Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Friend, During CNY

What I’m about to write today, is something non-related to my work. Instead, it’s something related to my personal life. Heck, this is my blog, I can do whatever I want, rite?? Now, the stories go. I hope this article won’t be too long, hopefully.

It’s CNY(Chinese New Year) eve. Everyone is back to their hometowns, to their parents, eating reunion dinners, chi-chat with each others after dinners, asking each others on things that happen recently, or perhaps even throughout the years since those people were at outstation for a long period of time. Well, u all know the drill on these kinda things. So do I, a native kid, born & bred herein this big city, nowhere to go. Just sat my ass down in front of the tv set, enjoying the tv program panned out by the local cable tv station. Whilst enjoying the moment, my mobile phone rang. I recognized the sound that came out from my mobile phone is actually a message ring. Time is 9pm. The message reads:

“Bro, want go supper now?”

A simple, yet direct Q like that appeared on my mobile phone screen. I just finished my family reunion dinner about an hour ago, and now this? Checked on the sender. Owh, it’s him. No wonder. Let’s address him as "V" for now, shall we?

I didn’t bother to reply the message. I continued my tv session with my family members. After a bit of channel-surfing, nothing seems to interest me. Therefore I went back into my room and play with my unfinished RPG(Role-Playing-Game) titled “Fable: The Lost Chapters”. Then, when I was soooooo deep into the game, another message came through my mobile phone. Time is 9.15pm. it reads:

“Bro, come go supper now. I drive. How?”

Being interrupted halfway through the sexcited game is really disturbing. C’mon guys, today is CNY eve, everyone is suppose to be having their meal at home, rite?? What kinda family is he in? Doesn’t his mom ever cook during CNY eve?? Ok, it could be his mom is having a day off and not cooking, and they decided to have meal outside. But, why me? So, I replied him this:

“Nop, just had dinner only. Not going out tonite. Gotta prepare for prayers later midnite.”

There. I ended the ‘disturbance’ once and for all. Continue with my RPG game again, all the way, peaceful period of time til 1130pm when I gotta prepare for some prayers’ matters under request from my dearest mom.

Prayers done. It’s already close to 1am. Another message came through, checked the sender. It’s him again. FFS! Get a fucking life!!! It’s CNY EVE!!!!!! The message reads:

“Wanna go dim-sum now?”

I really give up this time around. I chose to ignore this message and watch my ongoing ‘24’ drama series & go to sleep after watched just 2 episodes of it.

Yes, this happen on CNY eve. U think this is the end of it? WRONG!!! There’s more to come! Read on, my mates.

1st day of CNY. Just finished lunch with family. As usual, lying on my sofa, tv channel surfing. A message came through. Time 1230pm. It reads:

“Lunch now. I’m driving. Come come.”

OMFG! It’s him, V again!!!!! Then, I re-check my mobile phone, there’s another message that got through in the morning, at 9.01am. with a short message that reads:


WOAH!?!?!?! What da FARK is wrong with this guy? Doesn’t he have a life to live on? Doesn’t he have any other friends/relatives to entertain during this festive season?? Outta frustration, I replied with this:

“Nop, home cook. Ate already. U go ahead.”

And then within minutes, he replied:

“Ok, wanna go movies or have a drink later?”

WOAH!?!? It’s 1st day of CNY. FIRST FUCKING DAY OF CNY!!! Leave me alone!!!! I replied him this:

“Nop, going out with my parents later.”

In true reality, I was intending to go out, but not with him. I got a tea session with my other friends staying in other areas discussing on some football games that myself and few other friends are sooooooo into it currently. (Game title: “Football Manager 2009”). Now, that’s a white lie. I know it aint good to lie on 1st day on CNY, but I was forced to do it. Please forgive me, the ONE above.

Then another message came through. It’s V again. It reads:

“Wanna go dinner then? Say around 8pm?”

Won’t he ever stop? It’s CNY. For a traditional person like me, I’d prefer to stay at home, eat at home & enjoy everything at home. I don’t know about V, but I think he needs to widen his friends’ circle in this kinda circumstances.

Needless to say, I rejected him, by replying, sarcastically:

“It’s CNY. Home cook. Eat at home.”

So, I’m pretty much ‘escaped’ from his ‘claws’ for the whole afternoon then. Got on with my little football game discussion with my mates in the afternoon. Spent few hours in it. Then get home just in time for the dinner on the 1st day of CNY. Then my mobile rings again. It’s another message:

“Supper later? Wanna go?”

I'm tired of this already. I ignored the message and never replied to it. I was busy playing with my football manager game at home, whilst relaxingly listening to my mp3s.

The same old cycle got on for the next 2 days. So, it means V has been bugging me from CNY eve til the 3rd day of CNY non-stop for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. And each time also I said the same thing, that is:

‘Nop, home cook. It’s CNY.”

Now. Think this: it’s CNY. If I were to go out and have meals, it’s gonna cost quite a bit. Why should I go out and eat, when there’re lotsa food/drinks that I can stuff myself with at home, which is free?!? Rite?? Why don’t I save those money for the meals outside, and use it elsewhere? Furthermore, it’s CNY. Every family should be doing some home dishes, correct me if I’m wrong on this. If not, you can always visit your friends/relatives’ house and at the same time get some “Red Packets” in the process, while you also can eat your heart out as well. Rite?

4th day of CNY. I just woke up around 12noon. Mom aint cooking, ‘cos she aint at home. Saw V’s message says lunch now on my mobile.

“Let’s go eat outside now. I’ll pick u up 15mins later. No excuses.”

Erm, parents aint at home. Nothing to eat. It’s a go then? Yea. Rite. I finally succumbed to his ‘constant pressure’ since CNY eve til today. I’m finally ‘got beaten down’. There we go, he happily drove me out to the southern region of the states I’m living in just to have this lunch. Not that I’ve never been there before, but it’s been awhile since I last visited this area. So heck, why not.

Lunch over, he then asked me what’s my next plan/program. I told him that I won’t be at home for the rest of the day already. He then asked me this:

“Where u going? Going with who?”

Remember this phrase. This phrase is his most common-used-phrase whenever he answered any of our mates’ phone calls. The other one is this:

"Where are u? Who are u with now?"

It really gets on my nerves whenever he says these phrases. It has also become a joke among few of our own friends since we get to know each other since high school. Yes. Since High School. Til now, he' stil doing this. Old "habits" die hard eh?

What? Do I need to report to u wherever I go? Y’all might say: “He concerns about you.” Yea rite. But that is not a valid point to ask me that kinda Q as if I’m ur kid/prisoner/POW(Prisoner Of War). Even my parents don’t ask me like that so often.

Therefore, I told him that I’m going out with friends. Nothing more, nothing less. And he nodded. Same night, around 10pm, his message popped up on my mobile again, asking me wanna go supper with him. WTF MAN!?!?! I told him that I won’t be at home for the rest of the day already, what makes him think that I’ll go out supper with him at this time?!?! I was happily partying at my colleague’s house, knocking myself down with booze, and his message came through. Gosh. Again. A short reply from me, that reads:

“Drinking and gambling now. Not free.”

Short and simple. Though abit harsh. But heck, I’m trying to enjoy myself here, during this CNY season. Don’t I deserve that?!?!

I ended up drunk & puked & reached home around 4 in that morning.

5th day of CNY, which was yesterday. Again, his message popped up. Time at 11:46am, it reads:

“12pm, lunch with [name of other friend]. Want join?”

Gosh! I’m utter speechless. I didn’t reply to it.

Then my phone rings. I didn’t notice it ‘cos it was on silent mode. I forgotten to turn on the volume after a ‘wild’ nite. My bad. When I checked my mobile, he has already called my mobile thrice. 3 times!!!! For lunch?!?! C’mon. Get a fucking life already! I’ve had lunch at home, mommy’s home cook for lunch, and I’m stil suffering from the ‘event’ last nite, and he wants lunch?! No way. There I am. Lying on my back, the nice, comfy sofa in my living room, channel surfing again. NBTD (Nothing Better To Do). All of sudden, a knock on my door.

FOOK!!! It’s him?!?!? WTF?!?!? I was half naked, with only my short pants in the living room!!!! This is fucking scary. I really give up this time. I changed, I opened the door, only for me to welcome him & another 3 guests that came along with him. There we go. The rest of my day were spent, as his wish, with him and few other high school friends. Sigh.

I’m working today. So I’m able to get outta his ‘claws’ for the weekend. Phew!! What a ‘hectic’ & busy CNY that I have this year. Goddamnit! Not a single ‘dull moment’ I’d say.

There u go. A wee-bit of my CNY ‘adventure’ this year. Back to the shithole.

Happy Chinese New Year!


“Where u going? Going with who?”

"Where are u? Who are u with now?"


Til next time, folks. Enjoy reading.

Friday, January 30, 2009


What do you do when there’re some new products come out, and you gotta know it 1st hand? Training, of course. What do you do to further improve your personal skills to better equip your own self for the tight competition be it internally among your beloved colleagues, or externally outside, in the future?? Training. Yes, today I’m gonna talk abit about the training in my company.

Now is already year 2009, we’re almost moving into the end of the first decade of 21st century. Everything is done via the internet, so as to our training program. It’s a Saturday, just right before the festive season looming. So, as expected, there weren’t any calls. At the same time, out of nowhere, I got into office having this sudden rush of doing some training program that my boss has already enrolled myself into. Last I checked, there’re more than 10 training programs waiting for me to complete. WHAT!?!!? MORE THAN 10?!?! Chill out guys, lemme explain to you in the later part of article.

So, there I go, all systems are up, good to go anytime now. Waiting for calls to come in, and at the same time, prepare myself & load up the training course’s application system. Browse through the total courses that I yet to complete. Seems like a lot, but it can be done. Some of the trainings will require us to answer a certain amount of Qs before the whole training module is consider completed. Yes, “COMPLETED”. This is the very key word that all of us in here are looking forward to see in the front page of the training application.

M: me ler
F: colleague

M: Oi, what u doing?
F: Doing the training la. Have to complete as much as possible before I go holiday.
M: How to do like that? It takes time to complete so many.
F: Very easy only.
M: How how how???
F: Like this. You see the ‘Next’/’Continue’ button here?
M: Yeap.
F: Keep on clicking those 2 only.
M: Huh? No need to read?
F: Oi, read what? As if you’ll read it.
M: I do read it la.
F: Then you stew-pid la.
M: Oi, no cursing please.
F: OkOk. Sorry dude.
M: But got test/assessments at the end of the training wan rite?
F: So?
M: How to pass the test if we don’t read it? Unless……..
F: I got the answer here with me. Which training module are you on now?? Lemme know when you need it.
M: Woah! Nice, baby. Now that’s what I call “teamwork”!!!!

There u go. Even with this little ‘skill’, it took me a bloody 4 hours plus to finish whatever training modules that were inside the application. Yes. Some of the modules will take u an hour to complete if you really read word-by-word. In one single training module, there’re shit loads of subsections, and inside these subsections, there’re broke down to even more subsections. And u expect me to read it word-by-word on some training modules that some of it not even relevant to what I’m doing?? Yea rite, fat hopes. As the old saying goes: “Work Smart, Not Work Hard”. Being a “Smart” person that I am, I heeded the advice of my colleagues and go on to complete all of it.

Remember: Work Smart, Not Work Hard. This is another community service, brought to you by non-other than sinoffire.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Broken Promises - End

To all my fans, (pfft, as if there is) stil remember about the post where I wrote/typed my never-return disc that I borrowed to that 40-year-old-virgin? If you have no idea what the fook am I talking about, lemme direct you back to memory lane, by reading it over HERE.

So, it's almost Chinese New Year already. And she yet to return it to me. Being damn tension already because of this, I sent her a 'gentle reminder' via email yesterday, the email was out around 2pm yesterday. Wanna know what is the content of the email?? I know you all are damn busy-body one, so, here's the exact email that I sent out to her, for your viewing pleasure. **Abit edited already** The title of my email to her was "Some Concern".

Dear bitch,

There's one concern here.

Do u stil remember the japanese movie disc that I borrowed u for god knows when was it ago? Do u have any intention to return it to me? Or you prefer to keep it til after CNY? If u intend to keep it, I don't mind, just pay me RM10 for the disc and I'll be ok with it alrdy. If u wish to return it, please gimme a specfic date that you're gonna return it. Preferably, I hope to see it tomorrow. I'll be working AM tomorrow.

Pls let me know ASAP!

There it is. The exact (well, almost) content of the email that I sent out to her yesterday around 2pm. I stil didn't get any reply from her til my shift ended yesterday. So, I thought to myself:" Hmm, maybe, just maybe she's damn BUSY again. Give her sometime to reply my email then."

Then, today comes. Was working like a blur-fly in the office, entertaining calls from those b-tards/bitches non-stop like a dog. Checked my email around 10am, STIL NOTHING?!?!?!
WTF?!?! How long is she gonna take to reply one simple, straight-forward email like that?! It won't take up much of her time, but yet nothing!! Absolutely NOTHING!!!!

Nevermind, in the process of waiting for her reply, and at the same time being bombarded by those incoming calls, time flies without me noticing it, and YESH!!! LUNCH BREAK, BABY!!!!
Forget about everything for an hour at least, went out & stuff myself with those de-effing-licious food in a shop nearby my office accompanied by couple of my gang.

Eat, chew, munch, chomp, relax, smoke. One hour passes by. **My my my, how time does fly** One hour gone. Reached office, stil got a wee-bit of time to hang around, chit-chatting with few veloptuos babes in office.

All of sudden, I heard my name was mentioned. Turn my goddamn-handsome head around, a big envelope was handed over to me by one of the delivery messenger from our headquarter. I was thinking:" What the hell......??" Without further adue, I present to you this:

What's inside then?? My got-sacked-with-immediate-effect letter?! I didn't do anything wrong, recently? Calm down man, calm down. If "big letter" like that, normally will come with the envelope sealed, but this one is stapled. Eh?? Shake shake abit. Ei?? Feels like discs. Could it be.......?? **Just open the goddamn envelope already, man. Not suspense at all!! PHAILED!!** And this is the content of the envelope:

Yes, the japanese movie discs that I borrowed to that bitch. Yes, there are discs inside. 2 of 'em to be exact! Finally, it's BACK!!!!!! And in addition to that, she wrote a small message stapled on the small, white envelope that filled with sweets. The message was basically an apology note, nothing to rant about here. There, all my effort paid off!!! Woohoo!!!


I am damn fucking pissed off rite now!!! Here I am, working with altogether more than 10 people in the morning, waiting for calls to come in. And out of these more-than-10-people working now with me, I am the only douchebag that is receiving all the goddamn fucking calls now. What are the other fucking morons doing then?!?!?!? Well, thery're happily clicking on their mouse, moving the mouse pointer all across the goddamn fucking screen of their beloved Internet Explorer whilst me, the douchebag is busy entertaining those calls all alone!!! All of them are calling to make redemption, account inquiries. FFS!!! It's goddamn 8am in the goddamn morning, and they're calling in to make redemption?!?!?!? Don't they have other better things to do?!?!?! As of time of posting, I've received more than 8 calls already while the others are 0!! YES! ZERO!

Don't fucking ask me why, I've posted all about it in Call Routing previously. Go read all about it over HERE.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Drive and Call

Hi guys, missed me? Nah, I don't think so. U might be asking where was I for the past 2 days rite? Lemme tell u this: I off day mah. Off day never go back office. Never go back office, where got things to write? Peaceful day, lying in my house doing nothing mar. Correct or not?

Now that today is Manic Monday, back to office, working morning shift today & tomorrow. For those who knows me, I really hate, HATE, HATE morning shift one. But ‘cos of $, what to do??? Suck it up then.

Today, I wanna talk about incoming calls in a call centre. I can’t help but noticed something recently: most of the calls were made while those callers are driving. Driving?? WHAT!?!?! I mean, of all the time in the world, why would you wanna make a call to a call center, asking on your accounts related matters when you’re freakin’ DRIVING?!?!

1st of all, you will not be able to concentrate on the road.

2nd of all, for sure you would NOT be able to remember your fucking account number ‘cos you’re either sitting it on your @$$, inside your wallet (for men) or the account number is inside your big, luxury bag (for women), which will take them ages to get the required account number out. Then, why bother calling in when you’re on the road????!!!! Here’s one of the conversation I’ve encountered today, fresh from oven, just for u!!!

M: me la
C: male caller

*usual call opening shit*

M: May I have your account number for me to proceed with your enquiries, sir?
C: **paused for awhile** What? Owh, my account number ya? I’m driving right now, can I give you my Identity Card (IC) number? U can check from that rite??
M: **Cursing: why da fuck u wanna call in, when you’re bloody driving?? Common sense la!!! mgch** Owh, Of course u may sir, go ahead. May I have your new IC number please??
C: **********
M: Tq very much for your IC number, sir. I’ve located your account number from our database already, sir. How can I assist you today?

And the normal account-checking conversation continues after that. The above conversation is where we are able to locate the account number using the new IC number. That’s lucky. But what if it turns out otherwise? Here’s another one that I, myself encountered today.

M: me la
C: female caller

*as usual*

M: May I have your account number for me to proceed with your enquiries, m’am?
C: **paused for awhile** What? Owh, my account number ya? Ok Ok. Just hold on for awhile, ya?
M: Most certainly.
C: ** long pause..then heard the sound of cars overtaking the caller, then the sound of caller ransacking her big bag, which contains loads of other rubbishes in a normal female bags…then some tinkling sound, perhaps those are the sound of all the keys that one can imagine in her bags** Owh, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t locate it now. I’m driving now actually. Would it help if I were to give you my IC number??
M: **Another one. Why bother to call us when you can’t even concentrate on your driving. Wanna get in an accident is it, bitch??** Sure of course u may m’am. Please do go ahead providing me with your new IC number.
C: ******
M: **After a long, thorough search, high & low in the system** My apologies, m’am. But apparently I couldn’t retrieve your account number in our database. Will you be able to provide me with some other personal info?
C: WHAT?!?!! **the usual cursing shit that u can imagine started, shouting, shrieking for not able to locate her account details. As if that’s my fucking fault** Never mind then, I’ll call back later when I can locate my account number. **Phone disconnected**

See?? How outrageous can they be? I ain’t pointing my finger onto anyone here but can someone please knock some common sense into these big, thick skulls of them. Instead of heeding the government advice of “Don’t drink and drive”, there’s a new phrase in town, created by the humble me, yours truly. That is: “DON’T DRIVE AND CALL”!!!!!

A few more instances here. A caller is driving, midway through the conversation, the line got interrupted. Reason being he/she might be going through a goddamn tunnel. Line got disconnected, OR his/her call is interrupted by an incoming call from another party that MUST be answered ie. Big boss, girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband.

Take me for instance. I do call up to call centres once awhile to check on really, REALLY important matters. Of course, I’ll call them when I’m driving. But before I call them, I’ll hold the goddamn plastics in front of me, and read out the account number to them once I get through. How difficult can that be? It really gets on my nerve whenever I receive these kinda calls.

Owh well, not that something real bad happens today. Just thought of relaying the message over. Be considerate to others, and u might get one in return, one fine day. And remember, DON’T DRIVE AND CALL.

This is a community service message, brought to u by sinoffire.

Until then, stay tune for more. I’ll give u an update on my long lost Japanese movie disc borrowed by that 40-year-old-virgin tomorrow.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Night Shift

As we are all aware of, this is part of the job description should you opted to work in shift hours. Yes, it is my turn to work nite. And I've been doing so for last nite, and tonite will be the last, for this week. The beauty of nite shift, whereever, whichever company you're working in is that: Once your nite shifts are over for the week, you will be granted a 2-days off days. It's your well-deserved off days. It will be equivalent to those normal working hour working class' Saturdays & Sundays. Why is that so? In case you have not been following my blog, I've posted it over HERE previously already. Where were you all this while??

Nite shift. Nothing to do. Less calls. No walk-abouts from the people on top of the ladder management like they do during business hours. You can eat at your workplace without worrying those delicious/awful smells of the food surging through thin air in the office, annoying your colleague from other departments in the process. But then again, it doesn't mean that you have absolute nothing to do at all. For me, I stil gotta settle-off all incoming faxes from those b-tards/bitches. This, is quite good in my humble opinion. At least I don't have to listen to their complaints/moaning which is like thorn to my ears. After done with the faxes, what am I gonna do with those faxes? Throw it away? Shred it? Fat chance! Filing, mate. Filing. It's part of the workflow in a call centre, unless they're already practising paper-free working environment.

Now, paperworks' done. Filing's done. What else? It's only an hour pass midnight, guys. Don't tell me you're gonna read those manuals/guidelines throughout the whole goddamn nite when you're suppose to have it within your fingertips, mates. This is where the "entertainment" begins ( for me at least).

To those who owns a laptop, you might feel that you can only use it during your off days outside of office area, rite? WRONG!!

It all depends on your relationship with the people around you, especially with those in the same department as yours, you get to use your laptop during nite shifts as well!! (Of course, you gotta keep it down, as "down" as possible from other departments) I'll not go any further on what can/cannot do with your laptop in the office, instead, I'll let your imagination flies here. Imagine if your working in an IT company with all the LAN lines well connected, wireless signal are available to the max you can get. Hohohoho! It's "WAR" time! Baby!!!

If you happen to work with a small group of people, say around 8-10 people during the nite time, time will pass very fast, and I mean VERY fast. Just think, 8-10 people being assigned to work during nite shift, of course the anticipated/expected work will be a lot. Times flies real fast when you're busy. Therefore, it aint easy to work nite shift, at all eventhough it's fun at times.

Previously, I can stayed up whole nite til my shift ends and can have fun whilst at work. But lately, I can stay awake till 3am-4am top. Is this something to do with my body? Can I not withstand the nite shifts anymore? I might have to seriously do some in-depth thinking already.

EDIT: Just received a SMS from a dear friend. Asking me why didn't see me in messenger recently. Have I become 'cocky' and don't wanna sign-on to messenger? FFS!? How in the world does 'cockiness' gotta do with not signing-in into messenger?? Meh, abit busy with work, and house stuff lately. It's CNY coming already. Gotta do some preparations. Just lost 500 quids in the process for the preparation. It's CNY baby!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Nothing much to write about today. Seems like a peaceful day for me. All the incoming calls are decent enough, didn't get me all worked up at all. Really a peaceful day for me. Remember about the phone/call routing post that I put up the other day over HERE ?? Well, it seems to me that today, I'm the "beneficiary" for that system on a fine day like this. And guess what? My last call for the day was actually 3 hours before my shift duty ends. Ahhh, everything ends well today.

No complain, no rant today. Peace out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Initially, I totally forgot about this topic already. But this bitch in my office really left me no choice by making me pissed off today. Here's the grandma story that took place before lunch time today.

It's my morning-working-kinda shit again today. It's really getting tiring eventhough that I slept quite early for the past two nights. (Yea rite, one was 9pm+, missed the manutd vs chelski game. One was yesterday, slept around 1130pm+..Those who knows me well, will know that these kinda timing is consider early already). As "usual", reach office damn early. No calls, cover myself nicely and start my "quickie" nap.

Then started la. At sharp 8.30am, when the general line begins, this bastard really called in at 8.30am sharp, asking for his card's annual fee waiver. WHAT DA FARK?!?!?! I mean, c'mon guys. It's FFS 8.30 in the morning. Don't you lots have other better things to do rather than calling into call centres and asking for annual fee waiver so early in the morning?? MGCH!!! Really bastard I tell you. What to do? Do only la! I aint boss. I'm merely a tiny-weeney little employee that work in a bloody big company. No one in this goddamn world will even care if I were to drop dead one fine day **touchwood, touchwood**.

As time goes by. Just 10-15 minutes more to have my 1st official break of the day, lunch time. But, God loves to play game with me, I think. Got this joker called in asking for an impossible request. Here's the conversation:

M: me la
C: Customer

C: I want to make a reservation for this today. Please arrange for me.
M: Sorry sir. But for all reservation arrangements, it has to be done at least few days in advance, and it will depends on availabilities of the specific vendor/supplier/merchant/partner as well.
C: WHAT?!?! I don't see such rubbish in the brochure that you all sent to me. It's not stated anywhere at all! What the hell are u talking about??
M: It's in the terms & condition and it's an unwritten rule that all reservation has to be done at least few days in advance,sir. Even should you go to that merchant on your own and make the reservation today, they'll stil turn down your request,sir.
C: Is this my problem??? I just received your flyer/brochure today, it aint stated anywhere in here. So I don't give a damn on that. I don't care, and pass me to your manager RIGHT NOW!!!! Don't talk so much, put me to your manager NOW!!!!!!!!!
M: Alright, sir. Please stay on the line while I put you through to the officer-in-charge now.

This @$$hole just made my day. What am I waiting for? An officer-in-charge to take up the "shit" that I've just created for him/her. There she is!!!!!

Here she is, standing across my table, saying hi and hello to everyone near my place as if she's a celebrity. Then I look up to her, telling her that here's an escalation call for her. Do u know what was her reply?

"Tell the customer I'm busy now, get down his contact number, I'll call him back after that."

I was stunned when this bitch gave me this reply. Busy?!?! Which fucking part of her that made her looked like she's BUSY!?!?!?!! Is saying hello and hi to your peers during office hour consider BUSY!?! It will be, unless you're going to die today, or you only have few hours to go to the end of your worthless-fucking-life!!!!! But NO!!!! She's just standing there, look at me, with both her hands on her big-fucking-fat waist, telling me that!!!!! Incensed with her reply, I told the bitch this:

"Customer wants to speak to the manager NOW and he aint putting down this phone. Do u know the word NOW?"

Then she kept repeating her previous answer and told me the same thing. Again, me pretending not pissed off with her 2nd reply, I told her this:

"Like I said, customer wants to speak to a manager NOW and he ain't putting down this phone. He wanna speak to you NOW".

Then only she start walking her big-fucking-fat-@$ to her table, slowly. Once I explained the situation to her, then only she took over the call. And my @$ is off the hook. Lunch time bay-beh. (Yea rite, the best part is yet to come. Read on, my comrades.)

Lunch time over, time to get back to that shithole. Then this bitch called me. Here's the conversation between me & the bitch.

M: me
B: bitch

B: Had your lunch already huh?
M: **deep voice** Hmm..Yea, 'sap? **shortform for What's Up**
B: You know the case that you transfer to me just now?
M: **deep voice** Yea. What's with it?
B: Actually, you can solve this on your end also. bla...bla...bla...bla..bla.. I pass the case to the marketing dept for them to make urgent arrangement with our joint-partners already.
M: What's the point of doing so? Then there's no point in having those Terms and Condition writen in those FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) that the trainers gave us la??
B: No. Not like that. They are our prestige customers. We need to accomodate to whatever request that they have.
M: **Not willing to argue with this bitch anymore** Yea. Ok. Sure.
B: OK.

Tell me this: What's a Supervisor position suppose to do? She's practically avoiding me to take over the escalation call. She's delaying taking the call as long as possible. She's overriding the guidelines/rules that we're suppose to follow.

This aint the 1st time she's doing this kinda thing already. Lotsa agents on the same floor with me also know her attitude towards complaints & escalation calls. She just doesn't cut it to be in that position. I really pity those newbies that are under her supervision. Every single movement of the newbies that are under her supervision are all under tight leash. The management must be blind to have this bitch sitting at that position. Really. Fcuking blind, I tell 'ya!!!

A Supervisor role, in my understanding, is:
- Handle complaints calls like eating "Ngan Yin" peanuts. Easy.
- Covering shits that the floor agents couldn't cover.
- Put off customers' humongous fire when the floor agents couldn't do it.
- Pretend to be Manager on duty when the true ones are outta office. God knows what those fuckers are doing outside.
- Floor agents' first point of referral if there's any doubts/uncertainty on certain office issue.
- Smoking Partners (If they are smokers, hehe)

Hmmm. Life goes on. Enough on this bitch. Owh, remember last time I blogged about this 40year-old-virgin?? Hehe, guess what. We've got another one. (I just like digging up other people's personal information eh? Don't mess with me, I tell 'ya. I'll expose u in my blog!! LOL)

Never liked her eversince she got herself into that position. She sucks big time. Here's another background on this bitch.

- Claimed that she wanna keep fit. But it's all hot air. Her stomach is so big that I couldn't see her boobs at all!!! Yea, I aint pervert, I'm observance.
- She's at least 35year-old. With face like hers, I doubt she even got a boyfriend now. If she really has one, I pity the boyfriend. He's gotta have lots, lots & lotsa patience for this bitch.
- She walks with her stomach in front of every thing else.
- She sucks with whatever hairdos that she has done & will suck whatever hairdos that she intends to do in the near future. I shut my hell up if she decides to go bald. **As if she got the guts to do it**
- She got no fashion sense at all!!!!! Even my mom dressed-up better than her!!!
- Ever see a supervisory level officer wearing sandals/slippers/whatever u girls wanna call it to work, on a daily basis??

I'm tired of bloggin about her anymore. That's all for the day. It's HER privilege to have herself features in my blog.

Sidenote: Owh, just found out today. Seems to be good news to me. This bitch is gonna be replaced soon. She's gonna be transferred to another dept soon. A new supervisor is already selected! Woohoo!!! Bring on the beers, party on guys!!!!

Like I said previously, her days with us are indeed being "numbered" already. Muahahahahaha!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

System - Part 1

It's manic Monday again. Damn I hate it. But, for the sake of $$$$, what to do?? Stil gotta suck it up and do it rite?? Unless I hit jackpot, or the daughter of Dato' Lim Goh Tong loves me to death, then ok la. (Monday morning only, started dreaming already...Shows that how much I hate Mondays, damnit).

As usual, drag my lazy ass to work. Reached office, on system, start all the required applications, waiting for those bastards/bitches that have nothing better to do than calling whatever shit call centres that 1st pops-up into their puny brain. Lucky enough and since it's stil early, I was able to catch a 'short' nap while waiting for calls.

Starting to heard lotsa noise already and that's the sign of normal working hours people starts to swarm into the office, and it also means the time to wake up and get refresh ( or rather pretend to look like I'm fresh) already.

Then, 'war' started la. All those bitches/bastards started calling in, asking rubbish problems/enquiries that they can easily solve on their own if they have internet connection. I mean, what is the era now? It's FFS 21st century already and they stil don't know internet? I understand the 'more matured' generation's problem here but the younger generation should know it by now how to access those kinda information via online. (Don't dare to put 'that' word because I don't want the 'more matured' generation get offended. :-P)

Few calls down the road, everything seems to be fine. But about 45minutes later, when I was just about to enter certain information into the system to check on some stuff required by one of the caller, all of sudden, the system got freezed! The only thing that moves, is the godamn mouse pointer. Other than that, all freezed! So happen I was engaged, knowing this aint the 1st time I'm facing this, I told the customer:

M: Me la
C: Customer

M: Sorry to keep u waiting, sir. But apparently, there seems to be a little bit of system maintainence going on right now, which might delay your enquiries. I wouldn't want to hold u for too long, would it be possible if I were to give u a return call once I get hold of the information that u were looking for?

C: .............Hmmmm....How long is it gonna take? I need it ASAP, u know? (**everything also they all want it ASAP, but when making payment, those f***ers always leave it til the very LAST MINUTE! How ironic eh??**)

M: I'm not in the position to advise u on the exact time on the duration of this 'system maintainence'. But I assure u that I WILL call u at your mobile phone once it is resolved. Will that be possible?

C: **Reluctantly** OK lah, OK lah. Make sure you call me ASAP, u know?

M: Absolutely, sir!

**normal call closing bullshit**

Now, this is the part I hate most. I gotta make sure my phone system doesn't go off, or it'll affect my personal record. Then I gotta wait for god-knows how long for the system to come back to its' normal state. Am I opening too me many applications? Nope. It's all the required applications to do my job 'efficiently'. Am I opening 'unnecessary' applications eg. personal emails, rubbish websites, forums, celebrities' rumours, chatrooms, etc etc etc? 100% Nope. Then WHAT DA F*** IS GOING ON HERE!!?!?!?!?!?

Feedback to my immediate boss. And here's what he said:

M: me la
B: boss

M: Oi, boss. My system hang la. How?
B: Go buy new one!
M: &#$^@^&...............Oi, seriously la. How?
B: Can't do much shit (Yes, this is how we communicate among each other. Get used to it already). It's a waiting game.
M: Can reboot or not?
B: Cannot, your personal record will be affected.
M: Then how?
B: *His phone extension rings* Do whatever u wan, just don't reboot it.
M: *dumbfoundedly, nodding my head* Oh.

Then, seeing that I can't do much but wait, I normally will go for a quickie smoke break. (Then? whatchu expect me to do? Stare at the PC and pray to god for it to recover ASAP eh? Fat chance that'll happen.)

In my office, we're currently using winXP supplied by Dell. With standard computer specification as below:

Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz
256MB DDR Ram
unknown graphic card

To those who are having abit of computer specification knowledge, u might laugh your ass off by looking at the piece of information above. For those who aint good at this, lemme 'enlighten' u. General public started using the specifications above at least 3-4 years ago. And we're stil using the same specifications till todate. Cost-saving?? I don't know. As usual, go and ask those people that sits in those big-fat-ass-room.

With these kinda specification, how not to get system hang off and on? And this system-hang problem has been happen quite frequent recently. Those IT Dept said that they're in the midst of upgrading all PCs available in our department. Well, I heard that very same sentence since a year ago already. It's all just hot air. Just like our government, TONA.

T - Talk
O - Only
N - No
A - Action

This is just one part of the problem. I just found out something strange recently. Once I get myself into work, whilst waiting for calls to come in. Nothing happen. Everything goes very well, system runs as smooth as a baby skin, internet speed is as fast as u can imagine. But once the very 1st call got in, gosh, the system-hang problem struck again. It occurs almost everyday recently. When feedback to my boss, same old shit. It's either "Go buy new one!" or "Can't do much shit" or both in one sentence. Sometimes even ask me to go smoke break with him. Sigh,
when will this problem ever solved??

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more on "System".
(Yes, stil got ALOOOOOOT to rant about the system in my department.)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Serving Foreign Market - Part 1

Fucking hell!!! Rudely awaked by those fucking morons-immigrants-indons living downstairs of my house. I just don't understand. Why must they talk so loud?! As if people understand what cock are those irritating indons on about la?! The thing is, these bunch of stupid, annoying indons do not have anything better to do on a daily basis. Talk cock loudly downstairs, fixing/modifying their stupid, worthless motorbikes downstairs whenever they feel like it. Don't believe me?? Here's a picture to prove it. Picture speaks more than words. Fucking Indons!!!! arghhh!!!

Look at them. Worthless bunch of walking scumbags in this world. A disgrace to mankind. I just fucking hate 'em!!! All thanks to our 'brilliant' government. OK, I'll stop right here. I don't wanna be another Raja Petra.

I got home damn late last nite. Really could do with some decent sleep on my deserved off day. Yes, it's my off day today. No work. aaahhhhhhh.........But what is all these racism comments gotta do with my blog. As usual, read on.

One of my previous job requires me to speak multi-language, that is inclusive of Indonesian language as they're one of our serving market as well. I was shocked when I got to know this. So, there were no training provided. I gotta learn it from my now-passed-away-senior aka brother (sob..sob..sob....getting sentimental here...gimme a moment, will ya....??)

Training? U gotta be kidding me. There was no training at that time. Cos we don't do so back then. The best training is to throw u straight onto the call floor, learn it 1st hand. How's that for training? In the end, I managed to talk basic Indonesia language within 2 months time. Not just that. This job of mine, I was answering calls ON MY OWN on the 4th day already! The first 3 days I was just basically sit together with another senior, listening to his calls, catch-up as much as I can. U might be asking: What about handouts? Guides? My answer to your question is: Get an A4 paper, write everything down. If you have doubts, if you don't understand anything, ask. Yes! ASK! DO NOT ASSUME! So, to all those lazy marthaphuckers out there who kept on complaining that there're too much training la, training time is too long la....Shut your trap, be grateful. You're lucky, godamn lucky now.

Now onwards to one of the conversation between me & (sigh) one of the Indonesian customer during midnite in my previous job. Why I stil remember this case after soooo long?? Cos it's retarded. lolz...

M: me la
I: bloody indon

I: Kenapak kartu mas enggak bisa diguna ya, pak?? (talking speed was like a bullet train)
M: .............. Kenapak??
I: Kenapak kartu mas enggak bisa diguna ya, pak?? (talking speed was stil like a bullet train, but got slow down abit already.)
I: Sini mana ya??
M: Sini Ma-lay-sia.
I: Ooh, gitu ya? (normal human speed) Kenapak kartu mas enggak bisa diguna ya, pak?? Bisa di-check ya??
M: Yi-a, pak. Bisa di-tahu nomor kartu ya??
I: ******
M: Tunggu sebentar (twisted toungue) ya, pak.
I: Yi-a.
M: Untuk verifikasi sahaja pak, bisa di-tahu alamat surat-menyurat kartu bapak?
I: **********
M: Terima kasih. Bisa di-tahu tarikh lahir bapak, ya?
I: *******
M: Terima kasih bapak. Kartu bapak enggak bisa diguna kerna akaun bapak masih ada tunggakan, pak. Bapak di-minta talipon customer service besok lepas 8 pagi, sebab sekarang kantor sudah tutup, pak.
I: Ooh, gitu ya. OKOK. Terima kasih.
M: Kembali, pak.
=========END OF CONVERSATION==========

Blur? Haha. Thought so. Chill guys, lemme explain word-by-word to you, and you guys can learn some simple Indonesia language in the process.

Bapak - formal greetings same like our Mr, Sir.
Ibu - Same like above, but meant for female, Ms, Mrs, Madam.
Kartu - Card
Enggak- No
Bisa -Not 'poison', ok!!?? It means, 'Can'. In Bahasa Malaysia, in means 'Boleh'
Enggak bisa - Cannot, In Bahasa Malaysia, it means 'Tak boleh."
Mas - Same like bapak/ibu, generally used among the youngsters in indon.
Kenapak - It does no mean "why" in this case, you retards! It means, 'Pardon me'. Use this word when you can't hear clearly what is the fella on the other side of the phone is talking about.
Nomor - Number
Kerna - U know 'Kerana'? It means 'Because'.
Tunggakan - Overdue
Kantor - Counter
Kembali - Same as "You are welcome".

With these few commonly used basic indon words put up in my blog, u can now speak to any of the avaiable indons near you.

OK class, time's up.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Phone/Call Routing

Afternoon folks. It’s a weekend today, and I’m in the office. U shouldn’t be wondering why am I stil doing in the office right now if you were to follow my blog since day 1. Yeap, I’m on shift FFS! What am I gonna blog today then? Read on, my comrades, and u will find out.

Now, does anyone has any idea how does a phone/call routing system works in a call centre? Some of you might have a clear idea on that, some of u might not have a single idea on what am I talking about here. Now, allow the humble me to clear the clouds for u.

When a call comes in, normally, by right, it should go to a call centre agent that has been on ‘idle’ mode for the longest time ever. Be it 1 minute, 2 minutes, or whoever that hasn’t got a call for the longest time so far. What’s ‘idle’ mode then? Lemme explain all kinda mode that we have available in this shithole call center that I’m in now.

Ready/Auto-in: This is the button that you’ll start receiving all the bastards & bitches that call in during the business hours making noises.

After Call Work: Temporary break for your own good.

TimeOut: Most commonly used button for my liking. Smoke break, wee-wee and poo-poo break all in one button. As my comrades call it ‘ Illegal Break’.

Aux Mode: A specific code needed to be able to do whatever shit outstanding that you have on your hand. The code has to be entered into the phone system.

Meeting: Pretty straight forward for this one. When you’re out for a meeting/training, this is the button that u should be pressing. Also can be used alternatively with 'Timeout', whichever u prefer.

Logout: End of your shift. All hell break loose. Time-to-get-yourself-outta-shithole button.

Idle: After u press Ready/Auto-in, no calls coming in. The duration in between no call til the moment u get a call is what we normally named it “Idle”.

OK. Explanation shit’s over. Onwards to my story.

Like I said earlier, calls that are coming in normally will go to the agent that is on Idle mode for the longest time. But this aint the case in my office. U might be wondering why. I’m puzzled as well. Lemme explain this to u in ‘simple english’ term.

There are 4 people working in the morning shift during the weekend. Let’s say the shift starts at 7am. From 7am onwards, if I’m lucky, I will be able to sleep soundlessly with all the snoring til 11am without receiving a single GODDAMN call! Strange eh? Whilst the other 3 might be getting calls on & off on a ‘rotation’ basis. Strange again eh?

The same thing, let’s switch to midnight shift then. Again, 3 people working over midnight. Highly likely that only one person will be getting all the calls throughout the midnight shift while the other 2 will be having their own concert in the office as in snoring competition with both their mouth wide open, & salivas dripping off their stinking, full-with-cigarette-smell-mouth. Imagine this situation if there’s only 2 persons working during the midnight then. That unlucky agent will be cursing like there’s no tomorrow whilst the other agent will be having the time of his/her life sleeping soundly.

Again, strange eh? Don’t ask me why. I have no fucking idea AT ALL!! This is what happen to me the other day when there were only 2 of us working. I got a call at 5 in the morning & wanted to ask him something on customer enquiries.

ME: me la
B: my midnight partner

ME: Bro, wake up bro. Wanna ask u something.
B: *snores*
ME: Woi! Wake up! There’s a call on my line. I’m having hard time here. Need your help!
B: *snore even louder*
ME: ........... #^!&v+#$!%&!#@!!!!!!!!

I ended up solving the call on my own. Right after this call, I received 3-4 calls consecutively. While my midnight partner snored even louder than before, all the way til the shift ends. GODDAMNIT!!!!!! DON’T THESE BASTARDS/BITCHES CALLERS EVER SLEEP?!?!?!?

Another thing, if you ever just got back from your break/training/meeting and the moment you login/Ready/Auto-in you terminal. Straight away those calls will be bombarding your place instead of the others who are sitting next you. How stupid can this be? MGCH! I just got back from break/training/meeting, once I put on Ready/Auto-in mode, I got few calls consecutively while there're few colleagues of mine chatting away?!? What?! Do they not getting the same salary as I am?! What DA FUCK IS THIS?!?!? The management seriously need to look into this matter. But everytime, their reply is the same - ' We can't do anything.' WHAT!? Then what the fuck are u doing in that big, fat room of yours, sitting your big, fat ass down that big fat comfy chair?! Stupid marthaphuckers!!!!!!

Now, tell me: Is there something wrong with phone/call routing system in my workplace?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Absurdity of Customer Part 2 - Follow Ups

Yeap. Whatever u do in this line, u need follow-ups. That's for sure. Things u can't settle it at 1st point of contact, u gotta do follow-ups to make sure those bastards & bitches that call in during business hours are satisfied.

With refer to THIS incident last nite. I spoken to the officer-in-charge when I got in to work today. Here's the conversation between me & the officer-in-charge.

M: me la.
J : officer-in-charge

M: Oi bos, I give u this number, u check it out & see. This bugger called in last nite and complain we cancel his card without notifying him.
J: Ooh, this bugger ar?? He damn bloody cheapskate one. He kept on asking me whether got annual fee waiver or not. I told him thousand times already NO! But he kept on asking me to confirm with management 1st. I know my job well. So, I just walk around, wait few minutes, then I call back the bugger, telling same old story to the bugger la. I told him there's no waiver for annual fee. Then he said ok & cancel the card la. He somemore call back few days later to me & ask me to cancel the card for him on the spot. Damn pain-in-the-ass la!

M: But last nite he called me and bla bla bla........
J: OK, gimme his contact number. I call him now.
M: Nah, phone number is ....................

Few minutes later.

J: Oi bro, settle already.
M: So fast ar? What did u say?
J: I told him no waiver, and said he himself asked us to cancel it that day. Now he wants to re-activate it? I told him a firm 'NO' already.
M: Wah, u really 'powderful' ar.
J: Of course la. Don't give face to this kinda people, fuck them up if they get too much over u.
M: Bos, u can fuck them up. I can't do it la. Have to take care of my 'soft-skill' la.
J: Fuck soft-skill la. Got fucked by customer for no reason, stil wanna take care of your soft-skill?
M: ................
J: Ok, case solved already. Let's go smoke.
M: I'll be delighted to!

Smoke: 1st habit I picked up in this field. One of the ways to get outta all the tension-ness in this field temporary.

See? Once again,


Broken Promises

Have you ever borrow something to your friends/colleagues, after couple of months the joker stil 'forgeting' to return the stuff to u?? This is what happen to me in the office currently, which RRRREEEAAAAAALLLLLYYYYY pissed me off now. Here's the story.

I borrowed to one of the newbies a VCD, which contains a movie adaption from a famous japanese manga-turn-anime-turn-movie. Like a normal movie, the length is about 1 1/2 hours or top 1hour 45minutes show. OK. The newbie brought the discs home, watched it, and wanna return the disc to me the next day when she returns for training.

As you all know, newbies' training in a call centre nowadays involves shitloads piles of files, handbooks, guidelines, procedures and the combined-thickness of those files sometimes can go as high as your pelvis area!!!!! Imagine that!!!!!

Therefore, not knowing anything, she put the disc on top of those files/whatever shit u wanna call it. During the break time, the trainer looked at it and asked the newbie if she can borrow it. Here's the thing: you're a newbie in this company, your trainer is asking whether can she borrow the disc from u. Will u say no? Of course not! Therefore the newbie succumb to the 'threatening aura' of the trainer and she lent the disc to her.

1 month later. I asked the newbie where's the disc so that I can re-watch it again. The newbie told me that the trainer took it. I said, OK. I'll ask the trainer then. When I bumped into the trainer, u know what the marthaphucker said?? She said:"Oiyo, I'm sorry ah. I never watch yet. Too busy lah." I was thinking to myself. Fair enough. You're a trainer, you might have a tight schedule even on a weekends as well. I'll give u some time then.

3 months later. I bumped into the trainer again. I asked her whether has she been watching the movie anot. You know what she said to me this time??

She said:"Aiya, sorry ah. I stil busy la. No time to watch la."

Woi!!! What the fuck is going on here?!?!?! 3 months has passed already and she didn't even touch the disc?!?! This is unbelievable, mate!!!!

I said to her:" If u don't have the time to watch, then why u borrow it at the 1st place then?"

Hearing this, she knows that I'm a-wee-bit annoyed with this.

Then she said:" OK lah, I'll watch it by this week and return to u ASAP."

Since she made her promises here, what to do? I'll just wait and see then.

Another month has passes by.

ME: Ei, Ms _____ ar. My disc how ar?? Watched already anot??
SHE: Aiya, *tsk* my dvd player spoilt already. Cannot watch lar. I'll return to u next week. OK?
ME: ..............

Today, January 2009. It's been more than 6 months since that bloody bitch borrowed my disc already. And yet, everytime also gimme some f***ing lame excuses. I talked to her couple of days ago. Here's the conversation:

Me: Oi, Ms ____. Where's my disc? If u don't intend to watch it, then please return it. If u don't intend to return it, then just BLOODY gimme 10 bucks and we get on with our own lives.
SHE: No-lah, I didn't see u the other day when i brough it. Now you're here, but I didn't bring it. OKOK. Tomorrow u work anot?
ME: I'm off tomorrow.
SHE: Then who should I pass it to then?
ME: Pass it to the newbie that u borrowed from last time.
SHE: OK, I pass to her tomorrow.

When I got back to work after my Off Day. I asked the newbie if the trainer has pass the disc to her anot. The newbie said no. I don't know what to say anymore. Fucking bitch.

Abit of background check on that bitch here:
- She's confirmed older than me. At least 40years old.
- She aint married.
- She aint got kids.
- She got couple of dogs/pets/puppies/whatever shit u wanna call it that she claimed to be her "kids".
- She always goes around the office with a small sling bag over her waist, as if it's fucking stylish.
- A hairdo who looks like 18year-old-wanna-bes. FFS, you're over 40, act like 40. Don't pretend like you're 18.
- I think she's stil a virgin. (No!! I'm not interested at all!! But for those who are, drop me a mail. Maybe I can hook u up with her, end our misery altogether.)
- Favourite quotes - "Logical thinking." - Do I look like retard here? Do I not think logically? Don't treat me like a retard. I feel offended with this phrase "logical thinking", bitch!

Now, tell me, what is she so busy about during the weekend??

Why make promises when she doesn't even bother to keep it at the 1st place? Is this the kinda behaviour that a trainer of a call centre should have?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stupidity of Customer

How stupid, ignorance can cardholders be??

I rushed home at 140km/h just to post this one up. Damn f***ing angry after I got this bloody call close to the end of my shift. Here goes:

Q - Customer
A - Me

Q: Why I can't use my card?
A: Owh sorry to hear that happened to u, sir. May I have your ________???

Normal bullshit verification done.

A: Apparently, Mr ***, your card has been terminated upon your request due to annual fee issue, sir.

Q: What?! I didnt request it to be terminated at all!!!! U check again.
A: I'm sorry, Mr ***. U did call us up on [certain date] and spoken the officer in charge, and requested the card to be terminated immediately because you're not willing to pay for the annual fee. 3 days later, u call us up again to reassure us to terminate the card on the spot. Therefore, your card has been terminated already.

Q: What?! I didn't ask u guys to terminate it. I was disputing on the annual fee & u guys straight away cancell off my card just like that without noticing me. This is not FAIR!!!

A: *start getting annoyed* But the records here shows that u indeed call us twice to make sure we cancel off ur card on a urgent basis and.......(interrupted)

Q: NO!!NO!!NO!!NO!!NO!! Don't u understand simple english?! I DID NOT cancel the card, I was disputing on the annual fee and u guys terminated my card. It caused me embarrassment just now at the shop when I tried to charge my card. I want it to be re-activated!

A: Alrite sir. I will check with the officer-in-charge tomorrow during the business hour with regards to your account and either myself or the officer-in-charge will get back to u at your mobile on this matter during the business hour.

Q: *on and on with his side of story, bloody bastard*
A: So sorry for the inconvenience caused to u, sir. I assure u that we'll give u a call tomorrow on this matter after a thorough check as rite now it's already after office hour.

Q: *reluctantly* OK then.
A: * usual call closing bullshit*

There u go.

How stupid can he be? He called us in twice, to make sure his account is 100% closed/deactivated/cancelled. But now he's denying his own words. What the fuck is this? Is customer always right? I can tell u this now: I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO!!!!!!!

Why Shift Work?

Ever wonder how life would be if working in call centre? It depends. It really depends. The surroundings, the people in it, to the environment around the building, the decorations and lotsa other stuff that I can't think of rite now. It could be fun at times, it could a "view" to behold, it could sucks big time (this applies to long tenure employees). Like I said, it depends.

I'm currently working in a local financial institution's call centre, handling cards enquiries on a daily basis. Not to forget, working on shift. For my whole job-life since day 1 I got into the society, I've been living in this so-called 'shift-work' life. From normal 9-5 working hour, til 2 months of consecutive night shifts. So, I'm pretty much adapted to this kinda odd hours life. I don't know, I stil feel that I'm the shift-work kinda person. Normal working hours jobs seems should I put it.....boring?

Think of it this way:

Normal 9-5 working hours. U get up, get dressed up nicely, then onto the war-zone aka bloody jam on your way to work, cursing all the way in your private transport for the jam, and need to arrive in office before 9am. Ur good mood to start the day is just been put off by those retarded, selfish lone driver on the road, inclusive of yourself if you're driving alone. Reached office, shitload piles of works stacked on your desk, waiting for you to complete it by end of days. In the midst of it, phone calls, meetings, briefings, some bullshits from the boss, and your mood for the day gone down even further that u expected. Time for abit of cigarette/tea break to get outta all those shit for a wee bit. bla bla bla.. Then comes 5pm, time to pack to get your ass outta this shithole you're in. Yet again, another jam. Reached home after 1 1/2 hour of massive jam. Grab a decent dinner, relax, tv session and off to the bed.

During the weekend, had the intention of go shopping with your loved ones, catch a movie or hang around, but when u think of the parking, the jam INSIDE those shopping centre. Phew! U ought to think twice, again. After further nagging from ur other half, u dragged ur lazy ass and join the crowd. Now, done with the shopping. U proceed to the cashier to make payment. Great! Another long queue. What da f***?! How about that for peaceful weekend when you're suppose to have a nice, decent, uninterrupted rest at ur very home sweet home? And once the weekend's over, the same old shit routine cycle again. Bored routine stuff? I bet 'cha.

That's why I personally don't like normal working hours kinda job. Bored to the max. Not to mention those bloody traffic jam that happen on a daily basis from manic Monday til freaking Friday. It's just total madness. Could make you crazy, i tell you.

I aint having anything against normal office hours job but it's just not my cup of tea eversince I dipped myself into shift hours in my 1st job as an computer operator. Odd hours job, you get to beat the jam, that's for sure. U can go lunch/dinner when there's no one Q-ing, elbowing (especially those old bitches) with u just to get their hands on the dishes that the others like. When your shift finishes, it's either early before 5pm, or later after 5pm..Those stupid traffic jam would've been non-existant when u drive ur car out to the road. How nice eh? No cursing, no rushing. Peaceful trip to home sweet home. Your deserved off-days during the weekdays, the sweetest part of all. Traffic jam ? Not a chance! No parking space in shopping centre? Dream on bay-beh!!! Long Q at the cashier counter? U gotta be f***ing kidding me! I can roam around the whole city centre freely without worrying of crowds, jam, queues. Calls from customers to your direct line? No f***ing way! Even if u choose to stay at home, who'll disturb you from your rest? Sa-weeeeeet!

Now, stil wanna ask me why am I stil in this field??


Yeap. Call Centre Agent. A place where the fun, the grunts, the groans, the complaints and all other adjectives that you can find in a dictionary begins.

I've been a call centre agent since day one after I left the schooling days behind in year 1997. Todate, I'm stil in this field. You must be wondering why the eff am I stil doing in the call centre field after all these years. Not getting bored for single bit? Well, to be frank, I do. But heck, this is already a part of my life. God knows how will I fare if I ever leave this call centre industry and venture myself into other industries available in this world.

This field is where I picked up some 'habits' (which I will reveal later on in this blog of mine), this field is where I get to meet lotsa friends, foes, girlfriends, sex partners, boyfriends, travelling friends, football fans, alcoholic colleagues and the likes of it. These are the things/people that you don't get to know if you're working in other field (for me at least). The opportunity to meet different people with different characteristics on a daily basis is surely something to look forward to during start of this career path. But as life goes on, you tend to learn a thing or two in the process about everthing in life.

Owh well, enough of my babbling for now ( what the fuck!? This is my own bloody blog, I can do whatever shit I want, rite?)

More to come.