Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today it’s about the tale of the pictures that I’ve uploaded. Nothing much to rant about. Perhaps in another entry.

So one fine day, I went out with my mom for holiday season shopping. Yeah. The big holiday coming up in early February. Mom called my on my mobile.

M: Mom
F: Me

M: Son, I wanna buy a water filter ‘cos the last one has died down few weeks back.
F: OK. But we can only do it after I’m done with my work on that day.

Few hours later, went and pick her up and entered into a shopping centre nearby to check it out ‘cos according to those neighbours bitches the water filter that my mom wanted is available there.

Strolled around the shopping centre. Mom spotted an Induction Cooker to her liking, which deviates from her original purpose for the trip: water filter. Yeah. That’s women for you. They’ll never stick to their original purpose of going shopping at any point of time, regardless of age. Haha.

M: Son, I want this. Ask the sales person how much it is.
F: Yo sales guy! I want this. Talk to me on this. Gimme best price as well.

After rounds and rounds of explanation and negotiation, my mom finally made her decision on getting the a cheaper cooker. Then I told her this:

F: Mom. You’re gonna use this for long. If you wanna get one in case of you run outta gas, better get one that is with higher quality and durable and easier to operate. Yo, sales, get me this.

M: Woah, so expensive. You pay?
F: Ahhhh, yea yea yea. Let's go.
M: *evil smirks*

End result: see picture below.

Elba eic-2000 Induction cooker picture Cost me 300 bucks after 10% discount.

Ok. Done with this one. Off we go hunting for the sole purpose of going to this shopping centre: water filter.

Can’t find any ‘cos the model that my house is using all these while is already obsolete and the manufacturer doesn’t come out with any replacement for the model anymore. Then I told my mom:

F: Ma, get rid of the current one. It cost us just 90 bucks back then. it’s been years we’ve been using it and it’s already served it’s purpose. Time for a new one.
M: Hokay. I’ll go to downtown next week and get a new one, and then claim from your dad.
F: ……… *shakehead* facepalm*

There. 300 bucks gone in just about 15mins. That’s 300 on top of what I’ve fork out during our first round of shopping the very week before in time for the holiday celebration coming in February.

Reached home, meddlde with the induction cooker. Turn out to be “user-friendly” than anyone expected. Even my mom start using it every other hour since the day ‘twas “introduced” to our house. Talk about value for money.

Yesterday, I was desperate for a perfume as the last one ran out again. I blogged about this back in May 2009. See link HERE.

Wanted to get my hands on some brand that I’ve never try before and also something the smells abit fresh. So happen that one of my mates wanted to get a smartphone pouch for his newly acquired smartphone. Hence we set on a trip to get both stuff in one place.

Strolled down to a infamous shopping centre downtown after work. Walked around the shopping centre hunting for the stuff that we both wanted. Gotten to some phone accessories store, only to find out that they run outta stock for the pouch that my mate was looking for. He gave up rite after that as the shopping centre doesn’t have much phone accessories store. Hence we went on and scour around for my perfume fragrance outlets. After much testing and tinkling, I’ve finally opted for the below:

Left-right: Deodorant Spray~Shower Gel~Eau de Toilette

The package comes to gether with shower gel & deodorant spray and a bag as freebies and also few other miniature samples from the same brand, but different frangrances. See picture below.

Freebies 1 Left - Right: miniature samples of Bottled Night ~ White Edition ~ Element

Freebies 2: The Bag...the bag...THE BAG!!!!

Damage on yesterday’s shopping? Approximately 350. Yeah, but I do think it’s money well spent again. The last one I had lasted me for almost 2 years now. Wonder how long this one will last for 100ml.

Then off I go with my mate to a digital mall nearby to continue his search for the smartphone pouch. None of them have stock. Giving up, again. My mate opted to go to the official store and ask them on the availability of the stock and will go ahead and purchase it as he’s a tad bit frustrated after all the store personnels told him the same story over and over and over again.

No Stock.

I ain’t too sure the reason behind but I think the reason why the pouch that my mate was looking wasn’t that popular and hence they didn’t bring in any stock at all. Even that, the other pouch brands’ price is exorbitant considering that they’re not even official store. Talk about daylight robbery.

Ahh well, I went home a happy person whilst my mate went home abit frustrated not getting what he wanted. Ahh, better luck next time though.

There. A light post. Not much of a swearing entry.

Be back for more.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Post....Just for You, My Friend. My Great Friend

Been wanting to put this one up since Sunday but I don’t know how to ‘cos it’s rather difficult to start with. However, let’s try this for once but me thinks it’s gonna be with a heavy heart.

Was browsing through my blog last nite, only to find that I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now. What a great feat eh?? Funny how it all started with life surrounded by absurd, retarded customers until today, which is surrounded by the likes of ‘em, and somehow I feel there’s a change in the way I blog in opposed to the origin of this blog. And funnily enough that I didn’t put this very article even after it happen way before the start of this humble blog of mine. Meh. What am I mumbling about. Just ignore those. I just wanna make the entry abit longer as it seems.

Got a friend, to whom I know him since the start of the century. A good mate, whom I shared the laughter,the tears, the crazy stuff happen in the office with. There’s nothing that we won’t share, ‘cept for life partner of cause. He was my mentor, my senior, the person that I look up to back then. simply because he’s so knowledgeable in work as well as in life. So much stuff in common between both of us. Even our birth year and month is the same, we’re just a week apart in terms of birthday. Talk about coincident in life. He was the one who picked me up when I was down in year 2005. Strive hard together to get through that hard times. But a year after that, something happen.

I guess you shuda guessed it by now. My mate was down with some mysterious sickness that nothing can cure of. Went to a doc. Doc said the sickness is really, really, really rare in this world. Only 2-3% of people in this world will get this kinda sickness. I’ve forgotten the name of the disease *or it might have not been told to me ever*. It’s recoverable only by Chemotherapy. Yeah. We all know how expensive it is to go through that Chemotherapy session. Each session will cost the patient a whole lot more financially than one can imagine. Even that, the Chemotherapy session would not even guarantee his recovery. Hearing this, the family decided to try another way traditionally. They went to some ancient sensei for some guidance and hopefully some ways to help in curing this mysterious sickness that my mate has. In short, and cruelly put it, from my point of view, my mate is just waiting for THE day to come and he’ll be with the likes of Zeus, Poseidon, James Dean, MJ to where they are now. Yeah. He’s waiting to die.

Eversince the news broke out about his sickness, he has not been answering our calls, no reply on messages. it makes me feels like he’s avoiding the world ‘cos of the sickness. We even went to his house but everytime got shoo-ed off by his family member in a polite manner as :” he’s not feeling well and he needs to rest now”. In normal circumstances, I would’ve fuck them up straight but shouting what the fuck is wrong with him. But knowing this mate of mine for half a decade, he would’ve at least tell us what’s wrong with him. Seeing this, I think something is terribly wrong with him already.

When my mate was well, he’s well built, almost same size like me, a tad bit of beer belly, average height, with healthy skin. But after the sickness struck him, his weight socially has gone down drastically. His beer belly has disappeared. His chin has gone down from square to sharp, his cheek has deepened inside as if there were insufficient flesh. With that being said, all these changes made his appearance looked like a child without enough food from those 3rd world country. This is the impression that I’ve got when I went and visit him with another close mate after he got the sickness.

Few weeks later, ‘twas only me who went and visit him. He was just lying on bed, unable to raise his hand, talking to me, with his weak voice. Went into his room, he was covered with blanket, sorta complaining about the weather being abit cold, even without the aircon on and ‘twas a sunshining evening. This made me even worrying for him.

I can’t get the exact date of him leaving us but I do know how he said goodbye to us.

‘twas a fine noon. As usual, my mate went for his usual doc session early morning. Everything was in order and okay. When he reached home, his dad was about to carry him outta car. With my mate’s hands on his dad’s shoulder, he suddenly went blank. His legs were energyless. His whole body collapsed on his dad. And that was it. That’s the end of his journey in this world. He has joined the aforementioned great people who have ever graced this world. I’ve just lost a great, great, great friend.

He’s gone. Went for his funeral on nite time. Met lotsa friends, long time friends from same team previously. Those who left, those are stil in the team. Had a great reunion, in a sad, sad way. No tears at all. Strange eh? That’s how it was on that nite.

Come morning, when we’re supposed to send him to incineration. His last journey with us. When I was on my way to the venue of his funeral prior seeing him off the road, I was having flashbacks of the time we spent together throughout that 5-6 years period. Suddenly, tears started to flow down my eyes. I can hardly contain those emotions. The feeling was unspeakable how I felt at that time. All I know was that, I was driving with watery eyes throughout the whole trip to the funeral. 30-45 minutes of tears flowing non-stop. This is the 1st time ever I’ve cried throughout my life.

Arrived at the funeral, the monk did some “ceremony” prior to sending him off to the final journey. Final nail onto the coffin. That was it. All who present were crying out loud, if not weeping. All eyes were watery. Tears were shed. Off we go. ‘twas about 1km of walking, with the vehicle that drove his coffin away. Again, the tears continue to flow. Flashbacks, flashbacks after flashbacks. Tears, tears. Those were the only thing that I could think about while seeing him off.

Arrived at the venue of seeing his body being burnt to ashes. The moment the coffin were lowered down to the incineration container. I struggled to pull myself together. My mate’s life partner was rushing towards the coffin to stop the coffin from going down, but the effort was useless for it was a fact that his body is going to be burnt down to ashes. All emotions were running wild the moment the fire was lit. the coffin was slowly moving towards the fire. Screams, shouts, cries, weeps. All you can think of, it’s all happening at the same time. Gosh. That was too much for me stuff.

That was it. A friend which will be long remembered. A close mate. A great mate. Lost. You might be askin’ why this sudden sad post of mine this morning.

Yeah. I went and pray for him on Sunday. Flashbacks struck me again. Hence the intention of this post.

Rest in peace, KK. I shall remember you for always.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On A Day Like This - Round 2

Today is public holiday in my country, and yet I need to work. Talk about fucked up stuff. It’s about 8 in the morning and I’m already pissed off. Godamnit!!

First thing first, what will be the first thing you do when you got up in the morning after all the brush ups. Yes. You’ll be looking for something to stuff it up your bloody throat, and then off to your stomach, so that you can get it going for the rest of the morning.

Yes. It’s breakfast I’m mumbling about. No supervisor around, no manager around, no cocksucing, butt linking action available today ‘cos they’re all cuddling in their own bedroom at time of this post entry due to public holiday. Hence, the team has suggested me to go out and buy them some breakfast, which they normally do on a street nearby our work place, by again, due to public holiday, no food is available near office.

Fair ‘nuff. Take for the team I’d say. Took all orders, me and my mate went out and buy ‘em colleagues breakfast. It’s a short distance but it’s about 10-15minutes drive from our workplace. Yea. Done packing and ordering. Back to workplace. Distributed the food in accordance to their requests. Some people will just have to be party blooper at any point of time.

“Why so expensive?”

“My budget for breakfast is only [insert amount here].”

Seriously. What the flying fuck is this??

You didn’t tell me your “breakfast budget” upon ordering.

You didn’t tell me you ever had a “breakfast budget”.

I’m not your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend.

I’m not God.

I’m not a psychiatrist.

I’m not mind reader.

If I am any of the above, you won't be reading this masterpiece here anymore. You will be seeing me on tele day N' nite.
I’m just a fucking worker working in the same department as you. So when people has gone through all the trouble to buy you breakfast, instead of saying “thanks”, you went and utter those fucking stupid cunt words to me.

What a bitch!

Fuck that shit. I ain’t doing this kinda fucking idiotic stuff anymore, not for ANYONE!!!!!! ANYMORE!!!!

Breakfast budget. Fuck the hell off.

On a sidenote, another hilarious stuff just popped up yesterday. Please see picture below.

The sender of the email originated from dimwit. In case you have no fucking idea who this dimwit is, please go ahead and waste some time and read my previous entries. The recipient of the email is the trainer.

There. Read through the email picture above and found anything wrong with it??

Yeah. The way the email was constructed.

“Please read through and advise me”????!!!!!!

Who the fuck are you then??? Dimwit?!?!?!!? If you don’t know what’s wrong with the case, just go and do some homework before you post such retarded, brainless email onto your trainer! This line is put in such a way that the trainer has the obligation to tell you the next step. Seriously.

Dim-fucking-wit!!! He deserves no place in this working environment. This guy should just scram back to which hole that he’s originated from, and never come back! Fucking hell. A bloody nuisance to human race. A pest he is, needs to be exterminated ASAP.

That’s it. Rant’s over. Back to work now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tales of Pictures

It's been awhile since I last posted some pictures in my entries. Well then, let's do this today eh?
Like my last post earlier, the next entry is going to be pictures, pictures and pictures..... Since New Year eve celebration it seems. Yeap. Been saving all the pictures for y'all to see. Without further a due. Here we go!

Went for a New Year eve celebration with buncha mates in one of the famous shopping centre downtown. The cards, the liquors, the smokes. Talk about fun time.

The above is my driving license. Only realised this the very afternoon on New Year's day. Yeah. I was pretty smashed after the 2 rounds of celebration in 2 different places ie. (1) at the shopping centre downtown and the 2nd one is at my mate's new house warming party.

Yea. This is the "wallpaper" of my workmate. Couldn't resist it. Absolute work of art. All information are at wall.

This, my fellow readers, is my new workplace. Much better looking than the previous ones. However it's slightly smaller compared to the previous ones, that's the only down side of it though.

The above 2 pictures are just go to show you lots the key to my pedestal. One for backup, which is to be kept by our very own keeper, and the other one is to be kept by our ownselves. Reason why I'd like to share with y'all this key pictures is because of the sophisticated design that can connect 2 keys in one. Woah!!!!

As for this last 2 pictures. Went for a drink on last Friday 'cos of *what else* the pressure that has been growling in me on that day. A certain newbie just irate me and I thought I'd have had enough of it for the day, and I need to get it off my chest somehow. The easiest way to do it: alcohol.

Can't blame me on this though. I'm working downtown. Loads of shopping centres and the likes of it within the office vicinity. Due to the competitiveness of the shops amongst themselves, who will reap the benefits then? Of 'cos the end user, like us!!!!! The above is pronounced as "Stoi~ker" in german, which means "stronger". It's freshly brewed even the bugs kept on flying into the mug on few occassions until I requested the waiter to change it for me.

Normally, ordinary pints of beers will not make me feel woozy. But this. This pint of Starker really made my eyes wide open. 3 pints, and I'm gone. Seriously. Never before I have this kinda feeling. I can stil remember this: Reached home around 8pm-ish, took a shower, and off to bed straight away. When I woke up from slumber, 'twas already 9am the next morning. Talk about "freshness" of this pint of beer. In addition to that, the german beer store is stil having a promotion of buy 1 pint, free half pint free til god-knows when. Not that I'm advocating for your guys to try this piece of epic drink but in the event there's a chance for you to try german beer, try STARKER!!!!! *please pronounce it as "Stoi-ker". It's german words*

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And Another One

Couldn’t resist to post another one up on the same day. Yeah. It’s kinda abnormal for me to post twice in a day. ‘nuff of blabbering, so here we go again!

Like I mentioned earlier. There’s a photo session in conjunction to our new floor. Hence everyone needs to dressed up nicely in an effort to have their face to be published in a yearly calendar, which is to be distributed internally. Of course the time of the photo session is just about the time when we make a call out to all our clients getting the funds collected from them, and yet they intend to do it at that point of time. Talk about time management. Fair enough, could’ve been the advice from the top guys up there after much considerations and thoughts.

When times come, Motivator couldn’t wait any longer and start shouting around for us to get into the phtoto session. FFS we’ve got work to finish up before the photo session mate!! We are all well aware of the session and when it’ll take place but at least allow us time to finish up whatever that is at hand prior to that photo session. Goddamnit!

Work done, for now. Rushed off to the photo session. Deep inside my mind, I was thinking to myself this:

Yeah. Go ahead. Enjoy it. This could well be your last photo session with us. Yeah. Enjoy it while it last, you incompetent skank!

During the photo session, he asked us to do different posing, which is much to the team’s discontent, and none of us taking a piss off it. So in the end, ‘twas the same pose for few photos to be taken and be placed as the calendar internally.

Tomorrow is his judgement day: Discussion with big boss on his performance for the past year since he joined us last May. Hope for the “best”.

That’s another one from myself.

Introducing: DimWit

Another post, another entry from the office. Yea. Have I ever told you guys N’ girls that I’ve moved to a brand new office area recently?? I ain’t too sure about it but anyways, just in case I didn’t, yes, I’ve moved to another floor. Basically, the whole department that handling the similar same set of clients’ background are being moved to a different floor. Maybe it’s just a way of the guys up there wanted to show their gratitude towards an unbeatable year of 2010? I don’t know. Or there could some other reasons behind this? I’ve no fucking idea at all, and I don’t bloody care about it. All I know is, the new workplace is absolutely awesome. The whole department consists of 7 different teams are currently situated under one roof, one floor, where we are able to see each other. No more “travelling” to different floor for “further inquiries”.

Another thing just riled me up yesterday. I’m sure you lots aware that in an advance world of today, the email communication tool that we used to send outgoing & receive incoming mails from both internal & external is very essential in our day-to-day activities. This dimwit newbie of mine, yea. The one that I swapped with previously *Let’s do this, shall we? This black dimwit that I swapped with previously, I’ll addressed him as dimwit from hereon. ‘cos there’s another newbie that starts to infuriates me already*. He had some problems with his email tools since start of day, or rather at the same time of my entry yesterday. For the ones like us, if there’s any problem with just about any system, we’ll go ahead and report it to the local helpdesk to seek assistance and hoping to solve that problem ASAP. But this dimwit chose to just sit his fucking black, stinky ass there and do nothing until Motivator arrives. Remember, in case you forget, Motivator and this dimwit are close friends, even as much as they would like to deny that fact, it’s clear for all to see.

When Motivator arrives, he was made known of the “difficulties” faced that dimwit by none-other-than the dimwit himself. Yeah. Retards dealing with retards, perfect combination. Befitting eh? Instead of the dimwit raising the concern to the local helpdesk himself, it’s Motivator that raised for him! What the fuck?! Why didn’t he do the same for all of us whenever the same occurs to us then? What makes this dimwit deserves special treatment than all of us? What’s the fuck up with that, eh?!??! The best part is, whenever we report a technology enquiry to the local helpdesk, we’ll need to go through the identity validation process as well. How the fuck that Motivator is able to pass through that is really beyond anyone’s imagination. Perhaps Motivator has got some of his own technology stuff that needs to be solved as well then?? Nah. Not that I fucking care about it. But I maybe wrong on this though. Don’t quote me on it.

24 hours have passed since the email tool is malfunction for the dimwit. All I hear the whole fucking day is a repetition of:

“My email tool is malfunction. I can’t do anything.”

Eventhough your email tool is down, that doesn’t give you an excuse of not doing anything about it. Why can’t you show abit of urgency by following-up with the helpdesk and ask ‘em the exact time of the issue be solved?!?!? I remember I posted about this email tool frustration previously. Yea. That was a bitch I tell ya! I’ll half paralysed if I don’t have it up and running for even less than 5 minutes. And yet this dimwit will just sit and fuck back and relaxing it the whole fucking day.

Like I reiterate times and again. This kinda people are pests, just like that previous bitch I blogged about, who later gotten the boot from the guys up there. She fucking deserves it, bitch! Now that’s one pest off, another 2 beckons. But I don’t see any possibilities for this dimwit to get the boot simply because Motivator has made this dimwit a confirmed staff, a permanent staff. Unless this dimwit do something miraculously wrong, then we’ll be seeing the back of him for a long time to come. As for Motivator, we shall know his fate tomorrow, like I told y’all yesterday. If Motivator’s gone, that’s another pest exterminated. 2 outta 3, not bad of a prediction then! This deserves a celebration. Not. As the dimwit is still here. The Motivator’s sole “legacy” is still here pestering us on a daily basis.

Fucking hell.

Today is the day the whole department is going to get their photo-shoot on this new floor as an official launch of this new floor for us. The theme that our team has decided is black, or anything dark colored working attire. Thus far, this fucking, retarded, brainless bloody dimwit has been saying the below to the whole team, that is:

“Woah, you’re black!”

I mean. WHAT DA FUCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was there during the decision making of the team in black. He heard and he agreed to it personally as well. So what the fuck is this dimwit tryin’ to pull then???? is he tryin’ to be cute?? Fat chance. He looked like a fucking old fart. To those who watched this epic movie of Brad Pitt titled “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” where he was born old?? Yea. This dimwit is exactly that!! Fucking old fuck, but talk like a kid! He’s another pest that needs to be exterminated, urgently! Is there anyway that I can get rid of this pest?!

Meh. Enough of pests stories. Give you a lighter note. The new work area that I’ve just moved in, absolutely lovin’ it especially the chair. Just for all of my fellow readers out there, in case you want to, or perhaps interested to get one, please head on to HERE. I’m enjoying every moment of it at time of this post.

That’s all for now. Be back for more.

Hopefully I can upload some pictures up in my next post.

Signing off, from office.

Monday, January 17, 2011

On A Day Like This

Apologies on the lateness of this entry. Was supposed to put this one during the weekend, but due to game commitment, gotta do this during my work. Yeah. I’m at my workplace now. The time now stands at 6am. Yeah. I’m at work as early as that. Reason? Well, just say that my clients’ work environment requires me to do so.

Anyways, ‘nuff about myself and reason of lateness for this post. This is gotta be rather “interesting” entry for myself. Ain’t too sure about you guys.

If you were to flip through the pages of my humble blog recently, I’ve written that Motivator’s judgement day is some time within this month. Or perhaps it’s end of this very month. Yeap. The end is near. The day of reckoning is here. On a fine day like this, our big boss has asked the whole team to a meeting, without Motivator In it. This is what we generally called it as “Skip Level” meeting. This is the time you can voice out whatever dissatisfaction that you have hide it inside for so long to the big boss, without much thinking. This is the time you say the “Nay” or “Yay” to the big boss on Motivator in particular, or whoever you are directly reporting to. Inside the meeting, big boss kicked it off and passed the ball to us. He went straight into the topic with this:

“Guys and girls, you know why am I here now. I’ll need to hear from you lot before I go to him (Motivator) on his appraisal. Fill me in as much as possible.”

With that being said. It ultimately means that it’s either Motivator is gonna get himself confirmed, or he’s gonna be out. I kept on stressing this to all my workmates is that:

Motivator is on his extended probation now. If he can’t get through this one, he’s gonna be outta this role pretty soon as it’s against local labour law to have someone’s probation extended twice. In other words, he will be sacked! In addition to that, I got a funny feeling that if Motivator doesn’t get through this one, there’s a possibility of big boss extend his probation again ‘cos big boss is somehow, someway quite fond of this Motivator, probably ‘cos of his ability to sweet talk his way outta all the works. Meh, it’s just my imagination though.

To be honest, my dear readers. None of my workmates really like Motivator, at all. Why? Well, there’s no why. When you dislike a person, it’s all in a package. There’s no particular reason as to WHY HATE HIM et al. When you hate someone, you just hate him. Reason or not doesn’t matter at all. You might still be asking then, why all my workmates be hating him then? if you’re askin’ that question here, perhaps you’re new to this blog space of mine. Re-visit my previous entries, all the interesting stories are written in it.

There was no remorse felt towards Motivator anymore. All the things that he could’ve done, that he could’ve improved on, that he could’ve buck the fuck up and implement on have all been fucked up by himself. He’s an ass. He was a good talker to start with if you don’t know him. For starter, I’m not too fond of him on his first day at work already. I’m not too sure if I’ve posted this somewhere in my blog’s previous entries but here we go again. Let’s do some time travel here then.

On his first day to work, my previous director, which is my current big boss’ boss came down to the town. Can’t remember the reason of the visit but he gotten the team, which is the previous team where I was in, (a fairly new team back then) into his room for a tad bit of discussion regarding to the team’s future. Later on, this Motivator got in, as a formal introduction to the team, by the director back then. I can stil remember what transpired after the bloody cocksucker, butt-licker Motivator said after that.

Director: So, welcome aboard. I trust you woulda meet your team that is gonna be under your reporting by now. Anything you wanna say?

Motivator: They’re great. Fantastic team. I can feel the energy and chemistry in the team. They’re very lively in work bla bla bla bla bla.......

What the flying fuck is this cocksucker tryin’ to do? Impress my director on his first day at job? I gotta give it to him then. The whole team barely talk to Motivator and yet he can come up with this kinda exaggerating expression and words? Seriously. Hmph, cocksucker at its best. While he’s at that, perhaps I should asked him what’s the lucky number for the jackpot then? Bloody hell!

Anyways, back to the current affair after a wee bit of time travel. The whole team started with facts and truth about Motivator’s shortcomings. The one that really put the final nail into the coffin is this incident below.

There was a team meeting with Motivator prior to big boss last week. Well, it’s just a general meeting discussing about our goals, our achievements etc etc etc. Then came the topic of team funds whereby each team member is supposed to fork out a lil’ bit of money so that at the end of the month, we’re able to use that funds to celebrate it outside among ourselves. In addition to that, he mentioned that he’s already gotten the agreement from the other team to go ahead. So all we need now is just the green light from the our very team and it’s a go already.

Hearing this, the team gave it a go ahead. And just when we thought that things go smoothly from there. Wrong! You’re owh-so-fucking-wrong!

The meeting between my current team & Motivator took place in the morning. The meeting between my previous team took place later in the afternoon, on the same day. Due to the fact that I need to wait for another mate in the previous team to retrieve our vehicles afterwork, I normally just hang around the office area whilst waiting. Because of the meeting of the previous team was held in an open area near where we work, we can easily overheard virtually everything if one wants to. Heard the term “Team Fund” arise again. So, I strolled over to their place, to my surprise, Motivator mentioned to me that they’re just starting to discuss about the team fund. Then what-the-flying-fuck did he just tell us in the morning then? I thought it’s all been agreed upon already? Why the discussion now? The previous team that I was in clearly have no clue at all on the team funds until Motivator told them in the meeting, which was held in the fucking after-fucking-noon!!!! This no-good-sonofabitch has just did it again. He just lied to us, again. Goddamnit!

There. I’ve said it. That’ the main one the whole team raised it up to the big boss. In the end, the team said this: “The degree of trust, that guy just broke it. Well done!”

According to reliable sources, big boss is going to discuss the appraisal with Motivator this coming Wednesday. There’s stil half a month to go. Decision has got to be made within that period. If he’s staying, I foresee lotsa discontent will arise from it. If he’s leaving, people will be happier. But the whole cycle will re-run itself again as in hiring, training and shit like that, if you know what I mean.

On a sidenote, the newbie in my team replacing the already-gone senior is getting on my bloody nerves already. Perhaps I do it the next time time. I’m starting to work now. Yeah. 2 hours later.

Be back for more yo~!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Post

It’s new year. It’s year 2011, and I’m posting this one up from office, as early as 7am now. ‘twas a pretty fun new year eve celebration. Managed to squeeze into downtown for the celebration. I was quite reluctant to get myself smashed on that nite, knowingly that I’m supposed to go to my friend’s new house warming the very same nite. Yeah. New house warming on new year eve. Talk about “a nite to remember” eh?? Then again, reached downtown around 8 in the evening, just to avoid 2 things:

(1) The fucking jam

(2) The fucking road closure

My country here is famous with these 2 abovementioned things by those stupid, retarded, fat local authorities. They’ll close the bloody road for some stupid reasons/events. Don’t forget I’m a tax-payer and I fucking pay you the mo-nay to ensure a smooth ride to town, not for you fuckers to close the road temporarily to let those bloody royalties to hog on the road/highways. Fuckin’ hell!

Anyway, sidetracked abit. My spot of celebration was about 15minutes walk from work place. Yeah. Talk about convenience eh? Reached the spot around 9 in the evening, and that’s when the party started. About 1.5hrs later, I was pretty drunk ‘cos of the *ahem* alcohol available on that nite. I have a rule for my ownself. On any one nite, if I ever touched beer, I won’t be touching any hard liquor, and vice versa. That’s my rule of thumb when it comes enjoying the nite away. You might be asking why. Well, let’s just say that I ain’t a good drinker when it comes to mixing those 2 drinks inside my stomach. *Shit. Talk about that, I’m pretty starving at this point of blog entry*

Done with beers. Hard liquor serves up. I decided to chill around the pub & restaurant because of the above reasons. In addition to that, my mate’s house warming after midnite countdown. Yeah. Gotta make sure I’m stil sober enough for at least an hour to drive to my mate’s house. Without me realising, it’s 15minutes prior to new year. Outta nowhere, I got a sudden rush of adrenaline from within me, prompted myself to resurrect from slumber, and had an uncontainable, crazy 15minutes til new year. Had a chance to view the fireworks from my spot of celebration. Ain’t that great, mainly because I was blocked by those fuckers with their hands held high with their stupid, fucked up camera phone in their hands. Be it iPhone, androids, BB etc etc. You name it, they’ve got it. Gosh kids these days! And I’m stil using my good ol’ trusty SE C902. Stood for a good 5minutes or so for the fireworks to end.

my current phone, used by James Bond previously

Done with countdown. It’s about time to leave the town and moving on to my mate’s new house warming spot, which is about 30minutes away from downtown. I was expecting there’s gonna be massive jam right after the countdown. To my surprise, there ain’t a slight bit of jam at the time of me leaving the town, which was 20-30 minutes after midnite. Yeah. Shell-shocked with it as well. Reached mate’s new house after 20minutes. Had another “few rounds” of *ahem* alcohol again. Yeah. Since I’m at a “house”, the rest is history.

The very next day, woke up with headache and my throat was burning like fire. Quenched myself with few glasses of pure, clear, refreshing glasses of water. And back to bed. All I remember on the new year day was sleeping away. Woke up, drank water, sleep again. Been sleeping at home for at least 12 hours. I guess age has finally caught up with me then.

Today, a Monday. A hot Monday. All my clients are on holiday and I’m stil can’t figure out a fucking single, solid reason of me coming back to work. It’s always like this. When all my clients are holidays, I’m supposed to come back and work. When my country of origin is on holiday, I stil gotta drag my fucking ass to work. So, may I ask:


Don’t gimme bullshit about utilising my leave entitlement for your holidays and all those bullshit. I ain’t taking a piss off it. That’s my fucking entitlement. Don’t you ask me to touch that for I am using those to go to fucking ENGLAND IN 9 and 1/2 months!!!!



It’s 730am now. Took me 30mins to post this one up. Perhaps it’s the fastest around for me thus far. All my previous posts took me at least 2 hours to finish it. Talk about speed improvement eh?

EDIT: Just done spring cleaning for the department as the whole team is going to move to another level within the same building end of this week. That was one helluva early morning excercise.

Til then, be back for more. Hopefully.