Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Customer

So, this one fine day, I was working midnite with one of my female colleagues. I got a call from one of the foreigners enquiring on his account. Apparently the customer was calling all the way from USA, and he was spending quite a lot during his trip back to the States. Without delaying anymore, here’s the conversation that transpired at 5:30 in the morning on that nite.

M: blur me
W: travelling foreigner customer

*usual call opening stuff*

W: I’d like to use my card but somehow the cashier here says that my card has been turned down by your card issuing centre. May I know what seems to be the problem here?
M: *this is goddamn polite speech from a customer. First time ever I received a call from a customer who got his/her card turned down at a cashier, and can still maintain such calmness* So sorry to hear that, sir. Allow me to check that out for you right away.
W: Yes, sir. Thank you sir.

Woah, he said “thank you, SIR” to me! A customer is actually addressing me as SIR! This is truly a rare occasion! Seriously, for those who are in this industry long enough, how often do you get a caller that will address you as such?!

Rite, bullshit’s over. After a thorough check on his account, apparently his total spending on the account has gone way over his average spending throughout the whole year, hence the disruption in his current usage, and I duly advised him as such.

W: Hmm. Is that right? Maybe I’ve spent quite abit much during this travelling period with my dad. Ok now. I can arrange for payment for that amount right after this call. I’ll call my dad’s secretary to prepare the payment for the full amount to be sent into my card account. Do you wanna speak to my dad? You can call him up for confirmation as I’m the additional card under his account though.
M: Most certainly, sir. But will it be possible if I were to call your dad’s mobile now? Is he convenient to speak now?
W: Yeah, yeah, yeah! It’s fine, it’s fine. Go ahead and ring him up.
M: Alright sir. Just gimme few minutes. I’m going to give your dad a ring and advise him of the current situation of the account, and I’ll get back to the very moment I got off the phone with your dad. Is that possible?
W: Yes sir. I’ll be waiting.

Now, this is one helluva polite customer, and the most co-operative customer I’ve ever handled in my tenure as an frontliner.

Soon after I got off the phone with his dad and had to endure few minutes of his thick Texas-ascent English, I called up the additional card member to advise him accordingly.

I explained to him on how the whole situation can be resolved by lowering down his total spending via making payment in advance even before receiving the statement. He understood and said he’ll be calling his secretary back in our country here to arrange for payment ASAP.

At the end of the conversation, he even told me in our local language here to get some sleep. Seems like he clearly know the time difference between us here and the States. This is one helluva goddamn good customer!

So, the whole case resolved within minutes. How wish all customers that call in for enquiries can behave. They talk nicely in whatever situation, they listen to what we, the agent has to say/offer to solve the matter at hand, and everything will be solved in just a matter of minutes instead of calling in and bashing non-stop like there’s no tomorrow like a retards.

Owh, I nearly forgot. It turned out that the caller's dad is just standing right next to him during this scenario happened. Why didn't the caller just pass his mobile over to his dad then? From my point of view, this mainly because of our security purposes and he understands it. And also, both of 'em are using local mobile phone numbers. The cost of the roaming must be damn high after this call. *gulp*

And I've check his account couple of minutes ago. He did keep his promise on the payment part. Payments were made & reflected in his account couple of days back, which virtually settled all his outstanding. Damn!


Ever wonder if you stay in a foreign country long enough, will you behave like one of the locals as well? Hmm, I think you will after all the influences surrounding you during the years you’ve spent in that country. Reason I’m bringing this up is because I encountered such incident couple of weeks back. Here’s the conversation back then.

M: poor ol’ me
F: foreigner

*usual call opening stuff*

F: I want to check on my account balance.
M: There’re still an amount of ***** outstanding in your account, m’am.
F: WHAT?! I’ve mailed a cheque for that amount 2 weeks ago and you guys still haven’t receive it yet?! What the hell is going on here?
M: I’m deeply sorry for that but it seems that we still have not reflected in our system yet. Have you check with your cheque issuing bank that the amount has been cleared from your account?
F: No, I haven’t. I’m very certain that I mailed the cheque already and I’m not going to check with my bank whatsoever. The cheque must have sitting pretty inside some of your officers’ drawer waiting for clearance. I’m not going to check with my bank. I want YOU to sort it out on your end. It’s not my problem!
M: What I can do for you, m’am is that I’ll check with our payment department and see if they receive such amount recently and at the meanwhile, I’d like you, m’am to check with your bank & see if that amount has been deducted from your account or not……
F: NO NO NO! I’m not going to do that. It’s not my fault that cheque is not cleared. It’s your duty to check on that. YOU check on that and come back to me on this matter ASAP or I’ll cancel off the account. WHAT KINDA SERVICE IS THIS!? Gosh.
F: NO more buts. You check, and then get back to me on this. I demand an answer on this ASAP.
Bang! The phone got hung up by the customer. The caller originated from Scotland. You might be asking why or how do I know about this. Well, my favorite football team’s manager is a Scottish. I heard him a lot over the tele. Hence I know how a Scottish will sounds like.

The solution for this case? Yeah. The payment finally reflected, and cleared into her account on the 3rd week. Talk about efficiency of our local postal service eh? There was another case of the similar scenario as well. Customer mailed in a cheque for the payment. The cheque was cleared 3 weeks later. To be frank, these 2 scenarios are not new to me anymore. There’ve been numerous cases whereby our customers do not receive their statements, cards, redemption items on time because of our poor postal service locally. Hence, who will get the blame? Us, the customer service of course. Who else?

Stupid postal service! Argh!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Comparison between New & Used

Here I am, posting up another article for you lots. Ever wonder what are the feelings that you have right after you purchase a used car, which looked brand new? Ok, here’s the full story.

Stil remember previous post in here about a guy who kept on pestering me throughout the whole CNY period? In case you don’t, you may go ahead & read it over HERE. Rite my very good ol’ friend, Mr.V is back again in my blog. He’s quite popular eh? So much stuff to write about him that I can go on & on & on til god knows when will it ends.

A couple of my friends, ‘couple’ as in husband & wife which both of ‘em are close friend to mine as well, let’s address them as Mr and Mrs K. They’ve just bought a brand new car in the name of Nissan Sentra 1.6 with automatic transmission.

Everything went smooth as silk. As expected from a new car, what can possible goes wrong rite? A year passed by, their car is now slightly over 1 year old. Now, you might be thinking : “What has all these gotta to Mr.V then?”. Read on my mates.

Mr V is not a poor guy himself. He owned a Honda City 1.5 with auto-transmission himself. Outta nowhere, he got himself an exact same car like Mr K, only difference is the color where he got himself a maroon used car from other states in the country. Claimed that he got it for his dad’s usage. Yeah rite, the exact same statement that he uttered out when he first got the Honda City which ended up he drives it whilst his dad drives the older car.

So, a used car but in mint condition. Everything looks inch-perfect from exterior. Inside the car ie. seats, I.C.E (In Car Entertainment) are all in mint condition as well. Seems to be perfect for a used car eh? Then you’ll wronged by the outlook already. On the very next day, he went for drive in this new used-car. He heard some strange, but weak sound coming out from the used Sentra’s engine. Without a due, he sent it to the workshop for further ‘rectification’. On the third day, he bought a pair of break-pad to replace the used car. On that nite, he called up Mr K out for a drink, and asked Mr K to pick him up in the process. Reason behind because he wanna test drive Mr K’s brand new car and see where has gone wrong with his newly-acquired used-car. Cheeky bastard!

This testing-drive-Mr K’s car incident happened almost a month. And Mr V still ain’t satisfied with it. He keep on comparing all the frailties in his used-Sentra with his City, claiming how good City is, while complaining on the weaknesses of his used-Sentra.

Imagine this: you got a new car, you can’t get enough of it. On the other hand, your friend just got a used-car with the exact same model that you have, he/she kept on asking you to drive him out, so that he/she can feels the difference between his/her car and yours. What will you do? How do you feel? Needless to say, I’ll turn his request down upright. But being a very nice person as Mr K is, he let Mr V drive it. C’mon guys, I always believe in this: You get what you paid for. Do not compare too much, ‘cos in the end, you’ll be the one who suffers. That’s just my opinion on this matter. I’ll be pissed off if this kinda situation were to occur on me. This situation is still happening as we speak. But lucky enough for Mr & Mrs K that they’re away to HongKong for a week’s holiday. At least both of ‘em can a peace of mind there, and away from all the hectic schedule herein our country.

I’ll keep you lots updated on this peculiar case of Mr V’s used-Sentra on a periodical basis. Be back for more!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Absurdity of Customer - Part 4

Hi lads, it’s been awhile. I’ve got so much stuff to share with you lots but I don’t know where to start. So here goes.

So, this one fine day, as usual I was working noon shift. Then in came a call from a 60year-old man enquiring on his cable tv which he has enrolled into direct deduction from his card account. Apparently, he found out that there were some discrepancies in his monthly card account with us. Hence the call. Here’s the conversation:

M: poor ol’ me
W: customer

*usual call opening shit*

W: There’s a discrepancies in my card account on this cable tv direct deduction, and I’m suppose to get a refund from those guys in that cable tv station, where is it?!
M: Allow me to check that out for you sir, would you mind just stay on the line for a moment, or would you like me to return call to you, sir?
W: I’ll wait, it’s alrite.

*After approximately 3 minutes of reading through his case, which traced back all the way to year 2007, apparently the local cable tv is awaiting [still] this customer to make payment onto his already-due-cable-tv-account before they can issue the whole refund amount into his account. Hence the delay.*

And so I informed the customer about my findings. But he went berserk and said the following:

W: WHAT?! Why should I be paying them in order to get back my refund? I’m not going to pay anything. They owe me, they should pay me back! Why should I be paying them, before I can get the refund? Bunch of useless retards! You understand or not?
M: .......
W: I want you call them up and ask them to issue the refund for me now! I’m not going to call them anymore. They’re useless, utter rubbish useless bunch of company. You understand or not?
M: I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that on you behalf sir, due to the fact that the cable tv will do all sorts of verifications before they can release any further info of a customer. It’s customers privacy sir.
W: NO! I don’t care, you call them, tell them that I authorized you to do so. I don’t wanna call those retards anymore! You understand or not?
M: As much as I wanna help you on this matter, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you on this. You might need to give ‘em a call personally sir.
W: Damnit! So long already and no one informed about this! What you all doing all these while?!
M: .......

Now, allow me to explain to you lots on this: you signed up the direct deduction with us. We, the financial institution will receive instructions from the respective company to deduct a certain amount from the customers’ card account. This is how direct deduction works. If the company didn’t send any instruction to us, the financial institution to deduct any amount, we will not do anything. If in any case, there’re disputes from the customers’ direct deduction, of course we’ll raise the dispute on customers’ behalf. But when it comes to refunds from the respective companies into customers’ card account, all we [financial institutions] can do is just wait. If customers want to expedite the process of the refunds, they’ll have to pay those companies a visit, or perhaps give ‘em a call already.

So, if all these are so straightforward and easy, why on earth did this retard calling in cursing like mad? Hohoho, if you think that was the end of the case, you’re wrong.

Read on!

W: I’ve told the agents in the cable tv that I cancelled my subscription with them long time already, but how come they still deducting. I also faxed to them few times on the cancellation already. Why my direct debit is stil ongoing? What you all doing there? Sitting on your fat @$$ everyday in the office?!
M: Allow me to explain to you on that matter sir. From my records in here, that account has certainly been cancelled from our side on the very day you put up the request. We’ve sent the request to the cable tv company for termination purposes. But it seems like they’ve not done anything on that sir.
W: So? They kept on deducting that amount from my card account then? You can’t let them do this. You understand or not? You are the financial institution, you can instruct them to not charge onto my card. Why are this happening? You understand or not? You can’t let them do such thing. You understand or not?
M: I totally understand, sir. I’ll follow up on the termination request for you sir.
W: Sigh. You all are just the same. I ask y’all to do one thing, that ONE simple task. Even that you guys can’t manage it. What a disgrace. You know this has caused me lotsa trouble. You understand or not?
M: .........
W: Argh. Ok. You do what you’re suppose to do on your end. I’ll call those buggers at the cable tv on my refunds & for one last time, I’m gonna screw them up on why didn’t they cancel my subscription after numerous faxes be sent. Stupid.
M: Rite sir.

*usual call closing shit*

Now, allow me to say one thing: WADAFAK is he keep on repeating the phrase “You understand or not”?? Am I that stupid not to understand what is he trying to explain? The way he expressed it at that point of time sounds like he’s underestimating my ability to solve his problem. Well, not all of it, ‘cos my hands are tied on some issues, but most of it I was able to solve it for him. It really gets on my nerve when he kept on repeating that bloody phrase. Put yourself into my shoes, if a customer keep on repeating that phrase to you, when you’re not at fault on anything, will you get irate? I for sure will.

Owh well, it’s all in a day’s work. Just suck it up, relax, and move on.

That’s all for today’s article. Be back for more. Lotsa interesting stories to follow.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Other New "Toy"

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this ‘toy’ to arrive almost 2 months. And on last weekend, I was only able to assemble it till it was able to stand on its own, but without the weapons. WTF am I talking about? Yea! I’m talking about my toys, gundam models. This is ‘hobby’ that I picked up way back in end of year 2007. it really tests one’s patience, gentleness, preciseness in the process of assembling it. So far, I’ve got around 15 models, standing prettily in my cabinet, I think it’s about time I buy them a bigger house as the numbers are growing. And to think that I didn’t even watch any of their animation, I’m quite a fan eh?

Don’t ask me about the price. It’s quite an expensive hobby to be honest. But hey, at least it’s better than me going booze, gambling etc etc rite?

Anyway, enough mumbling. Here are some pictures for this latest addition into my gundam family: The Gundam Sinanju. Enjoy it.

Sinanju, sitting on my MyBook.

Sinanju trying to be friend and all. Another angle for both MyBook & Sinanju.

with kick-ass bazooka & indestructible shield


clearer angle. the shining shield.

Thou shalt not pass!

My 3 guardians: Left => Sinanju ; Right => Unicorn ; Back => Freedom Gundam.

Ooh, I left another piece of information here. I spent almost 10 hours in total to fix the Sinanju up. It ain't easy to assemble all these 'plastics' as some would call it.

Be back for more! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Regulator Failure

It’s been awhile. Yea, I was busy preparing something. I’ll let you all in a bit what I’m on about recently. But this one fine day, something happened to me. Rather unfortunate to be honest. Here goes.

I was working noon shift, which will makes reach home around 12 midnite after my shift work ends for that day. There I go, everything went smooth as silk on that day. Remember this: it went SMOOTH AS SILK on that day. Rite. Time’s up, it’s escape-from-hell time. Hence, running like a world sprint champ Mr Bolt, I got into my car and prepare my good ol’ journey back home-sweet-home. First stop, a toll. Rite, piece of cake, I tried to wind down my window, but…but…but…it fucking malfunction at this time!!! I tried to press the button *power window mode* to wind down the window numerous times but it fails to go down as I wish. In the end, I had to slip my hand through the tiny lil’ space of the window and pay the toll price. Goddamnit! I was in a damn good mood on that day, but for this to happen. It really came at a bad time. Really!

Throughout the whole journey home, I kept on trying on the power window, hoping that I can solve this measly problem on my car. But, as the distance gets nearer to my house, the window gets wind down even further, leave a huge open space enough for a thieve/robber to climb into the car in the middle of the nite. Yea, I can only wind it down, but not UP!

Fine. I’m home, downstairs, but can’t get into my house, literally ‘cos the window just won’t close and I can’t leave my car just like that. All I need is just to get the bloody window up, just nice enough to cover the whole door from whatever bad stuff might happen to my car. I gave up on it. I called one of my friends for assistance. Both of us tried hard as can be to solve it. We ended up stick a piece of steel on the edge of the window so that it won’t fall down, after we dismantle it that is.

So, problem solved, for now. The next day, I got myself to the mechanic near my house and ask him what’s the problem behind. Apparently, the goddamn window regulator is spoilt and I gotta replace it already. Then I think to myself, : “True enough, it’s been almost 9 years, and this window regulator never fails me. Only this time. Alrite then. No big deal. Let the master handle it then. In case you are still clueless on this. Here are some pictures, exclusively for you lots.

this is the window regulator

this is my car, after dismantled the cushion on the front door, pilot seat.

this is the "how-to" diagram on the location of the regulator.

another "how-to" picture on replacing the spoilt, with the brand new regulator.

the finishing.

There you go. Looks complicated eh?? Nah, if you were at the spot when your mechanic is replacing/fixing it, it’s a piece of cake. Really.

Nothing much to rant about here. Just that wanna share some stuff with y’all. Besides, my pathetic car is almost 16 years old now. So, please go soft on her then.

Be back for more, ladies and gentlemen. Something BIG is gonna happen soon. VERY soon!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Always Double Confirm!

So, this one fine day, the same day that I got my hands on my very own, kick-ass MyBook, I bought an additional dvd-rom drive for my mate, ‘cos her very own Dell deskstop’s dvd-rom died down on her few months after she owned this new desktop from Dell. How bad can this be?! A new desktop, bought over from Dell website online. Everything’s fine but the dvd-rom, which she hardly use, spoilt and unrecoverable few months later?! Gosh! What has happen to Dell desktops’ quality nowadays?!

She hasn’t got the time to call up Dell helpdesk and request for a change on it as it was still under warranty. Well, one has gotta job to do, a family to take care of, a kid to raise. What do you expect? Hence, I helped her out to fix the whole problem.

Rite, got herself a dvd-rom from one of the IT store downtown. Therefore, I went to her house and fix it up. But, *yes, there’s always a BUT* it turns out otherwise. Most desktops nowadays are fixed with SATA cable, and not with IDE cable. You might be asking : “WHAT!?”. See pictures below for easier understanding.

On the left, are bunch of IDE cables, which are bigger, wider in size.
On the right, are the SATA cables, which are smaller, slimmer in size, and space-saving.

When I opened up the box that I got from the IT store, the back of the dvd-rom it turns out like picture below, which requires IDE cable.

But instead, my friend’s Dell desktop is only fixed with SATA slots inside her desktop. As a result, I have to go back to my house, took my desktop’s dvd-rom with SATA cable on it, *which I bought it in December2008* and fixed it into her desktop. Here are some pictures to show you the difference at the back of dvd-rom with IDE and SATA slots at the back.

dvd-rom with IDE slot

dvd-rom with SATA slot

See the huge difference?? Yea. You got that rite! IDE cabled drives are meant for those desktops that are assembled 3-4 years back. All recent years’ desktops have been equipped with 4 or more SATA slots inside of the desktops.

How dumb was I not to check the back of the dvd-rom at point of purchase. Perhaps I was over-excited with the fact that I’m getting MyBook at that very moment. Ahh well, it’s all been done and dusted now. I gave away my own dvd-rom drive with SATA cable to my mate and I use the one that I bought for her.

When I got back home, I spent nearly 2hours to finally locate a slot, a tiny IDE slot at the back of my machine, and it’s goddamn hard to slot in the IDE cable into my machine. There you go. A lesson well learnt: Always check what you purchase thoroughly before you leave the retail shop or you may face ‘difficulties’ using it when you reach home.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A 'Night' To Remember

28th March 2009. Truly a nite to remember, for me. Here’s the story.

I was working nite shift on this date, 28th March 2009. I’ve been using the longer route to office since yesterday. But on that day, which happen to be a Saturday, the traffic seems to be waaaaaay smoother than usual. I’ve no idea why, but it’s a good thing I guess.

Arrived to office just a wee-bit early, enough time for me to do whatever that is necessary to get ready for those retards to call in for the remaining of the nite. One hour has passed after I logged into the system, a call got in for a simple enquiries. Same goes to my midnite cutie partner *yeah, she’s chick..heheh…*.

Due to extreme tiredness *has age finally caught up to me? This thought is scary*, I dozed off around 2am. Without me realizing it, time passed by and when I woke up, it’s already 7:30am and few moments away to go home sweet home. After getting myself sober, I checked on my phone system and see if there’s any “missed call” during my 5 and ½ hours of slumber. Surprisingly, last call that got through, is the one the I received after one hour I logged in. Then I turned to my partner and asked if she received any calls after that, she checked, turned and smile at me and said: “Same here.”

GOSH!!?? Whole night, 2 calls, one for each of us?! This is freakingly amazing! Never in my life of a call centre agent, receive only one call per night!

As per the title of this article: it’s truly a ‘nite’ to remember, the nite of 28th March 2009.

That’s all for now.

I’ma blog about a rather idiotic story later on tonite, with pictures!!!

So stay tuned!