Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Morning

Something happened this morning that really irked me off. Just wanna get this off my chest once and for all.

Those who know me, my work starts goddamn early these days. As time goes by, I’ve got used to the timing, so as to my body clock. So as usual, I’ve gotten my lazy ass up my comfy, stinky yet full with “flavor” bed, prepare to go work.

Every morning, I’ll take the same route from my house to work regardless of weather, traffic condition.

But when I got to the very corner to a small road just right outside of my house, there were couple of local authorities setting up road blocks for some god-fucking-know reasons, as early as 5 in the bloody morning.

Yeah. You saw what I typed. 5 in the fucking morning!!! Haven’t they got anything better to do in this wee hour rather than setting up road blocks???

I was in a rush. I was thinking to myself, I ain’t done no wrong, I’ve got all the paperwork with me. The car is in perfect shape, there shouldn’t be any problem of me getting through these pile of dung in front of me.

As expected, got stopped, checked, but was advised to pull over, quite rudely by that i-think-he’s-junior local authorities. Reason?? I didn’t get my seat belt on.

Incensed by his attitude, I pulled over. I have this thought in my mind that I ain’t giving anything to him but my paperwork. If you wanna gimme a piece of that shitty summon, please get on with it. I haven’t got the luxury time to talk about it at this wee hour. I’ve got a job to do downtown and I don’t wanna be late for it.

Then came a different local authorities, which I think he’s more senior than the previous cock-sucker-junior. Checked through my vehicle, both internally and externally, came over me and the below conversation illustrated:

M: Yours truly
S: Senior

S: Good morning, Sir.
M: *stil abit pissed* morn’.
S: Where are you heading this early hour, Mister?
M: *you think you’re the only one working at this wee hour?? Me too, you fuck-tard!* Work, gonna be starting in next 25minutes, and will be late if you haul me off here, wasting more time.
S: Rite. Where’s your office?
M: Downtown. *given him full address, sarcastically*
S: Do you know that you didn’t have your seat belt on, that’s why we have you pulled over?
M: *seriously, you’re not even traffic police, by the book, you have no rights to ask me to do that*. Yea. Sorry ‘bout that, ain’t got the time to do so since I’m rushing and it’s so early in the morn’.
S: Rite, please remember to have your seat belt in future, yea? Here I return your paperwork.
M: OK. Got it. Thanks.

That went well.

Believe in karma, you give people shit, you get the shit back in your face.

Do not do what you don’t want onto others, for that will come back to haunt you one fine day.. and karma’s a bitch.

Fuck!? What the hell am I babbling about now??!?! Scrap that, ignore it. That wasn’t meant to be in here. Geez.

Sped off after the road block in early hour. Reached office just in time, 3 minutes before my actual work hour start. Godamnit. Was rushing like a mad dog after that road block.

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