Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Irritating Meeting [Part 2 - Finale]

I’m back. Again. Ranting? I was at a more foul-mood yesterday. Wanted to write this post up last nite but dozed off couple of minutes later. Wanna know what happen to me yesterday? Read on.

In my previous entry, ‘twas all about the meeting on the arrangement of the presentations of each department. Yesterday was another meeting being held, to have everyone’s ideas up and running, as well as doing a final mock-run on the presentation, in front of the few internal representatives. Who were there? Same participants as per the last meeting, which happened on Monday. I know my drawings are really outta place. To be frank, I never pass even once on all my arts’ exams during my schooling days. So bare with me fellow readers. Here’s another dose of that awful drawings of mine for your easy references.

black dot (top left) - underling
black dot (bottom right) - bitch manager
big purple dot - my manager
yellow dot - Motivator
green dot - Me

As usual, the 2 black dots are those 2 retarded bitches. The rest are representatives from different divisions who are attending it. After the discussion is finalized on what-to-amend on the posters, my manager decided to have a mock-run on the presentation for everyone that was in the room. Jaw-dropping, eye-bulging, mouth wide-open, none of us was prepared and informed about doing mock-run and all that. I don’t give a shit about other teams but Motivator and I have been discussing what to say earlier in the morning, so both of us pretty much have a general idea what to say during the actual thing take place. Presentation? To me, it’s just a piece of cake. It’s just another form of bullshitting on a broad daylight, in front of people you may or may not know. The posters are just up there to distract the audience, what they really focusing on is you. ‘cos you’re the one that will be doing all the talking, and they will be listening to whatever stuff that is coming outta your mouth. Whether they understand what you’re saying is entirely different story. I did it with flying colors, literally, without anyone commenting what am I suppose to change. Well, maybe just one word that I’m not supposed to use, and that’s it. And that was coming outta that bitch’s stinking mouth, yet again. You think this is the reason why I’m pissing off yesterday? Owh, you are OH-SO-WRONG!

The bitch’s underling arrives a lil’ late, claiming that she’s handling an escalation call. Meh. Fuck it. When it’s her time to present her stuff, this stupid underling keep on asking

“Should I add in...........................???”

“Should I say this.........................??”

“Can I say this?? Because........................??”

“Can I put this into the presentation on this topic that..........................??

What the flying fuck is this underling bitch wasting my time here for?? You were soooooooo fucking confident the day before, with your bloody pen swaying all over places instead of your bloody thumb. Your bloody FUCKING THUMB!!

As expected, that bitch manager starts to run her mouth for the next 10-15 minutes, telling her underling that she should be saying this and that, that and this, add in this and that…and the bloody conversation went on and on between 2 of ‘em. My manager was lucky enough to "escapte" the torturing session during that short period as he got an important phone call to attend to. During the interim, the bitch manager kept on saying

“You should add this.............................. but use your own words.”

“Put in this comment of.........................but use your own words.”

“Don’t forget to put this.........................but please use your own words.”

“Owh, I just remember, you should put this in as well. Remember, use your own words.”

How is that consider “YOUR OWN WORDS”?! Those were basically the bitch manager's own words, not her underling’s own words ffs. And stupid enough, this underling is soooooo goddamn busy writing down whatever shit that is coming outta the bitch manager’s mouth. As she was busy writing, the bitch manager kept on stressing “Use your own words”. Stupid? Ironic? Contradicting? It all rolls into one simple word : brainless! I didn't bother to see what happen later on 'cos it's not worth my precious time doing it.

So, today is the day of reckoning. The big shots are in town. Did a couple of check, no more mock-run between us. I was in a training (still). My manager has informed us last nite that the big shots will only be in the building around 1pm-ish. So, we’ve ample time to do whatever that we need to do, except for the fact that there’s no red carpet for ‘em. Sorry guys. Budget is waaaay out this year. Insufficient funds.

Everything went on smoothly on my floor here during the presentation. The underling and the bitch manager are both based at another level. I didn’t have the intention to see how their “performance” is. Not even the slightest of all. ‘cos it’s not worth my time doing it. If you can’t do it in a mock-run, or perhaps an instant presentation, that means you don’t cut it to present at a higher level. That’s my thought on it. Call me arrogant or whatever that you want. That’s just my way of seeing it. I’m not arrogant, I’m just better. If you have different view on this, start your own blog and rant about me in your own blog then.

Got a shocking news earlier this morning. I shall keep this one to myself til the time is right to say it out. I ain’t too sure on the reliability of this source but, I shall keep this one to myself, for now.

Til then. I stil owe you guys (and ladies of ‘cos) the conspiracy theory. I shall do it, some day. Rest assured.

Be back for more.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Irritating Meeting Ever

I’m pissssssed..fucking pissed! It’s all gotta do with work today. Read on, and thou shalt know.

As you all by now, today is my first day of training on the department that I’m going into. Nothing much to complain on the training. Training resume as normal with my beloved trainer. Yeah, I know I know. I was a tad-bit late, (as usual =P) but hey, nobody’s perfect.

Halfway through of training, my trainer receives an email from manager requesting both of us to attend a meeting at 1030am later. Great. This email was timed at 1010am. Talk about tight schedule.

Time comes. Gotten my ass into the meeting room. All supervisory level people are in there. My manager is in there ‘cos he is chairing this meeting, and of course another manager from the other floor. Remember about a bitch that I posted up few posts back last month? In case you forgot, please revisit that post over here => 12th Day . Just scroll down to 1 paragraph right before the diagram with colored dots. It’s just an intro to how bitchy this bitch can be.

Here’s how it all started. The vice president of our centre is coming down from oversea to have a meeting, together with couple of top management people. In short, big shots high up there are coming to town. We gotta prepare something. My new manager happens to be a close friend with vice president for at least 3 years. Hence, he’s having loads of ideas to be presented to the vice president, and this meeting is all about getting the opinions from the teams respectively on what are the to-dos and not-to-dos during the presentation. You got the drill by now. Please see below diagram for better understanding of the in-depth illustration of today’s rant.

black dot (left) - bitch manager
black dot (right) - bitch's underling/pen-pointing bitch
big purple dot - my manager
other colored dots - departmental representatives

There are few departments that are under these 2 managers’ supervisions. Each department will have their own poster, coupled with key points to be presented to VP on this coming Wednesday. However, prior to that, discussions must be held to gather opinions and hopefully gathering thoughts on any improvements/reduction of information onto the posters.

The meeting was scheduled to be 1 hour. Because of this bitch, it dragged on for fucking 1.5 hours. Just because she wants it everything in accordance to what she has uttered out from her fucking stinking mouth. The moment the meeting starts, she hardly closes her fucking mouth. Eventhough she looks kinda dreamy due to no makeup on her fugly face, her ever-messy hair is like buncha weed at the roadside. How on earth can a manager of a department can be that messy in terms of her outlook Is really beyond anyone’s imagination. My apologies. Don't both imagine it. Doesn't worth your precious time. Let's move the fuck on.

She just has got to open her fucking mouth for each and single posters that is being projected on the screen. Loads of comments coming out of her mouth. My manager is a kind man. He knows when and how to fight back. From what I think, he’s just pacifying her, to make her shut the fuck up. Little does this bitch know that all these posters are the hard work of my manager. I bumped into him on one fine Saturday, (or was it Sunday? Let’s skip the details. ‘twas a weekend for sure. I swear on my life.) he was doing these posters at his desk. He was designing it, putting the words, the key point etc etc. He then gathered the inputs from all the supervisors on things to be uploaded on the posters. After all said and done, only then these posters were put up for further discussions.

All this bitch did thus far, was just condemning, criticizing, bombarding with stuff that none of us know what the fuck is she babbling and talking about towards my manager. The whole room was just filled with her fucking irritating, filthy, stinking, annoying, maddening, fucking words-can’t-describe voice. How I wish I can get the fuck outta that room after she criticize the posters of my department. (My supervisor, Motivator called in sick today. That’s why I was in meeting). She knows nuts on how things work in my department, so don’t you fucking run your bothersome mouth on some fictional facts on it with general idea that you’ve got somewhere else. I was fuming when she asked me on some unrelated stuff to that posters, upto a certain point I almost slam on the table. Fucking bitch. Don’t fuck with me!

On a sidenote, remember the underling that always follow this bitch’s tail wherever this bitch goes? If you don't, please read back the link above to have a "better understanding". She not much better. I think she caught the notion that I fucking hate her a lot, she dare not utter a word when the poster is about my department. But one thing I hated about this underling during the meeting was that she keeps on pointing her pen to the speaker (ok, speaker = person who speaks, not that speaker system. Got it?) whenever she responds to a particular statement.

Now, I don’t know if all you readers aware of this fact, but this is one thing you should know whenever you’re attending a meeting: Never, EVER FUCKING point something towards anyone in the meeting! Be it a pen, your fucking finger or just about anything! The only thing you can use to point at anyone in the meeting is your fucking THUMB! It’s fucking rude to point anyone using anything but your bloody FUCKING THUMB your parents gives you. There’s a reason why the one up there gives you 10 fingers! Not 9, not 6, not any other numbers but 10! A fucking 10 fingers. 5-a-side. Each has it’s own function. So use it properly. If not, please cut if off and go die please!

I noticed the pen-pointing action from this underling throughout the whole meeting. She’s lucky that she didn’t do that to me. I was just waiting for the right time for me to retaliate and say:

"Please move your pen away from me. It is very rude to point at someone using a pen in a meeting. Don’t you know that? You’re a supervisor. You should know this simple rule."

But, Lady Luck seems to be with her at that hour. She never says a word when the discussion is about my department. Damnit!

The whole 1.5 hours is just full with debates between the 2 managers. The rest are just nodding their heads. Who dares to go against something said by a manager? All we do is just wishing for the session to be over ASAP and get the fuck outta the room and get on with our daily work.

My supervisor, Motivator is coming back tomorrow. I’m gonna discuss with him on this presentation piece of work, and work from there. My training will starts at 9am for this whole week. He should be in 2 hours before my training starts. I shall manage it.

Presentation? What presentation? Piece of cake.

Till then. I will not let this bitch’s stupid behavior dampens my mood for the rest of the week. Mainly because my favourite footie team just beaten our arch rivals last nite. I’m curing my pimples now ‘cos of the after-match effects, insomnia. Hahaha.

I shall be back with the conspiracy theory of mine that I wrote on my previous post yesterday.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Sunday, Another Month

It’s been a month since my last entry here. You must be wondering what the hell has gone with me throughout my absence… Am I dead for good?? Fat chance. Read on and find out more.

As per my previous entry., my boss has given me the nod to proceed and train up the joker-newbie to my current department, in return of me moving to the opposite direction.

That’s what I was doing for the whole duration of my absence here. Ain’t too sure why I spread the whole schedule upto a month, but then again, the boss & the supervisor have no fucking clue on what the schedule is all about and blindly accepted it, hence the training was underway the very Monday after this swapping proposal was panned out to both of them in the meeting between the 3 of us.

I wouldn’t say it’s the most enjoying 1 month in current department, ‘cos it’s been a fun ride throughout the months I’m with the existing team, eventhough with the fact that I was moved to different workstation for a few times, like a nomad. This team, I’ll forever love you guys deep in my heart.

It’s not something new for me to train up newbies. In short, the training is split up to 2 weeks of system and logical training, whilst the remaining 2 weeks are all on practical, as in the newbie is taking up the phone calls and I’ll be sitting right next to him, giving him guidance as and when appropriate. Everything went well. It’s just a matter of his call skill that needs to be brushed up a wee bit, which I intend to brief him up on the last week of training, which happens to be couple of days back. But he was on leave, so be it. My task is done. I’ve delivered what they wanted. Call skill is not something that you can force it outta some individual. It’ll emerge as times go by. No point forcing the individual on the same shit of call skill daily. If an individual can’t do it, perhaps just give him/her some time, time will tell. But in terms of job knowledge, I think this newbie is more than equipped to do stuff on his own, despite some system access problem, which never got solved for as long as he’s here since May. What the fuck are they doing?!?! Goddamnit!

Lotsa things happen throughout this past month. Another one has left us in pursuit of own interest. After more than half decade in current company, the time has come to get outta current job scope in search of something fresh outside. A new world awaits, new challenges beckon. Good luck to you! You know who you are. Love you always as well! Can’t thank you much for dragging me back here and reunite with you guys. Really. I’m still your slave as always, summon me as and when you need me, I shall be there in a blink of an eye at your command.

Tomorrow will be my first day of training for the department that I’m swapping into. This training will be for duration of 2 weeks. Yes. U saw that rite. 2 fucking weeks. How great is that. And here I thought I’ll be given a training duration of a month, just like that newbie. Hmmm..Ahh well...I’m god, literally. At least the rest think that I am.

Meh. 2 weeks of training, after so long. Another dosage of training. Hope I can last that 2 weeks awake during training.

A footie match involving my favourite team is comin’ up in less than 10 minutes, that’s all for this short post. I’ll post a conspiracy theory in my next post. So stay tuned til then. Adios!