The whole world has been crazy about World Cup for the past month. It all ended last nite. In case you don't know who's the winner, lemme tell you this:

And today, marks another day of retardness by none other than you-know-who. There's this case that my mate and I have been dealing with since last year. When Motivator got in, this case was somehow came to his knowledge and he said that he wanna deal with this as well.

Fair enough. Giving him a benefit of doubt, my mate did brief him from head-to-toe on the case, hoping him can take it over from there and fight on our behalf to somehow do some justice onto this case which had a really ridiculous outcome.

HOPE. That's really a big ask from Motivator. I'm speechless. Been through few discussions with other people from other divisions, people from different levels, but today when he gotten the reply from those people, he in turn forwarded the email to my mate and I asking us:

What are your thoughts on this?

Seriously, ladies and gentlemen:

Again...I am utterly speechless. I'm really...........

Tomorrow is another day. I'm off to bed now. Hope for a peaceful day tomorrow. Day of reckoning is near.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Day......

My mom finally comes back from my aunt's memorial today. Together with her there are lotsa stuff she "obtained" from her hometown. Yeah, "obtained". You know the drill, oh my wise ones..

By the way, may you rest in peace, Aunt. *chanting..........*

Anyways, my last post said that I took a day off to finish up some mid-year report. Well, I didn't took the WHOLE day to finish the report off. I'ma human. I need food. I need pork especially. I will go berserk if there's no pork, or meat in a day. It's my source of "inspiration", it's my source of energy to pour my heart, body and soul to the company on my day-to-day job functions. I took off to join a cutie's farewell lunch, which was pre-arranged about 1 week ago. Can't miss this one, or I'll be having a torrid time in the office for god-knows how long. It's my day off, so I can have all the time in the world to do my own stuff, let alone my lunch.

Yeap. Off I go to downtown, into one of the famous shopping centre, into one of the famous western restaurant around, sat my ass down. Right. Just in time for the "kick-off". As usual during a farewell function, nothing much, just blabbering about the good ol' days, the funny stuff, the sad stuff, you know the drill.

While waiting for the food to arrive, it takes abit of the time because there were 12 of us attending the farewell lunch. Had a look at my mobile, not surprisingly, this one pops up:

"Hi, we have not completed the scoring for yourself... hmmm..How?"

Had another look at the time this thing is in: 9:30 in the morning. I was awake. Yeap. He did call me earlier. Yeap. But I chose not to answer Motivator's call. 'twas my fucking day off, and he approved it, so what now?? Am I supposed to go back and do it? NO FUCKING WAY!!
Couple of missed calls from the office follow suit during luncheon. Damnit! Leaving no choice, I picked up the call and settle it.

Explained to him the whole situation, the "alternatives" in the scoring part. Then, he asked another work related matter which I handled, dealt and over with a month ago. Since I'm on the phone, I explained to him what to do, what kinda data that needs to be submitted to the management and get this issue off our back once and for all. A good 10 minutes of my sweet lunch passed. Ahh well, at least I can have a peace of mind and enjoy my sweet lunch with the gang.

That's on last week, if my memory serves me right. Age has been catching up on me real fast recently I realised.

Today, another normal day. Motivator was in the room for almost first half of the day. Ain't sure what is he doing in there. My deserved lunch time was at 11 morning. Being a good employee-of-the-month-contender as I am, I duly went out and scavenge whatever food that is around our office perimeter. Return to my cubicle about 45 minutes later, I saw my internal messaging tool blinking with "new message" appearing. Saw his name, and the time-stamp on the message was at 11:25 in the morning, which is my lunch time. The message reads:

"I'm in a conference call with the call quality team right now and I need you to join the call."

Errr, 11:25 in the morning?! During my deserved lunch break??

When I saw this message, 'twas almost 11:50 in the morning. I duly replied him with:

"I'm sorry I can't join the call, my lunch break is from 11am-12noon and I'm still on lunch break now."

And he replied me with:

"It's OK. I got this."

Seriously, again.....

Next week, my big boss will touch down in our office. I do not what will happen. Because outta 4 people that has a hand in getting me return to this current company, 3 of 'em have left for better work place, and all these worked in same division that I am currently in right now. Suddenly I feel know that kinda feeling when someone wanted you into something, but once you got in, everyone seems to be leaving gradually. Feel left out? Nah, not close. It's just that kinda words-can't-describe kinda stuff. Ahh well, I chose this path. I'll face it.

Til then, be back for more.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week 6....Day 6....

Yeap. It's been 6 weeks since Motivator has features in my blog. He went on leave on last Friday as well as Monday for personal reason, only for me to find that wasn't the case..

Wednesday was the last for us to submit our half-yearly self-assessment report to our leader. Hence, I took a whole day leave just to sit home, type this post, and do my report.

Back from his sweet holiday, first thing Motivator does was announcing the quality score of the calls that were being rated within our department. Right. Shuda done better myself. I know. But I was not at his place to hear his announcement, since 'twas early morning, therefore even the slightest pin drops, the whole floor will hear it, let alone his announcement.

Next thing was, asking each team members for an one-on-one session to discuss on the quality scoring and ways to improve it.

Is this all he cares about?

Been through quite a sad week thus far. My mom's eldest sister just went to another side of the world. I managed to see her 1 week before she departs. By the time I saw her back then, in the hospital, I had this feeling of she might not last even a week. Exactly 1 week later, when I woke up from slumber, my mom told me that her eldest sister, which happened to be my aunt(?) has departed, on a Friday morning of 25June2010. I drove my mom on a 2hours journey to see her. She was already in hospital and motionless. All my aunt could do was just moaning for pain whenever someone tried to hold her finger. According to doc, he said that he has never seen such a patient that has both her kidneys that dried up. They wanted to put my aunt into some scanning stuff but they just can't due to the fact that there's not a single bit of moist inside my aunt's already-skinny-body. Hence, the doc advise that the best thing to do now would be kept on dripping glucose into her dried body, hoping that'll help revitalise my aunt's body system and then they can perform the check in depth. As I predicted, and I thought to myself: she won't last a week, and she didn't.

My Ma has gone for her eldest sister's memorial for a week now. All the sisters and brothers and relatives are all back to pay their last visit.

On a sidenote, I'm suppose to be on a vacation right now. At a company trip. Ain't too sure what happen, a fucking viral infection hit my throat, just 2 days before the trip, which is on Wednesday. Goddamnit. Owh well, like I told everyone when I meet up with them in the office yesterday (ya, I took a day off 'cos of sickness, i can barely swallow my own saliva as it caused me such pain), if I ain't enjoying myself to the full in this trip, I'd rather pass the chance onto someone else. My only motive to go for this trip was just taking advantage of the free-flow of the beverage, which operates 24/7, under our company's expenses.

Ahh well, hope the gang are enjoying themselves there. Wait.....of course they will. Why the hell am I thinking?! TIll next post then.

PS: This post was supposed to be up on Wednesday, the very same day that I took annual leave to do my self-assessment but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I wasn't able to. My apologies.