Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Service

So, my new car has choked up to its very first 1000km of mileage, and it's about time for its very first service from the factory. Hence, I went to the nearest service centre near my house, which is about 10 minutes drive, on a very bright Saturday.

Reached there around 12 noon. Not much car in that service centre. Moved on to register myself in the reception area and duly wait for my turn for the service. When it's about my turn, I submitted all the necessary documents to the generous and helpful assistant to speed my new car's service. This is the itenarary for the service, which costs me about 150 in total:

1) Total Quartz 7000 SM 10w40 Silver
2) Oil Filter
3) Gasket A/T Oil Pan Drain plug
4) Windscreen Washer(60ml)
5) Sundry materials
6) Oil treatment B1 (350ml)
7) Car wash & vaccum for free

Lucky me that I'm eligible for the service voucher, which valued at 1000 bucks due to the promotion. Hence, I presented my service vouchers to her. In other words, I get this car service for free!! *but the price for the items listed above are still a tad bit high compare to the current market price.

The service vouchers

The office assistant told me that I can get my car after 2 hours. Fair enough, considering it was a Saturday. Therefore I went for lunch with my cousin, who is kind enough to stick with me throughout the full 2 hours. I informed the assistant to gimme a call once the car is ready for pickup. She said OK.

2 hours gone. No call yet. Hence, I returned to the service centre and have a look out on my car. My car is placed pretty in the car-wash division, but with no one attending to it. So, I went into the waiting area in the office and wait for it to finish. 30 minutes gone. They are doing the vaccum now.

15 minutes later, all set and done. My car is good to go. Nice and pretty! It's just 19 days after I got the car. It was fast to hit 1000KM of mileage eh??

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Hauls

So, this little call centre agent has gone for a ride today. Remembering that I've just finshed up my previous perfume, which was a Bvlgari as pictured below.

Therefore, being an off day for myself. I've decided to drag my lazy ass to downtown and choose a new bottle of fragrance that suits me best.

It was around 4pm when reached the shopping centre. I know what I wanted. Bvlgari was good. No doubt about it. But the smell of it was rather strong for me. Therefore, I went for DKNY fragrance.

You might be asking of all brands, why DKNY? Erm, I've no idea. DKNY and me just clicked so well together compare to other brands. I will not badmouth any brands here as different people has different taste. So I'll just leave it at that.

So, I went straight to the DKNY counter cashier and asked for some information on the latest promo that they have at that time. Without thinking twice, I grabbed it, paid it, and went straight home, and grabbing some freebies in the process of it. Here are some pictures of it:

DKNY fragrance + Deodorant in one gift pack.

Freebies: Left: Eau de Toilette; Mid: miniature; Right: Body Wash.

Another freebie: Sean John aka P.Diddy bag. The sissy sales said there's no stock in the whole building. Hence the Sean John bag.

The travelling bag that I got when I bought the previous DKNY perfume. Still loving it.

There. A perfume + bag, which can last me for at least a year, only cost me around 350 bucks. Is it worth it? Hmmm, I do think it does.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My new Ride

So, in my previous post...I've said that I'ma getting my new ride after it got delayed on few occasions. Today, it's all about the pictures. Now feed your eyes with it guys & girls!

Front view of Waja CPS 1.6L Auto-Transmission

CPS 1.6L

ICE - Internal Car Entertainment: Single CD with MP3 playable.

The dashboard

I love this angle. Look so imperious!

15" Original Rims

The Steering

Automatic Transmission GearBox

The engine compartment, absolute dust-less, for once in my life.

Leather seats for 5 adults. Saaa-weeeeeeet!

There you go. The pictures of my new ride.

But then again, those who knows me might ask this: your old car has an ICE in it, what happen to it? Well, i took it out, replace it with some cheapo kinda ICE. Here are some pictures of the old ICE that I owned since year 2000 till now. Stil going strong I'd say.

The CD compartment. This where the 10 CDs will be slotted in.

This pair of Memphis speakers cost me 700 bucks to get it. With this set of babies on, there's no need for amplifiers or equalizers in your car.

Noticed some disjointed cracks surrounding the speakers?? It's the bass. It has served its purpose to me for 10-long years.

There you go. My new ride's pictures, and some old memories of my old ICE. Be back for more!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Have any of you lots ever play a game called “Waiting”? Yeah. That’s right. Waiting game. It’s damn bloody exciting, and yet sometimes it’ll make one pisses off. That is exactly what I was ‘playing’ for the past month.

Some of you might be curious on what kinda stuff am I ‘waiting’ for? Well, to be honest.. I’ve placed an order for a brand new vehicle, to replace my existing, yet reliable vehicle. So here goes the story.

It’s been almost 9 years since I got my current ride. It’s a 1.5L ride, which brings me travelled through the whole peninsular that I’m residing in. But, please also bare one thing in mind that it was a used car, which the previous owner ditched it ‘cos she was getting herself a higher-end vehicle. Coincidently, she sold it to my old man’s boss, who happened to be a used-car dealer. So much so for coincident, my old man was thinking that it was about time we should get our very own, very first vehicle, since I’m going to work on a daily basis & it’s gonna be on odd hours. After the whole process, we finally got ourself a used-car from that lady, who happened to be a tuition teacher. She only travels to and from her tuition centre which is about 15 minutes drive from her resident. Hence, the usage, the mileage was rather low taken into consideration that the car was already 7 years when I bought it. Yeah. 7 YEARS OLD USED CAR. But I gotta tell you lots that even though it’s 7 years old, but the condition of the vehicle both internally & externally are still in top notch.

Few years down the road, things started to came off. Could be the case of the vehicle getting aged. Problems start to occur on bi-monthly basis. This thing spoilt, gotta fix it, that stuff is no longer workable, gotta change it, and the lists go on & on.

So happen early last month, as I was having a decency to flip through the local newspaper [yeah, I don’t read newspaper. There’s a thing call INTERNET.] Apparently our local car manufacturer has come out with a promotion whereby all local-assembled vehicles that aged at least 10 years old, will have the benefits of trading it in, and get a rebates of five thousand. Under one condition, the 10-year-old-vehicle must still be functional, and you must purchase another local-assembled-vehicle from them.

How cool is that? I can get rid of my 16 years old vehicle, which is still fully functional, and get a rebate worth 5 thousand, and I can get a new car outta it at a cheaper than market price! This is like hitting 3 birds with only stone! Without further a due, I showed it to both my old folks, let ‘em consider it, and have their own little meeting before any final decision being made. It didn’t take them too long to think, as they were pressuring me to either get a new property, or to get a new vehicle. It’s either one. I’ve been thinking about the property ‘proposal’ from them but it’s just that everytime I thought about it, the one pain-in-ass-million-dollar-question is always the fucking location! The FUCKING LOCATION! My old folks like the current location a lot. All their friends, their relatives are used to this location after living in here for almost 20 years now. [Hmm, come to think of it, it’ll be exactly 20 years on this coming June. Yeap. 20 odd years!]

Rite. My little ‘proposal’ to change the 16-year-old vehicle got approval from both of ‘em within the next day. Therefore, I started running around looking for someone who are in this car dealing-wheeling industry to get the best deal outta it. And so, my beloved insurance agent recommended me his friend who is in this field, a part-timer it seems. ‘cos later I found out that this guy actually sings at the night at some open-air restaurant. Well, one would do lotsa things in life to make their life much more easier in the near, or far future. And his girl friend happened to act in one of the local tele soap drama. Yeah. You heard me right. Tele soap drama. A tele-celebrity. Not those big timers, but she’s good enough to have few minutes screen time here and there though. Yeap, she’s quite photogenic herself. Ok now. Onwards to the whole process of my car trading-in.

Early of last month, I drove my car to the dealer’s office, so that they can send the car for inspection, to certify that my car is stil fully functional. Once reached the office around 1pm, they said I gotta leave my car there for at least one day. I gave them a firm NO! ‘cos I gotta work on that nite. I told them this:

“I don’t give a damn what y’all gonna do with my car, just make sure that I get back this car by end of the day ‘cos I gotta work to nite!”

Hearing this, a process that takes at least ONE DAY, they managed to settle it within few hours. I got a call from the agent that I can collect my car around 7pm. See?! Why do they wanna drag it till tomorrow when they can, and able to do it within hours? Lemme tell you why: It’s about the mo-nay! That’s why. Yeap. It is a corrupted field. There’s nothing can be done unless you pay those bastards extras if you want it to be done ASAP.

So, after I sent the car for inspection to be carried out. I gotta wait for 2 weeks, which is a standardized time frame for such cases for the report of the inspection to be issued out to the agent. After that only I will be able to proceed with the car plate number and all those shit. But at the meanwhile, the agent didn’t waste anymore time. He requested me to submit all necessary documents so that he can send it up for loan application while waiting for the 2 weeks duration to pass by. Talk about efficiency eh?? And so I duly submit it, the very Monday after that. I can stil remember that the time I submitted those documents were somewhere around lunch time. When I got back to my home sweet home, I got a call from one of the local financial institution confirming on those documents’ details and all the normal procedures. Woah! This is speedy! And so everything went smooth as silk, you think? Nah, more to come. Read on.

2 weeks have passed. My agent told me that it’s about time we pay a visit to the local authorities if we wanna get myself my desired car plate number. There has been a change in local regulation on this one. The owner of the car must be present upon the payment of the car plate number purchasing. This is an effort to curb down any corruption that occurs in that area.

To be frank with y’all. The process of getting your desired plate number is goddamn easy. Just go there, sit down. Take a pen/pencil, write down 5-10 numbers that you would like to put it on your car, and wait for your turn to proceed to the counter. Then, the officer at the counter will circle whichever numbers that are still available, and also strike off any numbers that are not available. From there on, everything will be easy as peanuts. Pick your favourite number from the edited list, pay up. And off you go. With this simple process, it’ll save you at least 200 big bucks! And furthermore, you get to choose your desired number on the spot. Why not eh?

Rite. After I obtained the plate number purchase receipt from the officer in charge, I submitted it to my agent so that he can proceed with the car registration and after that, I can get my new car already. And the very next day, the deposit for the car purchase was issued to them in an effort to speed up the process even further.

Now this is where the pain comes in.

All the above process was done within 3 weeks’ time. My agent informed me that everything is ok. It’s the registration & the inspection report from the local authorities that is lacking, which is outta my hand. So, what more can I do but wait?

A week passes by. No news.

Another week has gone. I felt that something is wrong already. The agent said it shouldn’t take more than 2 more weeks for all those stuff to be finalized and getting my car ready for pick up. It’s the fourth freaking week already. Therefore, I called him up to enquire on the updates on it. apparently, they’re still waiting for the service voucher worth one thousand which I’m entitled to before registration. Strange. According to the advertisement, the service voucher will not have any effect at all when it comes to car registration. The vouchers will be issued separately by the car dealers themselves to the customers. But why is he telling me such? But heck, I’m an outsider. Without asking much, I waited. Another week has gone. It’s the 5th week.

Finally, I got a call from my agent couple of days back that I can collect my car already. Fine. But it has to be after 4pm. I told him that I couldn’t make it due to the fact that I will be working till late nite. Therefore I asked him if I can pick up the car today, Saturday. But it’s gonna be a public holiday today. After pausing few seconds, he said ok.

And the whole thing is solved. But one thing I learnt from this is that: it’s all about the mo-nay! If you want to collect your vehicle ASAP, you might wanna pay more to those mo-nay sucking local authorities so that they can release your vehicle faster, process your registration faster and everything can be done/finalize the soonest.

Phew! Here I am, enjoying my new ride. The process of waiting is painful, but like what one of my mates told me:” good things will come to those who have patience.” Well. She got a point. At least I saved few more bucks in return for my patience rather than paying those bastards more mo-nay for getting my new ride faster.

Anyone who wanna ride on my new ride? Buzz me in here. [LMAO]

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sleeping Disorder

Have you ever encounter insomnia? Or perhaps you are trying sooooo godamn hard to fall asleep but you can’t? Even after you’ve tried all possible ways to fall asleep, but stil your eyes are wide open, staring at whatever that you have inside your bedroom?? Well, that’s what I got myself into last nite, or perhaps this morning.

Like I mentioned in previous post. I only had less than 2 hours sleep [nope, I didn’t watch the footie match this morning]. I switched off my PC at 1:30am as I clearly remember, ready to tuck myself onto bed. But for some odd, unidentified reasons, my eyes were shut, but my mind, my soul were jigging its way to god knows where. I don’t think it’s a dream. No, it ain’t dream. Then? What was it? I don’t know. I just can’t get myself fall asleep. Forget about exercising, forget about drinking warm milk in the middle of the night. Once I’m onto my stinking bed, nothing in the world will make me get up from it. and I really mean NOTHING IN THE WORLD. So, I took out my mobile, which is full of my favourite mp3s in it and listen to it at the minimum volume as can be, hoping that by listening to it, I can get myself into slumberland and waltz with Ms Scarlett, or Ms Fox. But, after countless rolling on the bed, it’s close to 5 in the morning already! How did I know? Well, every mobile phone nowadays has a clock function in it, doesn’t it? And for some reason, I dozed off right after that.

My trustworthy alarm clock woke me up at 6:45 in the morning, ‘cos it’s about time I’m getting ready to work. Gosh! How painful, disastrous was it to work in this kinda mood? Less than 2 hours sleep, and I gotta start work in just a couple of hours?! This is madness!

Ever tried closing your both eyes for few seconds while driving on a freeway?? Well, I did just that today, both to and from work. I gotta admit it: DON’T EFFING TRY THIS! IT’S BLOODY DANGEROUS! AND IT AIN’T COOL TO DO SO! If you wanna die, go die at some deserted area yourself. There’re innocent people out there still wanna live a wonderful life.

The time in office passes by exceptionally fast today. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the volume of those retarded bastards & bitches calling in are humongous until I forgotten it’s about time to pack my bag and go home sweet home already.

Here I am, sitting in front my PC, typing this loads of crap. Note the time, it’s close to 8pm now. i'm signing off, and knock myself out, cold now.

Sweet dreams guys & girls!

Something's Not Right

Been working on midnite shift couple of days back for 3 consecutive days. Somehow I noticed something is slowly changing in me.

Years back, I’m used to working nite shift, as some would call it ‘graveyard shifts’. It’s as easy as peanuts to work on nite shifts. There were one occasion where I’ve been working under the moon for 3 consecutive months. The only time I get to see sunlight is when I’m on my deserved off-days. Other than that, I’m virtually a batman in real life: Sleeping during daylight, working during moon light. Now, all these were “once upon a time, a long long time ago”, if you know what I mean.

Things were different nowadays. I’ll doze off in between 1-2am everytime I’m on nite shift, and that ‘doze-off’ with go all the way till my shift almost ends. Is this something to do with my body? My mind? Am I getting old and all my body system starts to degrade themselves? I don’t know. You tell me.

And just one more thing, at the point of this post, I only slept for less than 2 hours. I don’t know what happen. I don’t have insomnia problem or whatsoever. Does this means sleeping disorder? Should I go for a full med-check? Should I change job then?