Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Morning

Something happened this morning that really irked me off. Just wanna get this off my chest once and for all.

Those who know me, my work starts goddamn early these days. As time goes by, I’ve got used to the timing, so as to my body clock. So as usual, I’ve gotten my lazy ass up my comfy, stinky yet full with “flavor” bed, prepare to go work.

Every morning, I’ll take the same route from my house to work regardless of weather, traffic condition.

But when I got to the very corner to a small road just right outside of my house, there were couple of local authorities setting up road blocks for some god-fucking-know reasons, as early as 5 in the bloody morning.

Yeah. You saw what I typed. 5 in the fucking morning!!! Haven’t they got anything better to do in this wee hour rather than setting up road blocks???

I was in a rush. I was thinking to myself, I ain’t done no wrong, I’ve got all the paperwork with me. The car is in perfect shape, there shouldn’t be any problem of me getting through these pile of dung in front of me.

As expected, got stopped, checked, but was advised to pull over, quite rudely by that i-think-he’s-junior local authorities. Reason?? I didn’t get my seat belt on.

Incensed by his attitude, I pulled over. I have this thought in my mind that I ain’t giving anything to him but my paperwork. If you wanna gimme a piece of that shitty summon, please get on with it. I haven’t got the luxury time to talk about it at this wee hour. I’ve got a job to do downtown and I don’t wanna be late for it.

Then came a different local authorities, which I think he’s more senior than the previous cock-sucker-junior. Checked through my vehicle, both internally and externally, came over me and the below conversation illustrated:

M: Yours truly
S: Senior

S: Good morning, Sir.
M: *stil abit pissed* morn’.
S: Where are you heading this early hour, Mister?
M: *you think you’re the only one working at this wee hour?? Me too, you fuck-tard!* Work, gonna be starting in next 25minutes, and will be late if you haul me off here, wasting more time.
S: Rite. Where’s your office?
M: Downtown. *given him full address, sarcastically*
S: Do you know that you didn’t have your seat belt on, that’s why we have you pulled over?
M: *seriously, you’re not even traffic police, by the book, you have no rights to ask me to do that*. Yea. Sorry ‘bout that, ain’t got the time to do so since I’m rushing and it’s so early in the morn’.
S: Rite, please remember to have your seat belt in future, yea? Here I return your paperwork.
M: OK. Got it. Thanks.

That went well.

Believe in karma, you give people shit, you get the shit back in your face.

Do not do what you don’t want onto others, for that will come back to haunt you one fine day.. and karma’s a bitch.

Fuck!? What the hell am I babbling about now??!?! Scrap that, ignore it. That wasn’t meant to be in here. Geez.

Sped off after the road block in early hour. Reached office just in time, 3 minutes before my actual work hour start. Godamnit. Was rushing like a mad dog after that road block.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Old Me

Another 2 weeks have passed since my last entry. If you remember what I typed in the very last paragraph of it, I said I’ma take a step back and “review” the sole purpose of this cyberspace of mine.

Well. I came to a conclusion. I chose to return to the sole purpose of this place. Rant, but in a different way. For things that I’ve spouted for the past year on Motivator and his buncha cronies, let it be gone with the wind. Yea. He doesn’t worth the space, the time, the energy of mine in here.

Got a big one here that I’d like to share with ya’ll though.

I’m sure all my readers are a card member yourself. Regardless of the card type, you are an owner of a plastic issued by financial institution. There will be times that you really need to speak to someone, a human voice, non-machine operated voice system to clear things up, there will be time that you just can’t figure out why on earth is this entry bloody appearing in your monthly statement. Hence, the job of customer service are available all across the globe.

The below is an excerpt of a conversation that one of my dear friends has encountered recently that will really ticks you off. Trust me, it will. Enough with bullshit, let’s get this thing rollin’.

A: Agent
C: Caller

*The call opening & verification bullshit are a must in this industry, so I’ll just skip it*

C: I want to have the imposed fees being written off immediately.
A: Of course......*was abruptly ended by caller*
C: How dare you impose such fees onto my account?! You do not know who you’re dealing with here. You DO NOT know at all. Do you know am i? Do YOU know who am i?!
A:*checking client’s profile in the system*Yes Mr C, you’re the vice-president of the company.
C: Owh, don’t even mentioned it. It’s just a mere title. I don’t care about that at all.*then why on the flying-fuck did you asked at the first place?!*
A: ...........
C: Tell me, do you drive?
A: No.*in actual fact, this agent does drive.*
C: No wonder. Keep sitting your big bloody fat ass on that seat you’re having now. You’re just an ordinary, worthless scum agent working in a multi-national company, earning peanuts monthly. You have no rights to do this to me. In the end, you’ll be a failure in your life, a disgrace to your family. I feel shame on your family’s behalf.
A: Mr C, we are both educated people. I will help you if we were to discuss over the issue at hand rationally……… * was abruptly ended by caller….again…fucking hell?!*
C: So?? I’m your customer. You did wrong, I’m entitled to vent my disappointment and frustration over the shitty service that you’ve provided me, and don’t Mr Mr me…I’m not done yet. How come I never receive any statement so far??
A:*checking records while this bugger kept on with his antics over the phone* Mr C, your card account has been enrolled into paperless statement.
C: WHAT!!!!!???? Since when?? I never asked for this!!! I never opted for this!!!! I did not enroll into this AT AAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!
A:*if only there’s a sharp object around, this caller is dead on spot* Erm, your account has been enrolled into paperless since the day you apply for the card.
C: No! No! No! No! No! You’re wrong. I didn’t do it. I don’t know who did it but I didn’t authorize anyone from your company to do it. Seriously, your company is making my life a living hell. I’m still wondering why did I apply for your card at the first place.
A: ..........
C: I don’t know what you do. I don’t care what you do. I’m interested in how you do it. You better fix this for me immediately. I WANT PAPER STATEMENT TO BE MAILED TO MY DOORSTEP EVERY MONTH!!!!!! YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!? I WANT PAPER STATEMENT!!! *this motherfucker got a real brain problem. Can't even fix your own financial stuff, and putting the blame onto the agent. So much so for a Vice President. Pffft*
A:OK. It’s done and effective after tonite. You will be receiving PAPER STATEMENT in your next month’s statement.
C: Jesus Christ. The hell have I gotten myself into. Piece o’ shit.
A:*normal call closing bullshit*
C: Not anymore. The damage is done. There’s nothing much you can do for me anyway. Only thing you can do is improve yourself as a human being in your life and stop being a burden to your family and to this society. Bye.

Now, tell me this: How many of you can take this in? How long would you be able to withstand these constant verbal assaults, which somehow got your family and yourself dragged in??

This guy would’ve been drop dead on sight the moment he hang up the line on me. I gotta admit, I’m quite temperamental if things go against me without a valid reason. I’ll go berserk if things go haywire and I’ve no idea why is that so. Since this is my kingdom, I’ll give this motherfucker a piece of my very own warning. If that warning is not being heeded, I’ll hang up the line on this piece of worthless garbage.

Here’s an alternative to the conversation above if I were to get to that stage when the above agent somehow “warned” the caller:

M: Yours truly
C: Caller

M: Mr C, we’re civilized and educated people. Please allow me to settle your problem once and for all here. I can’t do much with you [insert your own choice of words here] me.
C: *kept on and on and on and on*
M: Mr C, again. I strongly urge you to mind your language here as we’re all civilized people.
C:*kept on and on and on and on*
M: Mr C, I’m repeating myself here. Please, do mind your language as we’re all educated and I’d like to have your issue resolved once and for all.
C:*kept on and on and on and on*
M: Apologies Mr C. I’m afraid I have to hang up your line. Perhaps you can call us back when you have calm down, then we can talk and resolve your issues at and rationally. *hang up line*

Easy? Hopefully for ya’ll. But I’ve done this before, and I clearly remember ‘twas 15minutes after I dragged my sorry ass into the office, into my own cubical, my own “kingdom”, and this type of call has gotta my first call of the day. And I thought to myself: what a great way to start my day.

There’s a fine line in between customer service and personal abuse. Be clear on this. I’m not advocating you gotta do this e-ve-ry single time you come to this state, but at least get your immediate supervisor’s acknowledgement prior doing so. Let them know of the situation. There may be ramification/aftermath if such is done without ‘em knowing it.

Then again, I always uphold this motto throughout my entire life *sounds so old, damn* in this industry:

Whoever put the phone down first, is the loser.

It’s just some kinda psychology effect I have to myself, to sooth myself so that I won’t be a mad man cursing aloud in the office right after one nasty call. Although I stil do it every now and then.

There. A post that has been sorely missed since god-fucking-knows when. This is supposed to be the real content of my blog, the real purpose of me started this blog. It’s back! I’m back! I’ll be posting another interesting story tomorrow, a story that happened earlier today.

I promise.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It' Been A While....for the Umpteenth Time.

My-oh-my, it’s been awhile, ladies N’ gentlemen. Yeap. Since my last entry during the visits of the VVIPs til todate. Nothing much to rant about. Reasons?? Well, it’s just same ol’ dipping shit, but on a different day.

Much has happened since my last post. People leaving, people dying, earthquakes everywhere, snowing on a bloody desert, tsunami. Well, sidetracked abit. Can’t stand this kinda nature in this world. *Why am I feeling like this all of sudden??* I’m trying to restrain myself from posting Motivator and the gang anymore ‘cos any post about any of ‘em are just seems never ending. It’s kinda frustrating to work this group of people who thinks they know everything but they know jack-shit-all in actual fact.

Was having few decisions-making dilemma between now and then. Ever since the “over-qualified” incident, I tend to look for way outta this shit hole as much as I can, provided opportunities arise. Been to couple of those interviews to gain experience. Not that I don’t know how to get through these interviews but each attempt ends in failure as there were much better candidates than me that were applying the same post. Meh. Fuck that.

The toughest came around when there was an agent post that I kinda fond of. It’s works similarly like Sherlock Holmes of the modern days. Or to those who are into US dramas, think of CSI series, and you’ll think of this team. Not that I’m exaggerating but, that’s how that team works. Eventhough it’s a normal agent post but I kinda wanted a change for good. Some of you maybe asking:

“Why would you wanna jump from an agent level job/team to another agent level job/team?? Are you fucking retarded?”

To be frank, it’s ‘cos of Motivator. I’m stil doubting his abilities *oh wait, has he ever got one to start with?*

Before I submit my application, I scoured, surveyed around to the team that I was interested to get into. I have a very healthy relationship with all of ‘em during the course of my day-to-day job function. They seems to pretty receptive over my intention. The leader of the team happens to be my teammate back then and she has since developed. Hence I had a casual chat with her on my proposition. She mentioned it generally that, well…in a hindsight, she kinda hinting that I don’t apply for it simply for the sake of getting the fuck outta my current team, or more specifically, Motivator. Yes. She’s a loyal reader of my humble blog too. In case you’re reading this, yea. I changed my mind after our casual chat in front of the fast food chain at the lobby. Thanks again. I think my anger & frustration towards that words-can’t-describe son-of-bitch clouded my decision-making capabilities back then.

Things move on from there. As much as I bloody hate Motivator to the bones, I acted as if I will succumb to all his requests/demands/questions. Even more-so that I gotta do this on daily basis. It’s kinda tiring at times. I’ve been checking on our internal recruitment page every single-fucking-day to see if there are any “opportunities” that I can get the hell outta this god forsaken place. Yeah. Read my lips.


Beginning of last month, a new manager arrives in town. From a country to the west of my place of origin. I ain’t sure why the influxes of those bloody black people from west side recently. It has been like that since few years already. This is only applicable to those higher management positions. The classic case was when one of the local supervisor was place as temporary manager during the interview process. The whole floor thought that she maybe the perfect to get the job. However to everyone surprise, the management dropped a bombshell by announcing the position was given to this new bitch from the west side.

Seriously, I just don’t get it why on earth is our centre herein this country is being “invaded” by those bloody “legal immigrants”. Yea. I’m kinda racist in this situation. So?? Sue me then. Bloody goddamnit! is our centre here short of capable candidates to take up the role? Is our centre here not upto the level of expectation? Then what is those management’s expectation to that position(s)??

Again, I’ve sidetracked. Apologies. Once I’ve started typing, there’s no stopping it. I ain’t sure when will this ends. Anyways, eversince this west side fat bitch arrives, she gives me an impression of wanting to talk in all possible ways that she can think of and she wanna do everything her way eventhough the existing workflow has been there for ages. I know a change will do us good but to change the never-changed-before stuff will be a very big ask for us.

Went to a couple of conference calls with West Side bitch. All she ever did during the whole session was talk, talk, talk and talk but no action. Much like our local government: excelled in talking, but lacking in actual implementation. Which makes me to conclude this:

B-tards & bitches from the West Sides are all talkers, they ain’t do-ers. Good in spouting lotsa bullshits, but never do their work. They’ll be able to talk/discuss/negotiate things to the level of unthinkable. They can bring you up to heaven using their mouth, and they can bring you back to earth, and then down to hell within a blink of an eye, by using their mouth too! With that being said, I shall just leave this here and let your imagination runs wild, my fellow readers.

Never like those west side people since.

The above rants were supposed to be up about 2 weeks ago, but due to “foreseen” circumstances, it’s delayed until now.

Recently Motivator has behind the team’s back more often than before, trying to find our “deficiencies” as to how we’re finding Breakfast Budget Bitch’s. the emails that he sent out more often contain of “vicious” attack to the team than telling the team to do our stuff. I ain’t siding on anyone here but instead of “taking care” of the Breakfast Budget Bitch’ stuff, he chose to nosing around for our shortcomings. This happens not once, not twice but quite often during my absence from this blog space of mine.

Another ticking point really flared me up this noon. Here I was, sittin at my own “kingdom”, playing around with my “precious toy” for about 7-10minutes. Well, my tasks were done for the day. Not much to do, I can’t be running around the workplace like a mad dog, I can’t walk over to other departments to “flirt” around with other workmates, so what-the-flying-fuck am I suppose to do? I chose to STFO and play with myself. *Suddenly, this sounds so wrong, ain’t it? STFU ~ Shut The Fuck Up*

No making a single sound, I can even hear the sound of a pin drop if there ever is. This no-good-son-of-a-black-bitch said:

Stop playing with your phone.

Seething from these words, I glared at him, nodded my head, and continue playing with my “precious”.

Yeah. The whole team knows that I’m the most difficult for him to handle ‘cos I’m too much for him. I was planning to have a talk with a manager earlier today. But without me knowing, the director is in town. So, I abandon the idea. Just before u say anything, just read on from here, a’ite??

I’ve no plan to raise this issue upto the higher level, ‘cos it’s not necessary, yet.

I stil think the “messages” that I’m gonna send across to a “friend” will be heard and hopefully it will save the current “state” that this Motivator and the team is in, and I'm in no way trying to be a hero to the team.

Think this is the end of it? You are owh-so-fucking-wrong-wrong-wrong!!!!

It’s been the tradition of the team that all breakfast/lunch/short break are self-managed, just as long as there are enough headcounts covering the floor, not forgetting there’s another team sharing the exact same line with us. So there shouldn’t be any issue on this one.

Ain’t too sure which black bitch hits Motivator’s organ, he was adamant that there must be at least 2 headcounts on the floor at any point of time.

Now, this maybe just my own speculation. There was an ad-hoc meeting with the new manager aka West Side Bitch back then. This break issue was in the “agenda” as well. ‘twas this bitch’s ingenious idea that there must be 2 headcounts at any point of time. But some odd reasons this “ingenious” plan was called off. From what I heard, it seems like one of the leaders had a heated argument with West Side Bitch on this issue. Like I said, speculation. Don’t quote me on this.

Eversince this broke out, this dick-Motivator has adopted this idea. i’ve no idea why on earth did he do what he did or has he any brain at all to decide what to do and what not to do? Is he trying to start a revolution now by changing everything, bit-by-bit??

The atmosphere of the team is at an all-time-low now. He’s picking the mistakes outta everyone of the team and refused to admit the mistakes done by his latest recruit, the Breakfast Budget Bitch.

I’ll just suck it up for this week since the director is in town. I WILL go ahead with the talk plan I stated earlier next week.

Enough for now. I’ve dramas to catch. I’m getting on with my life. I’ll putting up couple more posts very soon. Much has happen since my last post back in April.

EDIT: Just read through, found out that the original purpose of this ranting place of mine has deviated. So much so has happen since the beginning of this blog til now. I think I should take a step back and "review" the whole thing soon, very soon.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It’s been awhile since my last post, and guess what, I’m doing this from office. Yes. I’m in the office on a fucking Sunday. Workmates in this team will come into office during the weekend once a while due to heavy workloads at times. Like I said, “at times”. Not all the time. Suddenly I feel the “motivation” to put this one up, so as to summarize what has happened between now and then. Let’s av itttt!!!!

Continuing from my previous entry, ‘twas about the movie King’s Speech. The leading actor fucking deserves the award. The show was awesome, jawdropped, at least for me that is. It’s way better than the stupid swan movie though. In case you haven’t watch the show yet, please, go watch it!

The very week after my last post, the team had a meeting with who else but Motivator. The meeting was solely discussing on the quality of our department’s call.

Like I’ve ranted previously, how do you expect a department that is chasing up debtors to pay us back the money owing to us with quality in mind? But hell no, this joker persisted with it and insisted to have this meeting/discussion or whatever the fuck you intend to name it, I don’t give a flying fuck on it anymore. During the meeting, ‘twas just like any other meeting that we had previously. But the content of the meeting was really what ticked everyone’s mind off. The team can’t do shit but to play along with it. I ain’t gonna rant about this thing anymore ‘cos I’ve done so in my previous posts. We’ve reiterated ourselves on this topic time and again ‘cos it’s just not practical for the team but he kept on with it. I don’t see a point on holding the meeting as well, ‘cos in the end he said that he has posted the same questions to the management about the team’s job function and that “rule” will not be suitable for the team. He further added that he’s awaiting the response from the management on that piece. Therefore, the meeting serves like a preparation for us just in case his “claims” rebuffed by the management.

Now, after all that we’ve been through since the day Motivator stamped his filthy, lil’ foot in our working area, I ain’t trusting a single word from his smutty mouth anymore. Maybe it’s just words to pacify us or perhaps it’s the truth but I’m having none of it.

So, couple of days later, the newbie (will be known as SadFace henceforth) that always portrait a sad face as if his house got burnt down the day before, has really put the team onto the tip of the boiling point. Errors after errors, questions after questions of the same topic. How long will it take before he can really absorb all that were being taught previously? What the fuck were you doing during the training? This newbie in the team was the one that got his job application resurrected from the dead. In case you don’t know what am I babbling about, please re-visit my previous posts then. the team has decided in unison to talk to Motivator about this matter. To the team’s surprise, Motivator agreed to our reasoning. After half an hour, Motivator pulled me over to another side, talking privately about this matter. He mentioned to me that he has seen & heard what SadFace has done as SadFace is sitting right next to Motivator and Motivator will be able to hear & see everything the SadFace did, just as long as Motivator has the time to sit on his place. Apart from that, according to Motivator, there has been numerous times that Motivator tried to back SadFace for the errors that he has made but the frequency of those errors are piling up til Motivator can’t afford the time to deal with it anymore. Hence he asked what can be done about this SadFace. I told Motivator that a possible swap with another guy from another team will be the viable option for now, but we need to ask his thoughts before everything is said & done. Hence, Motivator had a meeting with that guy. Couple of days later, the decision is made. The swap is going to happen but not with immediate effect. The guy who agrees to the swap is only going to join my team end-of-month due to transitioning matter. SadFace is to move over to the other team, which is the same team as DimWit immediately, so as to avoid anymore errors done to the team, which will affect the team’s overall performance.

Identical Look of SadFace in my Team.

Now, think this: DimWit is hired by Motivator.

SadFace is hired by Motivator.

Breakfast-budget Bitch [henceforth known as BB]is promoted by Motivator.

All 3 are facing problems performing in their current role. This is a fact that is well-known within the team but not made known to outsiders. It’s clearly visible. But, somehow, someway, ‘twas made in such that DimWit has receive couple of awards for his performance on his job. But the figures are different from what we’ve gathered. Something went wrong somewhere?? You be the judge on this one.

The very week after the swap was agreed upon, there were few VVIPs in town. For the first time in current employer’s history, there’re VVIPs from overseas stepping into our premises. I ain’t talking about directors, or vice president here. I’m talking about the person who is 2 levels below the CEO of the company is coming to town!!! Yeah. That’s how high up this person is. Knowing this, every single person in the company is fully prepared to embrace the arrival of this VVIP. There has been a couple of sessions being arranged for us to get upclose and personal with this VVIP in particular to voice out just about anything that we wanna ask, of course, those questions have gotta be relevant to those person of his stature and calibre.

Now, I aint’ no genius in this field but whenever one is up against a person of that stature, the kinda of question that you intend to post to him must be of some sense, or at least questions matching his “credentials”, if you know what I mean. Like for instance, you don’t ask a VP of a company, comin’ all the way from the headquarter for a market visit, a stupid question like:

Our building’s air-condition/ventilation system is not working. OR

There’s not enough car-parking space in the premise.

The above are just samples of what my fellow readers should be expecting. What I am about to post in the very next line and forth are stupidity of the highest quality that no one can compare.

1) We have problem getting in touch with that department.

2) There are flaws in the process map of our daily job function.

3) The air condition in this building is not working properly.

4) The other department is not treating our requests with utmost urgency as our client is chasing for it day-in day-out.

5) There are flaws in the process map of our daily job function. [again, the 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10 are of the same with this one currently at No.5.]

Owh. Come-the-fuck-on!

Have you no brain, you fucking twats?!

If you’ve got nothing better to say, just shut the fuck up. He, for fuck sake is 3rd in command in this Multi-fucking-National-Company, and all you twats gotta say are these?! If you have nothing better to say, just shut the fuck up and let those people with the art of talking do their stuff.

Now, the session was scheduled to be an hour. The above 10 questions were repeated all over the hour. My team’s representative didn’t even get the chance to open her mouth at all during that hour. She was infuriated the moment she got off the room. Swearing all over (well, literally) the team when we were discussing what happened in that room. There were 2 representatives from our team, each attending different session, both sessions ended up with the exact same thing: People askin’ retarded questions to the leaders, for the full one hour and our team’s representatives didn’t even get the chance to open their mouth.

Knowing this, I talked to Motivator about this and he was about to go for his session with the leader. Hence, we vented our “frustration” to him and relay the questions that we wanna to him, which later on I found out from him that he DID convey the message to that VVIP.

Phew! Talk about working with idiotic people under one roof, on a daily basis!

Well, on a sidenote, our director did come down accompanying the VVIP. The same kinda session was arranged, and the history repeated itself as well. The same senseless questions were being asked during the session, and the session ended just like that, full with nothing for the director to take away.

One of my mates, who was in the session couldn’t take it. He waited outside the room after the session for the director. He went up to the director that he as few questions to be posted to the director but due to time constraint he wasn’t able to. Without a doubt, the director permitted an additional session with my mate and couple more for them to voice out their obstacles in work.

Now, this “additional” session permitted by the director herself really brought fruit. Apparently both representatives from my team told the director lotsa things that she has no knowledge about and she was absolutely gobsmacked by those questions hurled at her that she needed time to investigate further before coming back with answers to the representatives from our team.

There. Asking relevant questions and the right time wasn’t that hard, eh??

Meh. Enough of this post, I gotta go now. I stil got a job to do tomorrow, for tomorrow is Monday, and I’m fucking famished now.

Til then.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Another Day

Yea. My previous entry spoke about another post that very nite. But as usual, it wasn’t meant to be. Too tired to post up another entry. Reason being??? I slept off as early as 8 that nite. I was attending a best mate’s wedding the nite before and the session dragged til 2 in the morning. I gotta dragged myself to work 2.5 hours later. Talk about hangover. This is the 1st time I’m into this kinda situation. ‘twas an absolute shocker, even to myself. But later on I told myself: he’s one of the 5 musketeers back in school days, I must be there on his big day, and the rest is history.

Couple of days later, got a call from a client. She started off with:

M: Me lar of ‘cos, who else?
S: Client.

S: You promised me that there’ll be someone calling me back last Friday but I haven’t heard even a rain drop from the person in charge. What's goin’ on here?

M: No way. You gotta be kiddin’ me, I left her a message and I followed it up with another email to her right at the very end of my conversation with yourself end of last week!

S: Like I said, nothing.

M: Ok, alright. I need you to stay with me now. I’ma call the person-in-charge now.

S: U better be.

Yea. That was the opening of it. The case was about some agreements/contracts paperwork that went missing but somehow the terms & conditions in that agreement were stil being imposed onto the client profile. The department involved made a fucking big mess outta it and I’m the stupid cockhead being caught in the middle of all these shit. Talk about tough luck.

Called the person in charge, bloody went into voicemail. Called her manager, same shit. So I had to make up some lame excuse to push the client away, at least for the time being. And so it goes:

S: I’m sorry but, can I talk to the manager please. Surely there must a manager that I can talk to now about this issue. It’s been 5 months since this issue started and it’s stil unsolved todate. Nothing against yourself but I’m deeply, deeply frustrated with this.

M: I did call up to the manager in charge but she was away on conference and will only back on comin’ Monday.

S: Well at least she has an email then? Gimme her email address, I’m going to bring this one up to higher level since you guys can’t do much.

M: but....but....but....but....

S: Just. Gimme. Her. Email. Address. Now. I’m going to send her an email after this and I’m going to copy you in. I do understand it’s not fault at all and you’re caught in the middle but I need to get this issue over and done with. Hope you understand.

There. That just made my fucking day, in a way. This is the best scenario whereby it has nothing to do with you, but you’re involved in it just because you’ve talked to her for that one time, one-FUCKING-time…and then she’ll be stuck on you for as long as the case is solved, done and dusted with. But sadly for me, it dragged for 5 bloody months. The agreement/contract paperwork is nowhere to be seen after much “efforts” by the department responsible with it. Sigh. It’s not your shit, but it’s somehow your shit, if you know what I mean, and you need to say nice things about it to cover that shit up for other people when it’s clearly not your fault. Well then, this kinda stuff do happen in all over the world especially in the field that I’m stuck with since those early days. Numb with it, but stil need a way to release it. Contradicting? You bet.

Before I continue with my entry, let’s take a one-minute-silent to those victims in Japan.

30 sec


55 sec

56 secs
57 secs
58 secs
59 sec

Recently a friend of mine just bought a ticket to the land of the rising sun. The booking was made way before all these but due to the natural disasters that happened to that country recently, majority of the tours were canceled. But she insisted on going evenafter all these. Reason?? The tickets are not refundable, in addition to that, she claimed that she has a certified paperwork from god-knows-who that it’s alright to proceed with the flight.

For fucking hell sake, that country is almost a wasteland now after all that happened, no one would even wanna book a flight there let alone you’re there just for a holiday?! Have you no brain? The value of your fucking life is lesser than a flight ticket to Japan?!?! If that’s not stupidity of the highest order, I don’t know what is.

Couple of days later, she finally conceded “defeat” to the trip ‘cos the travel agency informed her that the air ticket is refundable ‘cos of the disaster currently damaging Japan. Stubbornness to the max, seriously.

So I was attending a workmate’s farewell dinner this one fine day. Only few that are known & close to the workmate are invited, of course that include the humble me. Gotten shocking news during the dinner. I ain’t too sure what will the consequences be if I were to post this one up in here but then again, meh. Fuckit.

I’m sure y’all remember who’s dimwit & the other newbie in my current team rite? Got a friend that has very close relationship with someone working in the hiring department. Apparently both of ‘em dimwit & the other newbie have had their job applications rejected outright,twice when the hiring department gotten their paperwork. Yes. Both of ‘em! YES! Rejected, turned down, OUT-FUCKING-RIGHT!

It’s abit of miracle how the fuck can the two most useless, clueless, brainless people that I’ve encounter throughout my career would end up as a permanent employee in my team.


Please, no questions. I do not have the slightest idea how did it even come to that. No one does. The only person that can have the “empowerment” to “revive the deads” is none other than Motivator. Please do not quote me on this, if a supervisory level, like Motivator himself is opening up a position, he has the utmost authority to do anything he wants ‘cos he’ll have the final say on who to come aboard and who’s not to. Seriously,

One of my best mates bumped into my team’s previous supervisor recently. He knows what’s the happening in the office. Owh he knows. Partly it’s due to my humble blog here. Thank you very much. Partly is due to there are eyes and ears everywhere in the office. Period. He said this to my best mate:

Dude, get the fuck outta there if you can.

That’s the only sentence that he uttered. Short, simple, direct. It’s pretty much self-explanatory didn’t it? But easier said than done.

If you don’t want anybody to know what you doing, better not do it. ‘cos it’ll be revealed somehow, someway, someday. It’s just a matter of time that all those shits will be uncovered and the shits will be spilt all over the places. And here I pray to the one above, please let THAT DAY come sooner.

On a sidenote, I was involved in a project management course recently. Not too sure how the hell did I get into that thing. All I did is just passed a test, and attended a crashed course for a measly 2 hours, and then I’m supposed to come out with a problem identifier. To be frank, I’ve been through it before with the previous manager. Even though ‘twas just an hour course previously, the thing that my ex-manager was able to covered is more than the facilitator able to cover during that 2 hours. Not belittling it, ‘twas a good tool to be used in anyone’s career in just about any field but for now, I just don’t have the time to it.

Now, I do understand the fact that time is in one’s own hand, just like destiny. But I’ll need to have time for both my personal & work, for now. People always raved about work-life balance, and that’s what I am intend to do.

‘twas quite a difficult decision to make. Once all is set & done. I took the courage to inform my mentor about this. Yes. A mentor has already been assigned to all of us. Yes. There are quite lotsa people participate in that course. I duly informed my mentor about it. He is ok with me withdrawing from the course, with a valid reason of course. He then advised me to let my current manager know about this.

Fair point to that. But as a manager, he’s too busy at times. Next day, my manager came to me when I was busy at work. He was kinda surprise why did I do that, and I duly explained to him. He took it well, understand what I want, and that was the end of the conversation on that topic. He knows what I’m doing, he has full confidence in myself, and vice versa of course.

Meh. Enough for this time. Spent a good 2 hours typing this one up. Just finished watching “Black Swan” earlier this morning. The only thing stands out in the whole show is the leading actress herself. Nothing notable other than that. Gonna watch “The King’s Speech” after dinner in 5 minutes time. Hope it’s not as sucky as “Black Swan”.

Til then.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pissing Offs

Ahh, Friday. Motivator has taken a half day leave, so as to coming Monday. Therefore I’m having the luxury of doing this one from office. Was on a rampage mode 2 days ago after a stupid meeting session with Motivator and the team. Here’s how did it go.
On an early morning of Wednesday, the team was scheduled for a meeting with Motivator to discuss anything amongst us and of course for Motivator to share with us any updates on the company’s activities and whatever that is going to happen in the organisation.

There’s an old saying goes: Old habits die hard.

He started off with bullshits about the history of the nation. Then he started spouting on some irrelevant stuff. I mean seriously, why would someone be spouting this kinda bollocks on the opening of a team meeting??? You think we’ve nothing better to do? We’ve cases to work on, we’ve got customers to deal with, we got monies to be collected but here we are, stuck in this fucking unventilated room, listening to his bullshits. No, this time I didn’t stop him from doing so, just like my previous encounter with him on the outcome of my interview for the post previously. Not in front of the other workmates. He deserves at least a wee bit of respect, at the very least.

Yea. All bullshits done. A good 15minutes wasted on that kinda bollocks. Here comes the core reason for the team to be here. Sharing of results and whatver updates that needs to be discussed has commenced. Then came the part what I hated the most. No asking y’all to guess, just read the fuck on.

Now, just to give you an insight on what me and the team is doing on a daily basis. We’re a team that calling up our customers to ask for payment owing to the company. Yeah. That’s what we are.

Recently the organisation has implemented that we need to add an extra sensitivity onto all our customers, both internally & externally. This team of us has previously being preached about doing this but the leaders have always be able to push away this idea from being implemented to the team, and ‘twas being pushed away so, “professional” way. To those who are reading this part, you lots are genius. But with Motivator in charge, he’s been a bloody “Yes Man” to whatever the management has come up with. He has absolute no objection nor rejection at all whenever the management came up with something that doesn’t bode too well with the team. All he ever said was “yes, yes” and “absolutely, you’re right.”

Owh, for fucking hell sake. Do you even have your brain in your head? I’d have employed a robot instead of you. The team collecting monies from customers needs to be polite while pursuing them for payment. Yeah. Talk is cheap. Try that out, and tell me how difficult it is when you’re telling those debtors the below:

I’m so sorry that you couldn’t pay us back the money. I feel sorry for the condition that you’re in now. Allow me to transfer your file to our authorised outside creditors company to proceed with your payment arrangement ya?

Instead of the above, we can do the below.

You can’t pay? If that’s the case, we’ll transfer your case to outside agent for ‘em to deal with you directly.

See the difference?? One is simple and direct. On the other hand, one is the “extra sensitive” as emphasized by the organisation. We will not get anywhere further if this piece of “extra sensitive” shit is being implemented to the team. The previous leaders have pushed this notion off times and again. But it seems like there won’t be third time a charm anymore. Motivator is quite adamant *in a way* that this rule will be included in the team. This is pissing me off No.1.

Fine. Onwards with 2nd agenda of the team meeting. The person who gotten the new role in the team was in the meeting as well. Yeap, the bitch with the breakfast budget. She was in charge in taking down notes and perhaps share a thing or two on the meeting. There’re discrepancies among few departments that we ‘re dealing with on a daily basis. Motivator has decided to call for a meeting among the leaders of respective departments for a process alignment. Before he goes for the meeting which will be held anytime this month, he has asked for the team’s opinions on any shortcoming on other teams. The team and I shared quite lotsa points on it during the meeting itself. However, she, who took notes during the meeting has sent off another fresh email out today asking us for any thing we would like to highlight to her before the above meeting.

Bitch, where were you during the meeting? Perhaps you were in there physically but not your mind/soul? But you were there with your notebook and you were scribbling something onto it? What are those??!!! And you are sending this kinda email?! For crying out loud. Seriously, I’m doubting the management decision now for choosing this bitch with a breakfast budget to handle that new role. I’ve been having that kinda doubts since the day I left this company more than 5 years ago but I never thought this will happen again even after so long.

Meh. Fuck that. That was pissing-me-off No.2.

Right. Meeting’s over. That was torturing. Yea. Every single fucking time of the meeting was torturing. Reason? There’s only one reason, the presence of Motivator is a torture itself. It’s an eyesore. Sometimes I had a feeling that he just die. Just fucking die already. Now, this notion of him dying brought back my memory during the meeting. He started off the meeting with a lil’ story of himself went to one of the historical state within the nation for a short trip during the weekend. He spoke of how his vehicle’s tyres wore off and he nearly met with an accident after that. During that point, I told myself:

FML! And you’re still standing in front all of us now?!?!?!? Shit!

*for the benefits of those who doesn’t know what FML means, it the acronym for “FUCK MY LIFE”*

Yeah. After the meeting with the team, Motivator has a bi-weekly meeting with another manager to discuss more on those cases that we handled on a daily basis, in search of improved, enhanced ways to stimulate better results. Most of the time the meeting wouldn’t bode to well for him, simply because he just can’t answer all the bombardments that are being hurled onto him by the manager. ‘twas the same thing again these days. The pissing-me-off No.3 is this. He came out after the meeting with the manager, as usual after bombardments, asking us those Qs that he unable to reply to the manager over the phone. He coupled it with a “solution” that the whole team doesn’t agree upon with, and that was HIS solution to the problem, not ours. How can one decides for the team without general consensus? Think this Is the end of it?? You are owh-so-fucking-wrong! Here comes pissing-me-off No.4 in one day.

Motivator mentioned there were quite a number of flaws in the way the team works now, hence errors and mistakes happen here and there, which will caused “greater concern” for both internal & external customers. As a result, he and the new bitch in her role have dug out those old cases that met “their” criteria and both of ‘em are going to share to the whole teammates, individually. C’mon,

What the fuck are you 2 black faggots tryin’ to do?!?!?!

By doing this, the team morale will deteriorate to lower ground than it already is. What’s the point in digging out the past records just to justify your own agenda? Again,

What’s the fucking point in doing it??

Does he really intend to dismantle the whole team?

Does he really wanna build his own crony herein this department? ‘cos right now, he has got 3 underlings that are siding him when critical times come, and coincidently all these 3 underlings of his have featured in my blog as well, namely dimwit, bitch with breakfast budget and the newbie in my team, and of course not forgetting Motivator who complete the list.

One day full of pissing off moments. Can’t stand it anymore, but I didn’t give 2 shits about it, ‘cos the very Friday after these happenings, I went down to the historical state for a friend’s farewell trip. A good friend, a mate indeed.

This post was meant to be up the very evening after the incident happened last week. But as usual, the lazy me opted to post this one up now. In case of any disjointed stories or grammars or spelling mistakes, please. My sincere apologies. *Fuck me, I'm saying sorry in my own fucking blog.* I don't even bother to do spell check and all. Spell check are for faggots.

Another entry comin' up later tonite. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Long Awaiting......

It’s been awhile since I post an entry in here. ‘twas both lazy and busy at the same time. Anyways, lemme take you for a ride now. I’ll lay it all down in this one post today. It’s long overdue now.

My last post was about the bowl issue. Finally that bitch returned the bowl to our team. And guess what, it ain’t the fucking same bowl that we’ve lent to her previously!! See below attached for your easy reference.

Please feel free to compare the picture above with the one I posted in previous post. See the difference? You must be blind if you can’t spot the difference between the 2 bowls. Get an eye-check for fuck sake. The supposed date for that bitch to return the bowl was on that Friday. But she didn’t. instead, she brought the bowl on the very Monday after that. I thought to myself:

It’s still a bloody bowl. So who gives a fuck?!

So I returned the “bowl” to the real owner. At one glance, the owner already knew that this bowl which was just returned to her is not the one that was borrowed over to the bitch. She duly took it. She has lost all hope and faith in getting the original bowl back. Getting something similar is consider ain’t that bad of a luck after all.

There. Problem solved. Onwards with the next agenda.

Like I mentioned in my previous post back. One of my workmates has chosen to leave the current post due to whatever fucking reason that I don’t care about, hence the post is vacant. Everyone in the team has been pestering me every fucking day and nite to apply for the post. I kept on saying and repeating these words:

I’m still thinking

I’m considering.

See how.

Wait, not yet dateline.

Relax, stil got time.

I’ve made up my mind couple of days after the resignation was tendered, it’s just that I tend lay low in light of these things as I don’t wanna create a ruckus outta this. So what are you gonna do if told you that I’ve applied for it? Can you tell me that I’ll be getting the job for sure? What does it really matter to you if I didn’t get the job then? You won’t feel a pinch even if I don’t get it. I’m matured enough to differentiate right and wrong, to dos and not. So stop pestering me on every single fucking opportunities that arises. I have my own brain. I know what to do. I’m more than you could imagine. I’m just acting retard. You don’t know what’s more inside of me.

So, I can still remember the dateline for the vacant post was on Monday. Since Monday was usually busy once the clock turns at 8 in the morning, I chose to startup my application once I stepped into the office, which is 2.5 hours before that. Well, that’s the time that I’ll be starting my work daily from Monday to Friday. The application was easy as pea I’ve saved my profile in it and all I need to do is just kept on clicking “Next” and “Continue”. Not much of a hassle. The application process took me less than 15 minutes as I’ve done it previously at home. Yea. To those who don’t know about applying from home, I feel sad about you. Why do it in office with all eyes on you when you can get all the necessary stuff uploaded and prepared at home, and then return to office and proceed with the finishing.

Fuck that shit. So when time comes, I went into the room for interview. The interview went smoothly. Nothing much of a interview. To me, the interview process is just another bullshitting session. A session where you gotta sell yourself like an attention whore, telling ‘em interviewers how good are you, how you deal with problems, situational examples, and all those shit. All in all, you need to do your best to impress them, like those in American Idols, of course with sheer quality in it. The interview lasted for about 30-40 minutes. Piece of cake really. To be frank, I didn’t even specifically prepare for the interview as I’m more than familiar for the post that I’m applying for.

1 week later, got called into the meeting room by Motivator. I know what’s coming for me at that time. Acting like a retarded fuck, I walked into the room, waiting for the decision.

Started off with standard “opening”, with his brilliant bullshitting skill, he talked ‘bout this and that. I wasn’t really concentrating. My mind has flown away to god-knows-where. 10minutes passed with him spouting out rubbish after rubbish but yet to come to the final outcome part. I stopped him, saying:

Dude, stop! Outcome, now!

There. Exact 4 words from me for the whole time I was in the meeting room, together with Motivator and another team supervisor same rank as Motivator.

Laughing like stupid fucking black whore, Motivator finally came out with:

You didn’t get it, ‘cos you’re over-qualified for the job.

That’s all I wanna hear, and I thought I can get on with my job. But no. Both of ‘em held me in the room and talked to me on the prospect of the division expanding and other “formality” stuff.


Again, I feel like I’m being treated like a kid. Once more, I’m more than you can ever think of. So don’t tell me what I can do, and what I can’t do, and what I should be doing. Ignorant? Nah. Over-confident? Not a slight bit. I know my stuff. So, don’t ever, EVER fucking underestimate my capabilities. I’m just acting like retard in the office. There are times for you to shine, there are times for you to lay low. For me, I tend to lay low all the time. Never want to stand under the limelight for once.

The word of that week was OVER-QUALIFIED. Eversince the news broke out, the team has been using the word in our inter-departmental messaging device as well as emails. Fucking hilarious it was. I for one was almost choked while drinking plain water checking through the emails.

By the way, a girl from the other team has gotten the job. Yea. The same girl that has her bloody breakfast budget of one twenty. Then I started counting:

She joined the team back in mid-year of 2010, had 2 months’ off ‘cos of delivering a baby. Now it’s Mar2011. ‘twas merely 7-8 months that she was with us. For as far as I know, one needs to be at least 1 whole year in current role prior moving up the ladder. What’s going on here?! I’ve no fucking idea. Don’t ask me. It’s either the rule has changed, bent, or Motivator has changed it, bent it to let her get the job. Ain’t going details on this one ‘cos it ain’t worth my time typing it all. Good luck on your new role, bitch.

Just when I thought this is over, the team started to beleaguer me on another thing. A higher position in an entirely different department. Owh my fucking GOD! Please save me from this shit!

Like I mentioned before, I’m more than you ever can think me capable of. The plan was to applying for the role current taken up by that one-twenty-bitch. Beat the dateline, went for the interview and see how it goes. I gave myself options:

  • a) If bitch’s position interview successful and I got the job. So it shall be. I’m gonna be there for the next 1.5 years-2years before I moved on to higher level. Monetary wise, it’s more than what I’m getting.
  • b) If I don’t get the job, I will go on and apply for the next post, which has a dateline til the 1st week of this month.
There. My plans. These thoughts have long planted in my mind since the day the news on the other post broke out internally within the company.

Went for a few parties eversince that. Got dragged to a few corners on all parties, each of ‘em congratulating me for not getting the bitch’s post. Haha. For the 1st time I’m getting congratulated for not getting a job successfully. But I know what they meant. Call me sour grapes or whatever, I attended the interview for the sake it, so as to applying it. My mind was pretty much set on the 2nd post. Not that I’ll get it for sure but heck, at least I can get the fuck outta current team. Had enuff of it, needed something new.

I think the above pretty much gave you, my fellow readers on whether have I applied for the 2nd post or not. If you still can’t figured out that, just fuck yourself off and go die far-far away please.

Returned from a farewell trip for a workmate hailed from the land of football yesterday. Fucking exhausted but ‘twas an awesomely awesome trip, with the right mix of people and not forgetting the most important thing: excessive dosage of alcohol in place, ready to pop anytime.

Needed a rest now. Till then, it won’t be long til the next entry.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Story of A Bowl

Gotten really pissed off this time around even though this thing didn’t happen to myself. Here goes nothing.

So, my department loves to eat, and also collecting stuff to eat. As the working environment is rather relaxing and we don’t need to hang on the phone all day long, hence we’ll have the “freedom” to do what we once our work is done for the day.

There’s this bowl is my department that is used to put all the ingredients, the seasonings, the salts and sugars we got from purchasing fastfood over the years. The bowl was almost full when someone from another team decided to borrow that bowl for just one nite on a event held by the club. She promised that she’ll return it to us the very next week after that.

The very same bowl that I'm ranting about in this entry

Fair enough. What harm will it do? Team work, or so we claimed it to be. The team decided to lend this girl a hand by lending the bowl over to her. Well, just a couple days top. No harm done. Hence, all the “ingredients” are being taken outta the bowl and off the bowl go.

The rest? History. Fast forward.

A month later, the bowl is still missing. So, our team didn’t bother to chase on it. It could be that she’s too busy to return to us or perhaps she has forgotten it due to whatever reasons it may be.

Come turn of the year. Stil no sign whatsoever from the girl that borrowed the bowl from us. Not a single word from her. I’ve decided to confront her and ask her for the bowl to be returned to us. It’s fucking ours! Guess what she said:

Owh, I’m so sorry. I really want to return the bowl to you but my dad *or father-in-law, I don’t give a shit* got admitted into hospital due to some illness and I haven’t been home for quite sometime. I stayed at my boyfriend’s house for couple of weeks already. I’ll definitely return the bowl to you once my dad * or whoever the fuck is* is recovered.

There. 1st excuse. She even used her father, or whoever the fuck she intended to use. It’s kinda low if you ask me. But, at that point of time, I wouldn’t know if is for real or if she’s hoaxing it. Fair enough. I’ll let it slide for this time around.

Another half month’s gone, hope all is well with her dad. Decided to chase her up again on this. She said to me:

Owh, it’s in my boyfriend’s car. Will you be in later in the evening? I can return it to you tonite.

For fuck sake, you’ve been working with me and you are fully aware of my working hours. And yet you throw this kinda stupid question to me. Have you got no brain?! Knowing me, there’s no reason for me to stay in the office til sunset. I would’ve been lying on bed by the time you go home, bitch. And so I said to her,

Don’t bother. You should know my working hour very well by now. Ask your boyfriend put the bowl at the back of my workplace, which is well covered by monitor and desktop. Alternatively, you know where I sit, just tuck it into my pedestal will do.

She said ok. There. SHE SAID FUCKING OK!!!!! It means that her boyfriend has the bowl, and she’s gonna return to me tonite when her boyfriend comes over, and it’s gonna be either inside my pedestal or behind my pc, well covered. So I should be expecting a bowl the very next morning then?


It didn’t happen. So I confront her again. Where’s the fucking bowl that you promised?!?!?

Owh, you were not there. So I decided to take it home first.

Another fucking excuse! What the flying fuck is in your fucking puny brain, bitch?!?!

Didn’t I tell you to put it inside my pedestal where I sit daily?! Or perhaps leave it behind?!?!?!

Yet she couldn’t understand a single word that I said. Getting pissed off, I waited for couple of days as I was busy with work myself.

Another week passes by, confronted here again. This time she told me this:

Ok. I’ve got the bowl with me now, but it’s locked in the departmental cabinet at the back of me but I don’t have the key. I’ll get it for you later.

Rite. She got the bowl with her and she’ll get it for me later in the same day.

Fine. At least the bowl is within the building. Give her a benefit of a doubt.

Another few days passes by, stil no sign of it. Gotten pissed off again, I hurled few negative comments via my twitter account, which I got it linked to be posted to a social website. I know for a fact that she has an account in that social website, so she would’ve seen the message I put through. She explained to me the very next on this:

I went to the club last nite. They said that the bowl at that club we hold the event was locked inside a DJ’s locker and the DJ only work on Wednesday and Thursday. Furthermore, I’ll get it passed to you this Friday *which happen to be TO-FUCKING-DAY! *

So last nite, again I hurled few vulgar comments on the social website again. Couple of minutes later, she tried to ring my mobile but I went asleep soundly right after I logoff. she then sent me a short message saying:

It’s me. I just call the club. They want me to go to the club & collect it in the evening as they are having some event and tonite is kinda busy.i’ll go tomorrow after work. If you don’t believe me, you may come along with me to the club to collect it. I’m not giving you excuses.

Erm. Rite. You’ve already lost your credibility, your trust. I personally don’t trust you anymore. I spoke to the owner of the bowl yesterday. Yeah, the bowl belongs to another workmate. I’m collecting it on her behalf. I can bet my life on this that if I never bother to chase the bowl up with this bitch, this would’ve gone unnoticed.

Anyways, side tracked abit. As discussed, we’ve decided that if she failed to return the bowl on Friday, which happened to be today, the bitch can keep the bowl for good, we just want the money back, and that’s the end of it. Period.

Ain’t too sure what will transpire later today. Keep you lots posted on this one.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Another Peaceful Day

I’m back again. This entry was supposed to be up last week but…..ahh…skip the reasoning. Here goes nothing.

A workmate just threw the "ultimate letter" last week. Yeah. Reason behind? ‘twas a stupid reason to start with. Ain’t going in depth on this one, since this workmate of mine has made the decision, just let it be. We’re all adults now, one should be responsible for whatever decisions that he/she make in life. All I can say is good luck in your future undertaking, in case you’re reading this.

Ain’t no time for complaining/ranting now. Since this workmate has decided to “move on”, the position Is now vacant. Just had a word with both my manager & Motivator yesterday, apparently they’re opening up the position for those who are interested in applying for the vacancy. Whoever it is, good luck.

Tonite is gonna be some tale of the pictures, just to share with you lots.

This bowl of instant noodle was prepared for me by one of my workmates after much pestering and disturbance and “abusive words" being hurled to her. At the end, she succumbed to my “request” and made this for me. 'twas delicious. Well, when one is hungry, every food that is available will be delicious. This picture was taken at exactly 12 noon. Don't you worry, I know. I love you too!

This mug above is a gift, well, not exactly a gift. It’s more of a complimentary mug after we purchased the meal on promotion on that day. Reason why I post this one up is because of the uniqueness of the mug design. C’mon, I’m no artist or the likes of it but this one really caught my eyes. Hence it’s up here.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. The whole office was brimming with the air of love. Outta nowhere we were supposed to participate in this Valentine’s Day gift exchange event. Seriously, why would one wanna do that?! I'm already pissed with the whole idea of this Valen-fucking-tine Day being created/invented at the first place. I'm further incensed by the fact that I hafta buy gift(s) and giving out V-Day gift to someone you have no intimate feelings with, aside from professionally being “engaged” with ‘em all. Not that I’m being a party blooper or anti-social kinda bastard but this kinda stuff is meant to be done individually, showing your feeling by exchanging gifts on a V-Day really, really got me scratching my head. Here’s how it goes:

You gotta pick a name outta the bowl which contains lotsa names being cut into small pieces. Right, you got yourself a “valentine” to express your feelings with a gift. Sounds stupid on a V-Day? Yeah. It does. Whoever that came up with this gift exchange idea on a V-Day is really a no brainer. If it’s on a Christmas season, yes, I can understand that but to do that on a Vale-fucking-tine’s Day?! Seriously, better just scrap the idea. It’s just retarded. No one in the whole wide world will be doing a gift exchange on a Valen-fucking-tine’s Day.

Then again, everyone seems so keen onto this gift exchange thing. I had no choice but to ask one of my workmate to go down and get the cheapest gift available that strikes his eyes. There. Found it. A stupid cup, designed just for this occasion, got the gift, unwrapped, and I handed it over to the event organizer. There, my “job” is done. And in return, I got my V-Day’s gift. See below

It’s a set of Chinese chess In case you’re wondering what the fuck is this weird looking square box is. Took me sometime to open up the box. Thanks very much to the sender, whoever you are. But I gotta tell you this: where did you dig up this old box? It looked as if it’s being used time and again, or it’s been deserted at some corner or underneath your bed/closet for ages. It’s dusty, that’s why.

Irregardless, I opened it and had a go with another workmate of mine at work. Don't believe me?? See picture below again.

Today is public holiday for my country. I was supposed to be working, but I requested from Motivator that I needed a time-off as I’ve been working since the turn of the year without any break on weekdays. Request granted after much negotiations. Had a nice, and comfy day off without worrying anything, whilst doing absolutely nothing at home. Finish up some long overdue dramas and movies along the way. There. That’s what have been happening recently with me. No ranting, just some happy stuff. At least for me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


G’day everyone. This entry was supposed to be up during the weekend but somehow, someway it got delayed til today.

Was rather busy for the past 2 days after return from our public holiday celebration over the weekend. But something broke out during that period. I’ve done something that I’ve not done before during this big public holiday celebration time.

Throughout the years, these type of public holidays are meant to be sitting duck at home, doing nothing but waitin’ for relatives to visit our house, and got asked by them on:

When are you getting married? **when the time comes, I’ll tell you.**

Have you got a dating partner yet? **again, please refer to above**

You want me to be a matchmaker? **thanks, but no thanks**

Not going anywhere since it’s holiday? **you won’t see me here, if I’m already out**

It’s the bloody same question year-in year-out with this buncha old fags. Don’t they get bored? If they’ve run outta things to say/ask, just shut the fuck up and enjoy the once-a-year reunion then. seriously, sometimes I’m abit annoyed by all these “traditional” stuff. Yea. Don’t like it, so sue me!

Anyways, back to my origin story of this entry. I’ll really wanted to get outta house for awhile, have a few drinks with best mates and forget fuck all about this holiday celebration. Call me whatever you like, the mood surrounding this public holiday celebration is incomparable to those days, back about 10 years ago. Back then, there are always time to celebrate, reasons to go back to my mom’s hometown to celebrate with the uncles and the aunties and the relatives who stay there since god-knows-when. This village is so full of natural resources, the hills, the sands, the bugs, the animals, the wells and everything else that you can think of a village. Simple, imagine Lord of the Ring’s hobbits living place. Yea. That should ring a bell. The celebration and the mood is owh-so-different without the feel of the hectic life in the capital town where I’m living in. everything is just slow, smooth, relaxing as times goes by. We can run up and down the hills, got splashed by the sand near the beach, which is about 30minutes drive from town et al. you get the drill.

Anyways, so 3 of us went off to a pub downtown for a drink. ‘twas initially for a few drinks. So, we went into a pub and ordered few drinks. Few minutes later, the security guard came and asked 3 of us for identity check, just to make sure we’re of legal age to consume alcohol. Got to know from my mates that this pub that we’re in currently just got raided 1 month ago ‘cos of some underage kids snuck in and my mates stayed overnight at the cop station on that nite, the very same nite that he celebrated his birthday. Talk about bad luck.

Of ‘cos, all 3 of us went through the identity check smoothly. But the fear of getting raided again on that nite really put us on our toes. Feeling insecure, we went on to another club few stores away to continue the nite. A club that never got raided eversince they starts open for business. The rest is history. We enjoyed the nite til 4 in the morning. 3 of us, consumed a bottle of hard liquor. Yea. 3 persons, 1 bottle. Talk about records, at least for me it is. ‘twas an unforgettable nite for me as I did it for the first time during this major public holiday celebration.

Little that I know that I was supposed to visit one of my workmate’s new house the very next day and the time to meet up was at 2 in the afternoon. I was only able to get my ass off the bed, slightly sober 15minutes before the time of meet-up. Goddamn!

There. A nite to remember, on a nite that I was supposed to stay at home and “entertain” those old fags that come visiting my house for the celebration.

3rd day after a wild nite last Friday and weekend. Hardly can adjust my body clock back to normal to work. Had a quick nap this morning for about an hour due to tiredness. Almost done with work at about 2 hours ago. Things are quite lively today ‘cos there’s not much work to do compared to past 2 days. ‘twas a full, busy past 2 days ‘cos of the enormous workflow in the team. 2 headcounts were stil on holiday leave and we were down to 4 headcounts, out of the full force of 6 usually. I was very surprised that I was deep into working and thinking when it’s about 15minutes to off work. That’s the 1st time ever since I joined this new team back in October last year that I’m so busy at work.

That’s all from me for now. Be back for more. Got a funny story to tell you lots in the next entry about a new gal in another team, within the same floor with me. Trust me on this. It IS gonna be funneh!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Second day of Public Holiday

1st off. Happy holidays to all who celebrate it. This entry was meant to be up yesterday but due to “unforeseen circumstances”, I’m unable to. Now that I’m quite free in the office, here goes.

Rite. It’s public holidays herein my country I’m living in. public holidays without traffic. Therefore basement parking down in my office area cost us exactly 1 buck, which is the cheapest in town for an office area. Yeah, but basement parking only operates at 7am. For the poor me that start work at 2hours before, I’ll need to park my car elsewhere near office vicinity. When the clock hits 7am, I’ll need to get down to retrieve my vehicle and drive it into the basement parking.

You might wondering what the fuck am I mumbling about this kinda stuff on a public holiday. Heck, it’s my blog. Just read on, it’ll relates to the sole purpose of this entry. Trust me on this. I’ll never lie, EVER!

As I mentioned earlier, it’s public holiday for 2 consecutive days. The normal spot that my colleagues get their breakfast is not open. Hence, we’ll be starving to death without food. Being a kind person that I am, and always be, I offered to get ‘em breakfast whilst getting my car at a nearby restaurant which operates 24/7. Got the orders from workmates ready, off I go with another mate to buy those breakfast.

Head back to office with food, food, and nothing but food. Started to segregate the breakfast according to their requests.

Then, came a voice saying:

"Ei, why my breakfast is not cut? I thought I told you to cut it?"

Hearing this, I was stunned. I in turn said:

"Huh? I don’t know. I’m just responsible in getting it for y’all. Whether cut or not, I really don’t have any idea."

She, yes. It’s a bloody “she” persisted she ordered the breakfast to be cut upon ordering.

"Jesus, I specifically asked you guys to have it cut but it’s not. It’s troublesome."

And then she went on and on and on about her breakfast not being cut for the next 5 minutes while I busy chomping down my own portion of breakfast, totally ignoring her.

For crying out loud, it’s just a bloody breakfast, why the fuck would you be so particular about it? Just fucking stuff it into your fucking black, stinky mouth and shut the fuck up, would ‘ya?

But no, she’s kept it on and on. No one seems to bother and even fucking care to what she’s been mumbling and complaining about.

Seriously. Cut or not cut, what’s the difference?

Just in case you wanna know the difference of the breakfast that she’s been so particular about. Here’re some “illustrations” to it.

This is un-cut version of it. In full, complete piece.

This is the cut version of it, with sauce ready in it.

There. The only difference, if you know what I mean.

To top it all off, the bitch who has been making all these complaints is the exact same bitch that was complaining about her breakfast budget which I posted up few entries prior to this one. You may go ahead and read the previous one over HERE.

1st, breakfast budget.

Now, this. Seriously, doesn’t she have anything better to do than complaining stuff that doesn’t go her way? And this is only just breakfast. What about things that happen in her life that doesn’t go her way? I‘m seriously feeling pity to her hubby already. Whining and complaining every single fucking thing that doesn’t go in accordance to her liking.

Meh. Fuck off!

On a sidenote, it’s been 3months now since the latest newbie in my new department has settled down. He’s slowly crawled into my “Wall of Shame” and “Ignore List” already, apart from Motivator & Dimwit. Perhaps I’ll do it the next time then. If I were to do it now in this very same entry, it will be time consuming for me to type, and for you to read on.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today it’s about the tale of the pictures that I’ve uploaded. Nothing much to rant about. Perhaps in another entry.

So one fine day, I went out with my mom for holiday season shopping. Yeah. The big holiday coming up in early February. Mom called my on my mobile.

M: Mom
F: Me

M: Son, I wanna buy a water filter ‘cos the last one has died down few weeks back.
F: OK. But we can only do it after I’m done with my work on that day.

Few hours later, went and pick her up and entered into a shopping centre nearby to check it out ‘cos according to those neighbours bitches the water filter that my mom wanted is available there.

Strolled around the shopping centre. Mom spotted an Induction Cooker to her liking, which deviates from her original purpose for the trip: water filter. Yeah. That’s women for you. They’ll never stick to their original purpose of going shopping at any point of time, regardless of age. Haha.

M: Son, I want this. Ask the sales person how much it is.
F: Yo sales guy! I want this. Talk to me on this. Gimme best price as well.

After rounds and rounds of explanation and negotiation, my mom finally made her decision on getting the a cheaper cooker. Then I told her this:

F: Mom. You’re gonna use this for long. If you wanna get one in case of you run outta gas, better get one that is with higher quality and durable and easier to operate. Yo, sales, get me this.

M: Woah, so expensive. You pay?
F: Ahhhh, yea yea yea. Let's go.
M: *evil smirks*

End result: see picture below.

Elba eic-2000 Induction cooker picture Cost me 300 bucks after 10% discount.

Ok. Done with this one. Off we go hunting for the sole purpose of going to this shopping centre: water filter.

Can’t find any ‘cos the model that my house is using all these while is already obsolete and the manufacturer doesn’t come out with any replacement for the model anymore. Then I told my mom:

F: Ma, get rid of the current one. It cost us just 90 bucks back then. it’s been years we’ve been using it and it’s already served it’s purpose. Time for a new one.
M: Hokay. I’ll go to downtown next week and get a new one, and then claim from your dad.
F: ……… *shakehead* facepalm*

There. 300 bucks gone in just about 15mins. That’s 300 on top of what I’ve fork out during our first round of shopping the very week before in time for the holiday celebration coming in February.

Reached home, meddlde with the induction cooker. Turn out to be “user-friendly” than anyone expected. Even my mom start using it every other hour since the day ‘twas “introduced” to our house. Talk about value for money.

Yesterday, I was desperate for a perfume as the last one ran out again. I blogged about this back in May 2009. See link HERE.

Wanted to get my hands on some brand that I’ve never try before and also something the smells abit fresh. So happen that one of my mates wanted to get a smartphone pouch for his newly acquired smartphone. Hence we set on a trip to get both stuff in one place.

Strolled down to a infamous shopping centre downtown after work. Walked around the shopping centre hunting for the stuff that we both wanted. Gotten to some phone accessories store, only to find out that they run outta stock for the pouch that my mate was looking for. He gave up rite after that as the shopping centre doesn’t have much phone accessories store. Hence we went on and scour around for my perfume fragrance outlets. After much testing and tinkling, I’ve finally opted for the below:

Left-right: Deodorant Spray~Shower Gel~Eau de Toilette

The package comes to gether with shower gel & deodorant spray and a bag as freebies and also few other miniature samples from the same brand, but different frangrances. See picture below.

Freebies 1 Left - Right: miniature samples of Bottled Night ~ White Edition ~ Element

Freebies 2: The Bag...the bag...THE BAG!!!!

Damage on yesterday’s shopping? Approximately 350. Yeah, but I do think it’s money well spent again. The last one I had lasted me for almost 2 years now. Wonder how long this one will last for 100ml.

Then off I go with my mate to a digital mall nearby to continue his search for the smartphone pouch. None of them have stock. Giving up, again. My mate opted to go to the official store and ask them on the availability of the stock and will go ahead and purchase it as he’s a tad bit frustrated after all the store personnels told him the same story over and over and over again.

No Stock.

I ain’t too sure the reason behind but I think the reason why the pouch that my mate was looking wasn’t that popular and hence they didn’t bring in any stock at all. Even that, the other pouch brands’ price is exorbitant considering that they’re not even official store. Talk about daylight robbery.

Ahh well, I went home a happy person whilst my mate went home abit frustrated not getting what he wanted. Ahh, better luck next time though.

There. A light post. Not much of a swearing entry.

Be back for more.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Post....Just for You, My Friend. My Great Friend

Been wanting to put this one up since Sunday but I don’t know how to ‘cos it’s rather difficult to start with. However, let’s try this for once but me thinks it’s gonna be with a heavy heart.

Was browsing through my blog last nite, only to find that I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now. What a great feat eh?? Funny how it all started with life surrounded by absurd, retarded customers until today, which is surrounded by the likes of ‘em, and somehow I feel there’s a change in the way I blog in opposed to the origin of this blog. And funnily enough that I didn’t put this very article even after it happen way before the start of this humble blog of mine. Meh. What am I mumbling about. Just ignore those. I just wanna make the entry abit longer as it seems.

Got a friend, to whom I know him since the start of the century. A good mate, whom I shared the laughter,the tears, the crazy stuff happen in the office with. There’s nothing that we won’t share, ‘cept for life partner of cause. He was my mentor, my senior, the person that I look up to back then. simply because he’s so knowledgeable in work as well as in life. So much stuff in common between both of us. Even our birth year and month is the same, we’re just a week apart in terms of birthday. Talk about coincident in life. He was the one who picked me up when I was down in year 2005. Strive hard together to get through that hard times. But a year after that, something happen.

I guess you shuda guessed it by now. My mate was down with some mysterious sickness that nothing can cure of. Went to a doc. Doc said the sickness is really, really, really rare in this world. Only 2-3% of people in this world will get this kinda sickness. I’ve forgotten the name of the disease *or it might have not been told to me ever*. It’s recoverable only by Chemotherapy. Yeah. We all know how expensive it is to go through that Chemotherapy session. Each session will cost the patient a whole lot more financially than one can imagine. Even that, the Chemotherapy session would not even guarantee his recovery. Hearing this, the family decided to try another way traditionally. They went to some ancient sensei for some guidance and hopefully some ways to help in curing this mysterious sickness that my mate has. In short, and cruelly put it, from my point of view, my mate is just waiting for THE day to come and he’ll be with the likes of Zeus, Poseidon, James Dean, MJ to where they are now. Yeah. He’s waiting to die.

Eversince the news broke out about his sickness, he has not been answering our calls, no reply on messages. it makes me feels like he’s avoiding the world ‘cos of the sickness. We even went to his house but everytime got shoo-ed off by his family member in a polite manner as :” he’s not feeling well and he needs to rest now”. In normal circumstances, I would’ve fuck them up straight but shouting what the fuck is wrong with him. But knowing this mate of mine for half a decade, he would’ve at least tell us what’s wrong with him. Seeing this, I think something is terribly wrong with him already.

When my mate was well, he’s well built, almost same size like me, a tad bit of beer belly, average height, with healthy skin. But after the sickness struck him, his weight socially has gone down drastically. His beer belly has disappeared. His chin has gone down from square to sharp, his cheek has deepened inside as if there were insufficient flesh. With that being said, all these changes made his appearance looked like a child without enough food from those 3rd world country. This is the impression that I’ve got when I went and visit him with another close mate after he got the sickness.

Few weeks later, ‘twas only me who went and visit him. He was just lying on bed, unable to raise his hand, talking to me, with his weak voice. Went into his room, he was covered with blanket, sorta complaining about the weather being abit cold, even without the aircon on and ‘twas a sunshining evening. This made me even worrying for him.

I can’t get the exact date of him leaving us but I do know how he said goodbye to us.

‘twas a fine noon. As usual, my mate went for his usual doc session early morning. Everything was in order and okay. When he reached home, his dad was about to carry him outta car. With my mate’s hands on his dad’s shoulder, he suddenly went blank. His legs were energyless. His whole body collapsed on his dad. And that was it. That’s the end of his journey in this world. He has joined the aforementioned great people who have ever graced this world. I’ve just lost a great, great, great friend.

He’s gone. Went for his funeral on nite time. Met lotsa friends, long time friends from same team previously. Those who left, those are stil in the team. Had a great reunion, in a sad, sad way. No tears at all. Strange eh? That’s how it was on that nite.

Come morning, when we’re supposed to send him to incineration. His last journey with us. When I was on my way to the venue of his funeral prior seeing him off the road, I was having flashbacks of the time we spent together throughout that 5-6 years period. Suddenly, tears started to flow down my eyes. I can hardly contain those emotions. The feeling was unspeakable how I felt at that time. All I know was that, I was driving with watery eyes throughout the whole trip to the funeral. 30-45 minutes of tears flowing non-stop. This is the 1st time ever I’ve cried throughout my life.

Arrived at the funeral, the monk did some “ceremony” prior to sending him off to the final journey. Final nail onto the coffin. That was it. All who present were crying out loud, if not weeping. All eyes were watery. Tears were shed. Off we go. ‘twas about 1km of walking, with the vehicle that drove his coffin away. Again, the tears continue to flow. Flashbacks, flashbacks after flashbacks. Tears, tears. Those were the only thing that I could think about while seeing him off.

Arrived at the venue of seeing his body being burnt to ashes. The moment the coffin were lowered down to the incineration container. I struggled to pull myself together. My mate’s life partner was rushing towards the coffin to stop the coffin from going down, but the effort was useless for it was a fact that his body is going to be burnt down to ashes. All emotions were running wild the moment the fire was lit. the coffin was slowly moving towards the fire. Screams, shouts, cries, weeps. All you can think of, it’s all happening at the same time. Gosh. That was too much for me stuff.

That was it. A friend which will be long remembered. A close mate. A great mate. Lost. You might be askin’ why this sudden sad post of mine this morning.

Yeah. I went and pray for him on Sunday. Flashbacks struck me again. Hence the intention of this post.

Rest in peace, KK. I shall remember you for always.