Friday, October 29, 2010

On A Day Like This

Wanted to put this one up in midweek but I was too tired to do so. Hence I post it up today, now.

Went for a close friend’s wedding last Saturday, 60% of the attendance is all ex- and current staff of the current company that I’m in. That’s why I told everyone that this is more like a “family reunion” party instead of a wedding dinner. Ahh well, I’d like to take the opportunity to say congrats to both the bride & the groom on the wedding, and wish you live happily everafter.

3 days ago, 26th was the day of reckoning for Motivator. ‘twas his 6th month in current job, which is due for confirmation review from the bosses. Coincidentally, we had a meeting with our new deputy manager on the very same day as well. During the meeting, everyone was talking about cases, on the difficulties that they faced during negotiation with the clients et al. I know that deep down inside all of ‘em wanted to ask this very question: Is this bastard leaving, or is he staying?

That’s the million dollar question. Couldn’t bare it anymore, I burst out to the new deputy:

“Off the record, is there gonna be any replacement for Motivator then?”

This new deputy is a honest manager thus far. She has given me the impression that, if someone is right, she’ll say Kudos, Well done. You’re correct etc etc etc. But if someone screw it all up, she’ll give it to that person right in his/her face regardless of whatever reason.

When she heard my question, she mentioned that Motivator did screw up few times, and she did gave it to Motivator right in his face etc etc etc. But it seems like she didn’t answer my question instead. Therefore I persisted & asked her the same question again. She said that she’ll give Motivator a month or two for him to improve on all his shortcomings.


I got the answer that I wanted. Right after that, I asked her on the fate of this newbie that I swapped my role with. She put it bluntly and directly saying that, given the performance til mid of November, if things don’t improve by then, this newbie will be gone.

Great. At least one good news for the day. The meeting then went on for 2 hours whereas it should’ve been ended in an hour. Damn. Talk about rumor mongers and bitchin’ session.

In between today and the day after meeting, which is Wednesday til today, Motivator has been bombarded by questions from managers on certain accounting stuff. Not that I care much, but I’ve got reliable sources told me that Motivator was having a torrid time getting the correct stuff to be delivered to the managers.

Towards the end of my working hour for today, gotten a confirmation that Motivator has personally appealed himself to be extended for 3 more months in order for him to improve all his shortcomings, which the deputy duly accepted it. If things remain the same after 3 months, he’ll have no choice but to pack his bag and get the fuck outta here. Great! We’ve waited for 6 months, why another 3 months then.

On a sidenote, I was browsing through for some vacancies internally and see if there’s any “interesting” position that I can dip my head into. Found out something interesting, something similar to what I’ve been expecting to get. Again, it’s something similar, but no exactly the same.

I’ve got sources informing me that there’ll be tough competition on that post. Ahh. Not that I give a fuck on who’s gonna be my competitors for that post, but I shall do my fucking best to get that post. If I lose out on that, at least I gave it my bloody best shot already. Wish me luck.

My current new role’s department is gonna short of one more headcount, for one of the senior has opted to further the career elsewhere, internally. Good luck to you. We shall meet again, hopefully. *wink*wink*

That’s it. That’s all the updates for this past week. Short, straight to the point. Ain’t no bullshitting around.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day like this, on Wednesday

Last post was about a week ago. But today I really can’t stand the stupidity of it anymore. This post was meant to be up couple of days back, but today seems to destine for me to post it instead.

As per my previous entry, today marks the day of that bitch manager leaving this country and back to her place of origin. I ain’t sure about others but for me, it’s good riddance. Adios bitch! Hope not to see you soon. She came up to our floor and shook hand with each and every one of us, bidding her farewell. Well, so happen that I was discussing some cases with my trainer cum senior and she walks up to me and shook hand bidding her farewell. I was so deep into the discussion that all I said was just

“Hi. Bye. Good Luck”

4 words. 4 simple, daily-used words. Those are my last words to her. She might need the latter 2 much more in her future. Right after those words went off my mouth, I turned and continue my discussion with my trainer cum senior on the cases again. Screw that. I don’t give a shit about her departure at all. Call me a cold-hearted or whatever adjectives that you can come up with, but I don’t give a rat’s ass about it. There. I said it. Good riddance, finally.

Everything doesn’t go my way today. I told my trainer cum senior that I need to do some work that requires me to concentrate on it on full time scale basis for the day. Therefore she is kind enough to let me loose for just 1 day, so that I can settle as much cases as I can for the whole day. These cases have been backtrack since the start of last month and I didn’t even start on it. I’m supposed to close those cases on a monthly basis, but due to “unforeseen circumstances”, everything has gone off the track. Long story short, I need to buck the fuck up and close all these outstanding cases of mine from start of September til todate, all these before end-of-month. That’s the target I set for myself.

For me to get into these cases, there’s a system access that is very essential in the process of calling up these customers and close those cases in one-go. Yeah. You guessed it right, my access to that system seems to be removed overnite. I was still able to access it before I packed up for the day last nite. What’s up with the overnite change? I tried to ring up 3 of the customers on that matter, only to be fucked right in the face from all of ‘em, telling me:

“How many times do you guys wanna call me up, telling me the same thing over N’ over again?? Have you check in your records before you call me up? You have to put your acts together. Can I talk to your supervisor now?”

Ya. Out of the 3 calls, 1 customer was away, 2 went to Motivator. That’s it. I give the fuck up. I’d rather spend the time waiting for my system access to resume, and then check the records before I ring ‘em up and get fucked for no reason.

Reported this to Motivator. He got it fixed finally. However by the time this is solved, the time has way passed for me to ring up the customers in my outstanding list. Goddamnit! One helluva unproductive day for me.

Think that’s the end of it? Fat chance. Here comes Part 2. Just got up from a break, a smoking break, which I really needed it after the aforementioned incidents, my trainer pull me over and showed me an email sent by Motivator, with 2 of my trainer & senior in the loop. Without further adue, I went back, sat my big fat ass on the chair, and run through the email. Few minutes later, I was:

The questions that he asked in the email, everything is in the database, as well as in our record on our daily assignments. This email wouldn’t have existed if he at least read through the cases. It’s almost 6 months now, yet he is stil asking us this kinda stupid questions via email? He has the very same access like us. I’m not too sure what is he trying to pull but for me, it’s a complete fucking waste of my time for me to read through it. Let alone replying it. Seriously, i ain’t too sure what struck at that time, I was so goddamn eager to reply him and at the same time humiliate him in a different way. Which somehow reminds me of another incident that happened last Friday. Both of the exact same stupidity level.

Funnily enough, there are some screenshots of a certain information that he needs to prove it to me, which Motivator attached it in the email. When I scrolled down, apparently this shameless bastard copied and pasted one of the colleague’s email which she sent to her, and the forward it to me, only thing that missing out is that he forgot to remove her signature down below. This colleague has absolutely nothing to do with my current team’s work at any point of time. I ain’t too sure how on earth did her email come into the picture of this whole email, but from my “speculation”, I think Motivator asked her some information about it, and then have her send him the screenshot via email, and then Motivator thought he can send the email to me, thinking that I’m under the assumption that he’s the one who got all these information on his own. But I think that he forgotten to take off my colleague’s signature at the bottom of the email. I mean, how daft can one be? He deleted the header, copied and pasted everything from there on and send the email to me, as if he’s the one doing everything. My dear readers, tell me this:

How the fuck difficult it is for you to just click the bloody FORWARD button in your email and add in your own comments from there?! Instead of copy and paste other people’s email and make it as if it’s your own work. I’m speechless. This ain’t the first time he’s doing this. Bloody hell! Seriously it reminds me of this:

That’s one part. So I went on with my reply, telling him the chronology of the events that occur throughout the case. The only reason why is he sending me the email is because I was the last person who touched the case couple of days earlier. I mean, seriously, will it always be the last people who always get the sticks?! I didn’t do anything wrong. I was merely following the proper protocol. To close it all off, I even fucking attached the full case details in the email, when the case details can be found in the system. After all these, all I got in his reply:

Thank you.

Fucking hell?! 2 fucking words?! After all that, 2 fucking words?! This is the last straw. I’ll never look at him the same way again. He can go die and rot in hell. I’ll just play along with him. Don’t expect positive comments from me as and when there’s a discussion about him. I now officially categorize him the same as that bitch manager. A pest. A pest that should’ve been exterminate as soon as possible from this planet to avoid any possible harm from human race. Same goes to that newbie that I proposed a swap with. To the ex-manager that so much so claimed that this Motivator is the most suitable candidate to lead the team when there are clearly other more capable candidates available, whoever that’s reading this, tell him that:


This is your legacy to the team. There’s nothing else but bad taste in my mouth. You’ve ruined few people’s career. Just stay where you are and don’t ever set your fucking foot in this building anymore. I don't wish to see your fucking face in the office ever again!

That’s the end of the day. Can’t stand it anymore. Luckily that I’m on leave this Friday and coming Monday, at least I can get the fuck outta this shit temporarily.

Off all these setbacks that I’ve got today. Finally something that can cheer me up when I reached home earlier today. See picture below.

Ya. I’m about to get my vehicle for a scheduled maintenance next month, which I think might cost me a bomb. Previously ‘twas about 200-300. This time around it’s the major service, so I’ve set aside some extras just for this. I never expect this voucher will come my way. Seems like my holiday plan is resurrected from hell then. Fingers crossed.

That’s it. I’m off to bed now, while the music of Eminem discography is ringing in my Ipod, accompanying me to dreamland.

“Yeah, fuck him and fuck you too!” ~~ Eminem

Monday, October 11, 2010

11th October

A wee bit more than a week has passed again. More stories from the humble me in this ranting heaven of mine.

To those who knows me, I’m working in an environment that requires me to work at abnormal hours. Where people will be still sleeping away while I’m already at work, where people just return from their lunch time while I’m already packing my stuff, ready to go home for the day. Ain’t going in details on it, I’m sure you brilliant readers know what the hell I’m blabbering about.

Starting last Monday, I’ve begun my working hour as early as in the wee hours of 5. Yea. Climate change. ‘twas some time that I last get up so early in the morning to work. but on a flip side of it, I get to go home 8 hours later. (Please do your own calculation, will ya?) Lemme assure you: it ain’t easy to live a life like this, seriously.

Ahh well, last week was the very final week of my training in this new-but-not-new working environment. It’s been a while since I last went on leave, taking a break from work, lie at home and do absolutely nothing. That’s the best way to spend the off days. Unless you have a plan of spending it for holidays, then I’d say that’s the best way. Therefore I went on a 4 consecutive off days (weekend included of-fucking-course!) ........Feels good mang!!!!

In that very morning, when I was in the midst of training with the adorable seniors in the new division, Motivator walked over to my trainer and me, whispering to us:

“She’s leaving on 20Oct. Confirmed!”

Yeap. That bitch manager is departing our Malaysia soil on 20th. What a fucking relieve! Just when you think that this is the end of her, hohohohohoho.....wrong. You’re very wrong. There is lotsa insiders’ news on this one as well. How did I get to know all these insiders’ news when I was on leave for 2 days, and today is only Monday?? Read on.

I was doing nothing at home, playing with FIFA11 and listening to my Ipod, in the process of paining my wrists, my workmate called me up and asked for a Friday night liquor session. Seeing that I’m on leave for 4 days, I went on with it. This is where I got all the “critical” information from.

The workmate that wanted to leave, has expressed his desire to stay on in the team, whilst waiting for further opportunity to arrives. That’s the words coming outta VIPs that were here couple of weeks back on the future departmental opportunities. You gotta be good, or even perhaps pretty indispensable as deemed by the management, or at least from your bosses point of view to have the VIPs talk to you onto your career path like that. Meh. How come I don’t get any of this at all? Oh yea. I’ve forgot. I’m just a puny lil’ bean in this fucking big multi-national company. Ain’t hold any grudges against anyone but deep down inside of myself, I do stil think that my future in this multi-national company lies somewhere. And that SOMEWHERE is within it, but other divisions. I’ve expressed this to my current boss when he had a closed door session with me, one-on-one, mano-a-mano. He respected my honesty, hold no grudges and even supported my vision. There. My work mate is staying.

Secondly, there’s a change on our floor’s sitting arrangements. With this guy staying, there’s 6 headcounts in my previous team. ‘cos the pregnant lady has just return today after 2 months of maternity leave. Great. Just great!

With that bitch manager leaving, who’s gonna replace her then? An announcement has been made on Friday by one of the VIPs that were down here couple of weeks back. The arrangement is that to have our boss move down taking that bitch’s role, while my current division will be supervised by a tenured supervisor, with a chance to become a manager herself.

Talk about changes during my 2 days of annual leave!

On Saturday, few of us buddies have accepted our boss’ “invitation” to crash his house nearby the office. it’s all about beers, snacks, food and PlayStation time!!!

Due to boredom, our boss has bought himself a Playstation 3 console and invited few of us over to enjoy the nite. Truth to be told, ‘twas real fun. I even get a chance to taste my boss’ cuisine, made by himself. Nothing much to boast about, it’s just some snacks ie. Fries & nuggets. ‘twas delicious. The small “gathering” lasted for 6 hours when all of us are mentally & physically exhausted and decided to wrap things up and get the fuck outta there already.

The PS3 + joysticks

The snacks: Fries. The nuggets went so fast that I didn't manage to snap a pic of it.

On a sidenote, I’m a real fan of Japanese anime named “One Piece”. I just “pampered” myself recently with some figurines, have them delivered to office. it didn’t create a ruckus when it arrives, ‘cos not much people are into this kinda retarded and expensive toys aside from me. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Left - Right: Jinbei; Mihawk; Kuma; BlackBeard

Left - Right: Moria; Crocodile; Boa Hancock; Doflamingo

The WarLords of the Sea: Former & Current, in front of my work desk.

And here’s to a friend, who just got a baby boy into this mother earth couple of days back. In case you or your other half is reading this, this is the latest update in the office. Nothing much to rant about. Take good care of yourself.

I was supposed to go for a holiday come end of this month, but I just realized earlier today that I was scheduled to have my car go for a yearly check-up and maintenance. I’m not too sure how much will this time cost. All my previous check-up and maintenance cost me around 200-250. But it’s 1.5 years old car now, better safe than sorry. Save some money up. The travel shall wait then. Goddamnit!!!!

Owh, yesterday was 101010. It’s the 10th day, of the 10th month, of the 10th year of the decade. Some fanatics will even go to the extent of seconds, minutes & hours. Both day and nite. Seriously, who gives a fuck about this kinda superstitious stuff? It just goes to show you how time flies, cherish every moment of it. Not just for that particular time. The same applies for Valentine's Day. Who the fuck invented this kinda stupid Day?!?!?!? Of all Days out there, this fuckhead gotta choose Valentine's Day and all males suffer on that day. Godamnit!!! I will not succumb to this idiotic event at all time. Mark my words.

Meh. Suddenly I’m getting all emo now. I’m feeling a wee bit sleepy right now. Yea. Now. Sleepy. Time for bed then.

Adios amigos.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Delayed Post

Sorry for the long awaited post. Got a lil’ bit of technical problem for the past week. Meh. It’s all due to my own fault for not checking it properly. Hence the delay. Was going to post this one up same time, last Saturday, but..... enough of excuses (wtf?! That ain’t excuses?! It’s truth!) since no one gives a rat’s ass about the true reason behind, so here we go again.

In my previous post, I’ve said that I received“shocking news” from a reliable source. But I wouldn’t wanna say it out first as I need to wait til the time is right. And today is seems to be a bit too late for that. The past 2 entries were all about the bitch manager bitching about this and that and this and that. It goes on and on without ending. She has finally tendered her resignation during the visits of the VIPs. Why would she wanna wait til the arrival of VIPs, only then she gave the letter to ‘em? Attention whore? I’m not too sure. But from outsiders’ eye, it seems that’s the case. There was a duration of 2 weeks that this bitch manager was away on leave, back to her hometown oversea. There were rumors saying that she went back to attend interviews, trying to salvage her own grace, hopefully she can get a job outside of current employment, since her contract is up in few months’ time. If she unable to convince the confirmation from the ones up there, it’ll most likely that she’ll get the axe falls onto her head.

There’s another version from the bitch herself. She claimed that she was away on holiday, back to her hometown. That was when she receives call from the company asking her to go for the interview in this soon-to-join company.

C’mon guys, seriously. Do you think all these can fall into pieces within that 2 weeks? How come I don’t get this kinda stuff happen to me in all my life thus far? On 2 weeks’ holiday, some big company come knocking on your door, asking you to join their company?! Coincident? I don’t think so.

When she returns, she claims that she was having sleepless nights over this difficult choice that she has to make. On one hand, is a company that she has spent her 14 years at. On the other hand, is a brand new company, brand new challenges await, brand new working environment beckons. After much considerations, she decided to go for the latter.

From within, she knows that she’s not doing good throughout her time here. It’s meant to be a people-oriented environment, well, hence the name of “call centre manager”. What does call centers comprise of? PEOPLE!! And you are, sticking up your nose high up, putting up a posture of:” I’m a Manager. Don’t Come Near Me” kinda impression. With that said, no one will ever go near her. But she’s the kinda person that really wants to stuff her nose everywhere, every aspect of it. And her bloody ascent is damn fucking hard to understand for a foreigner. Please excuse my level of English understanding, but I seriously do not understand a word that is coming outta her mouth at all. I’ll need sometime to analyse it before I can give out a proper reply.

Wanna know further inside stories of her departure? Nah. I think I should leave this to myself instead of publish this kinda stories in the public blog like this. Email me should you wanna know it.

Now, with the pest set to leave within a month’s time, I’m just waiting for the day the new manager that is going to replace this bitch. And from there on, I wanna see how the stupid underling that always biting around bitch manager’s tail will reacts to it. Jealousy in me? Not a slight bit. I don’t care about that position at all. I’ve got something else in my mind. Big ones.

I’ve been keeping this news for myself for 2-3 days, and it’s never easy to keep news this BIG all to yourself. Tried to contain it, but I failed. The VIPs sent out the official notifications on last Friday so as to end all speculations on her departure. Well, well, well…this ends one pest’s life from the company, hopefully a brand new chapter will begins for the department, who has been in all gloomy-doomy for as long as the bitch manager was there.

The announcement was done on a Friday. After that announcement, I initiated a drinkfest cum celebration at a pub nearby the area. Damn! Life is good!

Couple of days back, ain’t too sure what happen. My department has a sudden craze for meal outside. Just the 2 departments only: the one collecting paperwork, and the one collecting money. So happen some of the peers stil remembers there were still funds left since the supervisor before Motivator left. Hence they wanted to use up those funds. After much thinking and negotiating and saliva-spitting sessions, it has been decided that the meal is gonna be held at TGIF nearby. Here's a picture of the meal few days back.

TGIF's Cheeseburger

Now, about that looooooong overdue conspiracy theory that I think I have. Have you ever start thinking when your direct reporting manager started to learn up everything that is supposed to be learnt by yourself? Be it meetings, conferences, reports etc. whatever that you can think of. Maybe it’s just me. Don’t quote me on this: if the above happens, one might wanna think of either getting a new job elsewhere, or you better buck the fuck up on whatever that can keep you survives in current employer, if not improve it.

You all have been reading on my rants of Motivator for quite some time now. The manager is doing, covering all angles on every single aspect that is even supposed to be Motivator’s job to do it. Preparing for the worst? Trying to learn as much as he can during his tenure in current department. Deep down inside, I doubt current manager will last forever here. It’s just my instinct. Don’t ask me why. That being said. At least my manager is doing much better in terms of blending in with his subordinates and peers compare to that bitch manager.

Ah well, that’s all for this entry. Hope I can dig out more saucy stuff in my next entry. Gotta catch a footie match soon. Have a nice weekend!