Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 2, Day 1

How should I start this one for the day? Lemme think of something....[Deep thinking mode, initiated]

Ahhh, right. For those who are close to me, they all know that I'm actually linking this humble blog of mine to one of the world's famous social networking websites. Yea, you guessed that right. I ain't revealing it in here, so you shall keep the answer to yourself, eh?

But due to some personal reasons, I've decided to bring to a halt to that action. Please private-message me should you further clarifications on this matter.

Yea. The serious note has passed. I shall proceed with my daily dosage of ranting here. The new manager is in today. As rumored, he is indeed a young chap. Adventurous, outgoing, and he's good in leveraging all resources that are available around him. Seriously, he's good at that.

Right. New boss in town, first thing we do is of course the ice-breaking, get-to-know session and those kinda usual shit. Guess who's in it? Who else but our very own Motivator!!!!!! [Round of applause]

End of the session, new boss uttered a sentence that truly makes me feels like struck by lightning:

"I don't know much about this side of the business, but gimme some time, I'll learn it from you lots ASAP. That I promise you."

Hmm, I wonder how Motivator would feels upon hearing this.

Nah, who the fuck gives a damn how he feels? Why am I talking about here?! It's buck-up or get out. It's similar in everywhere. Talking bullshit won't get you anywhere, especially when you're in the field of call centre environment. Results matter. It makes it even harder when you know jack shit on how the process flow is, but you keep on pretending that you know all. How will you expect your subordinates to look-up to you when you're not even doing your homework??

Remember that the training class that Motivator is supposed to be attending? Yea, he skipped it today. Seriously, his leader rating in my book has dropped to all-time-low. It's either he goes, or I go.

In a call centre environment. there will be monthly session with your immediate supervisor or perhaps a special task team to monitor your daily calls to ensure the quality of the calls are strictly adhere to and to prevent our clients are happy at the end of the call no matter what. I'm sure you know what the hell am I blabbering about here. Eh?

The initial invite from Motivator to me was to do it last Friday before lunch time, or perhaps latest end-of-day. I've waited til end-of-day, but no news. Fair enough. He said gonna do it on Monday, which is today. He has scheduled it to be conducted with me at 2pm.

Morning he has been engaged in that useless butt-licking session with new boss. I understand that. Ain't his fault either. After lunch, he was supposed to get his ass into the training class to learn his trade. He didn't as he has a conference call at 2pm.

Oooooooooooooooooo K.

But my scheduled time with him is at 2pm too??!?!?! What now?!?! As an analyst, I have no ground to complain. He maybe really busy. Yeap.

3pm. Still on the conference call.
3:15pm, he came to me and ask:

M:"Are you going home early today?"

I: "Yea, of course. Provided the down-pour outside stops later."

M: "Can you wait?? 'cos the dateline for the session that I'm going to conduct with is today, as it is end-of-May already."

I: "Err, no 'cos I've other arrangement already."

[Arrangement my ass. I just don't wanna stay in office when all my work is done for the day. There will not be any $$$$ given to us. If we stay a minute longer, we stay on our own free will.]

And then proposed to him this :

"Boss, the dateline is today. All of us are coming very early tomorrow. We can still send everything to 'em tomorrow morning. It'll still be ok."

Is he nervous? Maybe 'cos of not getting the job done on time. When I took my leave off the office earlier. Apparently another workmate of mine is supposed to be on the similar session with Motivator as well, but just on a different hour. From this viewpoint here, Motivator seems to be in deep shit.

Not that I care though. But one thing I wanna point out is that, as a supervisor, one should have a clear sense of time management skill. Without it, you'll be in a fucking big mess. Just like what Motivator faced today.

"Why can't you accommodate to his request? You're one of his underlings afterall."

You're rite. I'm one of his underlings. But I ain't his secretary, personal assistant. He should have it all managed well before setting such timing for each session et al.

There are cases that he clearly know nuts about, but he doesn't wanna discuss with all of us. All he'll ever do to our counterpart is just apologize, apologize. Since when we're weaklings like this?!?!

Meh, fuckit. I don't give a flying fuck on him anymore. I can tell you this now:

I've given up hope on him already no matter how good his bullshitting skills are. That skill is not working in here. If you don't have the heart to do this, please-oh-please, do us favor...



Ahh, there. I said it.

[It feels goddamn good after removing the linkage from the social networking website. I can do this as free as a bird!]

Be back for more tomorrow.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend....Day 7

It's weekend. Been out whole day Saturday. Had a blast on Friday night as well. Buncha best mates, drinking away. Anyways, just gotten a insider news. Just to share with y'all. Gosh, makes me feels like a paparazzi, and I don't get paid for all these!

Now, remember those days when you just stepped into a whole new working environment, first thing you gotta is, NOT GETTING YOUR EMAIL TOOL UP AND RUNNING ON YOUR BLOODY FUCKING FIRST DAY! Instead, it's getting yourself up for the training, get briefed on the products of the company, how does the systems work, what kinda stuff to be done et al. Well, y'all know the drill eh?

Due to time allocations, Motivator wasn't able to join the class as planned. [In case you have zero idea on who's this Motivator that I'm talking about here, please read my few posts. It's all there.]

Well, being a former supervisor of my own, I went to a class for training consist of all the aforementioned, duration for 2 months in one of my previous employment. There are tests on a daily basis. There are assignments on a daily basis, fucking made me feels like back in school days at this age. All tests' results will kept in records for future "references" purposes.

Right. Training time will be like heaven time for all newcomers. I can vouch for that for sure. You can ask all that you want, no question is stupid/useless during training. But has it ever come across your mind that every single topic that the trainer is delivering in the class, you will cut the trainer off and ask:

"This topic, does it have any relevancy to my day-to-day job function?"

Err, no. So close your book and get the fuck outta here then.

OF COURSE! Why would trainers waste their time, sitting their ass in the room, facing buncha stupid newcomers, teaching them stuff that are totally irrelevant to their daily job?! Logic, mates, logic.

You may be asking: What's the point here? What are you getting at?

Erm, that's exactly what the Motivator is doing in the classroom recently. One week into training, [finally] not to mention the punctuality. Fair enough, he would have meetings, conference calls to deal with. So, erm....yeah. And whenever he's in the room, he tends to be the one that knows-it-all. Could it be showing off? Could it be ego? Could it be something elsee?? I don't know. I'm absolutely clueless.

Remember the other newbie that claimed to be Motivator's friend's friend? Yeah, got to know that apparently the newbie thinks the Motivator seems to be an annoyance in the classroom.


Argument between friends? This is gonna be interesting.

Every training topic ends up with:

"This topic, does it have any relevancy to my day-to-day job function?"


During simple test, there are 2 differences spotted here:

1) Motivator busy flipping his notes, looking for answers. Once found, he'll be like a pre-school kid jumping around, catching teacher's attention rushing to lash the answer out.

2) Newbie chucked his notes aside, got into deep-thinking-mode. Took his time, gotten the answer.

First time, I'm amazed!

Never in my career that someone can actually do THAT! This guy is starting to catch my attention already. Like I said numerous time before:" I'll let him prove me wrong", and he did just that.

As for Motivator. I'm speechless. It's almost a month now. He still has a lot to improve. At least in my eyes, that is.

Ahh well, it's weekend. Don't let such incident spoil my weekend. I'm off to my manager's farewell party in a karaoke session. I know I know. It's almost noon now. Who in the world would go to karaoke in high noon?

Well we do! So, I shall just sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of my day.

By the way, tomorrow is the day our department's new manager reporting to work. To replace my outgoing manager's position. Rumour has it that he's a young chap hailed from the 7th-largest country by geographical area, younger than me!!!

It's suck-up time for the other supervisors!!! Grab your seats ladies and gentlemen!

World Premiere is on!!! In my department!!!!!!! Exclusive!!

Ahhhh, time does flies when you don't even notice it. It's time for me to buck up already.

Patient, patient........ 2.0, 2.0 more........

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 5-6...On-a-Trot

This blog of mine has picked up some "activities" recently. Don't ask me how I know, 'cos I've got a tracker in this humble blog of mine to do the job for me. Cheeky bastard, ain't I eh??

Been missing for one day. Yeah, off for some after-work quick-drinking-session with few mates of mine at a place nearby. Couldn't take it anymore of all the dumbness surrounding me, coupled with those really ridiculous requests from the clients, in addition to the level of "co-operation" that our oversea counterparts and my close matey, G has been facing the same shit since noon. [Both of us are from a team of 5 fabulous ladies and gentlemen. Truly a bloody brilliant mixture of personnel in this team. Love you guys. Fucking love y'all!]

So, how could I forget to give y'all daily dosage of our very own Motivator's (previously known as R) "adventure" eh?

Was suppose to put this one up in my last post, but heck, fuck it. It's my blog. I'm calling all the shots here, ain't I?

There's this occasion where D was asked to discuss on some notifications to be sent off to the clients. The normal practice since god-knows-when was that all the letters have got to be sent out before "extreme measures" are taken against those stubborn sonofagun clients ignoring all of those notifications. Motivator "enquire" from the team is there any possibility that we can skip all the rubbish notifications and proceed with the "extreme measures" directly since the sonofagun client is ignoring it. D said:

"Of course. But the approval has to come from yourself."

Hearing this, Motivator said:

"Can you send me an email on this matter, saying that you approving it, and then I'll shoot it over to the management and I'll do the explanation."

Eye bulged, stunned, D went ahead and told Motivator that she ain't doing that as she ain't getting the salary to do, and she's not empowered to do so. I ain't too sure of the final outcome of this one but seriously,




Motivator would've known all these if he had gone for the training. This kinda crap wouldn't have raised, fuck...this conversation wouldn't have taken place at all if Motivator has gone for the training.

But then again, IF. And it's a BIG if, that is.

Yea, his credibility, he ability has once again, dropped in my book.

Meh, hence a night of drink, as below picture to certify that claim of mine. Hah!

That was last nite. End of.

This morning, or was it yesterday morning?? Hmm, gosh.. Age is really catching up on me already.

Whilst I was soooooooo goddamn busy, working my butt off on cases. A notification hit my screen:"You've got 1 new mail"

Right, a new email has arrived. Let's check it out, shall we?? What I have?? This piece of crap, around 10-11 in the morning.

Isn't he suppose to be cracking his brain off with calls, replying emails et al? Why the hell is he sending this kinda crap to us?! I'm lost for words now.

As for the newbie, seems like making improvement now. He's finally into the training room, proving us all wrong.

Again, today Motivator asked me on the email tool of the newbie. For fucking hell's sake. I've told him yesterday it's all done & dusted. Settled. Capiche? I've spent 2-freakin' hours on that bloody piece of shit, when it's not even urgent. Yea. I ain't tech-savvy, some might think otherwise. I'm just an impostor, wanna-be. It's been 4 days on the trot that he has been pestering me since start of week on this piece of same ol' issue. Which got me thinking, why on earth does want it to be set-up so quick? Something fishy in-motion perhaps? Both trying to take over the department, or perhaps the whole company? Or are they planning on world domination via this small email tool? Gosh.

If none of the above applies, WHY-OH-WHY does he act like that?

Anyways, fuck it. It's over and done with. I'm a wee-bit famish now. Gonna grab a bite before I hit the sack soon. It's been another tiring day, still recuperating from last nite's drinking session. As the old saying goes:


I'm feelin' ya, I'm feelin' ya.

This is me, signing off for the nite.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May....4-in-a-trot

So, it's Tuesday. 4 days in a row that I've been updating my blog. Never have I been so posting this one up so frequently since I got into this "new" company.

Got into office slight bit early than usual. Yeah, those who knows me personally will know that I've been arriving office on-the-dot, or arrive "slightly" late. So, go figure it out yourself eh?

Gotten myself straight into work-mode due to some unfinished task in order to send it over to the management in HongKong for their review. While I'm so into the task, a message from our internal Instant Messaging Tool pops up. Owh, it's him. Gaaahhh.... The message reads:

"Morning, I need you to help set-up the email tool for the newbie later."

How great it is to start the day off with this piece of bollocks. For fuck sake, he's a newbie, why are you so goddamn concern about his email tool?! Not that as if we're gonna send him any email on any of our cases/discussions/arguments. Even if there is, the newbie will be scratching his bloody bald head trying to figure out what on earth are we conversing about. I know the email tool is of the essential tool to all of us [tell me about it, I've just lost my email tool for a good bloody 3 weeks recently, remember?], but there are things that can wait, and there are things that needs to be paying attention to. Prioritize your work puh~~~~lease......

Gosh! Do I sound like a supervisor? Hmmmmm.

So, I responded to him politely, the message reads:

"K. I'm completing the report to be sent to Hongkong. I think you know about this one. You were in the loop on it as well. And I need to help the team in clearing all shit in our generic email inbox as it's swamped by lotsa emails from our clients that needs to be replied, and provide them solution with."

Thought I'll stop right there?? Fat chance. Next line was:

"To be frank, the email tool can wait as it's not that urgent. Once I clear everything in my hand, I'll set it up. I'll get it done by end-of-day".

Yea. Does this consider too harsh for anyone to take? I'm just telling him the truth. A newbie in our division needs to go through classroom training for 2 weeks, and then on the job training for another 2 weeks. During the first 2 weeks, it will not be necessary for the newbie to use his email tool. Newbie just got in yesterday. Email tool's ID would've been applied, say yesterday? According to my manager, all fresh new application for email ID will take 10 business days for them to get usable for the end-user. And here he is asking me to set it up for the newbie. Sigh, maybe it's my fault for not explaining it in details to him. He's new after all. Alright, my bad. I'm sorry.

Something else fishy just came to my knowledge during a meeting attended by D and her department earlier today, which is right after my "exchange" of Instant Messaging with R.

There seems to be a tad-bit confusion, if I may use that word, in terms of the headcount reporting into work at her department recently. D has raised this matter up towards R couple of weeks back, and also it has been reiterated to R that he's the one calling the shot, without involving Human Resource as Human Resource will comply with whatever decision that the leader of the team will make. During the meeting, this matter was brought up again as discussion, R gave the same reason of Human Resource provided to him and explained it to the participants in the meeting. Upon hearing this, all participants said in unity that the decision lies on the leader of the department, which is R himself. There's absolutely no need to refer this matter to Human Resource.

R surprised, jacked, stunned, eyes bulged. He said that he'll talk/refer to our manager about this and will let the team know the outcome later on.

Fine. Meeting's over. In less than 5 seconds, he told the staff involved to come in earlier than usual. Case closed for that as he claimed that he has talked to the manager about the matter.

Another "insider" of mine took a short trip to our manager and talked about this matter. Our manager said that R DID NOT speak to him personally, but instead via Instant Messaging Tool, few seconds ago. Right. Fishy? I don't know. You be the judge.

By the way, R didn't come to me today to sit down and learn the whole process and whatnot, as he has promised to do it yesterday. Day 2. *Shakehead*Shakehead*

Before he departs for the day, he left me a gentle reminder via Instant Messaging Tool to help the newbie set-up the email tool. Persistent bastard, ain't he?

When I last checked my email before I take off for the day, this is what I/team got in our email. Again, my second time in doing this. You better gimme a fucking big round of applause this time around, or perhaps another round of alcohol to go with it.

Inspirational!! Motivational!!!! Encouraging!!! Mind & heart-pumping!! Soul-stirring!

Absolutely top notch stuff!!

God I love my new supervisor!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May.

Right. So, the day of "reckoning" has arrived. Went into office, first thing I did is to of course test out the phone if it's ok for me to use, if otherwise, I would have go to my previous seat and tear-off that bloody annoying print-out and sit there till the phone is properly configured.

Fair enough. The phone is fixed. Next thing, my email tool. Time to check it out.

Right, to my surprise, it's up and running as well. I have no freakin' idea what on earth happened. Could it be the email ID that is stored inside the machine, or could it be something else?? I have no idea at all. But sadly for me, it's time for me to clear all my shiate off my inbox since early this month already.

Then, came along this piece of "masterpiece", which I's only exist in the world of those lowlife-scum-multi-level-marketing offices. Don't believe me?? Take a look at this below:

Now, I breached the company regulations, running the risk of being sacked by management by putting this picture up for you ladies & gentlemen's viewing pleasure. So, please, gimme a round of applause for that eh??

I didn't manage to snap the full content of it, but I think you, my wise-oh-wise readers should be wise enough to figure out the kinda message that *ahem* R is trying to send across.

I appreciate this. But for fucking hell sake, instead of having the time to do all these kinda shit, why doesn't he spend enough time with us, analyst and learn your trade with us?? How are you gonna keep up with us, and lead us when you ain't leading by example? Don't forget, you're an outsider, you know jackshit about virtually anything in our company, let alone our department's process flow.

Therefore, my manager got me out for a quickie-smoking-break early this morning. He knew what happened in there eventhough he was on leave last Friday. He confessed that he has no idea at all that this newbie is gonna come in today. Heck, he didn't even know that R has actually hired this guy! Well well well, this is gonna be interesting. He asked me WTF is actually going on here. He has heard stories flying around but he wanna solved this issue before he proceed to his new role oversea next week, and I told him so. After hearing my explanation, he said 2 words: " O K."

2 hours later, both R and my manager were in a room, one-on-one, "heart-to-heart" addressing the issue concern.

When I got back from lunch, surprisingly, R asked me on my availability so that he can join me in solving cases as well as listening to those incoming calls. Hmm, improvement? Hmm, maybe. I waited, no sign of him coming over. One of my mate, D who got framed in recommending the newbie on R's behalf also informed me via internal Instant Messaging Tool that R is suppose to do the samething with her after lunch, but he's nowhere to be seen as well. Told 'ya. Something never change. Let's see what will happen tomorrow then, eh??

Owh, Remember about D's incident in my last post?? Apparently there's a new twist in that event. Since I still have got ample time before I hit the sack now, let's do it shall we?

OK. The newbie is in. He looks to me like a fucking old-fart with almost-bald-hairstyle. Again, I'll let him prove me wrong.

In our company, it's compulsory to have 2 persons to attend an interview to prevent any favoritism issue. So, like I told y'all before, R was in it, as well as another female interviewer in it. I got to know from D late afternoon today that R is spreading the news that the female interviewer knows this newbie, hence she hired the newbie.


What the hell is wrong with this guy?!?!?

Why is R twisting the story around now? For one moment, he said that he knew this newbie personally. Another second, he said that the newbie is D's friend. Next, it's the female interviewer's friend?!?!?! Is he having short-term-memory-loss disease??

The female interviewer is set to deny the whole "accusation" and report this to Human Resource that she doesn't personally know this newbie. My mate, D can't do jack shit 'cos she somehow got framed into doing it. As in D own words:"I was forced to do it."

Ladies and gentlemen, gimme suggestion to deal with this issue, will ya?? I'm lost for words now. Can't continue type anymore.

Be back tomorrow.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Little Something

In my very last post, I mentioned something about "decorating" the bloody workstation for that bloody newbie that's gonna come in tomorrow, didn't I?

Yea. Here's the proof. I ain't no lying bastards.

Remember also when I said that he needed the printout to be "beautified" instead of sticking some A4 black & white paper up that monitor. Notice the edge of all boarders. It has been "beautified". You sonofagun.

The original full content of this picture has been "modified" to safeguard my future herein this company that I once left, and back again.

Note to self: 2.5 to go..... 2.5 to go....Patient my young ones.....Patient. Irregardless what happen, just shove it down your throat. Patient.

Right. This is gonna be hard.

Ahhh... Monday looming.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The New Guy..............Pissed!! Pissed!!

I never expected it will be this fast that I'll feature someone in my blog. Yeah. I'm talking about the young supervisor that joined us earlier this month. Heard lotsa "stories" about him which left me gobsmacked by what he has done thus far in our department. I shall "disclose all related information" to all my interested readers right here, right now, in this very blog of mine. Feel free to leave your comments in here for whatever reason. Here goes.

So, being a new supervisor, first you gotta do is of course a place to sit on. There's already a designated place for a supervisor to sit on. Please refer to below diagram for further explanation. Sorry about the quality of the diagram. I never liked art since school days, never once i pass the scoreline of 40. Damnit.

The 4 little square boxes are where the 4 team members of us, including myself is seated since the day we got in last year. The rectangle box was originally occupied by a manager, which then moved to another floor within the same building, whereas the L-shape box is where all previous supervisors will sit. Now allow me to explain the technicality behind why all supervisors in our department must be seated at the L-shape box area.

Do you know that whenever you call up to any financial institution's call centre, you'll hear a voice-response announcement that goes "this call will be monitored for quality/training purposes......." blah blah blah and all that?? Right. You got it. But there are times that some callers/clients do not want the call to be recorded, therefore the L-shape is the only seat, designated to supervisory-role so that in the event if any escalation coming into him/her, and the client requested the call not to be recorded, it can be done with ease. In other words, it's a fucking supervisor seat. Simple as that.

The rectangle seat has been vacant for quite some time now. Ain't too sure how long has it been. It's a seat where both supervisors or normal analyst [like myself] can be seated as all calls coming through this place are fully recorded. No option.

After explained the above to him, the new supervisor [henceforth known as R] insisted to sit at the rectangle seat simply because "I can be close with my team at all time". Now the headache begins: how on earth am I suppose to get the recording tools to be removed from the rectangle seat? A newbie has came into my department, she has taken over one of the 4 lil' boxes which occupied by me previously.

I know jack-shit about who to get in touch with to get this one done. Like a headless chicken, I was asking around and bumping around digging out information to solve this bloody headache ASAP. Luckily I know some tech-guy from back then which happens to be still around the building. He said that it's gonna be tedious, and abit time-consuming but it can be done. So, while this tech-guy doing all the necessary stuff onto the phone, I've got no choice but to move to a place about 2 rows behind. Sigh.

The request was raised from the date of my last post in here. It's solved last nite, as informed by my tech-guy friend. It's true, it's tedious and time-consuming.

Fair enough. Phone problem solved. So once I switched place, I ain't too sure what happen, my email access has expired. Talk about life's a bitch. Reported to R, he ain't sure what to do, so he went to my manager seeking assistance. My manager then escalated the whole thing to headquarter, simultaneously R proceed to apply a new ID for me. What the fuck is going on now?!?!? According to one of the seniors that I know, we're not suppose to do that. One should not be having more than 1 email ID per employee as this will caused compliance & integrity issue.




It has been 2 weeks now. This so called 2-pronged attack "tactic" of fixing email ID with HQ and applying new email ID seems to me doesn't bear fruit at all. But then again, the IT department mentioned the whole issue will take 10 business days for the new email ID application to be effective. Let's see what will transpire this coming Monday, and I'll update it here again. You can bet your last penny on that!

OK. Done with email issue. 2 weeks without email access. Can't imagine what my inbox will be. By the way, if the new email ID application is done prior to the reply from HQ, all my inbox's content will *poof* vanished as it's an entirely new email ID. How fucking "brilliant" can this get eh???

Wanna know more inside story? There's a new guy coming in on Monday as an extra headcount is needed for another department. Bet you didn't see this one coming, there's an "interesting story" behind as well. Hear me out, make your own judgment later eh?

One fine day, R approached one of my mates for assistance in getting approval to recommending one of R's friend's friend to come in to our department to work. Remember this: it's R's FRIEND'S FRIEND....... R said that he doesn't know this applicant that well, just thought of doing him a favor as he's "not working" at that moment. Fair enough.

R went to Human Resource with his mate's job application particulars. Human Resource told R that if R's mate were to come in, he will not be reporting directly under R, simply because R is the one that recommending it. Hearing this, R went to my colleague, D to seek assistance in submitting the job application to Human Resource by claiming the introduction is done by D, in an effort to make sure R's mate can come to the same department and be reporting under R.

Do you understand this? Sounds fishy? Wait, more!

Fine. Being a good employee as D is, she has nothing to lose. A new leader approached you for assistance in submitting the job application over. D will get some monetary in return from Human Resource if everything is done & dusted [which D has no idea at all about this incentive]. As good faith, D submitted the application up to Human Resource. The rest is history then.

During the interim, R sometimes came to D telling all sorta stories about this mate that is coming in eg. how good he is, what a fantastic person he is, being a fast learner on everything etc etc, which somehow triggered D's suspicion. R told D on previous occasion that he doesn't know this applicant from start, but why all of sudden R can tell D everything about his mate, after just one face-to-face interview?!

Reliable sources told me that there're few applicants came up for interview on the very same position but all of 'em got shunned aside just mainly because R has decided to take this mate of him in from start!

It's getting abit absurd now. The interview was done after R got into our department in May, which makes it 2nd week of this month before he conduct all his scam interviews. A normal employee normally will need to give at least 1 month resignation notice. However, this "newbie" is coming in this fucking Monday! What does this mean? The fucker is giving 2 weeks resignation notice. R revealed to D that his mate is able to join us in such short notice because of the deduction of the annual leaves from his personal records.

Wait?! I thought you said he's not working at the moment?! If your mate ain't working, why the fuck would he be deducted annual leaves then?? From your fucking parents?!?! You need to get annual leaves deduction from working on your fucking ownself?!?!

Can't take these anymore. The thing that really ticked me off was yesterday afternoon. Here's what happen when I communicated with him via our internal Instant Messaging:

M: me
R: the scam supervisor

M: Boss, the phone features configuration should be up and running by end-of-day.
R: Finally. Btw, I need you to do something for me.
M: Yea, sap?
R: I want you decorate his workstation, as a token of welcome him to our department on Monday. Something like "Welcome to our department, Mr........"
M: What?! You gotta be kidding me rite??
R: No. Why do you think that's funny?
M: Ok. Leave it to me then.

For fucking christ sake. My 2 managers never got such shit when they arrive a year ago. My director never got such thing when she first arrives in this company more than 7 years ago. With you coming in less than 1 month, you wanna do this to a newbie analyst? A fucking newbie ANALYST!?!?!? Do you want a fucking red carpet and a chopper to send him over to office on his fucking first day to work to go with that?? Yea. Complementary package. Fucking brainless cunt!

Seeing this, I asked a favor from a mate to do it as I was about to leave the office already.

3 of us gathered, R came. One of us told him off and said:

"R, we can do this, but without the salutation "Mr." We never address anyone with Mr. internally. Not even when facing our director or VP of this company. Who is this new guy?"

Hearing this, R still persisted and kept on "Why not? Why not? Why not?". For fuck sake, don't you fucking understand simple English?! All of us replied him with one same answer.

"It's the culture here. We address each other by first name."

Only then R agreed to strike-off the salutation "Mr" and proceed with first name.

Done?? Not quite. The printed paper has to be cut with borders and beautify it, instead of a normal A4 size black and white paper.




This is fucking ridiculous. It makes me feels like I'm back to kindergarten, dealing with retards. Brainless retards.

Yea. He's good at all these simple stuff eh?? But he has yet to show me he's worthy of the title "supervisor" when it comes to work. Simply because the following: [Yea, I've got a list with me, on a Saturday morning.]

1) He knows jack-shit about our system, yet.
2) He knows jack-shit about our process, yet.
[He's suppose to do the above and should be completed or at least halfway completed at time of post. But due to godknows reason, it's not.]
3) He asked me to construct an email to a client manager [I was having email access problem, remember?], and he'll send it over on my behalf. But in actual fact, he just copy & paste the whole damn thing, word-by-word, without editing, straight to the client manager. With a note saying:"R sending on [my name] behalf."
4) Insist to know what's the content of the conversation is when the ladies clearly told him off it's "girl's talk". He then dragged one of the ladies involved and asked her repeatedly on the content of the conversation.
5) A same escalation call got to him for 6-7 times a day.
6) A feedback from an escalation to my manager saying:"Owh, that guy is frustrating to talk with."

The last time I had a factfile about someone was when I first started this blog. Yeah, the 40-year-old virgin. Hahaha. I can't resist it this time. Who else, on that cunt-faced R of course:

1) In his early 30s.
2) Claimed that he has worked in UK.
3) Supervisory role with 2 MNC [Multi-National Company]. To make it slightly clearer, both MNCs are world-renown multinational information technology corporation.
4) Claimed that all his previous employers love him alot that they're willing to take him back anytime.
5) Reason he left previous employment was because he's about to get married and he & his partner can't be working in the same department. This rule is applicable worldwide. Understandably.
6) Likes to give motivational talk.
7) Can't make any decision on-the-spot.
8) He's a Yes-Man.
9) He talk-the-talk, but doesn't walk-the-walk.

Ahh, I'm hungry now. I think it's enough on him. I'm still contemplating to go office now and take that bloody printout off the workstation and shred it, and then blame it on the cleaner on Monday. Damn I'm evil.

It's Saturday! Hope I can get another round of the below tonite. Who's with me?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Back Again!! As promised.

There. As promised. I'm back. Within 2 months.

Last Monday was the day that our new supervisor reporting to work. A nice chap. Slightly younger than me [goddamn! Reminds me of my age now...My my my, how time does fly.] Ain't going much details on him now. Too new for me to have any comments on him. Let's wait few weeks/months down the road and maybe, just maybe I'll feature him in my blog, be it rants or praises. God knows.

Anyways, no major changes in the department. Big boss just stop-by our floor last week.

Owh, just remember that I've got something to rant here. Have you ever encounter this kinda situation below:

You're about to buy/apply/sign something. During the course of the whole process, the sales person would have promised you the sun, the moon, the star, the sky and whatnot. Inside their heart, they would have been cursing:" Just fucking sign/buy the goddamn thing and be gone with it. You bitch/sonofagun!" And there you go, after much negotiation and debates, you've finally sealed the deal. Congratulations!

Couple of months later, something went wrong with the products/services. You went back to the sales person. To your surprise, he/she said that you're not covered with that defect/damages on the product. Haha! Sounds familiar?

One good example. Please picture below.

Noticed that there's crack across the windscreen?


I do not know how on the bloody earth my car got that crack. Didn't I offend anyone? Nope. 'cept for the fact that I sometimes can be a tad-bit racist, sexist, group-ist but other than that, I'm good. All I know is that when I went to retrieve my car one fine day, the crack was there.
Therefore, I gave my sales agent a call to find out if there's anything that I can salvage from financially. I ain't gonna do this by getting outta my own pocket! My agent said he'll check & revert to me shortly as he's not too sure what is and what's not being covered on my vehicle with me calling him outta blue.

Within the hour [talk about efficiency!], he replied me via sms as I was having dinner. The message said something like this:

"Hi there! I've checked with my company on your insurance coverage on the windscreen damage of vehicle. Apparently your vehicle doesn't cover any windscreen damage. It's the industry protocol that First Year's Insurance coverage doesn't NOT cover windscreen damage, unless the customer/client specifically ask us - the car sales agent/insurance agent to do it. Sorry, there's nothing much I can do, really."


That's the very first sentence that I uttered out the moment I saw his short message. C'mon guys, upon the signing my new vehicle's contracts time, no one tell me about this?! And now I'm suppose to suffer losses because of THIS?!?!?!?

I know I know, it's just a small crack. Why am I making a big fuss outta it? Hey, it's my bloody vehicle, I adore it alot. Even the slightest scratch will hurt me, let alone a crack of THAT size?! Hence, I called up my very-own-ever-trustful insurance agent and ask him what should I be doing.

This cheeky lil' bastard [Sorry E, but you've got your way of turning the tides around. I love you for that!] Here's the conversation that I had with him few weeks back, still fresh in my memory:

E: my insurance mate
M: me
M: Yo E, I'm effing furious now. [Explaining the whole cracked-windscreen incident to him, abusive language censored].
E: Cool down. Have a sip. Now tell me, how big is the crack?
M: [Showing him the length of my thumb to my index finger.]
E: OK. Not that serious to have that kinda rage in you. Now, tell me when is your current vehicle insurance policy expires?
M: May 2010.
E: It's couple of weeks away from now. Can the crack last for couple of months more, say August or perhaps September this year?

M: Erm..... shouldn't be any problem though.
E: That's settled!
M: How?!
E: Wait for your current vehicle insurance coverage to expire in May. After that, change the insurance company to mine......
M: You again!! Still haven't got enough with all my current policies I bought with you? Cheeky lil' bastard.......
E: Hehehe....hear me out. Change it to my insurance company, I'll sign you up on a new vehicle insurance coverage with windscreen coverage included. Once the new policy kicks in, give it a good 3-4 months, call me up to do the windscreen claim. I'll get it done for you without you needing to fork out a single penny. Maybe a few pints of you-know-what will do.
M: Like I said, you cheeky lil' bastard!!!!

There! Problem solved! Easy as peanuts.

Next up, I'm sure all readers would know what is Transformers all about. There're movies, animations all over the media. So, I went to my friend's house couple weeks back, been wanting to post this giant up but I just couldn't find the right time and right post to post this giant up. Since today I'm quite free and not in foul mood, here are 2 pictures that I snapped while at his house. Enjoy!

The above action figure cost my friend about 250 local currency. But then again, it's all a request from his beloved son. Ahh well, I'll give my son anything if it's me, but look at the bloody size of this thing!!

And this picture is something that he just got his son couple of weeks back due to constant "pressures" from his beloved son. Need me explain more on what the hell is this? It's not some ordinary truck. You go figure it yourself.

Since I am touching on some toys now. A mate of mine just return from his trip in HongKong couple of weeks back. He knows that I'm a huge fan of a japanese animation goes by the name of "One Piece". Therefore he bought me one of the characters' action figure from HongKong. Of course, pictures ahead!

Boa Hancock ~ Pirate Empress " Snake Princess"

Stop staring at the tits you buncha pervs!!!! This animation first started back in October 1999 on a weekly basis. This week will features its 449th episode, and still going strong. Reasons why this animation set itself apart from the rest of the animations series?? Go watch it and find out yourself. I can lend you the whole set of 448th episodes and stuff yourself with it.

More story to come, perhaps tomorrow, if I got the time. Been telling backdated story in my blog recently. Hope I can catch up to all the current happenings in my daily lives in no time.

Till then!