Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sky-Trex, Shah Alam - 05 Dec 2009 - Unforgettable Experience

As promised. I'm back, after 20 days deserted this blog. (Well, kinda).

So, it’s chrismas time already, and that was 2 days ago, was it not?? *damn, still abit sober now* as promised I’ll “track-back” and post up some photos on my previous adventure with my own department. Goddamn! I know it’s way back in early December but hey, I’ve got work to do, and facebook applications to attend to. In addition to that, this ain’t a money-earning blog. So I will update it “as and when I see fit”.

Anyways, here goes. I'll give explanation with pictures on the step-by-step of my Sky-Trex adventure back on 05Dec2009, eh? Here goes.

First, easy. Just climb it up.

Sorry boss, gotta use your pictures for this one. It's too hard to resist. After climb up these 'stairs' made of PVC pipes, you've gotta cross this simple 'bridge', made by ermmm, woods.

Once you hit the 'station' where you stop & rest, another 'obstacle' awaits.

Swing like a tarzan to the net, grab onto the net on 2nd bounce, and pull yourself up to another station there.

Get the idea?? Good! Go around it, brace yourself for a flying-fox experience. Not sure what I'm on about?? Picture speaks more than words. Off you go!!

Fun eh??

Onto the next course of adventure after this rather easy steps. A 4-storey high of PVC pipes awaiting us to climb all the way up, up, up.

Yeap. 4-storey high of PVC pipes awaiting you. But of course, for those weak-hearted, those 'chicken' who wouldn't dare take this challenge, there's always a 'chicken exit' or the easy-way-out for you all. Now then, after the pipes, it's gonna be waltzing across the net. Easy rite?? Time take a breather while you can.

Right after that, please see pictures below, which is pretty much self-explanatory.

Yeap, as the name goes: "flying-fox"....flying here and there, with all the equipments attached to us, hard & tight, for security & safety measures.

This picture below is the very step, taken when we're constantly on 4-storey-height. Swinging around like bunch of monkeys. To be honest, even with all the equipments strapped around us, I still feel shiver down my spine when I'm about to do each of these 'stunt'.

Once the above flying stunt is over, comes the part I stuck for quite some time. See this picture below?? You think it's easy?? Feck off!! You try it, then you'll tell me it's freaking tough.

Those PVC pipes looked to be near to each other rite? But because of the fact that it kept on swinging, it makes things even tougher. You gotta catch the momentum of those pipes going, while stepping on it one foot at a time. DO NOT LET THE PIPES STOP SWINGING! That's my best advise to you. If it ever stops, you're gonna face a difficult task to move over to the very next pipe. I had to seek assistance from the locals there to gain back the momentum of those pipes. Basically, it's 2 hands on one pipe, and one foot on one pipe, at any one time. Stretch your leg out to grab that next pipe. If you know what I mean. As usual, talk is cheap. Wait till you go and try yourself. This is the part that really scare the shit outta me throughout the whole 2 hours+ of the adventure.

That's it. The rest of the course are pretty much similar, it's just of different heights. Owh, the entry for this thing??

For more information about this adventurous place, please go ahead to their official website at

That's all from the humble on this rather outdated departmental outing in my blog. Just thought of sharing it with you lots. It's rather good outdoor workout in my humble opinion.

Till then, I'll be back very, and I mean VERY soon!

Monday, December 7, 2009

What Happened?

Yea, it’s been almost 2 months now since I last update my blog. Think I’d forget this holy place of my rants, my complaints?? Fat chance. It’s just that I’m pretty tied up with lotsa stuff for the past 2 months, coupled with “few” outings organized by my department as well as by sports club which I enrolled myself into, and worth every single penny of it!!

Now then, onwards to my story during my “absence” in here, eh??

Let’s see, where shall I start…hmmm (scrambling through all my yet-to-upload photo album).

In a normal day life of call centre, we have the freedom ( well, not totally, but to a certain extent) to use our choice of words in communicating to our client, just as long as the other party doesn’t get offended, and they understand our intention, that’ll be fine. However, there’s this one counterpart of mine whose sits just right behind me used to say the word “grab” when it comes to getting the clients’ contact details for a follow-up later on. I think the manager that is sitting right next us (3 steps away from me and my mate, mind you) has heard lotsa times about this ‘grab’ words throughout a month or so, she finally can’t take it one fine day, she decided to drop this piece of post-it-note to my mate.

"Dont use grab ur name, sounds very unprofessional."

Lesson learnt guys, don’t use that word, ever again.

And then, there was this 2 days. 2 goddamn ‘memorable’ days since I joined this company. 2 days full of escalation calls. 2 full days of “can I speak to your manager”, “can I speak to your supervisor”. Seriously, why would they wanna speak with manager/supervisors when the answer that the clients will get is gonna be the exact same, except for it’s coming outta someone else’s mouth??

I’ve always have this impression that the first person to pick-up the call, will not be the one that has the empowerment to make decision. Don’t you agree?? Owh well, they want it, they got it. The next thing you know, “Boss! Escalation!”, “Boss! Your call!”, “Boss! He/she wants you!” and the likes of it. My boss was the busiest of us all on that 2 days. If whenever my boss is still engaged on the other line, best we, as an agent could do is to “grab” down the contact numbers and advised ‘em that my boss gonna return their shortly. Hmm, where did I hear this stuff before? Sounds familiar.

Oh yea, it was my birthday back in November, being a nice bunch of chaps that they are in my department, they bought me one nice banana-chocolate cake for the occasion. Not much celebration to be done seeing that ‘twas a weekday and I was on a call. It was a quiet one, but really appreciate what they’ve done on that. I’m touched, seriously.

THE cake

3 days later, the lads decided to throw a party at nearby german pub within walking distance from our office after work. All I could say is that, “brilliant, bloody brilliant!”

First off, got myself a pint of Tetley, sweet taste. Then, got myself another one, this time around, a good big cuppa Hoegaarden. All in all, it was a crazy night, with the whole department gathered and have some fun, off work.

"1 pinr of Tetley"

Left - Hoegaarden; Right - German stout

1 week later, got an invitation to celebrate a working mate’s birthday as well as her promotion to another department. This time around, it’s in Hard Rock Café. Yeah, the world renown brand. I’ve forgotten what I had that night, but I got a picture to show it though. Yeah, I know I know, it’s just a burger. But, I dare y’all to try this ladies and gentlemen, I can’t finish it at all!!!

My Dinner

What is Hard Rock without some “drinks” eh?? Here’s the beginning of it all, 4 ‘towers’ of beers waiting behind me. Well, it’s sorta 'parked' where I sat on that night.

Slowly, it became 5 towers.

At the end of the night, almost 12 of us finished off 8 towers of beers, and another bottle of Jack Daniel to top it all off. Hohoho, talk about party eh??

Another week has passed. Got another invitation to have a dinner with one of my favorite directors ever, who has left the current company to pursue other career opportunities. She’s the core to everything that is happening now in where I’m working now. For the 2nd time throughout this blog, I’ma mention a person name. Thank very much for everything, Shareen. I’ll never forget ya, for everything that you’ve done. ‘twas truly memorable on that dinner. Catching up old times, gossiping, talking bad about other people etc etc. Well, you know what it’s like when a bunch of old friends/mates meet up for dinner. Wanna know what we had on that night?? There were 10 of us, sharing this big “bowl” of stuff. Believe me, again, we can’t finish it. (Talk about wasteful eh??)

They call it "poon-choy" in cantonese

3 days later, our sports club committee organized a function at one of the clubs nearby. It was another blast as well. As always, all “beverages” are free of charge for those sports club committee members. Don’t believe me? Here are some photos. The stand-up comedians performing on that night were: Andrew (Host), Chris from UK, Akmal from the land down under, Australia, and last but not least, our very own Harith Iskandar himself, performing live!!!!

Chris from UK

Akmal from Australia

The man: Harith Iskandar in action

So much so for the event happened to me in the month of November. Quite “eventful” eh??

I just got back from a great ‘adventure’ on last Saturday, ending up with whole body aching. This is the outcome of no constant exercise. This event is organized by our little department. Before everything starts, one has gotta get yourself a pair of new gloves. Don't ever take those used gloves scattered in the buckets. It won't do you any good. Besides the new gloves will only cost you 3 bucks. What would you wanna save this kinda $$$??? Clueless on what I’m babbling about?? Check this site out over here => ladies and gentlemen, and you’ll have a clearer idea what I’m referring to.

THE glove

Trust me, it looks easy, but in the middle of the course, you’ll feel bloody exhausted and you can’t wait to get the fuck outta it ASAP. Well, that’s for me though. The whole quest took us about 2 hours to complete it. Don’t worry, some of you lots might be thinking “Is there any easy way out?”

Absolutely YESH!!!!! That’s the common people known it as “chicken exit”. Yea. It pretty much self-explanatory eh?? Well, ain’t gonna talk much on this ‘adventure’ that I’ve been through. Gonna leave it in my next post, complete with pictures.

Owh well, I'll leave it at that. Will be back for more. Hehehe..