Saturday, February 28, 2009


Working in a shithole like this, sometimes there’s a good side of it as well. At time, one might get some gift from a customer to him/her for the good service rendered as a token of appreciation. At time, one might get something in black and white ie. Letter which will go into the agent’s personal, and in turn will reflects good record on that agent’s work performance. All these are just part of the examples of compliments that a customer service agent will get if in any situation that the customer/caller is very, and I do mean VERY satisfy/happy with the service we provided to the customer.

I ain’t boasting my ‘accomplishments’ so far in this company but I do not get anything physical ie. Gifts/letter from any customer as of yet. But off and on, I do get ‘praised’ by customers for my ‘professionalism’ in my daily work that I encountered during my tenure herein this shithole. Here’s one of the many examples that customers said to me, which I duly accept it with honour.

M: humble me
C: customer

C: Is this call centre located locally in here, or is my call being diverted to some oversea country’s call centre?
M: No sir, we’re located locally in here…
*interrupted by customer*
C: Owh, is that right? ‘cos you don’t sound local. You sounds like an American.
*giggle* No sir. I’m born and bred local sir.
C: Ahh…you possess very, very good language skill there. Keep it up!
M: Thank you Very much, sir. I will.

Ever since I dipped myself into this field, I’ve got quite a number of customers told me that I sounded like an American, which I’m not. Some of the customers also said that I sounded like those from O.Z, british. However, just a couple of days ago, I received a call from one of the customer checking on his account. While I was looking into the status of his account , he asked me if I’m a Dutch. I of cause denied it. He said this:

“You’re sure you’re not from Dutchland? ‘cos you really sound like them. Maybe it could be due to the slang that you have there.”
“Owh, no sir. I’m very much a local lad.”

“Ooh, ok.”

Now, this is really hilarious. For the first time ever, someone thinks that I’m a Dutch.

Another thing I wanna share with you lots is that, my voice is rather deep, low kinda voice whenever I’m working/on the phone with customers. In case you have no freakin’ idea what am I on about here, just listen to those Dee-Jay announcer/radio DJ voice, and you know what I mean then. Yes, I’ve got few customers even suggesting me to quit this current job and be a radio station announcer or DJ or something similar in that field.

To those who are reading this blog, any takers? Or anyone who has any connection to those working in a radio station?? I ain’t asking tv station ‘cos I ain’t that good looking in person **quite low self-esteem eh??** I’m always available for any job interviews that involves my sexy voice!

After all these, why the heck does my boss always criticize me on how I speak then?? Can anyone in this goddamn world tell me? Why why-oh-why??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Morning Hell Gossip

Ahh, some of you lots might have been wondering “Where the hell is this blog owner gone disappearing? It’s been more than a week since this joker updates his blog already. Is there something wrong with him?? Got sacked by the boss due to the outburst that he has in this blog??”

Nah, don’t worry. As I mentioned in my previous post. I gotta work 5 fucking days of morning shifts in the past week. Yeah, talk about shift rotation eh?? How ironic can it be?? But I noticed something quite, rather..erm…..mind-boggling, mind-disturbing, pain-my-eyes during these shit-hole morning shifts week that I was forced to be in, all thanks to those retards upstairs who “worked” on our schedule.

Now. Onwards to my “mind-boggling, mind-disturbing, pain-my-eyes” story. One fine morning, while I was stil sleeping on my duty, dreaming of Jessica Biel and waiting for calls to come in so goddamn in the morning. I was awaken by a voice near my ears. Here’s what’s the voice gotta say to me.

M: me la
V: Da voice

V: Woi! Wake up, something interesting is happening now!!! You really gotta see this!!!! Wake up mate, wake the fucking up!!!!
M: *rubbing my eyes* You better have a goddamn good explanation for disturbing me from my slumber. @$$hole.
V: hohoho, it’s better than good, matey. Check THAT out! *pointing his finger at my supervisor’s place*
M: Yea, so the fat @$$ is there. So what’s the big freakin’ deal??
V: Hohoho, if I tell you the fat @$$ has been standing there for more than 15minutes, what will you think??
M: WHAT!?! It took that fat @$$ more than 15 minutes to take refill the goddamn water dispenser?!?! Hehehe….this is gonna be interesting. Lemme “monitor” this situation for ‘ya. *wicked smile, with eyebrow raised on my face”
V: Alright. Over and out!!

Now, lemme clarify this. Da voice, is non-other than my colleague who have worked with all these while, my mate, my friend. The fat @$$ is actually a newbie who got into this department almost a year ago, making good progress and got himself absorbed into permanent employee status recently. And yes, the fat @$$ is a HE!! As for the supervisor, uhh, well, it makes me wanna puke whenever I speak/mention/utter her. So, please read the previous post that I had about her over HERE. Once you read it, you’ll know the reason behind.

Now, being awakened by ‘Da Voice’, I’ve got a “special task” on hand now. Which is to find out what’s the latest stuff/gossip that I can come up with, and then spread it across the floor. *evil laugh*

Here’s the thing. The distance from the storeroom to get the water dispenser refills, to the location where the water dispenser is, it's nothing more than a minute walk. Unless you’re a real lazy bugger that’ll grab every opportunity there is to make yourself don’t have to take any calls even for a few minutes, then it might more than 5 minutes. But for the fat @$$ to take more than 15 minutes to replace the water dispenser refill near our place?!?! Now this is something really worth ‘MONITORING’ for.

Now, the fat @$$ has sat back onto his place, doing what he is supposed to do – answering calls. It has been peaceful for couple of hours later on. Come lunch, I don’t bother about what happened later on already ‘cos I was busy chomping down the food that were in front me, simply irresistible!

Ok. A day has gone. Nothing peculiar happened again for that day. That day, I went home straight after work. Had dinner, shower….and make myself busy with some games that I downloaded recently. When it’s close to midnite, seems to getting insomnia lately. Luckily I’ve stil got some beers left-overs from CNY. Yea, it really helps. One can of it, all the way til morning.

Next day, same ol’ shit. Working with the fat @$$ again in a group. This time around, no water carrier scandal kinda story. Instead, on this 2nd day of my morning-shifts-hell, I noticed one more thing on that fat @$$: He likes to stop-by the supervisor’s place even for a few minutes whenever there’s an opportunity. I wonder why. I don’t know til the time of this post as well. Could it be that this fat @$$ has a thing on her?? Nah, she aint that attractive AT ALL!!!! Why would someone be interested in her when she walks with her stomach in front?? Furthermore, the fat @$$ guy has a picture of his self-proclaimed “girl-friend” which he will put it on the keyboard wherever he sits. Some kinda motivation tool it seems.

You WILL NOT believe that an ugly fat @$$ like him is having a “girl friend” comparable to those working in the movie industry in India aka Bollywood. Yes! I’m telling ‘ya!!!! I ain’t bluffing!!! I’m telling the truth, and nothing but the truth. I swear to Lady Jessica of the Biel family in Hollwood that the girl in the picture is really saliva-dropping to be honest with ‘ya! Whenever anyone of us tease him about the picture, his “don’t-fuck-with-me-on-this-picture-look” will come out, as a warning sign to whoever that is messing around with his “girl-friend” picture. Uhh, well…it could be true that it IS indeed his girl friend then.


After 5 days of morning-shifts-hell, my mate and I finally can have a breathing space yesterday. As in both of are able to wake up as late as both of us can imagine. We were like a reborn child after a reeeeeaaally long sleep, fresh. Like a zombie arose from the graveyard. Yea, I bet you all know how it feels.

Yesterday I was working nite shift with a rather attractive colleague of mine. Nothing unusual happens. Reason being she were too tired, and I was too busy updating some information on my other personal stuff till 4am. Owh, before I forget, the “score” last nite was 5-2. 5 calls came in to my line whole nite, while the 2 calls went into her phone line. Not a bad thing considering it was a weekend nite.

Ahh, weekend looms. I’m currently sitting in my bedroom typing this long post. Meh, that’s enough for now. Or else I don’t have much to type on later.

Stay tune.

PS: Lady, thank you for your patience all this week. It’s up, baby!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Work Schedule

As per my previous post. The outcome of that nite shift was 5-2...Yeah. I've got 5 calls on that nite, while my mate got only 2 pathetic calls for the whole goddamn nite!!! But then again, it ain't that bad afterall. My last call for that nite was actually around 2:30 in the morning. I was drop dead asleep after that.

Today, I’m gonna talk about time scheduling. It is an essential matter in a call centre to have an effective time schedule in an effort to manage the incoming calls and also to make sure that there’re always a full force of people on the call floor to manage those incoming calls. Any slight error on it, the results/outcomes will be unbearable for the management as well as to the agents themselves.

As far as I know, normally call centres designed the time schedule based on 3 types of schedules ie. Daily, weekly and monthly. You might be wondering :” WTF is that?” Ok, allow the humble me to explain these in lay-man terms.

Daily – The work schedule changed on a daily basis. Meaning One might be working morning today, then maybe afternoon shift for the next 2 days, after that maybe working on nite shift for the next 2 days, and then that agent will get his/her deserved off days. And the cycle will rotate again the next week.

Weekly – Same like above. Instead of changing on a daily basis, that agent’s work schedule will change on a weekly basis. Meaning, this whole week you’ll be working on morning shift. Next week, you’ll be working on afternoon shift, and perhaps the week after that, you’ll be working on nite shift for a week. And the cycle will rotate again next month. And no, you don’t get to rest for one whole week though. Fat hopes!

Monthly – This is the toughest bitch shift of ‘em all!! Just like the above pattern. For this whole month, one will be working on morning. The next month, one might get assigned to work afternoon shift for a month *how I wish I can get this shift*, and the next month perhaps one will get nite shift for a month and so on so forth.

Rite. So now you got a better idea on how shift schedule runs in a call centre eh? Perfect! The abovementioned matter might get all jumbled up, depends on the mood of those standalone department that is in charge of preparing the schedule.

In any circumstances, should one agent have some other arrangements that he/she couldn’t make it on one particular working day, that agent will be able to arrange a change/swap of shift with his/her fellow colleague. But of course, it all comes down to 2 major factors:

1) Mutual consent among those 2 colleagues
2) Approval from those above

If the abovementioned major factors are met, then the change/swap of shift will get through smoothly.

Now that I’ve explained all these to you, you should have a rough idea on how things are done rite? Good! Here’s the ranting part.

This week, for no apparent reason, 2 of my mates and I are assigned to work 5-6 days of morning shift in a row, with one day break in between. That makes 3 of us, having the same kinda shift. Just to let you know, my department’s work schedule is running on a daily shift basis. Can anyone farking tell me how the hell this kinda shit shift happen to 3 of us on the same goddamn week?!?! You might be thinking: why didn’t your mates and you go & do a shift swap? Yea rite, those fucking bitches/b-tards even limit our amount of times to swap/change shift in a month!!! WTF?!?!? Then what’s the fucking point of working in a shift work kinda environment when they even wanna control this kinda thing? How dictatorial can they be?!?! Furthermore, I FARKING HATE MORNING!!! WTF are those tossers doing up there?!?! Wanking their way outta their job by simply slot in our names?? If that’s the case, even I can do that task with a flip of fingers!!! Bunch of retards!

That’s the end of my rant. Gotta start this shit hole work now. Goddamnit!! Tossers!! Wankers!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Nite shifts

Nite shift. Yes. I’m on nite shift yesterday, and also at point of posting hereon my blog. Today is my 2nd nite, and also my final midnite shift of the week. A rather quiet nite shift last nite. Once I reached office last nite, 15 minutes before I start work, had a lil’ chat with my mate who worked midnite a nite before.

M: me
A: my mate

M: Yo man. How are u? How was last nite? Lotsa call or not?
A: No good. Last nite was 16-0.

M: Huh?! Wadafak was that?!
A: 16-0. I got 16 calls for whole damn farking nite, whilst my other midnite shift partner got 0 calls.
M: Eh!? Haha. Tough luck mate. Welcome to the club.
*Laughing like mad cow, ROTF*
A: Oi, like that meh?
M: Sorry Sorry. Couldn’t stand it. Then what was she doing whole nite?
A: She did some normal routine faxes, then she knocked off at 12am sharp, all the way til 7am. #^*@%#$#!@! *cursing*
M: Ooh. That was some sleep in the office eh?
A: Yala!!!

Time to work. Login to all system, got myself ready cozy & comfortable for working nite shift. 1st thing 1st, login to company emails to check/clear all internal communications that happened during day time for the day. Once done, “personal stuff” begins. Checking personal emails, blogging *smirks*, surfing forums, facebook-ing, online games and all other “personal stuff” you can imagine one can do in a company during nite time.

But there’s something special that I brought into office today. I bought a pack of “kuaci” into office today. For the benefits of those who have no clue on wadafak “kuaci” is, here’s a sample picture of it.

While stuffing ourselves with “kuaci”, got a couple of calls in the midst of doing the abovementioned matters. Then, around 2am, my mate ‘informed’ me that he’s gonna knock off now. I nodded whilst busy doing my “personal stuff”on the internet. An hour later, my turn to “hit the sack” as well.

Without me realizing it, time really passed damn fast when we were enjoying ‘dozed off on the job’. It’s just less than 10 minutes before the both of us, the nite shifters can pack our bags and go home continue our sleep already. Then my mate told me this.

M: hmmmmm.
A: my mate

A: Oi. Nice sleep eh?
M: Ok la. So do you.

A: Yeah rite. Calls came in when I was asleep la.
M: Eh?! For real?!

A: No point lying to you. See the pane here. *The pane showed 6 calls came in when he was asleep*
M: But I slept around 3am++, no calls came in to us both at that time. How come?

A: How come? How da fark do I know?!?!
M: Ooh. So the score tonite is 6-2 eh? Haha.
A: Got a li’ bit ‘improvement compare to my 1st nite. Not bad.

Tonite I’m working with another mate of mine. Already 90 minutes into the job. Normal "routine" resumes. The “scoreline” now stands at Me 3, my mate 1. I have a baaaaaaad feeling about tonite already.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Working on Public/State Holiday

It’s been awhile, lads. Here I am, working on my favourite shift – noon shift. I was working morning shift for the past 2 days, and it really has taken a toll on me yesterday. As a result of it, I ended up slept as early as 8pm last nite, and woke up at 9am this morning. Talk about hibernation eh?? In the process, I’ve also broke my own record of sleeping hours which was 11hours last time around.

Now, why like that? Reason being I slept around 2am, which is 5 hours before I prepare myself to work. If I kept on like this for 2 consecutive days, it’ll happen. Yesh!

But then again, how? You might be asking. Here’s my itinerary on my 1st day of morning shift. ‘Twas a state holiday. Therefore, not much calls were expected to reach our call centre. As result, my mate and I were having a time of our life on that day. Here it is:

1) Login
2) Sleep for 4 hours
3) Got awaken to go out for lunch
4) Return from lunch, surf net, check emails, movies/dramas exchange/transfer among colleagues
5) Sleep for another 2 hours
6) Meeting with supervisor for individual performance related matter.
7) Time’s up, logout, go home.

There u go. So much for a state holiday work eh?

Due to the fact that the state holiday falls on weekend, therefore the next day, which is Monday is a replacement holiday for us here. And again, not much call is expected on this kinda day at our workplace, but the normal phone line is stil opened to customers for them to call in to check on their accounts. And again, the itinerary for my 2nd day of morning shift is as follows:

1) Login
2) Sleep for 2 hours
3) Answer few calls
4) Fall back to sleep
5) Got awaken for lunch
6) Return from lunch, surf net, clear emails.
7) Calls started to come in, to my surprise. *On a state holiday?!*
8) Sleep for 1 hour due to no call.
9) Quicky smoke break
10) Answer call for next 1 hour.
11) Logout

So, there you go. A call centre agent’s life on a public/state holiday. How nice can this be? Anyone wanna join???

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Farney Story"

Ahhh, it’s finally freakin’ Friday. I promised you lots that I’ll be a story teller today. About a ‘farney’ incident that happened during the CNY last week. Here goes nothing.

On a fine evening during CNY, there I was, sitting in front of my pc, addicted to the FM(Football Manager) game again. Oh yeah, I’m a FM junkie, ever since year 2002. Then outta nowhere, my phone rings. Rite, it’s a message tone. I may ignore it for awhile, as I’m soooo into the current match going on in front of my pc now. Few minutes later, looked at my mobile, thank god above that it ain’t “V’. Phew, sigh of relief. The message reads:

“Bro, we’re at [insert colleague’s name in here] house already. You coming?”

Rite, it’s from one of my drinking mates back in those days. We’re having a ‘par-tay’ tonite at my colleague’s house later.

NOTE: Drinking – Another ‘habit’ that I ‘slowly developed’ during my life herein call centre.

Without further drinking thinking, I replied:

‘Why not? See u bitches later!’

You might be thinking: “WTH?? You called your friends BITCHES?!”

Now, don’t get me wrong. This IS how we communicate since day one back in those days. Building rapport they claimed that to be. In a certain way, I gotta agreed with those guys. Haha.

Ok then. Done with my FM game, saved it. Dressed-up (yea, I always walk around half-nekkid whenever I’m home in case you’re wondering, perv!) and onwards to the ‘venue’ when I’m suppose to show up. It’s a goddamn apartment. Therefore, the hassle of those stupid security checks by those retarded foreigner guards is necessary upon entry. To think that I’ve gotta let myself checked by those retarded low-life-foreign-workers-scum is really nonsense. I ain’t that low to go into one apartment and steal things. But can’t blame them, they’re here for the mo-nay!! Same if we’re going to work overseas. Sigh. Talk about contradiction here.

Done with those retarded checks. Onwards to my colleague’s house. The party has just started when I arrived. Great! Nice timing I’d say. After got rid of all my personal belongings on an assigned place by the host (yes, damn sophisticated place she has. And yes, the host is a “she”) I helped myself to the fridge and got myself a Carlsberg Special Brew for ‘appetizer’ while listening to some pirated downloaded MP3s. Then my friend, let’s call ‘em “J” for now, shall we? Outta nowhere he said this:

“Woi, you done with your pathetic ‘appetizer’? ‘cos the ‘main course’ has arrived.

When I raised my head, I saw him waving a bottle of whisky gaily at me. Hence I shouted:

‘You b-tard! You shouda informed me that there’s a main course on the card! I was thinking there’s only beer whole nite?! You SOB!!!’

The whole room were *ROTFLAO*(Roll On The Floor Laugh their Ass Off) after they heard our conversation.

Unwilling to let go of my ‘appetizer’ just like that, I downed the remaining of it and get on with the ‘main course’.

Without further a due, the whisky is served throughout the whole floor. To those regular drinkers, some like it nick, some like it mixed. But I found out a new trend recently when it comes to whisky mixer. Most people like their whisky mixed with coke or any other soft drinks available at time of drink. But I’m wrong. Instead of mixing whisky with coke, they mixed it with green tea. YES! GREEN TEA! According to those self-proclaimed experts, mixing whisky with green tea seems to have an effect of lowering down the alcohol level of the whisky at time of consuming it. For me, I don’t give a flying fuck what’s gonna be in my cup as long as it’s filled up. I go with flow, if you know what I mean here.

Therefore, we started to ask the host if there’s any green tea available in her house. She response with a loud “YES, OF COURSE!” without a blink of an eye.

The host happily waltzed into her freezer and bring out what she thought was green tea packets. And this is what she brought out!

We were laughing like mad cows on the floor after seeing those packets the moment she brought that out and showed it to us.

Instead of what she brought out, we were expecting this:

How daft can one be? We were expecting something different, but the host surprised us with something else on her mind.

As a result, we downed the whole bottle of whisky with 2 cokes gone in one nite. 5-6 hours later (ain’t sure the exact time, I was abit dizzy already), we went out & grab a bite. We went home separately later on. I managed to scram through a police barrier, went through 2 red lights under alcohol influence. Talked about luck eh? I puked whatever that I chomped in during the nite while sitting down in the toilet once i reached home.

Green tea packets eh? Boy, she really got me there. Real hard!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Fine Day in Office

Ahhh, what a great today is. After 2 days of working in the goddamn early morning shift, I’m finally back to the shift where I truly love, the noon shift. Yes. I ain’t a morning person. Slept 12am sharp last nite, woke up around 11 this morning. What a nice feeling that is. Finally, managed to “revenge” my “not-enough-sleep” disease once and for all for this week. 11 hours of sleep, that ought to make myself the freshest person in this world. Haha.

Reached office around noon time, just half hour before my work starts. Have a wee-bit chit-chat with few colleagues. Here’s the conversation that took place with my friend.

M: who else?
F: Friend

M: Oi, Busy ar?
F: What you think?
*look at me with the shittiest look I ever seen in my life*
M: Hmmm….Don’t know, shouldn’t be very busy considering it’s midweek., I presume?
F: Of course busy lah!!!! Like hell now! Those farking calls coming in like water, non-stop since morning!
M: Wah! So serious huh? How come?
F: Don’t know. Don’t care. And just to tell you, the phone system screwed up again today! You don’t have to login into your phone system later.
M: For real?!?!?

F: When did’t I ever lie to you??
M: Saaa-weeeeeeeet! Wanna go for a quicky, since stil got time?
F: Ok.

Then both of us went down the lobby to have a quick smoking session (Stop thinking quicky means something else, you perv!!). There I was, listened to my mate’s complaint at the lobby whilst having a short puffing session.

After the ‘unofficial business’ is taken care of, we return to the ‘shithole’. My supervisor came over and informed me that the phone system is down for the day (again, woohoo!) and I just need to go and do some paperwork til the morning shifters finish their shift, which is 2.5 hours to go. Without a blink of an eye, I gladly accepted the ‘task’ assigned by my supervisor.

This kinda ‘incident’ doesn’t come much often. It’ll only happens once in a blue moon. Heck, this doesn’t even suppose to be happened. But yet, it happens. Ahh well, just use this kinda opportunities to the max, I guess. What should I do? This is what I did:

-Walk around, as if I’m a supervisor.
-Chit chatting on latest issues/gossips.
-Doing paperwork.
-Be a puffing tom.

And these 4 steps go round and round and round til the morning shifters finish their work 2.5 hours later. (Damn I’m busy eh?)

Ok, morning shifters have gone home-sweet-home. My turn to login now. I’ve already planned myself that I’m gonna go out for my dinner normally 30mins after the morning shifters gone home. Today is the same thing. So, in between my 1st login into the phone system til my dinner time, I’ve got only 5 calls that got in, and all of those calls are just merely normal account enquiries, which I can settled it with a flip of a finger.

As of time of posting, 4 hours after I got back from dinner. I’ve only received 4 calls in total. So in total, for the whole day, I received not more than 10 calls. Talk about luck eh?

Okok. I’ve never gloat about anything in my blog yet. So I guess, this is my 1st eh?

Gonna blog about a darn “farney” story that happened during CNY soon. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Fine Day in The Office

Back to the shithole after a week of holiday. And it's morning shift. Gawd! How I hate morning. I've been 'sleep early, wake late' throughout the whole holiday week, and now all of sudden I gotta get up so goddamn early in the morning to work is really "suffering" for me. Yea, I know I know. I shuda adjust my timing & blah blah blah, but's festive season! Can't I indulge myself into all sorta "temptations" near me during the CNY period? *eyebrows raised*

Tuesday morning. It's a rather wet morning 'cos it was raining last nite. And I was on my bed, watching the ever-tension-drama -> "24", close to the end of Season 3 now. As a result of that, I ended up damn sleepy in the office. After all systems are up, without wasting any more time, I went into dreamland while waiting for calls to come in. Yes. I can do that. Even with my fellow colleagues busy gossiping about things that happened last nite.

Something woke me up. Ahh....A call woke me up. Damnit! I was asleep for exactly an hour without me realising it!! Kinda fresh after this. And it goes on til lunch time, the most anticipated time of all in the morning. A peaceful day indeed, so far.

As time goes by. Got a call from one of the customer. Here's the conversation:

M: who else?
C: Customer

*usual call opening shit*

C: I heard that recently your company has some promotions going on that requires me to send a message to a certain number in order to be eligible for the competition. Is that true?? Hahaha.
M: It's very true, sir. Shall I explain in details for you on that event??
C: Yea yea yea, go ahead go ahead. Hahaha..

*usual explanation took place. The Customer kept on "haha"-ing throughout the whole conversation.*

M: Are you ok with that?
C: Oh yes, hahaha. Thank you VERY much on your step-by-step instructions. Hahaha. You've been great. Hahaha.

*usual call closing shit*

Ok. You lots may stop laughing now. The customer that I mentioned above is not a crazy joker. He is one of the prominent figures in our country. I can't tell you who is he 'cos my ass & my job will be on the line if I were to do that. Overall, this is the best customer call that I've ever receive so far in my call centre life. Seriously.

Til then. Be back for more.