Saturday, September 19, 2009

4 days of Holidays - Ahhhhhhhhh

You guys must be wondering after the “Taking calls – Day 2”, where have I been?? Why no “Day 3”, “Day 4” and so forth? First off, on the 3rd day, after I got back from work, I was goddamn tired that I slept off around 8pm+.........Yea, freakin’ 8 in the evening, all the way till the next morning around 5. Talk about sleeping early eh?? When I woke up, without the assistance of any type of alarms that I have available in my bedroom, ‘twas just about nice time I get up to work, which happens to be 5 in the morning. After that, the rest of the day will be as usual. Nothing much peculiar stuff happens.

Come Thursday, same ol’ routine stuff, but due to the fact that I slept quite ‘well’ the day before, I have the ‘luxury’ of sleeping rather ‘late’. Late meaning around 10pm+. Yea. Those who knows me well enough that, this ain’t the OLD me that used to sleep goddamn late, or perhaps only start sleeping 3, even 4 in the morning. Aaahhhh, how things can change a person around eh??

Anyways, enough about job. Remember some time ago, in few of my previous posts, I blogged about a part-time insurance sales friend of mine, Mr V?? In case you have no fucking idea what I’m on about, here’s the link to the latest article that I’ve blogged about him, and inside this link, contains another 3 links which is all about him as well. Damn he’s ‘popular’ in my blog eh??

Thursday evening, just reached home from work. Got a call from a mate, close mate, asking me some details on one surgery that I had couple of years back, and he’s intending to go for one very soon. Here’s the conversation between me & my close mate.

M: me
D: my mate

M: Yo man, what’s the deal-ee-o??
D: Nah nothing much, been busy. Might be outta job soon.
M: Wha-----, you just got this job into this MNC couple of months back man. Wassap with that?
D: Don’t wanna talk about it. Times are bad. Anyway, d’you still remember the surgery you had couple of years back??
M: The one on my butt?? Yea, won’t forget that for the rest of my life.
D: I think it’s my turn this time around.
M: You must be fucking kidding me, mate.
D: Am I laughing or giggling now??
M: Sorry, matey. So, whatchu wanna know about that?
D: Everything.
M: OOOOOkey. [Ain’t going into details here. You perverts. Told Mr D the whole grandma story]. It cost me around 2.3 grand. But the medical bill is fully covered by my medical card. I only paid 10 bucks for the deposit, and that’s about it.
D: Right. Here’s the problem. I don’t have medical card.
M: EH?!?!?! Who did you buy that insurance policy from? It should be inclusive inside that insurance policy, theoretically.
D: Who else? Our “beloved” friend, Mr V himself.
M: Wait. Even that, why is the medical card not included inside the deal??
D: Simple. ‘cos he said that my company would’ve cover everything, therefore the medical card is not needed.
M: You can pass that policy of yours, show it in front of him, and ask him shove it up his marthaphuacking ass!!! What kinda stupid, retarded excuse is that??
D: Hohoho, hold your horses. FYI, I don’t have the policy neither.
M: Wait. Whatchu mean by that??
M: Where the fuck is it?
D: He didn’t pass to me.
M: What about payment then?
D: I paid to him via cheque, and he also never provides me with the payment acknowledge receipt as well.
M: Mate. You are ONE DAMN GOOD CUSTOMER I’d say. I gotta give it to you, seriously. How can you start paying an insurance premium when you’ve not even have the policy physically in your hand?
D: He said he’ll pass it to me tomorrow, and that was few months back.
M: Correct me if I’m wrong. You’ve just cancel the previous policy with him, and then he comes back to you, get you into signing another “improved” and new policy, right? How old is this new policy now??
D: Yes, and it’s almost half year already.
M: You really got a soft spot for friends huh? Now, if you intend to cancel off this new policy, you still can, ‘cos it’s half year only. You won’t lose much, maybe less than 2 thousand bucks. Do you have any other insurance agents besides “our friend”??
D: Yes I do.
M: You might wanna switch it already. But it’s all upto you. It’s your call. Better get one that has a medical card benefits in it. Company won’t cover much if something really happens.
D: Ok then. That stupid b-tard. Like you said, we can be friends, but business wise, it’s better off alone.
M: Ditto!

See?? Another “brilliant” work by our “beloved” part-time-insurance-agent-aka-long-time-friend, Mr V.

I’ve got nothing to say now. I’ma enjoy my 4 days of holidays due to a festival here in my country. How nice can this be. 4 days without work, once back to work, I’m only required to work for another 3 days, then it’s weekend again already. Aaaahhhhhhh...............

PS: And it’s bloody raining, again now. Time for a quick nap.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taking Calls - Day 2

Like my previous post mentioned, today is really an eventful day for the 4 of us.

Arrives at office vicinity around 5:48am. You must be wondering why-on-earth do I know the exact time of arrival today compared to yesterday?? Hehe. I’ve got the picture to show you lads I really arrived this early in the freaking morning to work. Yeah. Like I mentioned time and again, I’ma CHANGED PERSON ALREADY!!!

The time in my car, upon arrival in office vicinity. Told 'ya I'm for real!

Yeap. I was "speeding", when i was on my way to work this morning. It's been awhile since I can drive with this kinda speed in downtown.

Day 2 of taking calls in the brand new department. Still exciting. But it’s rather easier for the 4 of us now that we’ve already encounter what might have turned up once we received the transferred calls from our fellow counterpart downstairs. Instead of sitting there, waiting for incoming calls, all 4 of us were given a list to do outbound calls to the customers, requesting for some necessary information. In other words, we’re doing outgoing calls, and at the same time awaiting incoming calls. Sounds pretty tough huh?? But, the fact is that today is the 1st day that the 4 of us are being assigned with this list, and my access to all the required systems are not fully “functional” just yet, ‘twas a rather a mess for 4 of us. In addition to that, one of the phone systems is still remains as malfunction as it was yesterday.

Again we gotta share desktops among ourselves, so that each of us will get the fair share of login time to await incoming calls, and at the same time making outgoing calls to all the customers in the aforementioned lists that were being assigned to the 4 of us.

One will always forget how time will pass once we’re sooooo concentrated onto something that are really interesting to us, especially when it is something new. That’s exactly what happens to the 4 of us. Time passes by like an arrow without us noticing that it’s about time we go out for our meal, separately. All our arranged schedule have jumbled up till our leader gave up on it. Well, it’s our 2nd day in a brand-new-set-up division. Whatchu expect, right??

Off work at 330pm today. (We were informed upfront yesterday to arrive by 630am this morning. Hence off work at 330pm. In case you're wondering, Doh!) Had a lil’ discussion among us with our supervisor chairing the discussion, talking about developments for the day, and what awaits us. Got outta office at 4, reached home 30mins later, still got time for car wash. Come to think of it, it’s been more than 2 months since I last washed the car. Well, not that I “wash the car” myself, but I really can’t stand it this time around. Since still early for dinner, I drove the car and paid off others to wash for me. I'm one lazy bugger eh?? Yes. I admit it.

Well, it’s nothing much to write about on the 2nd day of my call-taking. Tomorrow will be entirely different for sure due to the fact that all 4 of us have got the hang of doing it already. Besides, our supervisor has already informed us that tomorrow’s gonna be rather interesting as my access to the system will be almost completed, except for 1, or maybe 2 which we rarely use on a daily basis might not be available. Owh well, fuck it. 2nd day, I’ve noticed what are the ‘necessities’ for me to do my job well, and for my division to excel in. it’s just about time only. Apart from that, we’re starting to work on the listing already. Even though the list is about 100 names per person, per day, and to top it all off, the list will increase on a daily basis. Hmm. I think we can manage it.

Time check: 9pm+ again. Hmm, I’m thinking whether I should bring my personal-unused mouse-pad over to office for my personal use. Heck! It’s my own freaking desk FFS! Instead of letting the mouse-pad sitting pretty here in front of my room’s monitor, collecting dust, why not put it into good use eh??

The dust-collecting mouse-pad in front of my PC. A gift from a friend. Exclusive. Not For Sale.

Alrighty. I'm off to bed now, again. Be back for more, ladies and gentlmen.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Taking Calls - First Day

First day taking incoming calls internally. Nervous?? Of-fucking-course!!!!! Need me say more?!?!

Got up at 5am earlier today. Yes. I freaking got up at 5am this morning. You’re damn lucky I didn’t snap the picture when I drove the car to work today. Owh well, I never lies. You wanna believe me, go ahead. If you don’t wanna believe me, suits yourself. You may fuck right off!!!

It’s really a breezing, free & easy morning. No traffic at all, every single road/alley is clear, I’m awake while on my way to work. Reached office lobby at 530am. Only to find out that I left my access card to the office in my car. Cursing and slow-walking towards my car again just to retrieve the access card. ‘twas all sweaty after return from the car. Got up to office, only to receive a text message from my immediate supervisor that we’ll only starts at 630am… Oooooook, seems like I’ve got an extra 30mins to settle down, get myself a nice cuppa coffee, relax myself, get the system up & running while waiting for the seniors & supervisor to arrive.

625am. Both of ‘em arrive on-the-dot. After setting up everything, it’s time. YESH!!!! IT’S SHOWDOWN!!! Due to some complications on call-master device, only 2 outta 4 are able to log-in into the line to receive calls, hence we had to ‘rotate’ to get a feel of those incoming calls.

similar phone system that we're using, except 2 of it are malfunction.

First call got into my line around 9 in the morning local time here. It’s rather simple conversation. The caller’s voice sounds crystal clear, compare to the recorded ones that were played to us via laptop, through speaker during training days. All-in-all, the 4 of us got a pretty “easy” day as in total, we only received 5 calls. This is because we’re only getting calls that are being transferred by our fellow counterparts in other departments whereby those calls are pertaining to my division’s portfolios, for now. Don’t ask me why the volume is so low. Even my supervisor is a tad-bit surprised by that as well.

But starting next week, we will not only be receiving calls from internal transfers, we will also be receiving calls directly from the customers themselves, that is in the even they press the accurate options when they got through the voice-response-system.

3pm, time’s up! Let’s get the feck outta here. Well. We did come in at 6 in the morning to start-off our work for the day. So, we are supposed to get off the area at 3 in the afternoon, provided that there’s no pending cases that needs to be settled on that day itself. Yeap. That’s basically it on my first day taking calls, in this new department. To be honest, I can hear my heartbeat when the first call got through my line. Never in my life has encounter such [insert your choice of words here] when taking my first call in the call floor. I hope things will get better soon as we get our hands on more incoming calls.

On a sidenote, my new department had a small BBQ gathering on Saturday. ‘twas fun. But, (there’s always a “but”), it took us some time to get the fire up & ready. Don’t believe me, I’ve got the picture this time. Off you go!

Picture taken around 730pm, 45 minutes after set-up.

Another 15minutes later, more "experts" arrived to the "scene", still no fire. :-D

The fire was finally "up & running" after 2 full hours of "relentless effort". Phew!
Overall, ‘twas a very fun BBQ session, in addition to that, the team are able to have fun, release some pressures and leave the work behind.

Tomorrow will be another eventful day. Hope for the best.

It's 9pm+ now. I'm preparing to bed now. Scary huh? Never thought that I'll be off to bed this early huh? Well, I'm a changed person now.

Be back for more!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Outta Training - New Department - 1st Day

Aaaaahhhhhh….first day at work, in my new department. ‘twas a mixed feeling altogether. Ain’t know what is it all about. The feeling of newbie comes back to me again. You might be arguing that I’ve been through all the trainings, and I should be able to cope with and all those bullshit. But, going up there, answering calls straight away is a different ball game altogether. But thank to the ONE above. It’s not the case. Since this is our [the 4 of us] first day in this department, we were attached to the seniors and listen to their calls, and see how do they perform their daily work. In short, we call it a “buddy session” with the seniors. This is the part where the 4 of us will be sitting next to the seniors, get to know the seniors, the surroundings, and all the stuff that a newbie should be doing after coming outta training room, going into the new department.

Buddy session went for approximately couple of hours, time for lunch. At least now we, the newbies have some clues on how/what to do during a certain circumstances. But I found out one thing: Of all the stuff that we learnt during training past few weeks, only the stuff that were taught by our trainer towards the end of training are frequently used by the seniors today.

Dear trainer, in case your reading this post, no offense to you eh?? I won’t be adding any further comments on this part until I’m really familiar with the job.

Lunch’s over. Back to the department. Then came along a meeting with the rest of the team. Well, I wouldn’t say a meeting, it’s more like a discussions among the team members on the cases that they’ve been through so far, on a weekly basis, and to share among the team members on the latest development. The meeting went on for an hour, or so. We, the newbies were given time, and guidance from the supervisor on the system ie. The user-IDs, the set-up of the systems etc etc.


You must be thinking why on earth am I typing all those common stuff in block letters. Well, for starter, I don’t have the luxury of having my own desk since the start of my career. The matter of fact is that I’m always on a shift work, hence it’ll be a “hot-desk” environment. In case you don’t know what does “hot-desk” means, and if you have all the time in the world reading this, please click this link HERE for explanation. Pretty straight-forward. This is the first time EVER that I fucking OWNED a desk for my OWN use. So, I guess by now you should be on the same page with me on “why the excitement over own permanent desk?”, eh?? It might not be a big deal to y’all, for me, it’s FUCKING BIG DEAL!

A~~~~nyway, since it’s a new set-up department, it takes some time for the 4 of us to clean here & there, testing out the system, helping on the set-up and “customizations” on our desktop. Without us realizing, the time has come for us, newbies to go home. There goes the first day for us in the new department. I’ve got no idea what’s in store for us tomorrow.

Got a few short text messages appeared in my mobile from my ex-workmates wishing me luck on my first day here. Thanks a bunch, lads!!! I LOVE Y’ALL TOO!!!

Tomorrow will be another 830am-530pm job, but starting Monday, I will be on shift again. Well, to be exact, it’s still a Monday-Friday job, I’m starting slight earlier than normal people. It will really be the day where the 4 of us WILL be going on floor to take calls already. Talk about the pace eh???

Come what may, I’m all pumped up!!! Bring the FUCK on!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Training Room: Last Day [For Me]

Gonna rush this post up before a certain time.

This is it!!!! The final day of my training in this new job environment. Time really passes by without anyone of us noticing it. 4 weeks has gone, or almost gone at time of this post. Tomorrow, I’ll be going to my supposed department to do the real thing. Same thing for Friday as well. Come next Monday, the 4 newbies outta the 8 that were in the training room will be on the call floor, starting to taking incoming calls for that specific enquiries that were being assigned to us. Come to think of it, it’s a tad-bit scary as well, but on a sidenote, it’s good as well. First thing first, [maybe for myself, don’t quote me on this] there weren’t enough time for us to play around with the system as we’ll need to concentrate on the desk guides that were being handled by the trainer to us earlier. There’s no right or wrong over this matter but it’s just that playing with system during training will somehow gives us, newbies abit of how-it-feels-like, if you know what I mean??

A~~~~~~~nyway, since today spells the end of my training in this small, confined room between the 8 of us, here’s a lil’ bit of the you-know-what on all of ‘em, inclusive of the trainer. Like always, no specific name mentioned.

Trainer => A young chap. Funny as fuck. Strict at times. Straight to the point. Very, and I mean VERY flexible. . Very detailed person, very organized as hell. Only to be distracted by some retarded stuff that is not worth mentioning in here. [Even if I do mention it here, it’ll be waste of space as well. So, don’t bother]. Always maintain a 2-ways communications in the room. In short: fucking brilliant training in my entire career path.

A: Bulky guy. Has a loud voice. Always has his own grandma story to tell whenever there’s a chance. Will always grab any opportunity to sit at the girls’ seat, claiming that the chair that he’s currently sitting hurting his butt. YEEEAAAHHHH RIIIIIIIIIIIIITE!!!

C: A girl that always has her earpiece on, listening to her favourite mp3s whenever she’s free. Quite close to me as well since we’re the only 2 in the room that smokes. My condolences on your lost car incident, C.

G: Youngest chap in the room. One of the noisiest. Play futsal league. Quite good-looking guy. He’s the same guy that has some complication with his previous company, which i blogged about in my previous post, and that case is still unsolved at time of this post.

J1: The eldest trainee in the room. Been through a lot in life. He'll always has the time to crack a joke or two, which will ultimately lighten up the whole room. Favourite word: “Pow”, which means extortion. Head of the "noisy gang".

J2: This is the quietest girl in the room. Almost the same age as me. Concentrates a lot than anyone of us. Very soft-spoken. She will "retaliate" as and when she deem necessary.

M: 2nd quietest girl in the room. Due to the difference of the country that she is going to serve, and also the process/system that she’s gonna use is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay simpler than all of us, she is always the one the got picked on from rest of us when it comes to trainer explaining the process flow of a training module involving her market ONLY.

P: Interesting girl in the room. Very quiet when she arrives, only on the first day of her arrival. Things gone haywire with us from 2nd day onwards. Eats a lot and doesn’t get fat. Mind you, she’s very skinny. A fresh graduate. She likes to read a lot during training, likes to take notes a lot even though if it’s not relevant. Maybe it is a fresh-grad-symptom? Erm…….did I miss out anything on this one??

W: “Bulky” guy. This is the joker that started the whole diet thing with me, and he went and broke that diet promise the very next day. You untruthful bugger!!!!! Joking aside, nice chap. Eats a lot, as and when there’s a break in between. Taking up lotsa coffee these past few days. I wonder why. Ain’t coffee has sugar in it that doesn’t help in dieting at all? I don’t know. Let it be. Another one in the "noisy gang".

That’s about it, including myself, final "member" of the "noisy gang", these are the members of the craziest, noisiest, liveliest, wildest training class that the trainer ever had in his entire 1 and a half year tenure as a trainer. I hope this will be a memorable one for him as well.

Here’s from me to the class: I FUCKING LOVE U ALL!!!!!!

Check: the time now is 9pm, 9mins, on the 9th of September, of the year 2009. I hope this group in this class will keep contact forever, and ever.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Week has Gone

So, another week has passed, without me noticing it. Still in the training classes, which ultimately means tomorrow, this very coming week, will be the last week that I’m going to be in “training mode”. After this coming week’s training is over, I’m set to be ‘thrown’ to the floor and do what I’m paid here to do. Anyways, lemme give you a “summary” of what has gone through the last week, eh??

Monday was public holiday here. We started work on Tuesday…nothing unusual. Same ol’ training stuff. Nothing much to brag about. Come Wednesday, all of sudden, I had a rush of “dieting”. Yea. You heard me right: “DIET”. Hence one newbie in the training room, who so happen to start “diet” at the same time with me, went & had some “power” lunch downstairs during that 1hr lunch time. Here’re the pictures that showed that I indeed took these 2 stuff as my lunch for that day.

Yeap. You saw that alright. It’s 4 slices of bread, plus waffles as my lunch. But this “DIET” didn’t last very long as my friend decided to switch back to ‘heavy lunch’ the very next day, and the day after. Talk about consistency and resistance eh??

Seriously. This has been the longest time I’ve spent on a post in this blog of mine. It’s been almost 6hours now, but I’m still not sure wadafark am I babbling about this time around.

Oh yeah. I went for a drink with few of my ex-colleagues in one of the famous shopping centre downtown on Friday after work. It’s been awhile meeting ‘em up. Now that I’m working nearer to downtown, it’s just a 15-20mins walk away from my office to the ‘drinking spot’. So, there’s just no excuse for me not to go join ‘em up. The whole “saga” started around 6pm-ish…..i ain’t sure how and when it ended, I didn’t know how did I manage to get home in one piece, but I did. In addition to that, I got badminton game next morning. You can imagine the after-effect, if you know what I mean.

I’m still “struggling” mentally on whether should I be posting the next story in my blog. Armen, you know who you are. If I were to write this, it’ll be “massive”…..lemme know when you come back, eh?? I know I know, it’s my marthaphuacking blog and I can whatever-dafark I want in here, but…..something inside me is fighting against my own will to write this piece of crap in here. Why am I having this kinda feeling?? Conscience? Anyways, fuck that.

On another note, did I mention I went for a BBQ gathering weeks back?? Nop, I don’t think I did eh?? Ok. ‘twas a fun gathering, ‘cos it’s organized by my ex-workmates. The main thing is not about the BBQ gathering, but it’s the thing that they bought to my ex-workmates’ house, Wii <>. I’ve got only 2 words to describe this Nintendo Wii, “Bloody Brilliant”!!!

Irregardless what kinda game you intend play with this thing called Wii, it for sure will get your whole body sweats. In the event if you’re playing sports type kinda game, then your hands will sore. If you never had any sports/exercise for a loooooong time, then, I can guaran-damn-tee you that your body muscles will be aching the very next day. Lucky me that I’ve went for a couple of badminton sessions prior to this Wii session, so I don’t feel any after-effects at all. But then again, if anyone wants a good workout at home, but hasn’t got the funds to buy those bulky/flashy exercise equipments, Wii is the way to go. Yea, you hear that from me. Buy Wii for some serious workout at home!!! Play video games and get slim down at the same time. It’s a DREAM for everyone who wanna get slimmer!!!! It’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 bloody stone!!!!!

Ok then. This is a rather short post from myself for this time. I got lotsa things/stories to tell you lots, but…but….but…..sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh……I’ma go for dinner now. Be back for more eh???

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Wii. I don’t get a single penny from Nintendo for the above statement. This is a community service, brought to you by the one & only, sinoffire.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Job Training - Day 11

Day 11, which is also the 3rd week of my training days in this new job. Yesterday was a national holiday for us here. But ‘twas the most relaxing Monday that I’ve ever lived since a long-long time already. I’ll try to make this post rather quick and not long-winded as can be. I’ll try, but no promises.

I’m listening to a song by Corinne Baily Rae entitled “Put Your Records On” as we speak. It’s damn relaxing listening to this song, in the middle of the nite, all alone in my bedroom, in front of my desktop, typing this bunch of crap just for y’all. Another highly recommended song from same singer is “Trouble Sleeping”. Damn nice also.

Anyways, it was a long break for me since awhile. It was weekend, and in addition to that, Monday, which happened to be a national day for us here. 3 days of ‘off days’ in-a-row really sounds so nice to all working normal hour people. No disrespect to anyone, but I think I’ve changed from a not-a-morning-person to a no-problem-waking-up-in-the-morning type of person. It took me only approximately a week to accustom to this kinda working hours and also environment. As per my previous post, I promised that I’ma upload a picture of my life-savior when it comes to get up early and arrives to office on time, previously. Here goes:

I was telling you lots that I went for a badminton game again couple of days. The last timeI went, it made my whole body aching so much that it took me 4 days to fully recover. But this time around, NO PROBLEMO at all 'cos my body has adapted to it already. Anyone up for a challenge?

On a sidenote, what would one do whenever there’s a long holiday like the past few days?? Shopping?? Gathering? Hanging out with buddies?? Whatever it may be, one should be out there enjoying the long holiday, albeit 3 days. Me? I stayed in my home-sweet-home, badminton game on Saturday aside, for whole 3 days of holidays. I’m the kind of person doesn’t like crowd. Even if there is, I’d like to be in a group/crowd that I know at least half of ‘em. Anti-social?? Let’s put it this way then: I got no life. To tell you lots the truth, I stayed in my room for majority of the 3 days, busy clicking on facebook. If you think I’m crazy enough, then I don’t think you’ve play facebook ‘enough’. It’s the hottest, most popular webbie in the world now. It even surpasses google as the top webbie, and has also surpasses myspace to become the most sought-after social networking webbie in the world right now. Yea. No point promoting facebook. I don’t get anything from them.

Anyways, back to work this morning. The weather for whole goddamn day has been gloomy, cloudy and it rains, it stops, and then it rains again, and it stops again…and the whole rain & stop process kept on going till night falls. Don’t believe me?? You b-tards! You know I’ll never lie to y’all. I managed to snap a couple of pictures to prove my words are real, while I was stuck in the bloody jam [as usual].

There. Suck that! I told y’all that it’s real! Both pictures taken around 6pm-ish.

It’s close to midnite now. I’ma doze off in a bit. Tomorrow it’s gonna be the 2nd open-book assessment in my training class.

“My-my-my, how time does fly”

It’s the 3rd week already. Next week is gonna be the final week I’ll be spending the time inside the training room. After that, I’ll be ‘separated’ from the rest of ‘em and go into my department and further my additional 2 weeks of training phase there.

Just to enlighten y’all. I’m suppose to have 5 weeks of training: 3 weeks in current class, another 2 weeks with the department that I’m about go into. After completion of these 5 weeks, I’ll be straight into the job already. Kinda scary if you think of the time that flew by so fast!

I’m done, for now.

Be back for more, ladies & gentlemen.