Sunday, June 28, 2009

Absurdity of Customer - Part 5

I was working midnite, 3 nites on the trot couple of days back. Ain’t sure if it was ‘cos of my age, or is it my body system. It seems like I am no longer the one that can stayed up whole nite without taking a few minutes’ nap. On all 3 nites, I started sleeping at 3am, if not at 2am. And it was all the way till I’m ready to pack my stuff and go home-sweet-home. But something happened on one of these 3 nites that really pissed me off. Wanna know what happened?? Read on, mateys!

Everyone in my department who are working nite shift will get her call on a monthly basis, and she will call in after 12 midnite local time. Don’t ask me why she does that, but she will only call in after that time. It puzzles me as well.

We know about this crazy woman, named Mrs Dennis for quite some time already. Her husband and her reside in Dubai, which is 4 hours time difference after us here. So, even if she calls in about 5 in the morning local time, it’ll still be around 1am in Dubai.

Like I mentioned earlier, the incident happened on the second nite. I was sleeping (as usual..:-p). Outta nowhere, my phone extension rang. ‘twas that bitch, Mrs Dennis. DAMN!!! WHY ME?!?!? GODAMNIT! First thing she said was: “This is Mrs Dennis. Please call me back. My number is………….” Yea. She was calling all the way from Dubai. The phone bill must’ve cost a bomb if she were to continue talking over the phone with me. It’s a norm for her to do this, first thing after the line got through to us.

Great. Had a look at the clock on my desktop. ‘twas fucking 4:40 in the morning!! Fucking 4:40am!!!!!! WTF does this bitch wants??? Even that, ‘twas around 2am in Dubai already. Doesn’t this bitch sleep? Why can’t she call in couple of hours earlier?? Is she really that goddamn busy during daytime?? As far as I know, she doesn’t work at all. She’s a full-time housewife. But from what I heard. She goes clubbing once a while. Well, ain’t sure how true is that, I don’t give a damn. But for anyone to call in 4:40 in the freaking morning is really, erm...erm...I’m lost for words. Forget it.

Right. After couple of minutes, getting myself sober up a wee-bit. I duly returned her call, which happens to be her contact number in Dubai, ain’t too sure if it is a mobile or a house phone. Here’s the conversation between me and that bitch, for as far as I could remember.

M: me
D: that bitch

*call opening shit*

D: I wanna check my account balance. Can you tell me when is my cut-off date for this month?
M: It falls on the 26th of this month, m’am.

D: Hmm, seems like the previous agent gave me wrong information. He/she told me it was on the 25th last month.
M: *being defensive and protective over colleagues* Nope. They are correct. Our statement cut-off date varies on a monthly basis. Last month, your account’s cut-off date fell on 25th, but for this very month, it falls on 26th. So, they did give you the correct information, m’am.
D: Why is that? Why can’t they just synchronize everything like other financial institutions? Why?
M: M’am, it’s all auto-tabulated by the system, which is outta my control. But I appreciate your feedback on this matter and I’m sure that our management will do something about it very soon. Rest assured on that.
D: OK. Can you please tell what is the figure that I’m suppose to pay for this current month statement? Is the figure at ...........??
M: You are absolutely correct on that m’am.
D: Can you please tell me how much is my daughter, another supplementary cardholder’s spending for the next statement?
M: *still blur at this point of time, could barely open my both eyes* The total spending as of today is at ............
M: Yes. The amount is at ......*whilst re-calculate again*

D: Are you sure?
M: *Re-calculation done. Wrong information given. I’m fucked* My apologies. The correct figure should be ....... My apologies again.
D: Just now you told me different amount, why is that? *Repeated thrice on this*
M: My apologies on that m’am. My mistake on that. The correct figure is .......
D: That’s why. I told my daughter that she should not spend anything more than two thousand bucks during her trip in Singapore.
M: ..........
D: Ok. Now, please tell me what is the total amount for my unbilled transaction, which is going to be appear in my next month statement?
M: It is at ............
D: Ok. Let’s see what I missed out. I think that’s basically about it, for now. I’ll call back next week on the internet access password. Right.

*call closing shit*

The whole conversation took about 10 minutes. Noticed where I kept all my answers short and simple and direct to what she wanted? This is to prevent her from further nagging and complaining and thus prolong the whole goddamn conversation till god knows when. I still wanna sleep!

Now. I wanna ask you all this: If you have the statement physically in your hand, with all the exact figures and cut-off date details right in front of your bright eyes, will you still bother to call up to the call centre and check on it at 1, or perhaps 2 in the fucking morning?

People makes mistakes. If a customer service agent already apologizes to you on the wrong information given, and later on gave you the accurate information, will you still keep biting his/her tail on the mistake that she/he made? In addition to the call that was made at 4:40 in the freaking morning??

I know I know. You might be bombarding me that it’s my job to stay awake and to anticipate all calls that will come in by any chance. You are right, only to a certain extent. For this bitch’s case, she calls in every once a month, to check/ask/enquire on the same issue time and again. Don’t you think it’s abit ermm, what’s the word, too much? Ridiculous? Absurd? And the time that she calls will be at least after 2am local time. WTF is that?!

Seriously. It pisses me off.

Owh well. It’s my job to endure this kinda “customer”. I hope that once she obtains her access to view the statement online a week later, she won’t be calling us at nite anymore. Peace of mind. Period.

There. Just a tad bit of rant for the week. Be back for more on the updates of the insurance “dispute” that I have with my friend.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Let’s leave the insurance dispute behind. I’ll deal with the bugger on coming Tuesday as I’ll only be off duty on that day.

Anyways, something really good happen to me recently. Here’s the story.

One fine day, I was assisting this customer, who is currently staying in Denmark and he was having some tough time in getting his old card account closed off, and transfer all the remaining balance into his new card account. He said that he faxed the required documents to an officer couple of weeks back during our conversation took place but still nothing has been done since. Hence I was the one taking up all the shit that the previous fella omitted. After everything has been settled, he took down my email address for easier communication as it’s quite troublesome for him to contact us due to time difference. After the whole conversation ended, me and the customer started communicates via email. Here’s the exact content of my first email to him, named Mr P.

Dear Mr P,
I've just closed your previous card account permanently. Please go ahead and destroy the card should you haven't done so.

I've also raised a request to transfer the amount from your new card account into the old card account, which is the exact amount to settle off all the oustanding in your old card account. The late payment charge has been raised for waiver, awaiting approval from the officer-in-charge.

I've just spoken to the officer-in-charge of your auto-deduction for:
(a) Mobile phone monthly bill
(b) Internet Service Provider monthly bill
(c) Land-line monthly bill
(d) Cable TV monthly bill

She will get back to me tomorrow if the aforementioned transfer of auto-deductions have been transferred into your new card account are successfully done.

I will be monitoring your account from time-to-time on the aforementioned adjustments/requests and keep you posted on the updates.

Please note.

Thanks and Have A Nice Day!

There ‘ya go. My first email to him, explaining to him what I’ve done, what I’m going to do. 2 days later, gotten a reply from Mr P, and it reads:

Thank you very much for your mail, which has cheered me up greatly and I look forward to your confirmation that the auto-deductions have been carried out.

For the record, I spoke with an officer about this some 7-8 weeks ago, faxed him the required deductions and subsequently informed him by phone that my new card had arrived and that the old one would be destroyed immediately. I was never informed that the old balance would not automatically be transferred. Obviously nothing at all had been done about it.

I also mailed the previous officer about this on the 15th of June and asked him to forward the mail to the officer in charge, which was also not done, since I have heard nothing.

Based on the above I was ready to close my account with you upon my return in September after some 35 years as your card holder, however, your mail today made me reverse my decision.

Kind regards
Mr P.

There. His exact reply to my first email. Outta nowhere, my boss, (well, our boss has the access to all incoming/outgoing mail so as to prevent abuse of the email system.) He saw this reply from Mr P and he secretly put this email up at the notice board as a complimentary email from a customer.

Wait! A complimentary? Which part of it consider compliment from the customer? How come I didn’t realize it? After reading it again for the second & third time, only then I found out that there’re indeed some notions of compliment in that email sent in by Mr P to me.

There! My very first compliment from customer in black & white. Previously ‘twas all talk but no black & white. I DID IT! PA, MA, I DID IT!!!! I MADE YOU PROUD!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates! Soon, and I mean REAL SOON!

Monday, June 22, 2009

They Are Coming To Town!!!!

Even though with all the “commotion” on the insurance issue going on right now, there’s still a brief moment of excitement that occurs to me just on Saturday. You know what? My favourite football team is coming to town! And I’m going over to the local stadium to watch ‘em play, LIVE! Here in our home soil!

The ticket started on sales since the first day of June. I’ve placed the order via one of the forums that I visit on a daily basis. They are kind enough to do bulk order, and the person-in-charge of that particular ticket-selling-thread happen to be my friend that I know through the forum. We even got out and watch football matches whenever the time & date suits all of us. Hence, we are friends ever since.

It has been awhile since he got the ticket from the organizer but I don’t have the time to collect it from him. Meh, work work work. And finally, I got the opportunity to collect it on the bright, shiny Saturday afternoon, while waiting for Mr V to contact me. Here’re some snapshots on the ticket.

The ticket comes along with a complementary training session admission pass, whereby we get to watch those players train, right before our eyes, one day before the match. But the due the fact I’ve gotta work on the day of them training, ‘twas a difficult decision to make for me. I decided to give up the training pass. My friend informed that he can sell it off on my behalf for 30 bucks. Once sold, he’ll credit back that amount into my account. Sa-weeeeet!!!! Here’s an screenie of the training pass.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Insurance Issue - Update - Part 2

And so, yesterday was D-day for my friend, Mr V to meet up with me and solve the problem once and for all. There I was, sitting duck in my room, waiting for his call to come. I waited, waited, waited, lunch time. Got a message from a friend living nearby to ask me out for lunch. Fair enough, since no response from Mr.V yet, might as well go out for lunch nearby my house.

Lunch over. I return to my home-sweet-home, continue playing some facebook applications, (yea, some of the applications in it are goddamn addictive!)… without me noticing, dinner time came knocking, yet still now news from the bugger! WTF??!?!?! I thought he’s suppose to meet-up with me to solve the problem? It’s dinner time now, goddamnit!!! Has he forgotten it again?!?! Am I gonna wait for another month again??!!! But sometimes, miracles do happen.

Just when I give up hope for tonite(Saturday) that he won’t be seeing me today on the insurance issue, he sent me a message onto my mobile around 8pm . It reads:

“Working tonite? How to pass you the form?”

I was off on Saturday, hence I replied to him that I ain't working on Saturday. Few minutes later, he replied me with this:

“Come out for a drink and I’ll pass the form to you. How?”

Wooh wooh wooh wooh…hold your horses, matey…..Pass the form to me?? What does he mean by that? From my knowledge, my other insurance policy was having the same problem previously, which is a renewal credit card with brand new expiration date on the card, other than that, everything else remains the same. And what I did was only provided the new card number as well as the new expiration date, in addition to the 3-digit-CVV number at the back of the credit card to my other agent, and that’s that. Nothing else needed, of course my signature on the new credit card auto-deduction form is required for it to be effective. The only paperwork that was involved in this incident was the auto-deduction form brought over by my insurance agent. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hence, I replied him on that matter this:

“Pass? I’ll give you the card number & the expiry date, and then sign on the form only is sufficient already, ain’t that rite?”

The time was 8:25pm when I replied him that. Shortly after that, I went out for a “light meal” with my other friends nearby my house, which took me around 2 hours to reach home later on. When I’m almost home, Me V rang me up to discuss further about it. He said to me:

“Tomorrow (Sunday) you free? We discuss about it during lunch time, perhaps?”

And I said: “Done deal. I’ll buzz you when I’m up”

Now, tell me this: Why does it take him almost, if not more than 2 hours to reply/contact me about this? What the fuck has he been doing the whole fucking Saturday?! Is he really THAT busy? Or is he awaiting the answer from his also-insurance-agent-dad? Or perhaps even his dad is awaiting the answers for my queries from his superior/HQ/whoever the fuck he refers it to? C’mon, never in my life I’ve met such an insurance agent with such product knowledge. He passed the qualifying test to be an insurance agent alright. But heck, with such ‘commitment’ that he showed me recently, I’m less than convinced that he can maintain/service all his ‘inherited’ customers from his dad. But of course, who am I compare to his ‘inherited’ customers? Those that he has under his belt are ‘big-time’ customers, while I’m just a small fish in a big ocean of his account. He wouldn’t care about my account. He’s just doing it for the sake of doing it, me thinks.

Ok. He literally stood me up for the meeting of Saturday. But at least he waited till almost the end of the day to tell me all those aforementioned stuff. So, Sunday it is.

At point of this post. I’ve liaised with Mr V on this matter while going lunch couple of hours ago. At the end of it, he told me that if I were to give him the new credit card details, the deduction will automatically deduct whatever amount that is outstanding inside of my insurance policy. Then I asked him for the credit card deduction form. He said that he left it at home & he’ll pass it to me later.

Huh?! What the fuck does this mean? I told him that we’re coming out today to solve all problems today. And yet he left that single most important for today’s meeting at home?!?!?!? C’mon, how professional can that be?? Apart from that, the intriguing part is that my friend Mr E & this Mr V are both from the exact same insurance organization. Why on earth is that my friend, Mr E, who is also my other insurance agent, can show me the deduction form that stated about the “premium holiday” clause (in case you haven’t read the story yet, please click HERE to read the Preclude) whereas he can’t even show me the fucking form?!?!?!

As a result, I told him to fax me or pass me the form whenever is “convenient” to him so that I can go through it before I sign on anything. He also mentioned to me that in case that I don’t want to pay the overdue amount for the past 3 months, starting since March2009, I’ll have pay him cash for at least 1 month’s premium. Then I asked him this simple question: "How long can I go overdue, before the whole insurance policy becomes voided/null??" He said to me:”After 6 months”. Fair enough.

There’s no fucking way in hell that I’m gonna pay the already-overdue-premium since March2009 to him in cash, even though if it’s for 1 single month. Why the fuck would I do that!?!?!? I just simply don’t wanna pay that amount at all!!!! Doesn’t he understand a single word that is coming outta my mouth?!?!? I’M NOT PAYING THE GODDAMN OVERDUE AMOUNT!!!!!!

Remember the case last time around about a friend of mine whose her car got hit with a minor accident, and all the insurance claims problems came up, and this same old fucker said to her the same thing, which is to pay him by cash or stuff like that??? In case you forgot the incident already, click HERE to “refresh” your memory.

I’m fucking pissed off right now. This guy clearly knows jack shit about insurance. But I can’t cancel off my policy with him ‘cos it’s not worth it. I can only get back less than two thousand bucks in case I do so, since I purchased the policy with him 3 years ago.

I’ll wait next week. Wait till he fax/email/hand deliver to me the credit card deduction form in order for me to go through it. At this very moment, I’m still pissed, I can’t do much shit except for wait.

Will keep you lots posted on the updates on this incident.
Stay tuned.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Insurance Issue - Update

Ok. Here’s an update on the insurance ‘dispute’ between me and Mr.V.

I haven’t hear about him on Monday itself. So, I waited….and waited….and waited. It’s Wednesday already. I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I give him a call during noon time on a bright Wednesday noon, asking him the reason behind for no-show to me to solve my long-outstanding insurance case. Here’s the conversation between me and him:

M: me
V: who else?

M: Free to talk now?
V: Yea. I was trying to call you whole Monday, but I couldn’t reach you. There’s no reply from your end as well.
M: Eh? Strange. I didn’t receive any missed call message nor any messages sent by you to me on Monday at all.
V: Ooh, but I did attempted to reach you on Monday ler.
M: Alright alright. It’s ok. It could be my telco failed on me. So what’s next?
V: When you free to meet up then?
M: Hmm…Make it this Saturday then. I’m not on duty on that day.
V: Ok. But about your credit card right, can you…..
M: Nah, I don’t have the time to discuss about it now. I’m rushing into the office now. Can we continue when me meet up this Saturday?
V: Sure sure. See you then.

Now. Lemme tell you lots this. On Monday, which happened to be my off day. I got up around 11am, ‘cos I’m obliged to accompany my mom to one of the local financial institution to settle some financial stuff. The whole trip with my mom was about 2-3 hours. When I reached home around 3pm. There were no missed calls nor any messages appeared on my mobile. And there I was, sitting and relaxing in my own bedroom, playing facebook and doing some stuff online. Till late night, there weren’t any notifications from him at all! Now, how in the world can he claimed that he tried to call me or even send me message on meeting him up on Monday? Is he lying? Is he trying to cover-up something? Or perhaps my telco failed on me. I don’t know. I don’t wanna know. I’m not interested to know. But one thing for sure is that, he didn’t show-up, while I was waiting at home like a retard.

And so, tomorrow is D-day for my insurance ‘show-down’ with him. I do hope that he will show-up and settle all my insurance issues once and for all.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Full Timers & Part Timers Insurance Agent

I’m sure all of you out there owned at least an insurance policy to safeguard yourself from any mishaps, or perhaps to secure the future, right? Well, here I am, to teach you a thing or two on the insurance issue. Read on.

So, I owned 2 insurance policies personally. Yes. 2 of them. But both of ‘em are of similar, or almost similar. The very first policy was bought from my friend who worked with me previously in MNC, and now has switched his field to insurance as a full-time agent. The second policy was bought from my close friend, which I know him since schooling days. Yes. Mr.V is the name of the agent that brought upon me the second policy. For more "interesting" stories about Mr.V, you may go HERE or HERE to read more about it.

So, there’s this one fine, bright shiny day. If I’m not mistaken, it was the exact same day (14th May) that I drove my friends out to test my new car, and to have dinner with them. On that very same day, I asked Mr V to check the status of my policy. And he duly said “OK NO PROBLEM”. This was in middle of May this year.

One month passes by without me noticing it. And he yet to get back to me on the status of my policy. As a result, I sent a message to him on 28th May and asked him about this matter. Shockingly, his reply to me was : “No time, Wait.”

After further checking, ransacking my bedroom for all the documents that are related to the ‘overdue’ incident. I found out that it was due to a change in my credit card’s expiration date. My credit card that was registered under auto-pay for the insurance was due for renewal. Hence the change in card number, and the failure in deduction of the insurance.

But still, WADAFARK!!! I talked to him about this ONE FULL MONTH AGO!!! And now he’s telling me NO FUCKING TIME!?!?!?!! What kinda insurance agent would take ONE FULL MONTH to check the status of my insurance policy?!?! What kinda stuff is he so busy on about?!?!!?

On the 2nd June, he replied me with this: “policy overdue since March 2009.”

See?! If all these were settled in May, things would be much easier. But no. Mr V chose to ignore my request, or perhaps he simply forgotten the whole matter of it.

Hence, I consulted my agent that bought me my very first insurance policy on the solution of this matter. Here’s the conversation.

M: Me
A: Insurance Agent

M: My friend informed me that my insurance policy is overdue since March. How now?
A: OK. You’ve got 2 options now:

(i) Pay up whatever that is due.
(ii) Omit the past due amount. But when you’re doing some medical/insurance claims, the amount that you get will not be in full. The figure that you omitted will be deducted from it. This is what we, the insurance industry called it “premium holiday”.

M: Huh?!
A: What? You don’t understand?
M: No no no no. I do understand every single word of it. But seriously dude, I can do the second option??
A: Of course! There’s an option here in the Credit Card Monthly Deduction Form that stated you can do that, dude!

He showed me the form, pointed at that very line that stated the second option he told me about.

M: Damn! Ok, then. I’ll do that. But what about overdue interest? Will they charge me that or will there be any administration charge for overdue?
A: Oi, since when you heard insurance overdue charge you interest?
M: No ar?!?! Niceeeeeeeeeeeee.
M: By the way, just curious. Do you think it’s advisable for me to cancel this insurance policy, now that I’ve 2 almost similar policies on hand?

The agent looked through both policies in depth, few minutes later. He said……

A: No.
M: ????
A: Keep it. It WILL be useful when you’re purchasing a property in the future. You may use that to pay for the Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA).
M: Oooh.......Ok. Fair enough. I’ll keep it then.

See? This is another difference of being a full time insurance agent and a part time insurance agent. Yes, Mr V is a part time insurance agent. He inherited all the insurance customers from his old man. All he needs to do is just ‘service’ them on a timely basis.

It’s been 3 years on now since the day I purchased the insurance policy from Mr V. For all insurance policies, those agents will only be reaping the ‘rewards’ after 5 years down the road. So if in any circumstances, the policy were to be terminated within that 5 years duration, the agent will not be getting a single cent outta it.

So, I told Mr V that I wanna do the second option and I don't wanna pay whatever that I owe between March 2009 till now. He said that he'll check and come back to me on this one.

Another check and revert case. How professional can he be?

Till todate, he never came back to me on the second option that i asked him last time around.

Ok. I’ma meet up with Mr V. on Monday evening. He says that he’s gonna settle my problem once and for all by me signing some credit card deduction forms due to the change of the cardnumbers which ultimately caused the failure in auto-deduction. Let’s see how it all pans out. Though I'm not very positive on the outcome.

Will keep you lots posted on this.


Wanted to get this one outta my chest for a long time already. Finally, today I’ve got the luxury of time to express it here.

Now, before all the commotion set to fly in here. I wanna ask you lots outther who are reading this blog a question:

What will happen to one employee, if he/she were to keep on coming in late for work for at least 45 minutes on a daily basis, and on top of that, he/she will sometimes never report to work off and on? If you, as a manager/superior of this employee. What will be your action on this case?

DISMISSED! That’s the first thing that springs into any sane human’s mind for sure. Imagine if the abovementioned scenario were to occur not once, not twice, but at least 5 times in one single month?

Seriously, I don’t know what is going on in our Human Resource Department’s (HRD) mind. An employee has been coming in late for duty for few weeks, and once in awhile, he will go AWOL for few days. Outta nowhere, few days after all these, he’ll “re-appear” in the office and work like usual, as if nothing has happened.

1 month has gone. Yet, our “beloved” department hasn’t taken any action at all, let alone some show-cause letter. That guy still come as he likes, go as he likes. As if the company is owned by his parents. Here we are, busting our ass off on a daily entertaining all the inquiries from the customer like mad dog. There he is, come to work as and when he feels like it. Is this fair?!?! Well, I know, I know..there’s no such thing as fairness in this world, but heck! Can they at least do something about this kinda behavior/attitude or whatever you wanna call it?!?!

All the above were happened since early April this year. The same thing carried on till early this month. That’s when I brought this up to my immediate supervisor-cum smoking partner, she said that previously, HRD didn’t’ do anything on this case due to some “unknown circumstances”. Finally, early this month, they decided to “take action” against this SOB. I got to know that the final solution of this matter is to dismiss this guy, and in turn, due to the fact that the minimum working days for an employee in our organization per month is at least 14 days, the SOB needs to pay back the organization whatever is due to him because he worked less than 14 days since April this year.

Hah! Serves this marthaphuacker right!

A dead-wood is gone, for good. Our company is back to it’s own runway again!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some Updates

It's been awhile since I last post in here. Well, to be honest, couldn't be arsed about that. Anyways, I've been hooked on to some games in side of facebook. Yes. I've got a facebook account. [In case you wanna add me, just buzz me in here, and I'll give it to you via email.] It's the main reason why I rarely update my blog recently. *wink*

Gonna start my 3 nites of graveyard shift which starts tonite. Have some pretty "interesting" & "saucy" gossips up. Stay tuned.