Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Post

Since last post entry was out, there were mixed reactions from the readers on the fact of me swapping to another department. Some were delighted to hear that, some were not too positive on that.

Those that are delighted, thanks a lot on that. I have my own agenda on proposing the swap to my boss, and I don’t intend to tell you all on it here in this blog. It’s best for me to keep this one to myself, at least a little secret for myself. Don’t bother ask me.

As for those nay-sayers, fearing things might not work out for me as planned, fearing the what if’s:

What if things don’t work out in the other department that I’m heading to?

What if that joker-newbie turns out to be disaster in current department that I’m in?

What if Motivator says he’s gay?

What if.....what if......what if.....

There are so many What Ifs in this world we’re living in. Fearing the “What Ifs” will only deter you from moving forward. There’s a risk in everything we do, everything choice that we make, every move we take. If we fear the consequences, or perhaps thinking too much even before anything is said and done, you won’t not be advancing. Hell, you might even passing up a chance to something great, who knows? Otherwise, stay where you are for the rest of your career/life then.

By the way, in case I haven’t make this official yet, both bosses have given it a go for the swapping plan. I ain’t too sure why the urgency in it and to have the whole thing start on coming Monday, which happen to be tomorrow.

Ahh well, before anything, please keep all your emotions to yourself. Nothing’s been said and done just yet. There’s a month to go for me the train the joker-newbie up. Let’s see how’d it go from there, ok? So, for the time being...just.....

Went for an early breakfast on yesterday morning. I couldn’t believe myself that I did get up at 6 in the fucking morning, just for the sake of a pork feast in northern territory of my living area. Well, put it this way: ‘twas the 1 year anniversary on the 17th for the 4 of us, and 4 of us didn’t have the chance to celebrate it, doing it our desired way. Hence this trip of pork feast up north. Another reason was to have the one that expressed the intention to leave, to at least make this official to just between the 4 of us, if you know what I mean.

The outcome of the "announcement" was as expected. Both of the other teammates were eyes-bulged and astonished hearing that.

The whole trip went well. Having pork on a Saturday morning is really awesome. Words can’t express it. Wanna do it again next time? Yea right. But not at 6 in the fucking morning anymore. I’ll pass that if it is the case. I slept again for few hours after the pork feast, to make up whatever sleeping time I’ve missed on that night. Haha. Revenge is sweet, in another way.

I’ve just got up from my slumber an hour ago. Ain’t too sure how am I gonna sleep later. Fortunately there’s a footie match tonite. I’m contemplating whether to watch it at 11 later.

On a sidenote, I’ve just finished up my marathon for the drama series “Lost”. Yea. Whole 6 seasons of it. To summarize it, it just like “Heroes”, drama great at start, getting more and more ridiculous towards the end. Tell me this: how on earth can 1 bloody island turn back time and bring you to future? Well, all-in-all, it’s just another fail project from ABC network. At least for me.

That’s a short one for this time. Be back for more.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today’s post is deemed to be massive for me, I think. Wanna know what happened thus far? Here we go.

It’s the 18th day of the 8th month of the year. Yesterday marks a full one year the 4 of my teammates have been fortunate enough to survive in the current team for a full year, in a peaceful and crazy way. Hats off to the team! In short, it’s our 1 year anniversary since we got into this company.

That’s a slight off topic part....just to remind you all how far it has been since we, or me got into current employer......

Back to gossip, yeah. That’s what this blog is all about, gossips and bitchin’ and rumors, and more bitchin’ and some education and some community service in the midst of it.

Had a chat with one of my workmates recently. The previous manager who got Motivator into the company previously, remember?? [Not that I care if you can’t remember him, go read my previous post entry then] He finally admitted to this workmate of mine that he has made a mistake in bringing an outsider, Motivator into this role.

For fucking hell’s sake after 3 months, now only he realize that?! Is he high on something all these while? Has he no eyes in seeing, or perhaps hearing what was happening during his time here when he was still with us? Seriously, he might wanna get a brain check already then. What a shocker!

Next, another workmate of mine has expressed the intention of leaving the current team and opted to learn something fresh in some other division within the company. The bosses from both divisions have agreed on the request and now it’s just a matter of time for the transition to be completed. Seriously, this is gonna be a tad bit hard for us though. But then again, good luck in all your future undertaking.

Third & finally, I had a meeting with both Motivator and my manager earlier today in regards to my mid-year report that I was rushing my ass off to meet the dateline couple of months’ back. Yeah. “Mid-Year”, and they wanna discuss with me now, in the month of August. How great is that eh?

Throughout the meeting, basically I expressed my intention to leave this division seeking higher ground 6 months from todate, as per my report. Both of them has agreed on this one and they’ll be lining up a string of arrangement in pulling me up there. Erm…..not that I’m overconfident with my own capabilities but I think I’m ready for that at any point of time now, it’s just that there’s one uncontrollable factor that is thwarting me from moving, which is an opportunity for that to happen. To make things easier for you guys, there’s no job opening yet, ok? Adding to the fact that I don’t feel like answering anymore calls now, I proposed an idea to both of ‘em in the meeting.

I bet you guys still remember this retarded newbie that is having so many problems and creating so much “commotion” in the other division? I am intending to swap division with him.

When I said these words, outta nowhere, Motivator that has been silent for as long as the meeting goes burst out saying that he wanted to talk to me yesterday about this too! Guess what, he didn’t. He was nowhere to be seen yesterday. Even when he was at his desk, I don’t see him having any “intention” to discuss with me on this matter at all! So how on earth does he have this thinking of swapping me with the joker is really cracking me up and had me scratching my balls, really. Motivator further added, and admitted himself that this joker-newbie that brought in personally by himself is indeed a slow-learner.

Hah! Finally! Another shocker! One admitted that he made a mistake bringing in Motivator. One admitted that the joker-newbie is a slow-learner! 2 sweet things happen in ermm....erm.... 2 weeks. How nice can that be eh?? Our 1st year anniversary, 2 confessions made in 2 weeks, this fucking deserves a celebration goddamnit!!!! A crate of beers this way please!!!!!!!

But the ultimate task I’ve got to do is to of course train this joker up to my level, or as much as I can to make him know what the hell is he doing on a daily basis in my division here. The other division is cracking up on a daily basis, my current division is more than capable of self-motivating and surviving, with or without me, with or without Motivator. So it will do both teams good if only me and this joker can swap position. Reason why I brought this one up is because there has been a live example of such case with one of my current workmates. He was having a torrid time on a daily basis when he was in the other division. When he was down and almost facing the axe, I told my previous leader to give him another chance to prove his worth and that if he were to roll over to my current division, I’m sure that this soon-to-be-fallen guy will be able to a great asset to the team. And I gladly proved him that I just managed to retain a good guy in current employer todate. In case you’re reading this, you owe me one there. Remember this.

On a sidenote, the swapping arrangement was just being discussed in the meeting just 45minutes before I get outta office for the day. Nothing has been confirmed yet as Motivator would like to have a word with both the joker-newbie & the rest of the other division that I’m swapping into. Once all green lights obtained, it’s just need to be documented and we can start the process coming this Monday.

Some maybe sad, some maybe breathing a sigh of relief. I know. Move on. This swapping will not be effective immediately. Patient ladies and gentlemen, I’ve gotta pass my knowledge onto the joker-newbie within a month’s time. Gimme a month, I hope I can transform this joker-newbie to “blossom” like the previous guy. Finger cross.

There! Massive enough for you?! I think it is. At least for me.

Be back for more! Gotta rush some reports on the meeting earlier today with the 2 bosses and get things rolling. Wish me luck.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

12th day

Here we go again. Been away from this blog for couple of weeks, got lashed by waves and waves and waves of verbal attack from workmates and mates that know me. Ahhhh, my stupid blog seems to getting the “attention” after much free “promo” from within. Nice nice..Good job ladies and gentlemen. Please see me in person to get your free “service”. Doorstep service preferably. *evil smirk*

Can’t stand the pain of waiting?? Maybe you might wanna consider starting one blog similar like mine then? I know I know…

“No time.”



“Not interested”

“Don’t feel like typing so many words after typing for the whole day long in office”

blah blah blah…..

Yea, those are pretty much the lame excuses that normally bomb into my ears when I asked them to write something like this. Like a journal entry, or perhaps like a diary, in digital style. You buncha useless, lazy marthaphuackers. But does that make me a hardworking person by typing so much throughout the years? Nope. Does that make me a gossip monger by featuring in this space? Nop-, ok...maybe, just.

Right enough of rubbish talkin’. Lemme recap of my last post *reading back last blog entry in a glance*. It’s been half a month since my last post. Right. It’s my blog. I’ll post whenever I want and I shall not succumb to any threat, in any means, in any circumstances.

Seems like there are silent readers, which doesn’t post up any comments in here. Scare? I don’t know. Lazy? Maybe. Read and Close the browser? Most likely. Ahh well, I know who came in here and when and how. So, I know who you are. Deep down inside, thanks for visiting this filthy blog of mine.

Now, moment of truth. The title in previous post was “92”, which ultimately represents the amount of days that Motivator has survive in our workplace since late April.

“See? I told ya?


“I know already laaa, stupid.”


The above are the possible reply that I might expect from my fellow readers. Meh. Thought so. You might be asking how did I come up with this figure? What am I trying to prove by keeping track of his tenure in here? Well. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I am myself. I’ll do whatever I want in here. I am King in here. Like the local people here says,

“If you don’t like it, get the fuck outta here!”

Motivator is doing fine, at least from my stupid opinion that is. I ain’t too sure how’s he doing in other people’s view. But after a meeting with couple of managers earlier today, I think I might wanna retract my opinion on that already. I shall elaborate further on that shortly.

And I betcha stil remember that newbie that join another department, which is “highly recommended” by Motivator and was claimed by him as “very fast learner”. Well, seems to me he’s “very fast” in getting himself fucked by all workmates in his division. Imagine this, you’re a newbie. After 1 month of classroom training. You should have your notes ready on your job. Came outta classroom, anything you don’t know, you should ask around, write it down in your fucking 200 pages thick note book, supplied by company, and remember it, and refer to that note book, as if your life depends on it. But this fucking moron kept on asking the same questions over and over and over and over and over again. Put yourself into the senior shoes, if I come to you and ask a simple question which has been taught back in the classroom, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, on a daily basis, for a duration of at least 1 month now, what will you response/do?

“Where’s your fucking notes? Where were you in the training? I told you trillions time already, didn’t you note it down?”

And my favourite quote from a mate of mine back in my previous employer:

“Howwwwwww many fucking times do you want me to tell youuuuuuuuu?”

This situation has arisen since earlier last month, and it’s still ongoing at time of this post. Seriously, deep down inside, as I always say in office, please go die.

Right. So much so on the newbie. Back to hot topic, Motivator.

I was scheduled for a meeting with 3 managers, with Motivator and another person ranked sameas him on some ongoing issue that needs to be ironed out in an effort to smoother the process. Went into the room, first thing I hear was this bitch manager make a big hoo-haa on the air-con being too cold, but she didn’t bring anything extra to wear on ie. Shoal, jacket etc etc. This debate went for a good 5 minutes just for her wanting to get another room that is not too freezing. Stupid bitch! A good 5 minutes gone. Sat down, owh!!! Just remember, here’s a simple diagram on the seating in that meeting.

black dot [right]: bitch
black dot [left]: underling + laptop + speakers
pink + red dots: 2 managers
green dot: me
yellow dot: Motivator

That bitch basically went on and on about the process and how this other managers should assist them in coming up with a call script to ease the burden of their agents in case same event were to ever occur again moving forward. Then she even asked her underling to play a recorded call specifically to address their concern. That call lasted for about 5-7 minutes, which was then escalated from the agent to the underling.

Be realistic guys, that bitch & the underling are both working in a call centre division. The other 2 managers are in an entire different, not dealing directly with clients on a daily basis, but more on the back office role in that sense. Ain’t going much details on this, but the fact is that if any of your agent is unable to cope with that, and you require help from other non-call-centre division, it just go on to prove that there’s something wrong with your management, your skill, and those underneath will be no better. In short, your division is shit. How can a call centre environment be requesting help from other division instead of people within the division? What a fucking waste of my time. That debate alone went on for another 1 hour, just for that. Fucking bitch. Her underling is not much better at all. She knows jackshit, I hate seeing her face. It just makes me wanna puke right in front of her whenever I see her fuck face passes by. All my appetite will be gone in an instance.

Fair enough.

Time for motivator and my turn to speak on some concern to the managers, and I thought Motivator is suppose to have something up his sleeves that he wanna address it, but…but…but….he turn his face to me and said:

“I’ll pass this on over to you. Go ahead.”


Seriously. That’s all he gotta say?!?!?! I wonder what is he doing in all those meetings/briefings that he has been through since the day he was here. Tryin’ to be a clown for us?? Please, you’re makin’ a fool outta it. The 2 divisions under Motivator’s helm can survive without him, I’m confident of that. As of this post, he’s on his 108th day in our department tomorrow. He’s living on borrowed time? I think so. Is he gonna die like that newbie? No, but eventually maybe. Not now, but again, my conscience inside tells me the below:

Anyhow, I was doing all the talking for my division in terms of the concern that we have. Well, there’s not much concern from our end here ‘cos we don’t deal with the 2 managers’ team that often, even if there are cases involving their teams, my department is very capable of closing the call from our end. That’s the confident that I have on the team.

Ahh, there there. The latest rant is out, for that some one that is travelling oversea now, please enjoy your holiday and stop hassling me for posting entry in this space every other day. I’ll do it when I feel like doing it. If there’s no entry in here, means everything is good from me, at the very least. The situation today just really gets on my nerve and I need to put aside my “Lost” drama series marathon project and my Starcraft 2 journey to post this one up.

Are bitches that are not “well-fertilised” always behave like bitches, so that they can take out the “frustration” in them onto the others in workplace?

Bloody bitches!